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ROLE SPECIFICATION DEPUTE RECTOR Morrison’s Academy is a co-educational independent school for children from the age of 3 to 18 years. A Nursery, large hall and the 45 acres of school playing fields are located on separate campuses a short distance from the main school. Set within the attractive market town of Crieff, Morrison’s looks out on stunning countryside and yet is only an hour’s drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow. The ethos of the school is shaped by high expectations, toleration, courtesy, respect for others, and regard for ethical and moral values. A combination of modern and traditional teaching and learning opportunities provide young people with the knowledge and skills to lead successful and well-balanced lives. In partnership with parents we encourage our young people to develop their full potential, academically and personally. Excellent pastoral care, concern for the individual pupil and a wide range of co-curricular activities contribute much to our friendly, purposeful atmosphere and sense of community. In a recent inspection (March 2009), HMIE identified the following aspects as particular strengths of the school. The outstanding quality of children’s experiences in the Nursery and the progress they are making in key aspects of their development and learning. The contribution made by children and young people to the school community. Children’s and young people’s achievements across a wide range of activities and their standards of attainment. The quality of relationships and the range of opportunities to learn and develop provided by the school. Productive partnerships between the school and community. Throughout the school, children and young people are eager to learn, and cooperate well with teachers and with each other. The school also prides itself in: The continuity of co-educational, all-through provision, from Nursery to Primary and Transition to Secondary, offering a broad-based Scottish education. A flexible curriculum designed to meet pupils’ needs including the Civics programme, unique to Morrison’s Academy. Teaching groups created to maximise opportunities for quality learning and teaching, and effective pupil-teacher relationships. An aesthetically pleasing and inspiring campus in a safe and quiet location with the advantage of being in close proximity to the centre of a traditional Scottish country town. The pupils, parents and staff identify strongly with the school and are proud to be associated with it. A friendly atmosphere which, allied to the size of the school roll, nurtures a strong sense of community and ‘family feeling’. An impressive and diverse range of after-school clubs and co-curricular activities. Pupils’ achievements including high levels of attainment in national qualifications.

Role: The Senior Management Team consists of Rector, Depute Rector, Bursar, Head of Primary, an Assistant Rector and a Head of Pastoral Care. The current job description is set out although it can be adapted to suit the particular interests and qualities of the successful candidate. The role of Depute Rector is a vital one within the school. The successful candidate will be a degree qualified teacher with several years’ classroom experience and will also offer the following qualities and experience: Essential: A philosophy of education which is consistent with Developing the Whole Child Successful teaching experience Sound communication skills The ability to work effectively as a team leader and team member A sound knowledge of curriculum development in Scottish education over recentyears. The ability to work under pressure while retaining a sense of perspective and sense of humour. The ability to communicate clearly and diplomatically with parents. Strong consensus building skills.

Desirable: A proven track record in improving the quality of learning and teaching. st A broad understanding of and commitment to the role of technology in developing 21 Century learning. The ability to effectively collaborate. Skills in curriculum design and development. Experience in a senior management role.

Reports to:

The Rector


All school holidays as and when they occur. The leave year will commence on the first day of each academic session.


Salary will be commensurate with the importance of this position and the experience of the successful candidate. A 50% fee remission scheme for staff children attending Morrison’s Academy is offered.

Main functions: 1.

To share the daily administration of the School with the Rector and deputise for the Rector when required.


To have responsibility, supported by the Rector and other senior staff, for ensuring the highest possible standards of learning and teaching within the School.


To take responsibility, under the direction of the Rector, for the good discipline of pupils in the secondary School. This involves supporting the Heads of Year and communicating with parents on matters of pupil welfare and behaviour. Particular responsibility is given for the discipline of S4-6 pupils


To take responsibility for curriculum developments in the secondary school and lead the Curriculum Committee.


To lead the Civics programme, create the timetable and manage the associated budget.


To act as line manager for selected subject departments. This includes performing quality assurance for the teachers within these departments.


To lead the S6 programme, ensuring this year of transition is a valuable one for pupils.


To oversee the smooth running of written reporting to parents.


To ensure effective monitoring and tracking of pupil information.


To oversee academic guidance provided to pupils.


To help staff prepare for HMIE inspection.


To be a member of the Education and Marketing committees.


To chair the Calendar Committee and manage the scheduling of events in the school year.


To undertake subject teaching.


To assist with the recruitment of teaching staff.


To manage the budget for examinations and oversee the work of the SQA coordinator.


To write references for pupils applying to university.


To provide SMT cover during holidays.


To undertake such additional duties as may from time to time be agreed with the Rector.


To comply with the individual responsibilities imposed by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) and to co-operate with Management to promote a positive attitude towards Health & Safety at Work taking all reasonably practicable steps to prevent personal injury or injury to others.

This role specification is intended to convey a broad outline of the position and responsibilities of the Depute Rector. It is not definitive and will be mutually reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Interview Process for Depute Rector Detailed below is a broad overview as to the selection process candidates are likely to be asked to undertake.

Long leet:

Tour of the school with two S6 pupils as guides

45 mins

Interview with panel of four (3 Governors and Rector)

60 mins

Discussion with current Depute Rector

30 mins

Short leet:

Candidate Presentation to panel (3 Governors and Rector) and SMT Topic: What do you see as the place of the Curriculum for Excellence In an independent school such as Morrison’s Academy? (No Powerpoint to be used.)

10 mins

Immediately following the presentation, a discussion with panel and SMT

50 mins

Meeting with a group of 6 staff (4 Senior School, 1 Primary and 1 Support).

30 mins

Meeting with a group of 6 S6 pupils

20 mins

Meeting with a group of 6 parents

30 mins

Discussion with Rector including a visit to Dallerie (games pitches)

60 mins

Dinner Return home