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Annual report 2010—2011

Our community is far-reaching; we span the world. We are children from 3 to 18 and a talented team working together as a School. We are extraordinary former pupils, athletes, performers, scientists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, adventurers and dreamers. We are leaders and parents of leaders. We are life-long friends. We are Morrison’s Academy.

Welcome to our First Annual Report The aim of this report is to offer reassurance and clarity about our finances, our fundraising and our future. We will demonstrate how we invest fees and donations and how we manage our School, our business. It will highlight some of the best achievements from our academic session and showcase the events that bring us together. We have bold plans for the future to share with you.

An Ambitious and Forward Thinking School Morrison’s Academy enjoys an excellent academic reputation and we believe that no other school possesses such a family-oriented, inclusive spirit. Every child is encouraged to strive for the highest standards of achievement – academically, on the sports fields and through artistic expression. This year we have attracted a record number of new parents who chose the School over others because of our professional, warm and friendly approach.

“We’re in a strong financial position and proud to be independent.”

From the Chairman of Governors David Glen

David Glen, FP 1983, Partner and Head of Tax, Scotland, PwC

Therefore, we have an ambitious and long-term vision to create state-of-the-art academic and sporting facilities and to widen access for talented children through the creation of a bursary endowment programme. This is a bold plan and essential if we are to remain relevant in a highly competitive educational environment and look forward with confidence to the next 150 years.

Academic Performance We are often judged by the performance of our children in their exams. While this doesn’t define who we are, we can report that this is another excellent year for Morrison’s Academy. At Advanced Higher we achieved a pass rate of 90.9%, almost exactly the same as last year. At S5 the Higher pass rate was 89.3% up from 83.6% in 2010 while the Intermediate 2 pass rate of 96.7% was higher than the previous year. Intermediate 1 and Standard Grade pass rates both stood at 100% with 70% of candidates at Standard Grade achieving credit passes. At S5, out of 54 candidates who sat Highers, 11 achieved 5”A” grades while at Intermediate 1, 11 of the 55 candidates achieved 8”A” grades.

Our school Every child is encouraged to try as many activities as they can. They also take care of themselves, each other and their environment.

Achievement and Participation This year children continue to explore a huge range of activities beyond the classroom including sports, drama, art and music as well as the CCF, Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Pipe Band. We are striving to become a Unicef Rights Respecting School and we have official “Green Flag Status”. We have a healthyliving programme and our Charities Group has raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes including projects which benefit our local community. We also pay for a teacher’s salary at our link school in Malawi. Our production of “Grease!” was supported by a record-breaking number of parents and friends and considered to be one of the best shows the school has produced.

Communication and Reporting our Success Stories We are committed to making greater use of modern technology and this year our parents, former pupils and friends have been able to access news stories from our website via the new electronic newsletter, The Link. Email and text are used to send out information in a cost efficient and immediate manner. Our website blogs tell what is going on in the classroom.

“The provision of life-changing opportunity remains our central purpose. Education is a priceless commodity that once imbued can never be removed.” Simon Pengelley, Rector and Principal

Bursaries: Access to Excellence We believe that every child who is willing to work hard and contribute to the ethos and values of the School should have access to an education at Morrison’s Academy. We are committed to supporting children with talent, a spark and an appetite for life, regardless of their personal financial circumstance. It is, therefore, our aim to create a fully endowed bursary programme. We already offer bursaries but would like to reach out and provide financial assistance to a wider range of pupils who would benefit from the life-changing opportunity that is a Morrison’s Academy education.

Our vision Our vision is: to provide greater access for talented children from all backgrounds through the provision of bursaries; to create a revitalised campus with improved facilities, and to engage a global community of former pupils and friends.

Campus Redevelopment Programme

Reaching a Strong Financial Position

Over the next 25 years, our aim is to create a new Sports Campus at Dallerie, with a new pool, and state-of-the-art sports facilities. An Academic Campus will sit on the main school site, where we will construct a new Nursery, Primary School and a reconfigured Ferntower building. On the footprint of the present sports complex we will develop a suite of new classrooms, an Academic and Sixth Form Centre and a Performing Arts and Refectory facility. Our traditional stone buildings will be preserved, while the space created by the relocation of the sports facilities will enable us to develop the main academic campus in a coherent fashion.

The genesis of our plans can be traced back to 2006 when the Board of Governors sought to develop a comprehensive plan for the future. At that time the school had a number of priorities; eliminating expensive debt from the balance sheet, reducing costs while simultaneously growing revenue via an increase in the number of pupils and selling our old boarding houses at Ewanfield to fund an artificial playing surface and Academic Resource Centre. The first two priorities have been accomplished successfully. However, a severe property downturn in late 2008 followed by global recession meant that our third priority, the sale of Ewanfield and its two dependent developments, was unable to be fulfilled. Following hard work by the school to reduce costs and increase revenues, our solid financial position and improving fundraising capability mean that we can now take a comprehensive and ambitious view of the whole campus, for the long-term.

Taken together, these new buildings will equip Morrison’s Academy with first-class facilities and make much better use of the space we enjoy, while the bursary programme will widen access to the school.

Basic Jobs First

A New Nursery

Before we launch our aspirational capital programme, it is our intention to ensure that the School continues to be properly maintained and upgraded to a high standard. This means putting our plumbing, heating and lighting provision in order, as well as ensuring that networking infrastructure is upgraded to support the requirements of a modern teaching and learning environment. Funding these essential and immediate maintenance jobs will come out of our annual capital expenditure budget meaning that current parents only pay for current costs.

Nursery welcomes children from the age of 3 to Morrison’s Academy to begin with us a journey which we hope will last their whole life. We have received full planning consent and are looking to begin construction of a new purpose-built Nursery in the summer of 2012. This light and spacious building, which will be situated on the site of the old laundry adjacent to Victoria Terrace, is our first exciting step in redeveloping the whole academic campus. It will have the capacity to hold 42 children, allowing growth of some 25% over our current number. Funding for our new Nursery will be made available from the sale of Benheath. The cost of the new building will therefore have little or no impact on our balance sheet.

Funding is likely to come from three sources: the sale of component parts of the Ewanfield estate, bank borrowing and targeted fundraising which is a practice recognised universally at other top independent schools and universities.

A New Primary School Once the Nursery is complete, we plan to build a new Primary School as the next logical step in our journey. This project will be more involved than the Nursery and while it will be located on the site of the current Primary School, it is likely to have a different footprint.

Artificial Playing Surface at Dallerie

Sports Campus at Dallerie

With the demolition of Academy House now complete and with real interest being shown in the Victorian villas of Knockearn and Dalmhor, we expect interest in the new plots at Ewanfield to gain momentum. Combined with our much stronger financial position, this means that we can proceed with a new artificial playing surface at Dallerie in the same time-frame as the new Primary School.

In creating state-of-the-art sports facilities, every child at Morrison’s Academy will benefit, together with their families and our local community. Subject to planning constraints, we will relocate our entire sports provision to Dallerie to make full use of the 45 acres we have there. The first steps have been taken regarding the feasibility of the move by initiating a specialist flood mapping survey of the site while obtaining the views of Perth and Kinross Council. These initial investigations have been favourable.

“This is an exciting time for Morrison’s Academy. We will be following a clear plan for strategic redevelopment of the school and keeping you informed every step of the way” Simon Pengelley, Rector and Principal

Our mission is to connect with and engage former pupils, parents, trusts and corporate friends to develop a community beyond the boundaries of Crieff, thereby promoting global networking opportunities for school leavers and supporting friendships for life.

The Morrison’s Academy Campaign In engaging our community in this way, we hope to secure investment for the creation of new facilities and life-changing bursaries. We use established practice for the solicitation of major gifts and the whole Morrisonian community is invited to support Annual Giving by making “little and often� donations. Annual Giving Provides funds for annual projects and bursaries. Major Gifts Larger sums sought for capital projects and bursaries. Legacy Giving Opportunity to support the school through your Will.

Fundraising: a professional approach

So, how have we done so far?

Annual Giving for 2011-12

Annual Giving Year One 2010-11 A total of £94,129 (including Gift Aid) has been raised through Annual Giving and a legacy gift this year which has been invested in the purchase of SMART boards – interactive learning technology which enhances teaching and learning considerably. £40,000 meant that 13 new units were purchased and these have been installed into every classroom in the Primary School and in senior classes too. The remainder of the funds available has been invested for the provision of means-tested bursaries for talented children. This has enhanced the support we already offer enabling us to give financial assistance to 37 families this year.

The next mailing will be sent out in the Spring of 2012 and will continue to ask for support for bursaries and “New Initiatives” which enrich each department with projects which benefit our children immediately.

Legacy Giving This year, we received a legacy of £13,000 which was given for our bursary programme, as stipulated by a kind former pupil in her Will. A new Legacy Giving Programme will be launched in the spring of 2012, creating opportunities for prospective donors to support the school through their Will, just as they would any other charity. Those who sign up to the “1860 Legacy Society” will be invited to an annual luncheon, hosted by the Rector, by way of thanks.

“By giving to Morrison’s Academy, we continue to develop leaders who can change the world.” Dr Jack Watters, Former Pupil and donor.

It is our aim to engage former pupils, parents and friends locally, nationally and throughout the world. To this end, we have produced a variety of social events this year.

The School has been supported for many years by parents, who, thanks to fundraising activity, create events for our children and their families. The Pipe Band is supported by parents, former pupils and staff who gathered at another Burns Supper. We created a new golf day, plus annual events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London for our former pupils. Our staff enjoyed another dinner and drinks reception, hosted by our Governors and we also instigated our first Annual Donors’ Reception, to thank our generous donors and supporters. We reached out to our former pupils in Hong Kong and intend to visit them again next March for our first Hong Kong gathering supported by our Pipe Band. These events have been very successful in creating goodwill and promoting friendships. We intend to sustain and develop this programme annually.

Our community

Our donors and supporters from this past year October 2010 to October 2011. We also recognise the support of the families of those listed and the generosity of donors who have preferred to remain anonymous. Thank you.

Our donors

The Committee and supporters of the Morrison’s Academy Parents’ Association, MAPA The Legacy of Miss Minnie Mulloweir Gordon & Durward (Confectioners) The Margaret Murdoch Charitable Trust The A M Wilson Charitable Trust The Jeffrey Charitable Trust Evelyn Allan Alistair Alston Patrick Andrews Malcolm Appleby David Armstrong Robert Au-Yong Alison Bain Anne Baker Richard Barclay Emma Barrie Robert Bolton Isobel Brow Julia Brown I R Cartwright David Coltart Ian Coltart Kathleen Comrie Ian Crerar John B Dakers Ronald Dalglish (Snr) Derrick Docherty Ion- Dan Edeleanu Gareth Edwards Nigel Fong Ian Garrie Isaac Gerard David Glen Douglas Glen Helen Graham Carol Graham Robert Graham John Greener Douglas Guthrie James Halley Morag Halley James Harker Kay Hay Norman Jack John Kerr

Andrew Kippen Murray Lauchlan R W Lawson Jenny Lee Nadine Leonard Ian Loxley Fergus Macdonald Jean Macdougall James McGregor James McLaren Douglas McLaren Hugh Mickel Malcolm Morgan Hugh Munro Gerry O'Donnell Lorna Ogilvie See Ooi Kathleen Orr Russell Paterson Simon Pengelley Moreen Piert Margaret Rigillo Graham Ross Ian Roy Ralston Rutledge Mona Scott Robert Scott Flora Sharp John Shaw Bayne Shaw Shirley Shepherd Michael Sheppard Gavin Smith David Steel Mary Stewart Alastair Strickland George Stubbs Eric Strickland Kathleen Turnbull Muriel Vance Ian Verchere Norman Waddell Derek Walker Alan Wanless Douglas Watters John Watters Robert Wilson Keith Wishart

The positive impact of a successful, on-going marketing effort, which has increased pupil numbers (and therefore income) and a continued focus on control of costs, have combined very positively to maintain the School’s progress in terms of financial performance and security. During the year ended 30 June 2011, a surplus of £2,829 (2010: £44,192) was achieved. This modest surplus has been realised despite a significant increase in expenditure to maintain the fabric and equipment of the School as it evolves and a total of £418,043 (2010: £197,177) was invested to ensure that we continue to provide a modern and safe working environment for the pupils and staff. We remain committed to a policy which aims to ensure that all revenue expenditure will be matched by regular recurring income.

Our accounts How we invest our fee income and donations

Unrestricted funds

Restricted funds

Total 2011


















Other incoming resources



Total incoming resources

















Total funds brought forward




Total funds carried forward




Incoming resources Incoming resources from generated funds Voluntary income Investment income Incoming resources from charitable activities School fees Bursaries

Resources expended Costs of generating funds Costs of generating voluntary income Charitable activities Governance costs Total resources expended Net movement in funds Reconciliation of funds

All incoming resources and resources expended derive from continuing activities. The charity has no recognised gains or losses for the year other than the results above. The financial information on this page is an extract from the statutory accounts. The full 2011 Report and Accounts is available on request to the Development Office. Morrison’s Academy is an independent school for boys and girls founded in 1860 The School’s Scottish Charity Number is SC000458

Further information about Morrison’s Academy can be found on our website: You are very welcome to come and see us and to contact us by phone or email 01764 653 885

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