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ACCESS TO EXCELLENCE We believe that every child who is willing to work hard and contribute to the ethos and values of the School should have access to life-changing education at Morrison’s Academy. We are committed to supporting children with talent, a spark and an appetite for life, regardless of their personal financial circumstance. Last year we reduced fees for 37 means-tested families. We want to do much more. Our aim is to ensure that talent and diversity continue to flourish at Morrison’s Academy. Annual Giving and the creation of a long-term endowment will enable us to offer reduced fees consistently for a greater number of children.

“Without financial help, I would have missed out on an excellent education at Morrison’s Academy, which provided a stepping stone into my chosen career of Medicine. I would have missed out on the constant dedicated support of staff and close friendships I formed during my time at the school. In all likelihood, I would have missed out on opportunities to develop my personal strengths through my role as Head Girl and the many co-curricular activities on offer. Most importantly of all, I wouldn’t be part of the tight-knit community that I will always be proud to be a member of. I know I will be welcomed whenever I go back and that support is still on offer if needed. I hope that at some stage in later life I will be able to provide support to a pupil in a similar position to myself, and open up a world of opportunity to them, as was given to me.” Sophie Equi, Former Pupil and Head Girl 2010

New Initiatives

Projects to support good teaching Annual Giving provides the additional resources and equipment needed to support good teaching and enrich the learning experience. Last year we used funds raised to equip the entire Primary School and a number of Secondary classrooms with interactive touch-screen SMART Boards. This year, we are looking to support a wider range of projects. “Children really appreciate having access to a SMART Board in the classroom. They’re fully engaged in lessons and enjoy the interactive possibilities it offers. Learning and teaching is more exciting and colourfuleverything that a 21st Century child expects.” Jacqueline Longmuir, Primary Teacher

Expressive Arts The Film Club is a new initiative set up to provide creative and challenging opportunities for children interested in media and film; we need professional editing software, equipment and cameras to help them. Our Art Department is looking for additional frames to showcase exceptional pieces of work throughout the school and our Music Department needs a protective cover for the piano in Academy Hall. We also wish to enhance our main performance area (Academy Hall) with state-of-theart audio equipment and editing facilities.

Sport Co-curricular sports clubs provide vital opportunities for children to develop strong team-building and personal development skills, as well as keeping fit and healthy! Annual Giving can enable our Physical Education department to develop a range of activities and clubs from fitness and dance to climbing and mountaineering. We require a variety of new equipment including a trampoline, spotting rig, throw and crash mats. Teaching and Learning Interactive SMART Boards are an exciting and useful tool for teaching and learning and we need more of them in the Secondary School. We also require innovative new equipment to develop projects within the Physics Department and to provide audio-visual equipment for the English Department. The Pipe Band Our aim is to ensure that the band is open to as many children as possible. Annual Giving means that we can provide more essential uniforms and kit for the growing numbers who wish to join and perform at high-profile events within our community, nationally and internationally.

Future Plans and Capital Projects We have ambitious plans to transform Morrison’s Academy with the creation of outstanding new facilities. An academic learning and expressive arts campus will be set on our historic main site and a new sports campus, dedicated entirely to sports excellence, will be based at the stunning playing fields at Dallerie.

These are long-term plans and we begin this year with the completion of a new Nursery. A fundraising programme to support the creation of a new purpose-built Primary School will follow. To find out more about our plans and for an informal and confidential discussion about investment opportunities, please contact the Development Office on +44 (0)1764 653 885 or email


ANNUAL GIVING 2012/2013 Our vision is to offer talented children from all backgrounds access to life-changing education and to provide contemporary buildings and facilities fit for an ambitious and forward-thinking school. Central to this vision is Annual Giving which invites all members of the Morrisonian community to contribute to the life of the school, with small regular gifts that benefit children immediately. This year Annual Giving can help us to offer increased support for talented children through the provision of means-tested bursaries and to enrich the learning experience of every child by investing in projects and equipment that support good teaching.


Giving Form 2012/2013 Please complete and return in the pre-paid envelope provided

Name: Address:


Telephone: Email: Connection to Morrison’s Academy:

Making a single gift I / We would like to make a single gift and enclose a cheque for £ Please make your cheque payable to: Morrison’s Academy Campaign Making a regular gift I / We would like to make a regular gift as follows (delete as applicable): £10 / £20 / £30 / £50 / £100 / Other £ monthly / quarterly / annually for a period of (Please complete the Standing Order Form below)

years / until further notice

Standing order form I request that you pay Morrison’s Academy (Clydesdale Bank, 28 West High Street, Crieff PH7 4DL, Sort Code 82-61-29, Account No 20014290). £



Monthly / quarterly / annually (delete as applicable). Payments to start on: / / (dd/mm/yyyy) and until I give notice in writing. To: (Bank Name) Address:


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Giving Form 2012/2013


I / we would like this gift to support: Bursaries (Access to Excellence) New initiatives (projects to support good teaching) I would like my gift to be anonymous I would like more information about: Supporting a specific project Investing in a new Primary School Leaving a legacy to Morrison’s Academy in my Will

Gift Aid Declaration (for UK taxpayers) I confirm that I wish this and any future Payments made under this declaration to be made as Gift Aid donations. I have paid an amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax equal to or in excess of the amount which may be reclaimed at the basic rate of Income Tax.

Signed: Date:

Make a tax efficient gift from the USA Please send your donation to the British Schools and Universities Foundation Inc., 575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511. Find out more on their website: Give online from the UK and overseas Credit / debit card payment options are available online at the “Support Us” pages of the Morrison’s Academy website:


“I was lucky enough to receive financial support to fulfil my ambition to be educated at Morrison’s Academy. This experience provided the skills and opportunities that enabled me to open doors throughout my life. Without my education, I would not have discovered my passion for medicine and the arts and I would never have entered into a professional world with the confidence that it takes to push boundaries in modern science today. I believe in giving regularly to the school because education has the power to transform lives and develop leaders who can change the world.” Dr John T Watters, donor and former pupil 1970 Vice President for External Medical Affairs at Pfizer

Morrison’s Academy is an independent school for boys and girls founded in 1860. The School’s Scottish Charity Number is SC000458. For further information about development at Morrison’s Academy, please contact the Development Office on +44 (0)1764 653 885 or email Images by Kieran Dodds, former pupil 1998.