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Games and PE Review Group: Recommendations This has been an extensive review. The views of staff, pupils, parents and former pupils have been taken into consideration and a large number of recommendations have arisen as a result. The next task will be for the PE Department to write a Development Plan, to be phased over the next three years, to allow for the introduction and evaluation of the recommendations. The one major capital project, the refurbishment of the swimming pool, cannot form part of the three year plan. Instead it must reside in the school’s Seven-Year Business Plan with its associated fundraising requirement. Recommendations: 1. The swimming pool needs to be refurbished; it was an object of sustained criticism in the survey. It was also the capital project that received the highest ranking amongst the pupils and it is the activity they participate in most often out of school. As a temporary measure until the old pool is replaced the changing cubicles will need to be refurbished. 2. The best supported capital project, following on from a refurbished swimming pool was for the creation of a new fitness suite and weights room. 3. Archery should be introduced as a sport. P6 and the Transitional classes were particularly keen on this. However, once it established itself it would almost certainly capture a wider group of participants. 4. In S3 the girls would like to see the introduction of individual sports as an alternative for those pupils who do not wish to pursue team sports. Would this help to counter the decline in enjoyment of PE/Games seen in responses of the S1 to S3 girls? 5. Improve the changing and showering facilities both on the main campus and down at Dallerie. This recommendation is very well supported by the pupils and parents. The suggestion was made that in order to ease pressure on the changing rooms adjacent to the Sports Hall some/all Primary classes could change in their form rooms. 6. P6-Transitional boys would like an increased provision of extra-fun activities. 7. P6-Transitional boys would like greater access to association football, while in the senior school there is demand for soccer to be available, perhaps as a summer activity. There is also widespread parental support for increased access to football. Unquestionably soccer is a popular sport and we should do something to recognize and support this while not compromising the school’s traditional attachment to rugby football. Football goals in Academy Park might be an initial response. 8. Homework is seen as a restriction to participation in sporting and co-curricular activities. While this cannot be reduced or removed as it provides a vital support to academic work undertaken in the classroom, we should be doing more to help the pupils manage their time efficiently and in this way free up time for sport and games. Form teachers could give guidance here. 9. Redesign the PE/Sports uniform across the school to improve and up-date its look and bring it into line with the type of sportswear being used by other schools. Introduce a school branded tracksuit and/or lined waterproof top. 10. To enable pupils to experience a range of sporting activities that would not be part of their normal fare it is proposed that during the period between the end of examinations and the summer holiday S1 to S4 should have an activities week. Different activities would be offered to the different year groups but by the end of S4 all those progressing through the school would have experienced the full range. Scuba diving, fencing, trampolining, water polo, horseriding, sailing, water-skiing, shooting and others might constitute the activities week. 11. Yoga, Pilates and Judo should be offered as a paying activity much as Karate is at present.


12. The PE department should mount a visual display, in the style of the curriculum wall, in order that pupils can see what awaits them by way of experiences as they move up the school. 13. Movable floodlights, of the type used to light areas where motorway repairs are taking place, could be hired to extend training sessions at Dallerie during the short winter days. 14. Where there is a 15% return or greater the PE department should analyse the responses to question 7 and try and ascertain the reason behind the dislike of the option. 15. Having set up the survey it could be refined and become a regular feature of the PE Departments self-evaluation. 16. Relay the surface of Academy Park. In doing this there would almost certainly be a need to reconstruct the Victorian (?) field drains. 17. Introduce a greater variety of options into the PE programme to be in line with Curriculum for Excellence thinking on pupil choice. 18. Introduce PE reports in S3 and S4. 19. Achieve the national guidelines of two hours per week of physical activity for all age groups. 20. Encourage parents who have the requisite knowledge and skills that could be of benefit to the school’s provision of games to become involved on a voluntary basis. This is already happening to some degree but could be further extended. 21. Encourage more senior pupils to assist with the coaching of junior sides. This helps both the juniors to develop and provides the senior pupils with valuable experience. 22. To phase in these changes over time through a PE Department Development Plan; the latter to have a timetable for implementation of all the changes. 23. The school will continue to operate two terms of rugby and hockey. However, in the Spring Term Period 5 would be used for coaching another sport and co-curricular time used for match practice. 24. In future there will be three cricket teams; two senior and one primary. The remainder of the boys will take part in athletics. 25. PE staff will make regular checks of the changing rooms to prevent bullying and will always take action when noise is heard.

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Could gymnastics be available as a sport for the girls? Indoor tennis to be available in Melville Hall at the Hydro S1-S3 boys want to play basketball. It could go into the activities week. Could we offer more by way of sports at lunchtime? Of the sports identified in question 13 (list below all the sports activities you regularly participate in out of school) only squash, golf and mountain biking are not sports practiced and played within school time. There is limited access to horse-riding and soccer while fitness is available but generally only taken up by team players. 6. There is demand for skiing.


Suggestions arising from parental responses: a. Provision of yoga; could go in the civics programme or become a paying evening activity R b. Increase access to football: independent schools midweek league; must not clash/detract from other parts of the Sports Development Programmed R c. Improve kit; weatherproof and warm; school branded tracksuit R d. Enforce the wearing of regulation kit. Current practice f. Raise the profile of tennis for boys and girls. Doing this g. increase variety of activities for girls when enthusiasm for team sports wanes R h. PE Reports R i. Upgrade shower facilities R j. National guidelines of 2 hours per week should be met at all age groups R k. Hill-walking club. Much provision already exits l. Make golf more widely available. It is privately available at Crieff Golf Club and as a team game. m. Orienteering; in civics, at Kindrogan, in PE and in the CCF n. Introduce greater variety and more choice into the PE programme; fits closely with CfE thinking R o. More mixed activities; aspiration p. Make greater use of ‘willing parents’ R q. Use senior pupils to coach/assist younger pupils R r. Organise matches at Dallerie such that younger pupils can watch something of the senior games. Already happens to some degree. s. Weights room. Work-in-progress t. Coaches to accompany teams. Aspiration R = recommendation

Appendix 1 PE/Games Review Group: Collective Agenda What I have included below represents a summary of all the different points that were put forward by you as objectives for the review. Objectives 1. That all pupils should engage in a broad range of physical activities, finding at least one they enjoy and participate in regularly 2. That the experience of the PE/Games programme should cultivate a lifelong interest in sport and physical recreation 3. That the review should bring fresh ideas and inputs from outside the department to the development of PE 4. That our provision of PE/Games should be sufficiently flexible and inclusive that it allows for the development of both team sport and individual talent 5. That our provision of PE/Games best meets the needs of the pupils, skills of the staff and ethos of the school 6. That we should provide as many opportunities as possible for those who wish to participate in and compete at sport 7. That certificated courses in PE should be introduced from S3 onwards 8. That the number of non PE specialists from amongst the staff, who contribute to the programme of games and co-curricular activities, should increase


9. That we should do more to raise awareness and encourage fitness and a healthy way of life. Exercise should be seen both by staff and pupils as part of a healthy lifestyle. 10. That we should promote and raise awareness of what is available within the PE/Games programme 11. That we should develop partnerships with local sports clubs 12. That we should work with the School (pupil) Council to take account of the needs and wishes of the pupils 13. That we should ensure that we make the best possible use of PE and Games time. 14. That we should consult parents and staff over the provision of PE and Games.

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