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“The curriculum is so much necessary raw material but warmth is the vital element for the growing soul of the child.” Carl Gustav Jung Morrison‟s Academy is a busy place both in and out of the classroom. Visitors often comment on the fact that relationships between pupils and staff are excellent. We believe that the multitude of after-school activities that we offer is a vital ingredient in fostering this atmosphere of mutual respect. Pupils are encouraged to try out new activities and find one or two that they enjoy: from art to athletics, from chess to climbing, from debating to the Duke of Edinburgh Award and from kayaking to karate – there is something for every pupil at Morrison‟s. We are very proud of the large numbers of pupils who take advantage of the opportunities we offer them in the areas of music, drama and sport as well as the smaller numbers of pupils who attend equally valuable clubs such as Debating and Chess. Valuable life skills such as working as part of a team, problem-solving and socialising are learned in a way no textbook could ever put across and life-long friendships are formed by pupils (sometimes in different year groups) through shared interests. We hope you will be impressed by what we have to offer and we hope that you will encourage your child to come along and get involved. The fun that is to be had from a co-curricular activity is likely to be remembered long after the facts painstakingly memorised for an exam have been forgotten! “For the great majority, their most profound learning experience takes place outside the classroom.” John Abbott


Art Club (Primary) Art Open Studios Badminton Club Baking Club Basketball Club Boys‟ Fitness Charities Committee Chess Club Combined Cadet Force Computer Club (Primary) Computing Club (Secondary) Cricket Indoor Nets Cricket (Primary) Debating Society Duke of Edinburgh Award Duke of Edinburgh Award Cooking Eco Club Equestrian Club Escape Committee Film Making Club Girls‟ Circuits Gymnastics Club Hockey Hockey Club (Primary Mixed) John Muir Award Karate Club Kayaking Club Mountaineering & MTB Club Musical Activities Netball Club (Primary) Pipe Band Quiz Club Rugby S1 Study Club* Shooting (CCF) Short Tennis Club Special FX Club* Summer term activities Transitional Study Skills* Video and Sound Editing Club Young Enterprise

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14

Activities listed by day Primary and Secondary lists of activities

16 18

* denotes a new club


Art Club (Primary) Monday 15:35-16:45



Miss McCain

The Art and Design Club allows P6 pupils the opportunity to develop and refine their creative skills. Pupils will explore different materials and techniques through a variety of creative activities including small scale 3D work, printing and collage. This club will run for one term, from January to March. Art Open Studios Tuesday 15:35-17:00 Wednesday Thursday

Art Studios


Mrs Oâ€&#x;Neill Mr Jewell


The studios are open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school. This provides an opportunity for students to complete any outstanding coursework or do prep with support from staff. They can use the Art Department resources to produce entries for competitions or to do personal work, such as making birthday cards or keeping a sketchbook. Film making props and costume design are integrated into these opportunities. Badminton Club Thursday 15:45-16:30

Games Hall


Mrs White

This club meets throughout Terms 1 and 2 after school in the Games Hall. The club provides an opportunity for pupils in S1-S6 to develop their skills and improve their appreciation of the game. Appropriate kit and non-marking footwear must be worn. Baking Club (Secondary) Tuesday 15:40-16:40



Mrs Neilson

This takes place in Week B only. Refine your baking skills and impress family and friends with the food you produce. Pupils will cook a variety of tempting treats throughout the term. There is a charge of ÂŁ1.50 per class to pay for ingredients. Basketball Club (Secondary) Friday 15:35-17:00

Games Hall


Mr Anderson

This is an open access activity which is entirely voluntary. This club is open to all ages and both genders in the secondary school, catering for anyone interested in the sport at whatever level of skill. Occasional fixtures may be arranged according to the availability of players. Rugby Skills Clinic Monday 12:50-13:15

Academy Park / Games Hall


Mr Weston

Sessions are open to all boys in S4-S6. They are designed to improve fitness levels particularly, but not exclusively, for those involved in competitive matches. Charities Committee Friday 13.00-13.25



Mr Lovegrove

This group, which is led by pupils in S6, organises a range of charity events throughout the school year. The pupils think up novel ways of including the whole school in raising funds for local, national and international charities.


Chess Club Primary Thursday 12:55-13:25



Mr Robertson

Chess Club runs over lunchtimes throughout the session for pupils in P4 to Transitional. Pupils are instructed in the basics of the game, and are given the opportunity to play against others of varying ages and abilities in an attempt to advance their chess skills. Where possible, teams or individuals are entered in local or national competitions in order to give pupils a flavour of wider competition. Combined Cadet Force Monday 15:45-16:45

School campus


Mr Clayton

The Combined Cadet Force offers the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the many areas of activity possible within the Armed Forces. It encourages an ethos of pride in personal appearance and self-discipline, reliability and a willingness to take responsibility for the training of junior cadets. Only those cadets who show an aptitude for being able to handle responsibility will be promoted. The activities undertaken include Adventure Training, Skill at Arms, Fieldcraft, First Aid and Expedition training. Much of the training complements the Duke of Edinburghâ€&#x;s Award Scheme. This range of activities makes the CCF a popular choice for both boys and girls from S2 upwards. Weekly parades are complemented with several weekend training days as well as a week-long annual camp in the summer holidays and an Adventure Training week during the Easter/Summer holiday. Competitions within the CCF and against other units also feature throughout the year Further opportunities are available to cadets to develop specialist training by attendance at courses during the holidays. Training is supported by school staff and regular personnel from Cadet Training Teams. Computer Club (Primary) Wednesday 15:35-16:30



Ms M Anderson

Pupils will have the opportunity to extend their computer skills. Activities will include producing banners, cards, calendars, presentations and using a photo editing programme. Term 1 (Wed 5th Oct to 11th Dec): P5 Term 2 (Wed 5th Feb to 19th March): P4 This club is restricted to 12 members.

Computing Club (Secondary) Tuesday 15:35-16:30

OS3 & OS21


Mr Hamilton Mrs Boal

The aim of the club is to provide opportunities to explore the wide range of applications of computing with the focus being on practical activity. There is a lot of hands-on activity using devices such as the Raspberyy Pi, Arduino boards and MaKey MaKey. There will be the chance to explore new programming languages and software development environments (such as Python and App Inventor). You can take part in competitions such as the UK School Computer Animation Competition (weâ€&#x;ve been prize winners before) and the Cyber Security Challenge UK, or do something entirely different with a computer.


Cricket Indoor Nets Monday 15:35-16.35 (Term 2)

Games Hall


Mr Weston

Sessions are open to all boys in S4-S6. It is an opportunity to practise batting and bowling skills prior to the start of the season in April. Cricket (Primary) Tuesday 15:35-16.35 (Term 3)

Academy Park


Mr Chater

The practice will allow the pupils a better understanding of the game whilst developing the skills of batting, bowling and fielding. Debating Society Thursday 12:40-13.25 Friday 12:40-13:25

OS19 OS3

Debating Society Competition Training

Mrs Lafferty Mrs Boal

The Debating Society offers pupils in the Secondary School the opportunity to learn the skills of debating and to put these into practice both within the school and also in a range of competitions against other schools. At the Debating Society meetings pupils are encouraged to speak out and develop their thoughts through a number of games. They also have the opportunity to prepare for and take part in formal debates, encouraged by Mrs Lafferty, Mrs Boal and some of our competitive debaters. New members are always welcome and will soon learn to structure a speech and to identify the flaws in the arguments made by the other side. The competition training meeting puts its energies into training pupils for inter-school competitions. The pupils will be experienced debaters who are engaging in developing skills for unseen motions. This involves learning standard arguments, developing rebuttal techniques and improving the debatersâ€&#x; knowledge of current affairs. In the days leading up to a competition, pupils will be expected to train at lunchtime and after school. This represents a very considerable commitment to the society. The dates and timings of these other lunchtime and after-school meetings will be arranged with the speakers. In addition to the above, pupils have the opportunity to earn points for their house in the annual inter-house debating competitions. All are very welcome to join the society and share in this valuable and entertaining educational opportunity. Please bring a packed lunch to both meetings.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Tuesday 15:35-16:35 Thursday

As indicated


Mr Anderson Mr McDermott Mr McKeever

Duke of Edinburgh Award training sessions are for new candidates at either Bronze, Direct Silver or Direct Gold level. These sessions are mainly concerned with training for expeditions. They run from October until Easter with the expeditions taking place during the months of March, April, May, June and September. Gold candidates attend three training events on Sunday afternoons throughout the winter to update their skills before the expedition season. New candidates are invited to join the Award during meetings in September and October. Places in the Award may be limited due the number of suitably qualified staff available.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Cooking Friday 12:40 – 13:25 L40


Mrs Neilson

Pupils cook a variety of food to show they are developing different skills in food preparation and cookery methods. Pupils bring in all their own ingredients unless previously arranged with Mrs Neilson. Eco Club Tuesday




Mrs White

The Eco Club works towards improving the whole school environment, involving the whole school community in the process. We carry out activities such as recycling, composting, and tending to the school grounds. The school gained its first Green Flag award in June 2011 and will this year work to embed eco messages across the school. This school year in the secondary school we will also be getting involved with environmental projects in the wider Crieff community, especially coordinating with the Crieff Regeneration Group, the countryside ranger in MacRosty Park and the Crieff Carbon Reduction Group. This year there are plans to run, approximately once a month, eco club activities that are open to all children in the Primary school, regardless of whether they are part of the committee or not.

Eco Club (Primary) Tuesday 15:35-16:35



Miss McCain

The Primary 4 to Transitional Eco Club provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about the natural world and the environment around them. Members of the club will be actively involved in developing and maintaining areas for wildlife to thrive, creating natural habitats for animals to live and learning about the natural world through a range of practical activities. This club will run for two terms, from September to November and April to June Equestrian Club Tuesday 16:00-17:00 Wednesday 16:00-17:00 Thursday 16:00-17:00 Friday 16:00-17:00

Hydro stables Hydro stables Hydro stables Hydro stables

P6-S6 P6-S6 P6-S6 P6-S6

Mrs Riddell

The Equestrian Club at Morrison‟s Academy provides the opportunity for pupils who are interested in horses to further their knowledge and skill whilst riding or on the ground. From P6 to S6, boys and girls are given the chance to be taught by fully-qualified staff at Crieff Hydro Riding stables whether they are complete beginners or experienced riders. If this sounds like your idea of fun then come along and join. For experienced riders who have their own horses, there will be opportunities to represent Morrison‟s Academy in inter-schools competitions. Please see Mrs Wilson or Mrs Jenkins. Escape Committee Four weekends a session.

S1 to S6

Mr Anderson

The Escape Committee exists to offer our pupils an opportunity to apply the skills they learn in a variety of clubs around the school by journeying to, and through, remoter corners of Scotland.


Film Making Club Thursday 15:45-16:45



Mr Millon Mr Wylie

The Film Making Club will introduce to pupils the complete film making experience. This will start with pupils deciding on the concept for the film, developing this into a story and then a script. Key responsibilities will be handed out to pupils such as directors, editors, actors etc. Over the course of the year, the script will be turned into a film using a range of technologies and modern film editing software. Pupils are entirely in charge of the process from start to finish and the film with be premiered to the entire school towards the end of the year. Girls’ Circuits Wednesday


Games Hall


Mrs McMillan

This activity is open to any girls in S4-S6 who want to come along and improve their fitness. All hockey players are expected to attend. Junior Gymnastics Club Wednesday 12:50-13:25



Miss McCormick

This club allows pupils the opportunity to practise and improve the gymnastics skills they have learnt in PE as well as the chance to learn and try some more challenging skills both on the floor and the apparatus. Pupils will also get the opportunity to attain proficiency awards from British Gymnastics. Senior pupils have the opportunity to assist. Senior Gymnastics Club Thursday 15:40-16:40



Miss McCormick

This club allows pupils the opportunity to practise and improve the gymnastics skills they have learnt in PE as well as the chance to learn and try some more challenging skills both on the floor and the apparatus. Pupils will also get the opportunity to attain proficiency awards from British Gymnastics. Senior pupils have the opportunity to assist. Hockey Monday Tuesday

15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40

Savanna/Dallerie Dallerie/Savanna

Wednesday Thursday

15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40



Savanna/Dallerie Savanna/Games Hall Savanna

S1 1st & 2nd XI S3 S2 1st & 2nd XI P6-Tr VIII

Miss McCormick Mrs McMillan Mrs Lee Miss McCormick Mrs McMillan Mrs Jenkins Mrs Lee

Hockey is the main sport for girls in Terms 1 and 2. The school has regular weekly fixtures for hockey at all age groups from P6-Tr upwards. In addition to coaching during time-tabled games lessons, extra practices as match preparation are held after school during the week and occasional weekends. Team/Squad members are expected to attend these extra sessions. The times of the extra practices are given above. Hockey Club (Primary Mixed) Friday 15:40-16:40



Mrs Jenkins Mrs Lee

This activity aims to introduce younger pupils to the game of hockey and the basic skills involved. It also allows the older pupils a chance to develop these skills further and deepen their understanding of the game.


John Muir Award Sunday Afternoon or (from April to whole day October)


Mrs S. Harper

The John Muir Award encourages people of all ages to find out more about the environment in which they live. The four challenges of the John Muir Award are to discover a wild place; explore its wilderness; conserve a wild place and share the experiences. These activities will take place after school and on Sunday afternoons. The number of Sunday outings will be determined by the level which the pupils are undertaking. Karate Club (Tora Kai) Thursday 17:00-18.00


P1-S6 Parents & Staff

Ms H Bennett Mr Clifford

Shokatan Karate is by far the biggest single karate style in the world today. It can be practised safely by anyone regardless of age or fitness level. The practice of shokatan promotes total body fitness and also physical and moral strength. Above all it is a system of self-defence without equal. Tora-kai is a large organisation with clubs in many schools throughout Scotland. Towards the end of each term, in addition to the weekly training sessions, there will be a course and grading examination with the National coach. The Karate Club (which is affiliated to the Perth Tora-Kai Club) is open to all pupils, staff and parents. The club is organised by professional instructors and costs apply. Please contact Ms Hilary Bennett for further information or come along to the class. Kayaking Club Thursday 15:35-16:45



Mr Anderson

The Kayaking Club aims to introduce as many pupils as possible to the sport. During the early part of the academic year, while the weather is generally good, our more experienced paddlers are taken to Loch Earn or similar water to test their skills in the great outdoors. Each session we invite a new group of pupils to join the club. They are trained in the school swimming pool, learning the basic strokes and safety procedures. All will grow in confidence and attain greater control; some may learn to roll the boat. In the summer term, the pupils will be given the opportunity to put their skills into practice on real water, normally Loch Earn. During the year there may be opportunities to kayak a stretch of the River Tay. The only limitations to membership are the practical considerations of equipment and the size of the swimming pool.


Mountaineering and MTB Club Friday

All pupils

Mr Howell

This activity is open to pupils, staff and parents. This club aims to provide the following:  An introduction to mountaineering (basic – advanced).  Opportunities to gain national accreditation via the NICAS scheme.  NICAS club and advanced coaching on Friday nights, after 6pm.  Rock climbing using indoor walls, local crags and mountain crags.  Winter skills on at least two Sundays.  Mountain biking in the local area and Seven Stanes dependent upon demand (usually summer term). All activities are run and closely-supervised by qualified and experienced instructors/staff. Most Friday evenings from 16:00-19:00. Please check the Mountaineering noticeboard outside the PE office. Please note involvement in some activities will be age/size dependent. On Sundays during the summer and early autumn term hill walks and mountain biking outings are offered on an ad-hoc basis to pupils from Transitional to S6. The walks and rides offer the opportunity to explore the local mountains and valleys in a relaxed but informative way, providing pupils with an introduction to map reading and route-finding. They are an excellent introduction to the hills for pupils undertaking Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, as well as a good way to keep fit and healthy. Please check with Mr Howell for further information.


Musical Activities Monday Monday Monday Monday

Senior Girls‟ Choir MOJO Sectionals String Orchestra MOJO

13:00-13:25 13.00 – 13.25 15:35-16:45 15:35-16:45


Mrs Smart Miss Herbert Mr McMurdo Miss Herbert

Tuesday Tuesday

Training Strings Primary Choir

13:00-13:25 13.00 – 13.25



Pipe Band & Drum Corps

17.00 – 19.00


Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Senior Boys Choir Feoras Brass Ensemble Girls Chamber Choir Junior School Musical

13:00-13:25 13.00–13.25 13.00–13.25 15:35-16:45 15:40-16:40


Thursday Thursday Thursday

String Quartet Ferntower Quartet Senior Wind Band

08:40-09:10 08:40-09:10 15:40-16:40


Mrs Smart Miss Herbert Mrs Smart Mr Beetschen Mrs Stewart Mr Murray Mr Brown Mrs Smart Mr Murray Mr Letham Mr Beetschen Mrs Longmuir Mrs Smart Mr McMurdo Mrs Smart Mr Letham

Friday Friday Friday

Training Strings Academy Choir Chamber Orchestra

8.40 – 9.10 12.55 – 13.25 15.40-16.45


Mrs Smart Miss Herbert Miss Herbert Mrs Smart

There are choirs and instrumental groups at all levels of the School with progression following ABRSM/Trinity Music grades. Entrance to an ensemble is by recommendation of a music instructor. Pupils who have lessons out with school are welcome to join in, provided they have reached the required standard for the particular ensemble.


Netball Club (Primary) Monday 12:55-13:20



Mrs Marchbank

The Primary Netball Club takes place on Monday lunchtimes for P6 to Transitional girls. The main purpose of the club is for enjoyment and participation rather than competition. It gives the girls an opportunity to improve their skills and for each individual to become part of a team and enjoy the feeling of support and co-operation that this engenders. It is hoped that through participation in this club, netball will be regarded as an enjoyable, skilful and positive experience. Pipe Band Tuesday


Ferntower Building

Primary & Secondary

Mr Beaton

The Pipe Band meets on Tuesday evenings throughout the session and there is always a very lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Practices involve three distinct sessions: 

17.00 - 18.00: one hour of general instruction for drummers and pipers. Sessions are arranged for different ability levels and these are led by the individual tutors and the more experienced band members as required.

18.00 - 18.30: 30 minutes during which the Band plays together and allows aspiring new talent the opportunity to join in and gain experience.

18.30 - 19.00: 30 minutes practice for Senior Band members in preparation for competitions and events.

The Band is committed to a wide range of public performances and regularly plays for school and local community events and as part of the Independent Schools Massed Band at Edinburgh Castle. In 2012 the Band visited Hong Kong and in 2014 will travel to New York to participate in the Tartan Day Parade along 6th Avenue in Manhattan. No prior knowledge or ability is required to join the band as pupils are instructed by a very enthusiastic group of tutors and all pupils from P4 to S6 are welcome.

Primary Football Club Thursday 15:45-16:30

Academy Park


Mr Barr

This club is for P6-Tr boys and girls who want to improve their football skills. Occasional matches may be arranged.

Quiz Club Friday


BM 6


Ms M. Anderson

This activity will run from Term 2. Initially it will be open to all pupils in Transitional. After several weeks a quiz squad, comprising five pupils, will be selected. They will be entered for at least one quiz competition.


Rugby Monday Tuesday Tuesday

15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:35 15:35-16:40

Academy Park Dallerie Academy Park Dallerie





Academy Park Dallerie Academy Park Dallerie

S1 XIII S2 XV P6-Tr XIII st 1 XV U16 XV S2 XV S3 XV st 1 XV U16 XV S3 XV S1 XIII

Mr Howell Mr McKeever Mr Chater Mr Weston Mr Beedie Mr McKeever Mr Weston Mr Beedie Mr Blackburn Mr Howell

Rugby is the main sport for boys in Terms 1 and 2. The school has regular weekly fixtures for rugby at all age groups from P6-Tr upwards. In addition to coaching during timetabled Games lessons, extra practices as match preparation are held after school during the week and on occasional weekends. Team/Squad members are expected to attend these extra sessions. The times of the extra practices are given above.

S1 Study Club Thursday 15:40-16:30



Mrs Wilkie

Drop in for ideas on how to manage your studies. Time to focus on research or study. If you have a question about your S1 studies come along and ask. Availability for 10 pupils at any given session. Shooting (CCF) Wednesday 15:35-17:00

Rifle Range


CSgt Halley

.22 calibre competition shooting is an MOD-sponsored activity for cadets in the CCF so there is no cost to the cadets involved. It is held on Wednesdays after school. In the run-up to competitions there may be occasional extra sessions on a Saturday and Sunday. This type of shooting is the starting platform for CCF Pupils to progress onto shooting higher calibre weapons and taking part in national CCF shooting competitions. Due to range restrictions the shooting club is worked on a rota basis. Short Tennis Club Wednesday 15:35-16:30 (Term 1)

Games Hall


Mrs Lauchlan

This activity is designed to teach simple bat and ball skills. The pupils will participate in fun activities and be given an introduction to the game of short tennis.

Special FX Club Tuesday 15:35-16:45



Mr Millon Mr Wylie

The Special FX club will follow the structure of classes where pupils will learn key techniques in animation, sound and visual effects, and apply them on small individual projects. Due to the limited number of computers available, a maximum of 8 pupils may take part in this club. This club is open to everyone in S1 to S6, but senior pupils may find it particularly interesting as the club aims to teach skills which can be further developed in higher education. Having a good working knowledge of computers is not essential, but preferred.


Summer term activities In the summer term the main changes involve a switch of the main sports which are hockey, rugby and netball in the first two terms, to athletics, tennis and cricket in the summer term. Regular fixtures and practices take place for girls‟ tennis and cricket. Regular athletics practices take place at Dallerie to allow pupils to prepare for occasional matches with other schools or for the school‟s own Sports Day. The golf team takes part in a number of events including regular matches in the Perth & Kinross schools league, and further opportunities for golf are in the Belch Cup and in the Perth & Kinross championships. There are several other activities which become available in the summer term and others which stop during the summer term. A full timetable of co-curricular activities will be published and distributed at the beginning of the summer term. Transitional Study Skills Tuesday 13:00-13:25



Mrs Wilkie

Learn “Study Skills” to help you prepare for your Transitional Exam Week. Availability for 10 pupils at any given session. Starts February 2014 – ends April 2014.

Video and Sound Editing Club Friday 15:35-16:45



Mr Millon Mr Wylie

The video and sound editing club is in charge of creating a film, based on the footage of the scenes filmed as part of the movie-making club. Pupils will use specific software to assemble videoclips, work on the soundtrack and add visual and sound effects to the film. This club is open to all pupils in the secondary school who are interested in working on computers.

Young Enterprise Monday 17:00-18:00



Mr McMillan Mrs Fraser

The Business Studies Department, together with advisers from industry, runs the Young Enterprise (Scotland) Scheme in school, whereby members of S6 form themselves into a company in order to sell products or services and hopefully make a profit and learn a life-skill or two; indeed some may even find their niches in life! “Achievers” are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and as the company develops, teachers and advisors should find themselves being used less and less by the company board which includes all the company members, together with six elected directors, namely the Managing Director (with a depute), the Company Secretary (with a depute) and the Finance Director (with a depute).


Other activities: School Council made up of class representatives meets twice a term from 15:35-16:35 (Miss McCluskey) Curling School Productions Senior School: “The Browning Version” Primary School: (Mrs Longmuir, Mr Robertson) – drama production tbc Stage Lighting: (Mr McDermott and volunteers)  

 

The Computing Department is open every day after school until 17:00 when pupils can access the school network. (Mr Hamilton) The School Library can be used by any pupil in TR-S6 and is currently open from 15.35 – 17.00. Under the supervision of Mrs Mowat, the Librarian, pupils can study or do homework, and use books or a PC for research purposes. A black and white printer is available if required. Of course pupils may also read books or newspapers in the library. We are gradually developing our stock of contemporary young adult fiction and non-fiction, and pupils can borrow these for a period of 3 weeks initially. Mrs Mowat always welcomes any suggestions for reading materials, and is happy to recommend books to anyone looking for a good read. For those who are keen readers, it is hoped that a Morrison‟s „book group‟ may be set up which will meet a couple of times each term. There is a Biennial Ski trip. (Mr Weston) An extensive range of inter-house activities runs throughout the session, details of which can be found on the termly calendar and on house notice-boards. If pupils are interested in participating, further details can be obtained from house officials.

Campbells Drummonds Grahams Murrays

House Staff Mrs White Mrs Lafferty Mrs Harper Mrs O‟ Kane


Mr Barnett Mr McKeever Mr Coffey Mr McDermott

Monday Art Club (Primary) CCF Cricket Indoor Nets Hockey (S1) MOJO Sectionals MOJO Netball Club (Primary) Rugby Skills Clinic Rugby (S1) Rugby (S2) Senior Choir (Girls) String Orchestra Young Enterprise

15:35-16:45 15:45-16:45 15:35-16:35 15:35-16:40 13:00-13:25 15:35-16:45 12:55-13:20 12:50-13:15 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 13:00-13:25 15:35-16:35 17:00-18:00

BM5 Campus Games Hall Dallerie/Savanna FT6 FT6 Gym Academy Park / Games Hall Academy Park Dallerie FTH FTH OS7

Tuesday Art Open Studios Baking Club (Secondary) Boys Chamber Choir Computing Club (Secondary) Cricket (Primary) Duke of Edinburgh Award Eco Club (Secondary) Eco Club (Primary) Equestrian Club Hockey (S3 XI ) Hockey 1st & 2nd XI Pipe Band & Drum Corps Primary Choir Rugby (1st XV) Rugby (U16 XV) Rugby (Primary) Special FX Club Training Strings

15:35-17:00 15:40-16:40 13:00-13:25 15:35-16:30 15:35-16:35 15:35-16:35 12:45-13:25 15:35-16:35 16:00-17:00 15:35-16:30 15:35-16:30 17:00-19:00 13:00-13:25 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:30 15:35-16:45 13:00-13:25

Art Studios L40 FTH OS3 & OS21 Academy Park As indicated FT17 BM3 Hydro Stables Dallerie / Savanna Dallerie / Savanna Ferntower Building FTH Dallerie Dallerie Academy Park S1-S6 FT8

Wednesday Art Open Studios Brass Ensemble CCF Shooting Girls Chamber Choir Computer Club (Primary) Equestrian Club Feoras Girlsâ€&#x; Circuits Gymnastics Club (P5-Tr) Hockey (S2) Rugby (S2) Rugby (S3) Primary Show Club (P5-TR) Senior Boys Choir Short Tennis Club Swimming Club (P2-P4)

15:35-17:00 13:00-13:25 15:35-17:00 15:35-16:45 15:35-16:30 16:00-17:00 13:00-13:25 12:55-13:20 12:50-13:25 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:45 13:00-13:25 15:35-16:30 15:35-16:30

Art Studios FTH Rifle Range FTH BM 6 Hydro Stables Studio Games Hall Gym Dallerie / Savanna Academy Park Dallerie FTH FT8 Games Hall Swimming Pool


Thursday Art Open Studios Badminton Club Chess Club Debating Society (S1-S6) Duke of Edinburgh Award Equestrian Club Ferntower Quartet Film Making Club Football Club (Primary) Gymnastics Club (S1-S3) st nd Hockey (1 & 2 XI) Karate Club Kayaking Club Primary Football Club Rugby (1st XV) Rugby (U16) Rugby (S3) Rugby (S1) Senior Wind Band S1 Study Club String Quartet

15:35-17:00 15:45-16:45 12:55-13:25 12:40-13:25 15:35-16:35 16:00-17:00 08:40-09:10 15:45-16:45 15:45-16:30 15:40-16:40 15:35-16:45 17:00-18:00 15:35-16:45 15:35-16:30 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:35-16:40 15:40-16:40 15:40-1630 08:40-09:10

Art Studios Games Hall BMGP OS19 As indicated Hydro Stables FT8 FT16 Academy Park Gym Games Hall / Savanna Gym Swimming Pool Academy Park Academy Park Academy Park Academy Park Dallerie FTH/FT7 L45 FT6

Friday Academy Choir Basketball Club (Secondary) Chamber Orchestra Charities Committee Debating Society Duke of Edinburgh Award Cooking Equestrian Club Hockey (Primary) Mixed Hockey (Primary) Mountaineering Club Quiz club Training Strings

12:55-13:25 15:35-17:00 15:40-16:40 13:00-13:25 12:40-13:25 12:55-13:25 16:00-17:00 15:40-16:40 15:40-16:40 16:00-19:00 13:00-13:25 08:40-0910

FTH Games Hall FT7 L43 OS3 L40 Hydro Stables Savanna / Games Hall Savanna Games Hall BM6 FT8

Escape Committee John Muir Award

Tbc Sunday – April-October




Art Club Chess Club Computer Club Cricket Eco Club Equestrian Club Football Club Gymnastics Club Hockey Karate Club Mountaineering & MTB Club Netball Club Pipe Band Primary Choir Primary Football Primary Show Club Quiz Club Rugby Short Tennis Training Strings Training Wooodwind/Brass

Art Open Studios Badminton Baking Club Basketball Chamber Choirs Charities Committee Chess Club Combined Cadet Force Computing Club Cricket Indoor Nets Debating Society Duke of Edinburgh Award Eco Club Equestrian Club Escape Committee Film Making Club Gymnastics Club Hockey John Muir Award Junior Choir Karate Club Kayaking Club Morrisonian Magazine Mountaineering & MTB Club Orchestra Pipe Band Rugby S1 Study Club Senior Choir (Boys) Senior Musical Shooting (CCF) Senior Wind Band Special FX Club Swing Band Woodwind/Brass Ensemble Video and Sound Editing Club Young Enterprise

Please refer to the main section of the booklet for details of the year groups to which these activities are open.


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