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1.3.  The  Catchment  Action  Plan   The  aim  of  the  Catchment  Action  Plan  is  to  set  out  the  actions,  agreed  by  the  partnership,  that  will   deliver   the   environmental   improvements   needed   to   work   towards   achieving   the   partnership’s   shared  vision  for  the  catchment.   The  Catchment  Action  Plan  is  divided  into  two  parts:   1. The   first   part   is   this   ‘background   document’,   which   describes   the   catchment,  the   key   issues,   the   existing   actions   and   finally,   the   opportunities   for   the   Catchment   Partnership   to   deliver   complimentary  actions.     2. The  second  part  of  the  Catchment  Action  Plan  will  be  ‘web-­‐based’,  with  a  series  of  project-­‐ specific  action  cards  being  hosted  on  the  TICP’s  website.   This  ‘background  document’  begins  with  an  overview  of  the  catchment’s  key  characteristics  and  an   outline  of  the  current  environmental  status.     It   then   looks   at   4   key   themes   of;   water   quality,   water   quantity,   ‘channel   /   habitat   /   biodiversity’   and   recreation.   Within   each   of   these   themes,   the   plan   identifies   the   main   issues,   the   existing   actions   being   delivered   to   address   these   issues   and   the   opportunities   for   the   catchment   partnership   to   deliver  improvements.   The  priority  projects,  outlined  in  the  final  section  of  this  document,  will  form  the  basis  for  the  second   ‘web-­‐based’  part  of  the  Catchment  Action  Plan.   The  actions  and  delivery  mechanisms  specific  to  each  project  will  be  shown  in  action  cards  that  will   be   displayed   on   the   Test   &   Itchen   Catchment   Partnership’s   website.   These   will   be   frequently   updated  as  projects  progress.   This  format  is  intended  to  allow  the  Catchment  Action  Plan  to  be  a  fully  working  document,  which   will   be   adapted   and   developed   as   new   evidence   emerges,   priorities   are   identified   and   actions   are   implemented.                            


Profile for TICP

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

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