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1.0 INTRODUCTION     1.1.  The  Catchment  Based  Approach  (CaBA)   The   ‘Catchment   Based   Approach’   is   part   of   the   UK’s   solution   to   improving   the   Chemical   and   Ecological   Status   of   our   waters   under   the   European   Union’s   Water   Framework   Directive.   Whilst   many   other   solutions   have   been   identified,   DEFRA   recognises   the   value   of   bringing   local   stakeholders   together   under   a   single   umbrella   to   collectively   agree   and   deliver   actions.   The   Catchment  Based  Approach  policy  framework  will  see  issues  being  identified  and  tackled  at  a  much   more  local  level,  giving  local  stakeholders  the  opportunity  to  get  involved  with  planning  and  delivery   of  environmental  improvements.     Throughout   England,   Catchment   Partnerships   are   being   established   under   the   Catchment   Based   Approach  and  many  are  developing  catchment  plans  which  will  guide  the  work  of  the  partnerships,   and   will   also   help   to   inform   larger-­‐scale   strategic   plans   that   the   Environment   Agency   is   putting   in   place  for  each  of  the  11  River  Basins  Districts  in  England  &  Wales.  These  River  Basin  Management   Plans   set   out   the   priorities   and   actions   to   deliver   Good   Ecological   Status   (or   Potential)   to   be   implemented  between  2016  and  2021  (the  second  management  cycle  of  WFD).  The  diagram  below   shows  the  timescale  the  Environment  Agency  is  working  to  in  order  to  deliver  and  implement  their   plans.   Following  on  from  the  first  cycle  of  River  Basin  Management  Plans  and  the  subsequent  ‘Challenges   and  Choices’  consultation,  draft  River  Basin  Plans  are  currently  being  prepared   for  the  second  cycle.   These  were  put  out  for  consultation  in  November  2014  and  following  this  the  River  Basin  Plans  will   be  finalised  in  late  2015,  for  implementation  between  2016  and  2021.     Figure  1:  Timetable  for  River  Basin  Management  Planning  under  WFD                      



Profile for TICP

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

Profile for ticp