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Similarly, the  TICP  could  help  deliver  the  wider  benefits  to  biodiversity,  natural  processes,  amenity   etc,   that   are   considered   to   be   an   important   part   of   accessing   funding   from   central   and   local   government,  to  deliver  flood  risk  management  improvements.   Co-­‐ordinate  Water  Level  Management     Through   previous   projects,   stakeholders   have   suggested   that   coordination   of   water   level   management   amongst   river   managers   should   be   improved.   There   is   an   opportunity   for   the   Partnership   to   facilitate   this   and   enable   better   communication   between   nearby   owners   to   keep   them  informed  of  issues  or  action  taken.                                              


Profile for TICP

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

Profile for ticp