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5.3. What  is  already  being  done?   Regulatory:   To   take   water   from   rivers,   groundwater   and   other   sources,   an   abstraction   license   from   the   Environment   Agency   will   generally   be   required.   Similarly,   to   create   or   alter   an   impoundment,   permission  will  be  required  from  the  Environment  Agency  to  obtain  an  impoundment.     Waterbodies  that  are  used,  or  planned  to  be  used,  for  the  abstraction  of  water  intended  for  human   consumption;  and  providing,  or  planned  to  provide,  a  total  of  more  than  10  cubic  metres  of  water   per   day   on   average,   or   serving,   or   planned   to   serve,   more   than   50   people   have   been   classified   as   Drinking  Water  Protected  Areas.   Finally,  for  flood  risk  management  purposes,  the  Water  Resources  Act  1991  and  associated  byelaws   require   an   application   for   consent   from   the   Environment   Agency   to   cover   any   works   that   are   proposed  in,  over,  under  or  adjacent  to  main  rivers.   Plans  &  Strategies:   South  East  River  Basin  District  Management  Plan  -­‐  Environment  Agency       The   Environment   Agency’s   first   cycle   River   Basin   Management   Plan   provides   an   overarching  view  of  current  status  and  actions  required  to  meet  the  obligations   of   the   Water   Framework   Directive.   The   plan,   published   in   2009,   outlined   a   handful  of  key  actions  for  the  Test  and  Itchen  Catchment.  With  regards  to  water   quantity,  the  plan  identified  actions  to  modify  abstraction  licences.         Ø Test  &  Itchen  Abstraction  Licensing  Strategy  -­‐  Environment  Agency  


This Licensing  Strategy  sets  out  how  water  resources  are  managed  in  the  Test  &   Itchen   CAMS   area.   It   provides   information   about   where   water   is   available   for   further   abstraction   and   an   indication   of   how   reliable   a   new   abstraction   licence   may  be.  In  the  Test  catchment  there  is  only  water  available  for  abstraction  at  high   flows  with  any  reliability  but  there  is  a  restricted  amount  of  water  available  at  mid   flows.  In  the  Itchen  catchment  future  abstraction  is  restricted  to  very  high  flows.       There  is  a  presumption  against  issuing  new  consumptive  licenses  from  the  Chalk   of  the  Test  and  Itchen.  The  Restoring  Sustainable  Abstraction  (RSA)  process  is  also   on-­‐going   to   review   those   existing   abstraction   licences   which   may   be   damaging   the   environment.   The   strategy   sets   out   the   approaches   to   be   taken   in   specific   areas  of  the  catchment.  Under  the  Restoring  Sustainable  Abstraction  programme,   the  Environment  Agency  is  changing  two  water  company  licences  and  three  fish   farm   licences   on   the   Itchen.     It   also   takes   any   opportunity   to   reduce   or   recover   under-­‐used  or  unused  licences.   Ø SSSI  Water  Level  Management  Plans-­‐  Environment  Agency  


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TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

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