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  FOREWORD     Protecting  the  Test  and  Itchen  rivers  and  their  catchment  and  the  issues,  pressures  and  challenges   that   affect   this   unique   water   environment   is   vitally   important   to   many   individuals   and   local   organisations  in  the  Hampshire  area.   While   the   catchment   has   a   legacy   of   good   partnership   projects   to   build   upon,   to   make   a   real   difference   there   needs   to   be   an   integrated   approach   to   sharing   knowledge   and   delivering   improvements  that  will  protect  the  Test  and  Itchen  for  the  long  term.     The   Catchment   Based   Approach   is   DEFRA’s   solution   to   help   support   a   more   integrated   system.   It   involves   local   communities   and   organisations   in   decision   making   by   sharing   evidence,   listening   to   ideas,   working   out   priorities   and   seeking   to   deliver   actions   that   address   local   issues   in   a   cost   effective  way.   By  working  together  we  can  take  the  necessary  steps  to  deliver  the  improvements  needed  to  protect   and  enhance  our  local  river  catchments.           Paul  Jose    

Director, Wessex  Chalk  Stream  &   Rivers  Trust          

             Debbie  Tann  

                                       Chief  Executive,  Hampshire  &  Isle  of  Wight                      Wildlife  Trust  



Profile for TICP

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

Profile for ticp