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The partnership  also  recognises  the  importance  of  wider  engagement  with  the  public  and  intends  to   move   to   wider   consultation   and   engagement   once   initial   support   for   this   plan   and   its   direction   of   travel   have   been   established   within   the   currently-­‐engaged   stakeholder   community.   A   phased   approach  was  felt,  by  the  partnership,  to  limit  the  risk  of  creating  unrealistic  expectations  amongst   local   communities,   or   alienating   those   key   stakeholders   whose   cooperation   will   be   required   for   undertaking  almost  any  works  within  the  catchment.     3.2.  Designated  Sites   The   River   Itchen   and   River   Test   Sites   of   Special   Scientific   Interest   (SSSI)   are   amongst   the   country’s   finest  examples  of  chalk  river  systems  and   associated  habitats.    They  are  legally  protected  under  the   Wildlife   and   Countryside   Act   1981   and   through   the   Water   Resources   Act   1991   and   the   Water   Industry   Act   1991.   The   designation   helps   Natural   England   to   ensure   better   protection   and   management  of  the  SSSI  units,  safeguarding  their  existence  for  the  future.   è Fig 8: Test & Itchen: SSSI Condition  

There  are  14  riverine  SSSI  units  in  the  Test  and  Itchen  catchment,  8  of  which  are  on  the  River  Test   and   the   remaining   6   on   the   River   Itchen.   Natural   England   undertakes   periodic   condition    


Profile for TICP

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

TICP Catchment Action Plan (low res)  

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