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Facilities and Services From our two full line service centers and affiliated fabrication facility Tico is uniquely positioned to handle complex and challenging projects from start to finish. Our 66,000 square foot facility in Michigan and our 18,000 square foot facility in Texas, inventory a full range of industrial titanium products that support our fabrication business with off the shelf availability of key components. In house processing capabilities include bar cutting, plate sawing, shearing, water jet cutting, tube/pipe cutting, and a machine shop for special items. Both service centers are ISO 9001 approved. The fabrication facility is an ASME Code shop with U and R stamps. The shop is a 20,000 square foot climate controlled facility with two fabrication bays 40 ft. x 125 ft. Both bays are served by 10 ton cranes and can handle vessels up to 25 ft. in. diameter. Tico utilizes state of the art design and drafting software such as Compress and Solid Works which are compatible with most customer systems. In addition, Tico’s draftsmen use the latest technology to produce fabrication drawings, including 3-D representations, that allow end users to fully visualize the finished equipment.

History Tico Titanium began doing business in 1957 in Detroit and since then has specialized in supplying titanium products and specialty titanium fabrications for industrial applications around the world. For over a half century companies in the chemical process, pulp and paper, water treatment, marine, pharmaceutical, and mining industries have relied on Tico for the highest quality products and services available in the market. Tico does more than just supply fabrications. Our key employees in management, engineering, design and sales each have more than 25 years experience in applying titanium solutions to industrial problems. We work with our customers to help determine their special needs for an individual application and help them with designing the equipment, planning for raw materials, and for overall project management to assure complete conformance to the job specifications.

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Titanium offers unique properties for designers of fabricated equipment. Grade 2 titanium is the most common titanium grade used and can be readily formed, welded and machined into various components. This coupled with its corrosion resistance over a wide range of operating environments makes it an ideal material of construction in many industrial markets. Using titanium’s high strength to weight ratio can be a great benefit in designing process equipment. The data below shows the ASME stress values and density/weight factors for Grade 2 sheet and plate products.

ASME Stress Values for Gr 2 Titanium Plate and Sheet Maximum Allowable Temperature °F Stress KSI

Ti Facts Density 0.163 lb./cu. in. Weight per Square Foot

.187” .250” .312” .375” .500” .750” 1.000” 2.000”

-20 – 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600

14.30 13.70 12.40 11.30 10.30 9.50 8.80 8.20 7.60 7.00 6.50

Plate 4.87 Plate 6.34 Plate 7.79 Plate 9.39 Plate 12.32 Plate 18.25 Plate 24.23 Plate 48.58

Additional material data is available at our web site: Tico can supply a wide range of fabricated products including tanks, vessels, filters, mixers, fans, ejectors, pipe spools, headers, nozzles, liners, and internals. Standard and specialty fabrication including prototype work is available in all industrial titanium grades.

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From our two full line service centers and affiliated fabrication facility Tico is uniquely positioned to handle complex and challenging pro...

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