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OUR MISSION // Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje (TICM) is a dynamic system connected to the regional economy and higher education institutions and is integrated in the international environment. TICM supports technology based businesses and enterprising individuals in the development and implementation of technologically advanced business ideas. It also provides customer support through facilitation of workspace and technology equipment.



Incubation in TICM provides companies with an opportunity of using premium office space including all the necessary infrastructure, common areas such as meeting and multimedia rooms and high-tech equipment under favorable terms and conditions. TICM can provide consulting services for incubated companies in the development and commercialization of products and services. It also facilitates companies’ participation in training programs and conferences, organized by TICM. Public call for those interested in incubation is permanently available on TICM’s website,


Terms and conditions of incubation in TICM, which define the criteria for incubation and all other requirements associated with the process, are available on the official website as well.


SERVICES/ Incubation




CONTRACT TICM provides pre-incubation services to companies and individuals that are still in the process of developing a business idea. This is accomplished by providing free shared work space and consultancy support from TICM employees.


SERVICES / Consulting services TICM employees provide following types of business support services to all interested incubated companies and external customers: • Basic business knowledge (business planning, marketing planning, business internalization); • Commercialization of innovation; • Process management in research and development of new products and services; • Preparation of projects proposals for national and EU funds; • Specific types of ICT and graphics technologies.


SERVICES / Consulting services

TICM is active in establishing business networks between clients and prospective investors in innovative projects, such as business angels and venture capital funds.

Business Innovation Croatian Agency (BICRO) has recognized TICM as one the centres for implementation od Proof of Concept program.


SERVICES / Office and equipment rental VENTUZ workstation and display wall

PowerMac G5 workstation with Autodesk Maya 2011 and Adobe CS5.5 Master collection suite

Panasonic P2HD AG - HPX371E profesional video camera

Canon EOS 550D camera and a set of lenses

In order to facilitate development of new high-added value products and services and to raise the level of technological awareness , TICM has equipped state-of-the-art laboratory with technology for web and mobile applications development, 3D scanning and modeling, professional video production, and advanced multimedia presentation development. Technology is available to incubated companies and other external clients.

8 Š Apple Inc.

Touch-table with VENTUZ

iMAC 27� workstation - VS 2010 i SQL2008

Artec MHT 3D scanner and Artec 3D studio

SERVICES / Office and equipment rental

TICM rents fully equipped and furnished facilities for trainings, conferences, meetings and other events. These facilities include: • multimedia hall for 100 participants, with projectors, audio system and wireless internet; • computer classroom equipped with 20 personal computers, presentation and videoconference equipment. The classroom is modular and it can be used for group work; • meeting room equipped with a projector, presentation board and sitting capacity for 20 people; • laboratory equipped with display wall and touch table, both used for interactive presentations of specific products and services


ACTIVITIES / Education and conferences

To promote innovative entrepreneurship and raise awareness and knowledge of innovation-and-technologyspecific areas, TICM regularly organizes workshops, trainings, business meetings and conferences.


ACTIVITIES / Education and conferences Broad and strong partner network is a key prerequisite for successful preparation and implementation of projects and business internationalization of TICM and its clients. Therefore, TICM continuously works on expanding networks of partners from academic, business, and public sectors, as s well as civil society in Croatia and the region.




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RESIDENTS Business GIS solutions

System integrations

Science and Society Synergy Institute

KG MEDIA the international advertising agency

ICT services

Web development

Međimurje IT Cluster

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Agriculture ICT New tehcnologies

Rewewable energy solutions

Web, mobile and desktop applications development




contacts Bojan Pečnik, PhD

Ivan Plačko, M.Sc.

R&D manager

business development director gsm: 385 (0)99 255 4179 tel: 385 (0)40 395 542 gsm: 385 (0)99 212 0581

Goran Levačić, M.Sc.

Igor Kovačić, M.Sc.

head of incubation and education department

expert associate tel: 385 (0)40 395 569 gsm: 385 (0)99 261 5899 gsm: 385 (0)99 257 4710

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Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje Ltd participates in the technology infrastructure development program (TEHCRO), funded by Business Innovation Agency of the Republic of Croatia (BICRO).

Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje Ltd is supported by Međimurje County and Regional Development Agency Međimurje Ltd.

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