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be mine



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be inspired... on the cover: valentines crafts by tania mccartney, page 34


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hello! the end of is getting married at dy an nd ie fr od go my very ry for inspiring our ve k an th n ca u yo at th march, so it is her otographer andy and writer/ph l, el ...w e! su is ng di first wed her through images of d le ai em a ni ta n he tania mccartney...w just couldn’t resist! valentines crafts...i are very atured in this issue fe s ng di ed w al re e each of th fun! eir distinct sense of th h ug ro th d te ec unique, and yet conn wish you your own wedding...I ng ni an pl u yo of e for thos lovely that you find lots of pe ho d an s es in pp every ha you.... ine! for the rest of az ag m is th of s ge inspiration in the pa someone just ect excuse to show rf pe e th is y da e’s valentin t ill finds lots of swee w u yo d an , em th how much you love just that! crafts to help you do s worked with shannon morton ha us eo rg go e th n, ai once ag a you are looking for if g! in az am is e sh . me on the layouts.. d I cannot recommen , ith w k or w to er gn lovely graphic desi see er to her website to her enough! pop ov u her portfolio Tanya x {Editor}


contributors tania mccartney

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damara sestanovich

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darren nolan

nicolle versteeg


little muse

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zinnia floral design

ck metro photography

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nicolle versteeg photography

A huge thank you to each of the contributors who worked on the stories you will find throughout this issue! Please support our amazing contributors by clicking the links to visit their websites! 7



red&white {and fun all over} WORDS Andrew

(Groom) | PHOTOGRAPHY Natalija Brunovs {i heart weddings photography} 9

Giving ourselves 9 months from engagement to wedding at the end of April was probably ambitious for two not-so-organised people. By the time we got photographer Natalija from I Heart Weddings on board over the Christmas/ New Year period there wasn’t a lot that was nailed down. But we were both adamant that we wanted something low key and personal, so we still felt we could pull it off. We liked the idea of having some nice formal clothes against the backdrop of barefoot lawn bowls but weren’t allowed to have the ceremony on the green. We instead had the ceremony in a park just 50m away overlooking the Swan River in Perth but booked the bowls for the period between ceremony and reception. When we first met Natalija in February we didn’t have a theme, a venue for the reception or any ideas. Natalija looked a tad worried. She sparked a few ideas with us and it was Alice’s love of sweets and treats that emerged as a theme. It led us to a red and white theme that we integrated into our handmade decorations, bouquets and table centrepieces, as well as the bridal party attire.

10 11


dress, bouquets & decor

Alice made the button bouquets for herself and the bridesmaids. Alice’s parents, over from Townsville, were put into service making the bunting and pin wheels for the ceremony and the lolly jars for the reception. But Alice kept a few surprises up her sleeves for Andrew, a short white wedding dress, and bright red shoes that perfectly captured the non-formal, fun atmosphere they were after.


Natalija set a great mood for Alice while she was getting ready before the ceremony, getting her laughing with her sisters (bridesmaids 1 and 2) with curly straws and milkshakes and playing on a tricycle with love heart sunglasses. That mood continued through to the ceremony and reception.


With an ipod, Andrew created four playlists for different periods of the day and evening composed from his own collection of music. bride dresses (one for ceremony and one for reception) shoes - zulu | bridesmaids | groom pinstripe suit hired from ferrari formal wear with red ties and handkerchiefs 13

words of wisdom

Enjoy the day. We figured big or small at the end of the day you get to marry the person you love, which for us was the important part. We just figured it should be a fun day along the way. We didn’t want something big anyway, but having it more of a diy wedding was certainly very special and personal because everywhere we looked we could see an idea or something that Alice or I or our friends had made. 14


turn to page 20 for a button bouquet tutorial! 15

Alice’s shoes were from zulu but they weren’t bought for the wedding... a nice informal statement which set the fun mood nicely



lawn bowls& reception

We laughed all the way through the lawn bowls, photographs with just us where Alice slipped into her second dress (like a diva) and then to the reception where Andrew’s side of the family had decked a golf club out with red and white paper lanterns for further giggles and dancing. Catering by Cottesloe Golf Club was exceptional (Many thanks to Carl Warren of Cottesloe Golf Club for keeping eveything from blowing away at the reception before we got there and ensuring everything ran smoothly after we arrived).

first dance

“First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes

favourite moment

A highlight was having each table with a different lollies and colour scheme and as part of the occasion we encouraged everyone to grab a lolly box and fill it up with a selection of lollies by introducing themselves to each table. To our surprise, it worked before we’d even got to entrees (sweet teeth must run all the way through both sides of our families) and was a brilliant icebreaker. ceremony location Jabe Dodd Park, Mosman Park, WA | post-ceremony location Bowls at Mosman Park Bowls Club, WA | reception location Cottesloe Golf Club | photography i heart weddings | cake created by Jane Hubbard, a friend of Alice. 17

We loved our wedding from start to finish. We were lucky enough to have our family and friends make so many parts of the decorations which lent that personal touch we were after. And everything looked perfect! We had great fun and think most of the guests did too. We wouldn’t change a thing.


Photographer, Natalija created this gorgeous magnetic chalk board find out how to make one yourself here on her blog!

18 19



a fun alternative to flowers...button bouquets make a gorgeous keepsake and can be created in any colour palette!


you will need: + lots of buttons (approx 300) + florists wire + masking tape + scrap fabric + ribbon to finish

getting started dy for (a)place buttons into piles rea buttons, threading....some piles had two r... some had three, some had fou wire (b)place a bend in the florists top as approx. 10cm down from the t shown in the image to the righ


- we purchased our buttons from spotlight...but for a more vintage feel, visit your local opshop, where you are sure to find jars full of lovely buttons! 21





create a single blossom

create the bouquet

1 thread the wire through two holes of your top button. the button will make a ‘clicking’ sound as it locks into place at the bend of the wire.

Our bouquet has 70 button blossoms, however for a large bouquet you might like to have over 100!

(2,3) repeat with second and third buttons (4,5) turn over and twist the wire tightly against the base. (6) continue to twist the wire for a neat finish one finished button blossom!


Once all your blossoms are made you need to twist the stems together to create the bouquet. We did this gradually, ie first twisting two stems, then into fours, then eights. (8) The take one group of eight as the central stem, and add bunches one at a time to achieve the rounded look of the bouquet. (9,10)







finishing To finish, wrap the loose wires back into the body of the bouquets ‘stem’ Wrap the wires tightly with masking tape, and then cover with scrap fabric or felt to acheive a smooth base.

create a cute co-ordinating buttoniere...

simply take 5 bloom s, position them nicely and wrap the stems in wire!

Wrap the bouquet ‘stem’ with ribbon, finishing with a bow and if desired embellish with pearls or buttons! 23



how we met. Greg and I met at a club during our uni years. The cover band was playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and I was particularly impressed by his Wayne’s World style headbanging. Over four years of dating we’d studied together, backpacked through Europe together and lived together.


louise + greg words

Louise {bride} | photography Nicolle Versteeg Photography 25

the proposal. The proposal was a complete surprise - we’d discussed our future together and there was always the assumption we’d get married, but I’d had no hints at all from Greg. As a birthday present, Greg booked up a weekend away in Yallingup at a chalet hidden away in bushland. The first night, we came back from dinner and were enjoying some local wine on the verandah. Greg began telling me how we’d had an amazing time together and how


he was looking forward to many years to come. Just I was starting to figure out what all this was leading to, he was down on one knee asking “will you marry me?” My first reaction was “are you serious?” and after realising that probably wasn’t the reaction he was looking for, I said a big fat “yes!” As it turns out, Greg had been planning it for a while - phoning my best friend for advice choosing the ring, asking my parents for their blessings and figuring out the best way to propose.


bouquet. I wanted something bright and very summery. My florist was a friend of a friend who worked from home. When I met up with her, I had no idea what I wanted apart from a request of preferably no roses. We went through a stack of florist magazines picking out any flowers that were yellow or white.



I didn’t set out with a theme, but I think it ended up having a ‘romantic vintage summer’ feel

dress. I was adament on having a short dress but couldn’t find anything in Perth or even online. I ended up having my dress made in Bali while I was on holiday at a place called Alto Moda (an amazing 4 storey fabric store). Of course, there were a few things that needed changing. I ordered some tulle from eBay to create an underskirt, except that we didn’t allow space under the dress and had to cut a layer of lining out. The bodice needed boning, so my mum unpicked the entire dress so she could sew in the bones. I don’t know if I’d been drinking to much Arak, but when I got the dress made, I asked that they didn’t make a sash or belt for it. My original plan was to wear a coloured leather belt but I changed my mind and decided I wanted a nice belt with a bit of bling. I struggled to find anything that matched the vintage white of my dress and two days before the wedding, I finally found an Allanah Hill belt that suited.

shoes.The shoes were my big splurge. I figured that with a short dress, I’d need some real statement shoes. I’d had my eye on some bright yellow shoes from BHLDN for a while had been worried about spending so much on just a pair of shoes. But you know what? I didn’t find any other shoes that even came close to how perfect these ones were. So bright yellow slingbacks it was! 27

nicolle versteeg. Appreciated for the detailed and natural style of portraying people, Nicolle thinks outside the box and understands that every couple has their own story to tell. She will capture your wedding in a personal and unique way.




photography. Nicolle’s photography was just what I was looking for - the perfect

mix of romance and charm with a lot of colour.

On the day, she was amazing. I have no idea how many photos she took, but I know we went through quite a lot of memory cards. She somehow managed to organise myself, Greg, the bridal part and our families and had us all smiling and looking good. As Greg said, it was like herding cats! We also got some amazing location shots. It’s a Perth cliche, but I had to have photos at the blue boat shed (which looks sturdy and easy to walk on... until you’re tottering down

the sparse wooden slats with no handrails in heels on a windy day). However, the location I really loved was Fremantle with it’s mix of rustic buildings and bohemian style. Nicolle lived and worked in Fremantle, so she had a few places in mind for photos, but left space for unplanned locations. While we were walking through Fremantle, we spotted a cute alleyway that was lined with potted plants and coloured doors and decided to get a few photos - some of these ended up being my favourite photos of the day. 29



centrepieces. who knew it would be so difficult to find cheap, second hand tea sets? I did manage to find a few at op shops - my favourite being from a vintage shed in Coolgardie - but we did have to convince my Oma to let us borrow some teacups from her personal collection with promises we’d thoroughly clean them afterwards.

To give the centrepieces a little extra something, planned on having a stack of books - another idea borrowed from wedding and design blogs. Luckily, this didn’t involve months of searching since an op shop in Subiaco always has shelves of old, cloth bound books



Greg dreaded looking for reception venues because he knew that it would be difficult to find something that would make me happy since I “always have to be different from everyone” (his words, not mine). Even more difficult was the fact that the first venue we decided on and put down a deposit for had cancelled on us! Luckily Greg’s mum who is far more organised than either of us set out to find a venue and booking meetings with event co ordinators. Walking into Salt on the Beach in North Fremantle, I knew it was perfect. It was right on the beach, open and spacious and perfect for summer. We set the bridal table across the deck which meant that we had the sunset over the beach as our backdrop and apparently we’d timed it perfectly because there was a lunar eclipse on our wedding night.


As an avid op shopper, I wanted something vintagey and a little different, so I spent a lot of time online, collecting ideas. I’d seen a few pictures of succulents being used to decorate homes and thought it would be great to use as centrepieces. My mum came up with the idea of planting them in teacups which was perfect! There were a couple of other vintage hints scattered throughout the reception. Being the oh so modern couple, Greg and I had a wishing well in the form of a tea trolley. This trolley had been sitting in my parents house for years and I have no idea where it came from. With a doily and a couple of teapots to fit the theme, it was perfect with a drawer to fit all the cards and enough tabletop space for gifts 31

guestbook. I’d always like the idea of using a typewriter as a guestbook - an idea I’d seen at an alternative wedding expo called First Comes Love. A few months later, I received an old typewriter as a Christmas in July gift so clearly it was meant to be. As we got closer to the date, my mum pointed out that it does take quite a while to type so guests may be less inclined to type a long, heartfelt message so the typewriter as guestbook idea was scrapped. I bought a nice, traditional guestbook but since I still wanted to include the typewriter, I typed up a little poem and used it as a prop. Well, turned out people LOVED it! We ended up having to ask the function staff for extra paper so that we could actually use the typewriter as a guestbook. Guests seemed more than happy to sit there and labour through a message and it was great to hear that younger guests who had never used a typewriter before got their chance.

words of wisdom. Relax! Weddings are meant to be fun and intense planning can ruin it. I chose a few things that were really important to me and focused on them and was happy to delegate and trust other peoples’ judgement. Also, I know I mention using blogs as inspiration, but sometimes you need to step away and stop stressing that your wedding isn’t going to be unique enough or fun enough or creative enough. It is and it will be!


louise. editor of opshopped - louise’s blog is about opshopping, especially in Perth. It’s a mix of outfits, homewares with dreams of an entirely vintage house and attempts at DIY


favourite moment.


Um, the whole thing? Seriously, we had so much fun that we didn’t leave until the venue closed - and even then, we weren’t ready to go! But I think a highlight was walking down the aisle - that feeling of years of dating and months of wedding planning, it was all finally happening. Walking through the church which was filled with friends and family to finally see Greg... such an overwhelming moment. 33

you’ll tug at your lover’s heartstrings with this confessional garland of love...


be my

valentine tutorial & photography by Tania McCartney

forget the traditional St Valentine’s card . . . these whimsical and unique alternatives will win the heart of even the most reluctant lover

hearts on a string Using a heart template (either hand drawn or printed from your computer), trace and cut out hearts using coloured cardstock – two of each colour. Handwrite or use rub-on letters to write your message. Sandwich decorative string between two hearts with glue and repeat for as long as you’d like your message to be. Tie a hanging loop at the top of the string. For the envelope, cut a piece of card to size, ensuring it will be large enough to fit all hearts. Cut a sheet of vellum 1cm smaller on all sides and secure on the card with removable tape. Machine sew vellum in place using red thread, leaving top edge open. Carefully remove tape and insert hearts, leaving a tempting string trailing out the top. 35

the sweetest bite, with a tender message

iced vo-vo biscuit Cut a piece of beige card 8 x 6.5cm with decorative scissors. Handwrite or use rub-ons to write your message on the back of the card. Cut a piece of red felt 1.5 x 6cm and stitch all over with white thread to represent coconut flakes. Affix to centre front of card with PVA glue. Glue small pink pompoms down either side of ‘jam’ strip. Cut a piece of vellum 8 x 20cm. Wrap it around your biscuit and secure with a small piece of tape. Cut decorative paper 20 x 3cm and wrap around vellum, securing at back with tape. Serve with a cup of love.


forget the stars, all signs of love point to the cookie

fortune cookies For each cookie, cut a circle from red felt measuring 10cm in diameter. Fold circle in half (right sides facing) and sew from centre edge inwards for 1.5 cm. Trim thread. Place thumbs in either end of semi-circle and invert fabric on one side, folding it up and over the other side to form a triangular shape. Curl up base of cookie. Print, handwrite or use rub-ons to create your message on vellum. Cut messages into 1cm strips and slip inside cookie. Present your loving words in a takeaway Chinese food container with chopsticks and a drop of tea or rice wine. 37

celebrate love with this festive garland d’amour garland card Cut your card to the desired size and fold in half. Using a sewing machine with red thread, sew three uneven lines across the card front, trimming ends and allowing thread to curl. Stamp your message on the card and draw lines from the thread to each letter with pencil. Cut small triangles from coloured card and machine-sew the short sides together. Cut a piece of white card 1cm smaller on all sides than main card. Using a scalpel and cutting mat, slice two small slits in the centre edges of the white card and thread through garland ends. Pull taut and secure with tape on reverse side. Glue white card to inside of main card, then fold firmly. Let dry.

38 39

the perfect hold-all for treasures snippets of love love note holder Shamefully simple, take three or four red envelopes, peel off the seal and stick each one to the underside of the other. For the top envelope, peel off seal and sandwich decorative string before folding over seal edge. Tie a knot in top of string to hang. Alternatively, insert love notes then fold envelopes over each other to create a package full of love.

see more of Tania’s creative ideas on her blog.


Plus Junior Upmarket


e f w b

handmade & stitched designs 41


wonderfully im{press}ed words Sarah Campbell | Simplethings Press

designer and printer, Sarah tells us a little about herself, and introduces us to letterpress and why she loves it!

meet sarah...

I’m the designer and printer at Simplethings Press, a boutique letterpress printing and design studio based out of Melbourne and Queenstown, NZ. We specialise in wedding stationery, but also offer letterpress printing of special event invitations, baby announcements and business stationery, amongst other things! We also offer digitally printed wedding stationery, to cater for all tastes and budgets.

how it all began...

I started the business back in 2006 as an outlet from my not-so-creative corporate marketing job. Over the years we’ve become busier and busier, and a few years ago I ditched the corporate day job to work full-time on Simplethings Press. I now juggle work with caring for our 15 month old daughter, Clementine. Life is busy, but great! I love being self-employed and although there is never a dull moment between running a business and being a working mum, I really wouldn’t change a thing. 43

what letterpress is... and why we love it Letterpress dates back to the 15th century and is the oldest form of printing, where a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into paper, creating an impression you can see and feel. Letterpress gives a one-of-a-kind, tactile result that no other printing technique can replicate. Unlike modern printing processes such as digital and offset printing, letterpress is a labourintensive process that is done almost completely by hand, and requires the highest quality materials and craftsmanship - together with a large helping of patience, time and the utmost attention to detail. Every single piece designed by Simplethings Press is hand-crafted by us, down to the tiniest detail, and printed on antique presses in our studio.


Our style is simple, sweet and sophisticated, with a touch of quirkiness. When it comes to stationery, we think that simple is beautiful, especially when paired with letterpress printing. We especially love the tactile nature of letterpress printing and the handmade, artisan quality it brings. Sometimes I think our work is best described by what it isn’t - we don’t go in for the embellishments typically seen in a lot of wedding invitations, so you won’t find any stickon fabric, feathers or anything involving a hotglue gun! We like to keep it simple, natural and let beautiful design and paper speak for itself.

other creative passions...

Once the design is finalised, a plate is then made with a reversed image of the design. For a two colour job, two plates are required one for each colour. The plate is then carefully aligned on our press, and each piece of paper is meticulously printed, one sheet and one ink colour at a time. For a two colour invitation, each piece of paper is fed through the press two times, once for each colour. We print each piece of your order with our own hands - one of us personally hand-feeds each piece of paper through the press. Part of the charm of letterpress is that no two pieces are exactly the same, as ink color and impression can subtly change from piece to piece. Letterpress is incredibly time-consuming and a true labour of love, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. When you hold one of our pieces in your hand, we know you’ll agree - there’s nothing else quite like it.


Being outdoors, gardens, the ridiculously-long list of blogs I follow, Pinterest, Flickr, listening to music. Ideas can strike when you least expect them, so I tend to always have some paper and a pen handy to jot things down before I inevitably forget them! I’m always really inspired by individuals working for themselves in a creative field, and by people who are making a living doing something they love and are passionate about.

I enjoy cooking, and also writing. I have also been trying to teach myself how to sew, with mixed results however... it is harder than it looks!


tools of the trade

Our pride and joy are our antique, hundred-year-old presses that we’ve lovingly restored and now print all our letterpress stationery on. In addition to the presses, our key materials are 100% cotton paper and envelopes, inks that we mix by hand, and custom-made photopolymer plates of each design we print. 45


typical day

Every day is a little bit different, but generally speaking... am - Wake up, cuddle with daughter. Attempt to make self presentable. Have first of many cups of tea. am - Breakfast while simultaneously catching up on blogs, Pinterest, news via the Guardian, etc. Another cup of tea (or two). am - Answering of emails, replying to quote requests etc. Checking to-do list for the day. am - Begin putting together the day’s invite orders (counting, packaging, getting orders ready for courier pickup). pm - Lunch with daughter + clean up of lunch! -2pm - Outing to the park or music group/ swimming with my daughter. Afterwards, we go for a walk together, which hopefully sends her to sleep… -4pm - Race home to take advantage of nap-time. Lots of miscellaneous work (printing of orders, calls to clients, proofs to clients, ordering paper and envelopes, calls

8 9 10 11 12 1 2

to our digital printer, sending digital jobs to print/files off for platemaking, paying invoices, marketing, getting jobs on the courier etc…) -5pm - We go for another walk around the neighbourhood, usually including a trip to the post office to post sample orders. pm - Dinner time for daughter + clean up of dinner! pm - Shower with daughter and start the evening wind-down. Story time. Wine time! pm - Norton cooks dinner while I attempt to get the smallest family member to go to sleep. Sometimes this is successful, sometimes it is not. -10:30pm - Depending what I have on orderwise: print letterpress orders, send digital orders to print, answer emails, attempt to relax (hardly ever happens, there is always something to do!). Try to do a blog post. :30pm-12am - Watch something with the husband. Lately TV series are our thing. We’ve been working our way through Parks and Recreation, Downton Abbey and Community. am - Bed!

4 5 6 8 8

10 12

secret to success...

It all boils down to hard work. But when you are working hard at something you love, then it is all worthwhile and very rewarding. If you are going to combine motherhood with having a business, I would say go for it - the lifestyle and flexibility is hard to beat. Just be prepared to have little to no spare time - as I have come to realise, both businesses and small children are very timeconsuming!

Sarah Campbell

Simplethings Press 47

gallery wall

a collection of our favourite love inspired artworks (left to right) ‘it all began’ by The Memory Gallery | ‘Honeymoon itinerary bus roll’ by coco ella designs |


‘Love’ by Who for You | custom valentines day prints by love from patt | ‘sending my love’ by Roxy Oxy 49

pretty print


boutique design & pretty printables for all occassions

helen & david words

Helen {Blossom & Cat} | photography Marzena Wasilewska 51

Just seven weeks after we met David proposed at the top of Tomaree Headland at Port Stephens with a bunch of hand-picked daises and a $3 frangipani ring from the gift shop... It took six months to organise our perfect summer wedding which took place on a perfect blue sky day on December 19th at Nielsen Park in Sydney. We had an beautiful afternoon clifftop ceremony at Shakespeares Point.

52 53

There were sandalwood fans and parasols to keep our guests cool, readings from Louis de Bernières, A.A. Milne and music by The Beatles, we wrote our own vows and I made a pretty tissue paper daisy aisle.



Helen shows you how to create her paper daisies on page 60 55

Nielsen Park Kiosk in its heyday.

The sounds of 1930’s tea dance music filled the air for our wedding celebration that followed at Nielsen Park Kiosk. Built in 1914, this beautiful heritage cafe with its coloured glass windows, wooden floors and stunning views over the harbour provided the perfect setting - it needed little decoration. I collected vintage glass bottles and vases and filled them with white daisies, tea roses and lisianthus which we choose from a local florist the day before the wedding, they were placed in clusters on the tables with tea lights. Glass jars and bowls were filled with chocolate hearts, pink liquorice and mallows.


I collected vintage glass bottles and vases and filled them with white daisies, tea roses and lisianthus... 57

I made pretty lavender filled birds and my Mum helped me make a big batch of coconut ice for our guests to take home. Delicious canapes were served, pink champagne flowed and our coconut and lime wedding cupcakes were topped off with my miniature paper daisies complete with vintage button centres.

One year on...

I found an old music score of our wedding dance ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, perfect for our paper anniversary, I folded it into a pretty paper crane mobile for my husband. Being married really has been quite lovely so far...

Dress and Veil Silk Chiffon and French lace designed and made by Nina Field at Petal Brial Couture | Photography Marzena Wasilewska | Ceremony Shakespeares Point, Nielsen Park | Wedding Celebration Nielsen Park Kiosk


blossom & cat 路 59

paper daisies {create}

words & photography


Helen {Blossom & Cat}


Paper Daisy Sheet Full Size Pattern You will need: ✿ White crepe paper ✿ Yellow crepe paper wire ✿ Covered florist ✿ Craft glue ✿ Scissors ✿ Pencil and ruler clip ✿ A peg or small

you will need

+ White crepe paper + Yellow crepe paper + A large cotton ball + Covered florist wire

Tip... try using different colours, sizes and petal

shapes to create a pretty paper bouquet...

+ Craft glue + Scissors + Pencil and ruler + A peg or small clip

< click here to download your pattern sheet

You also need to cut slits on the folds of the paper

Paper Daisy

w paper 15 x 15cm Cut 1 piece of yello paper 15 x 60cm Cut 1 piece of white

design by

blossom & cat

Thank you for personal use only. Sweet Change Purse


for the centre...

Cut a piece of yellow crepe paper 15cm square Place the cotton ball in the centre and gather up the edges. Insert a piece of florist wire, a dab of craft glue will hold it in place. Twist and secure the paper and wire by wrapping with a short length of florist wire. Cut away any excess paper.


for the petals...

Cut a piece of white crepe paper 15 x 60cm, fold in half lengthways then in half again to create a square. Using the pattern sheet as a guide, cut slits into the paper where shown. Draw a curve on the top of each petal and cut out the shapes. Unfold, then refold lengthways.

continued > 61


to finish...

Lay a piece of wire inside the paper next to the fold, use a peg to hold in position. Carefully gather the petals along the wire. Push the petals tightly together and bend the wire around to form a circle.


Place the flower centre inside the petals, tightly wrap around the petals and secure by twisting the wires together. Cut the wire to your desired length. If you wish you can wrap floristâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tape around the wire for a neat finish.

paper daisies look lovely... • adorning a gift box • make a small bunch to go in a vintage vase for a table decoration • string a few together on some ribbon to make a pretty garland. • try using different colours, sizes and petal shapes to create your own paper bouquet. 63





peta&pat WORDS


Pat and I met on his 21st birthday at our local uni bar and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been together ever since. Four and a half years later he proposed in Malaysia after a holiday around Vietnam and China... 65


my favourite moment


was during the ceremony when both of us muddled our words.

From the get-go, we knew we didn’t want a ‘traditional’ wedding

The humour of it all really allowed me to relax and feel more comfortable being the centre of attention in a large group of people. Darren and Loren managed to capture the moment and it’s one of my favourite photos. {CK Metro Photography}

– a standard reception venue was not appealing in any sense and so the search began for something a little out of the ordinary...

venue I was lucky to stumble upon Murphys Creek Escape through a Google search and it wasn’t too long before we had organised a visit. I was sold and the idea of a weekend camping celebration was born. A couple of months later, Murphys Creek was devastated by the January 10 flood and we were in limbo as to whether we should look for a new venue. We ended up keeping our booking and could not have been more pleased – the landscape was totally transformed and in a lot of ways, was much prettier for our big day on the 5th November 2011.

style Trawling multiple websites and blogs really inspired the theme for the day – bright, colourful and vintage but most of all, fun. Our goal was to celebrate our commitment and union with our nearest and dearest and give them a party to remember. Guests were invited to camp from Friday afternoon and were not required to leave until Sunday lunchtime after a recovery breakfast the morning after. 67


Vera & Rose created the bouquets, button holes and wrist corsages. I wasn’t set on any one type of flower so gave Erin a few images which I liked and then let her work her magic. I absolutely loved the results – they were beautiful. {Vera & Rose}

brides dress & shoes Being a big fashion lover I couldn’t resist the allure of wearing two dresses. My first dress was a Dolce & Gabbana gown that I just had to have even though the only size left was about three sizes too big. My second dress – purely for the reception, was a vintage lace and tulle dress from etsy seller jacksdaughter and was the perfect dress for dancing. After seeing quite a few brides rocking Vivienne Westwood’s lady dragon heart shoes I knew I had to have a pair too. I ended up buying a pair in red and a pair in blue and will treasure them for years to come.

bridesmaids I let my girls decide on the style and colour of their dresses but had one specification – they must be bright. I was thrilled with how they complimented each other perfectly. The dresses were from Myer and online store asos and the shoes were from Novo and Diana Ferrari. A touch of bling was added with earrings, bracelet and rings from Equip – bought the day before.

groom My handsome groom looked dapper in a slim suit from Roger David, white shirt from Myer, charming vintage bow-tie and his wedding gift, a new Armani watch, to complete the look.

68 69


My lovely grandma sewed over 100 napkins which complimented the crockery perfectly. styling & decor I had already started collecting mismatched china for our table settings even before Pat and I got engaged. This soon led on to the search for bone handled knives and silver spoons and forks, all of which were polished by a great team of friends and family a couple of months before the wedding. I then starting buying vintage tablecloths, sheets and serviettes to create a beautiful array of napkins for the guests. My lovely grandma sewed over 100 napkins which complimented the crockery perfectly. To complete the table settings we decided on title-appropriate vintage books, scrabble table names and vintage jugs-as-vases. 71


Since the wedding, Peta and her Mum have started vintage rental business to hire out vintage and retro wares to other likeminded couples. {So Yesterday - Vintage Rentals} facebook | blog

Any wedding of mine would not be complete without a lolly buffet which was a hit with adults and kids alike – this was our gift to our guests. The vintage sideboard and the majority of the vases were purchased from second hand shops and the lolly bags were sourced from etsy. Signs (designed and printed by Peta) in brightly coloured frames were placed appropriately to inform guests about the lolly buffet, the guest book, the photo booth, and the glass preserving jars to be used as glasses. The name tags were printed and cut out by Peta (using recycled manilla folders) and tied on by Pat and a few weary helpers the morning of the wedding. Many guests also took their jars home as a memento and have them displayed still with the name tags attached. A photo booth with an array of props was set up in the marquee for gues ts to use and was very popular – particularly as the night went on. The photos are hilarious and are definitely proof that our guests had a good time.

first dance After all of the stress of the week leading up to the wedding we had forgot to actually pick a song for our first dance. Luckily, our amazing band, No Penno, suggested a slow-butrockier version of Hunters and Collectors song ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ which turned out perfectly. The band kept the dance floor packed for the night and were taking requests left, right and centre.

72 73


the cake Early on in the planning I had been introduced to a baking website/blog and it was loveat-first-sight when I set my eye on a rainbow cake. It took a little bit of convincing to get the groom to agree on it but it was everything I wanted and more. What made it even more special is we set the cake up on an old record player and adorned the top with images of our grandparent’s wedding days. The cake was made by a school friend – Cassie Muller.

The images we got are so amazingly beautiful and colourful and capture the essence of our day perfectly. photography Capturing the special moments and creating a set of images so we would never forget our special day was Darren from CKMetro Photography, assisted by Loren Jarvis. We had already worked with these two special people in February for our e-shoot which definitely made us more relaxed in front of the camera for the wedding. The images we got are so amazingly beautiful and colourful and capture the essence of our day perfectly.


Darren is a freelance portrait photographer living and working in Toowoomba Queensland.

He loves to photograph everything from Vintage Inspired Weddings through to Family, children, singles and couples.

words of wisdom Start preparing early and allow your friends and family to help. Doing it all on your own may sound exciting but it is hard work. Most of all – have fun. Don’t be pressured into having a traditional wedding. Wear and do what YOU want!

You can find CK Metro Photography online at or ph 0448-792016 75

I love what I do and I often feel like Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sewing a little parcel of love and soul into everything I create. 76


handmade words Tania

Maras | Percy Handmade

meet tania

My name is Tania Maras. I was born and raised in Canberra, Australia, where I live with my fiancĂŠ Steven and our adorably sweet chocolate Labrador named Bear. I love to travel and I constantly crave new experiences and skills. I also have a soft spot for the little things in life - fine fabrics, magnolia trees, and chocolate peppermints.


I can easily spend days on end in my studio creating original handcrafted accessories inspired by my modern take on vintage appeal. I love what I do and I often feel like Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sewing a little parcel of love and soul into everything I create.


I love texture and fine fabrics and I try to incorporate delicate details and beautiful fabrics into each piece I create. All my designs have a fresh and light vintage inspired appeal that feels comfortable when worn and suits a range of hairstyles. I aim for versatility and accessibility and I enjoy offering my customers a custom design service where we work together to create something that incorporates their unique style. 77

...despite the long hours and the various challenges I face every day, I never really feel like I’m working. It’s a labour of love.


For Christmas in 2008, I asked Steven for a sewing machine, which we named Percy. The next step was to learn how to sew! Completely self taught, I began sewing clutch purses and pouches as a creative outlet, but following a number of requests from brides for pieces for their bridal parties, Percy Handmade blossomed into what you see today. I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to integrate my love for crafting, photography and weddings into something that constantly provides me with endless satisfaction and joy. I still have a day job which I juggle in addition to managing Percy, but despite the long hours and the various challenges I face every day, I never really feel like I’m working. It’s a labour of love.



After completing bachelor degrees in Communications (Public Relations) and Laws, my professional life was in the public sector for many years but quietly on the side, I felt an urge to work creatively with my hands and heart. 79


I am inspired by everythi ng around me including my garden and the flowe rs that bloom in it each year, photography, the outdoors, weddings and fashion. I think my greate st inspiration comes from the materials I use â&#x20AC;&#x201C; silks, feathers and lace. I love their texture, movement and shape and they compliment each other so beautifully. There are so many peop le who I admire and who inspire me everyday. In the designer world, I adore Vera Wang, Valentino an d Collette Dinnigan. Their elegant details, pro nounced silhouettes, craftsmanship and timele ss designs represent works of art and I love ho w they combine texture with femininity with a mo dern twist. I am also inspired by my mother and father who taught me about having a strong work ethic, being adaptable and sta ying true to myself.



I am also inspired by my mother and father who taught me about having a strong work ethic, being adaptable and staying true to myself tools of the trade

My best tools are the simple ones – my two hands, my mother’s scissors, my sewing machine Percy, needle and thread. I have a huge fabric obsession which I’ve built piece by piece over many years. I buy beautiful fabrics which catch my eye and I then figure out later what to make from them. My studios are filled with silks and laces in a huge range of colours and textures. They are my favourite materials to work with and they provide me with endless inspiration.

typical day

During the day, I work in the public sector and run and manage Percy Handmade after hours, into the evenings and on weekends. Generally, most of the creative work and sewing happens on the weekends and the days I’m not in the office, but the website updates, social media, emails, photo editing and supply shopping often occurs during the evenings after I have returned from my day job. Even when I’m not physically in the studio, my mind is always ticking over the many things I want to create the moment I return. While juggling two jobs has its challenges, I have learnt to be extremely organised. My day job hours for 2012 will be reduced to accommodate my growing business responsibilities and I’m looking forward to some work/life balance. 81

secrets of success

Be good to your customers and they will be good to you in return. I show my customers courtesy and honesty and I try to be as responsive and open as I can at all times. Customer relations and excellent communication is key to selling online and has provided me with numerous word of mouth referrals and repeat business.

When I’m not creating or absorbed in various aspects of my business, I love to spend time with Steven and our dog. We are currently planning our wedding so that has been a fun side project! We travel, go for walks, potter around the house and always make time for good food. I hope to one day have time to pursue other interests such as photography, home décor and fashion but for now I’m happy to admire the work of others from afar.

future plans

I have big dreams for Percy Handmade but for the next little while I intend to focus on perfecting some new designs I’ve had in my head for a few months that I hope to introduce this year. Engaging with my customers and potential future customers is something I’m always looking to do better, and I’m currently looking to improve Percy Handmade’s profile through social media and some promotional offers through my website. Currently the majority of my customers live in the USA, Canada or the UK so this year I’m planning to focus more on the Australian market. I’m very excited about the year ahead!



other creative passions

lessons learned

I feel like everything I do today is based on a range of learning cu rves where Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had to develop or impro ve skills along the way. One of the biggest lessons I learnt is to never underestimate the amount of work that is involved with runnin g a business as a sole trader. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just about shopping for supplies, developing a product and waiting for it to sell. I am responsible for developing and research ing new designs and techniques, production, finances, advertising, customer relations, webs ite management, photography, brand de velopment, public relations/media, postage , packaging, social media, sourcing supplies, administration, cleaning etcâ&#x20AC;Ś If anything goes wrong, I have no one to blame but my self. But I love the responsibility and I love ch allenging myself every single day.

Percy Handmade Website Blog

Facebook 83

Shannon Morton


making things lovely


magazine layouts

LO G OS business cards




party printables


to find out more please visit 84

handmade wedding

inspiration pages 85


something blue

opposite page: dress by Elvi Designs this page (starting top left): dress by hilde heim | hair accessories by percy handmade | button bouquet by lillybuds | shoe clips by lulu splendor | invitation by polkadot prints | tissue pom poms | shoes by shoes of prey | ruffle cake by kiss my cakes | dessert table by pretty my love 87

garden tea party

opposite: cake by one sweet girl this page (starting top left): flowers by zinnia floral designs | cake by kiss my cakes | cookies by cookie dough biscuits | dress by hilde heim | invitation by mitchell & dent | bouquet by tamara harrison | dress by elvi design | hair accessory by percy handmade | bunting by giggleberry creations | hair clip by lulu splendor | invitation by one sixteenth design

88 89


classic glamour

opposite: dress by sarah janks this page (starting top left): clutch by percy handmade | bouquet by tamara harrison | earrings by lulu splendor | cuff by lulu splendor | invitation by simple things press | cake by one sweet girl | dress by hilde heim | gift wrap by inky co | paper flower | hair accessory by percy handmade 91


opposite page: gift tag by fluid ink this page (starting top left): shoes by shoes of prey | invitation by coco ella designs | guest book by lorgie & me | invitation by simple things press | necklace by lily and me accessories | tags by koko vanilla designs | button heart pin by blossom & cat | buttoniere by the bouquets of ascha jolie | save the date by fluid ink | plates, napkin & bags by the party studio | paper bouquet by red zebra designs | pinwheel by misiu

92 93



one stylish bride

inspire me weddings

The heart and soul of One Stylish Bride is the blog, which is updated daily with inspiration boards, wedding planning advice, wedding ideas, original DIY tutorials, wedding inspiration, and real wedding features.

Inspire me weddings offers you a daily dose of wedding inspiration! With a love for weddings that show a quirky style...inspire me weddings focuses on DIY weddings, crafty weddings and non-traditional weddings.

The blog is focused on providing the details and inspirations that make a wedding beautiful whether in Australia or internationally.

A delicious site filled with inspiration pages, real weddings, and a directory of Australian suppliers!

the internet is an amazing to you could ever want to know information available, it can b looking! Here are three of our fav dedicate 94

polka dot bride Polka Dot Bride are dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful wedding uniquely yours. Beautifully organised, this blog not only includes diy projects, real weddings and a directory... you will also find a dedicated to groom blog as well as a wisdom blog, where industry professionals share tips and advice!

ool...instant access to everything w! But sometimes, with so much be tricky to know where to start vourite Australian wedding blogs ed to inspiring your special day... 95



words by Zinnia Floral Designs


One of the hardest jobs we have as a florist is sourcing flowers


, we never know from day to day what will be available, the flowers can be in season, however that doesn’t mean we are certain to get them. Demand, weather condition, freight issues just to name a few can leave us scurrying around trying to find substitutes. I remember being told one day a good florist will make it work with what he/she has and this is what I do, I always let my brides know this so that they are never disappointed.


sno..w..y....hyacinth ...........





Autumn blooms include: • Snapdragons • Kale • Pussy Willow • Tulips

(note not all the flowers are available in each month and some will be available in several months or several seasons)


................... 97


I tell my brides to describe to me what they would love their Wedding day to look, feel and be like and from there we create a floral fantasy for the them. This way they wont be disappointed and it gives me more flexibility to create a bouquet that I feel will look the best and what is fabulous that week, I must say I try my hardest to get exactly what they want and we usually suceed.


bab....y..’..s....b..r..e..a. th august ium

winter succulent ................... 98

Winter blooms include: • Cymbidium Orchids • Kale • Poppy’s • Hellebores • Snapdragons

• • • •

Stock Tulips Geraldton Wax Billy Buttons



its not so much about any one bloom, its more about the style and creating a stunning bouquet that compliments a Bride perfectly 99

useful tips... + Focus on the colour and style of the bouquet, rather than a particular bloom.

+ Mix bouquets with some more expensive and some less expensive + Your bouquet will be featured in almost every professional wedding shot, make this the most important floral component of your day.


We never want to compromise on quality, therefore if they want David Austin roses and I don’t think the quality is there, I may not use them, or I will use less, picking through them keeping only the best and then use other beautiful blooms to fully compliment the bouquet. Our aim is to deliver a bouquet that our Brides adore.



chin....c..h..erinchee ...........






Spring blooms include: • Peonies • • Blossom • • Roses • • Sweetpea • • Anemones •

Daffodils Jonquils Ranunculi Freesia Hyacinths


................... 101

r decembe

We are finding that flowers are available for extended periods so whilst we have a guide as to what is in season we can walk into the markets and to our surprise there is a flower that we wouldn’t expect for months to come. We are seeing more and more flowers being imported from overseas, sometimes incredibly expensive and not great lasting, others cheaper than can be grown locally and great lasting factor.


a e g n a r d y h y w o sn ................... february

crè menthe .............

summer tin roses david.......aus ............ 102

Summer blooms include: • Roses • David Austin Roses • Lisianthus • Hydrangea • Calla Lilly • Dahlia’s

Zinnia recognises that its role in the wedding may be broader and more embracive than just the floral arrangements. The Zinnia difference is holistic â&#x20AC;&#x201C; by looking at, and working with, the big picture, everything necessary for the creation and realisation of a perfect day is taken into account.

Weddings bring emotions to the fore and can be stressful if they are not managed to perfection. Zinnia is all about enabling brides and grooms to enjoy their day to the ultimate degree without having to worry about the fine detail. We have that covered!

Natalieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s considerable skill in corporate and event management offers brides the certainty of knowing that they can rely on someone who balances artistic skills and expertise with solid, dependable management capabilities.

Have a look at what weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been up to lately on our blog 103


in full


A little taste of the creative genius behind the beautiful company Sweet Bloom Cakes

I like to play with simple and elegant colours, I believe simplicity is the key to open your creativity and unleash the potential. meet dewi Sweet Bloom Cakes was born out of my passion for baking and cooking. I am a Mum with a 3 yr old boy, I have a hospitality background in the hotel industry, my last full time job was a store manager with one of the leading Australian Fashion companies.

how did you get started? I love baking and have a habit of making birthday / special occasion cakes for close friends and family. I fell in love with cake decorating and decided to do some basic courses with Planet Cakes. My passion continues to grow, cake decorating is an art where I can do exactly what I have always wanted to do and keep learning at the same time.

style I love all things vintage, rustic and simple. Most of the time I challenge myself to design cakes with those characters. I like to play with simple and elegant colours, I

believe simplicity is the key to open your creativity and unleash the potential.

inspiration My inspiration comes from everything. I love everything about ruffles and sometimes draw inspiration from fashion design. The Cake Tress, The Ron Bon Bon Israel, Sweet and Saucy have been my inspirations. They always have fresh ideas and unbelievable creativity. I am also inspired by My Little Jedi, I think her work is impeccable and her creativity is just amazing. We have similar styles and work well together.

other creative passions Fashion design, collecting vintage stuff, cake stands, and painting. I wish that I could have more time to learn photography, it is right on top of my â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;to do listâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. 107

Everyday is a new challenge for me especially when I work for myself. If I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the care factor to push myself constantly to be better then no one will. tools of the trade Mixers, Oven, paint brushes, countless cake decorating equipment and the unsung hero, my Canon camera.

typical day During weekdays I mostly spend time with my boy, replying to emails, meeting with clients, and making/answering numerous phone calls. I also like to work on my ideas, sometimes they just come out of nowhere. Come Thursday I start the baking process, weekends are the busiest times where I spend most of my time in the kitchen and at my work table.

future plans To expand my business where I can have my own shop / boutique, specialising in custom design for wedding cakes.

visit Sweet Bloom Cakes online at

tips for the bride & groom

book the date and the consultation +

Try to book and make your wedding cake consultation at least in 6 months in advance. Do not hesitate to ask every possible question regarding your event to help us facilitate a custom design for your wedding cake.


wedding cake budget

The cost of your wedding cake is really determined by the size and the style of the wedding cake and also the expertise of artisan. Discuss your budget with your cake designer to determine what will be available for you.


choosing the design

Sometimes less is more! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not necessary to add too many details to the design. Get creative and go for original design rather than copying another work/design.


the wedding venue

The location and time of the year should be considered when designing the wedding cake, so be sure to discuss this with your cake designer.


lasting impression

Last but not least, I believe your wedding cake is the last impression your guests will have of your special day, therefore make it a reflection of who you both are. 109


Natalija creates

Living between WA and NSW, Natalija travels anywhere in the world for love.

meet natalijaâ&#x20AC;Ś I Heart Weddings captures natural fleeting moments, non intrusive observation and creatively styled portraits that are fun and beautiful portrayals of you. Natalija Brunovs is a heartfelt photographer with a background in design, documentary film and art, this adds a richness to her visual expression. Natalija works from a place of authenticity and passion, with like-minded folk, connecting with you and your guests to bring another level to your images and the experience of the day. The result is a moving documentation of your wedding that is unique like you. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about real connections from gorgeous points of view on a day bursting with love. Living between WA and NSW, Natalija travels anywhere in the world for love. 111

...I’m very flexible and make sure we’re all having a good time with laughter and lightness inspiration…


I’m moved by love and it never tires! I love natural, authentic moments and all the little details that can get overlooked. Often it’s about something momentary, the way light is falling or a fleeting expression... the way things just align. I feel so inspired when I capture it. The joy comes in seeing that moment, in an image, forever.

I think there are lots of beautiful photographers out there. It’s great to see so many images emerging from all kinds of people. I enjoy being on Instagram as a way to get daily inspiration and contribute to a feed of photographs. I have always loved Henri Cartier Bresson because he waits for moments to align, just so! I see art and creativity all around me and therefore inspiration flows wherever I do go.


background… Having picked up a camera at 15 and never putting it down since, I had a innate desire to capture the beauty around me. I shot nature, people and documented my world. When I was 18 I became a band photographer, shooting gigs and promotional shots for nationally recognised musicians. This tied in with my graphic design as I became a cd designer and soon working for arts and cultural organisations through out Perth. I spent a decade as an art director in Perth studios. It was a natural progression that as I became interested in other things the world had to offer that my attraction to shooting these things followed. I’ve been photographing creative portraits, life in rural communities and making documentaries. In the last few years I’ve chosen to do weddings as I have discovered the beauty in documenting the occasion and the love that surrounds it.

style… I’m a very personable and highly creative photographer. I’m non-intrusive but can easily turn on the direction and playful me when desired. So I’m very flexible and make sure we’re all having a good time with laughter and lightness.

Having picked up a camera at 15 and never putting it down since, I had a innate desire to capture the beauty around me... 113


other creative passions… Too many! I’m a craft-lover. I just want to get my hands into anything playful. Currently crochet and silversmithing are my outlets of choice. But you would just as soon see me origami-ing, baking ayurvedic goodies, drawing life models, clipping feathers into my hair or carving a wooden spoon.

I see art and creativity all around me and therefore inspiration flows wherever I do go. tools of the trade… Foremost the camera, a Canon 5D Mark II. And a few lenses which are key to taking a great shot. I also have charged up batteries and large memory cards as I like to shoot a LOT. I use many Mac products and Lightroom for postprocessing.

typical day… Go go go! Intense because you never want to miss a thing, so it’s about conserving your energy so you can keep going til the end of the day and keeping upbeat and open-eyed to everything that is happening around you. There is barely a resting point except when I’m kindly offered canapes and champagne. Love the weddings where I feel like I’m a real part of it! (Most of them actually).

future plans… I’m currently shooting weddings in Perth where my friends and family live. However I’m moving to Armidale, NSW this year and am keen to do some weddings there too so that there is less travel in my life! But I’ll never say no to a Perth wedding either.


secret of success… I think confidence goes a long way. It’s about instilling it in other and never letting fear override your creative energy. So trust in yourself and trust that everything will work out great. I believe we so often create our own reality so feeling positive and confident is bound to lead you to a great shoot!

lessons learned…

You learn lessons every time you shoot a wedding. It’s like building up a catalogue of experiences and ideas so that each wedding you do becomes a richer exp erience than the last. I am constantly growing ide as and finding fresh approaches. I think the cha llenge is thinking on your feet, whilst hav ing some ideas up your sleeves (with good loc ation scouting and preparation).

I’ve learnt the value of pre-shoo t brainstorming so you are never left blank for ideas, and the importance of relaxing with the guests and couple as your mood entirely effects their mood. It’s crucial to be happy and make everything feel fun - mostly be cause it’s a wedding day not a fashion sho ot!


Natalija Brunovs i heart weddings 115



desserts Aleisha from Pretty My Love shares her top 5 tips to creating a dessert buffet that you and your guests will reflect on and reminisce about in times to come  words


Aleisha | Pretty My Love photography Marina Locke Photography

keep it simple & inviting

With all of the amazing inspiration available it is often easy to get carried away with the decorations and filling the table full of delicious sweets and treats. One of my most important lessons and something I remind myself of regularly is to keep it simple. Create a mock, take a photo and reflect... is this what you had dreamt of or does it need some tweaking. 


make it personal

Decorations, details and divine desserts aside, a table with a personal touch is beautiful in it’s own right. Incorporating something of relevance to the person or occasion will leave a lasting memory for that individual and warm the hearts of those sharing the occasion. 117


ensure your desserts are both pretty & yummy

For me, Dessert should be the main course. On those special occasions where Dessert forms part of the meal, I often eat dinner in anticipation of that delicious dessert following. Delicious meaning petite, pretty and yummy! Sounds simple but it can be often hard to find, so.... seek out a supplier you love! I source my cakes and pops from Rachel at Cupcaked, as I know I can be confident that she will create something that takes everyone’s breath away visually and leaves their taste buds begging for more! So find your ‘Cupcaked’ and never let them go. 


4 5

incorporate beautiful flowers

The scent and beauty of fresh flowers is a feeling like no other. Simple... flowers make us happy, so fill your table with flowers and there’ll be smiles all round. 

enjoy the occasion 

Don’t let creating something beautiful for your guests take away from your opportunity to spend time with them enjoying each other’s company and appreciating something even more beautiful... friendship. Plan, prepare and perform everything you need to, prior to your event to allow you plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

Pretty My Love was founded in 2011 when I saw an opportunity to put my love for pretty things and delicious presentation to practice in creating beautiful candy, dessert and high tea buffets that meant something to people. As a new mum to a gorgeous little boy in 2011, and renovating a Queenslander with my husband, I am regularly on the hunt for

beautiful things to add to our collection for our family to enjoy. At the top of my list are things that have some relevance to us, that capture the precious moments we are experiencing now and allow us to reflect upon them fondly in the future. I apply the same principals to creating buffets for my clients. It is of upmost importance to understand my client and to capture what is important to them in their world. 119



eatured candy buffet by Pretty My Love and cake pops by Cupcaked inspired by a Tiffany themed occasion. Pretty My Love specialises in creating perfectly pretty candy, dessert and high tea buffets for your special occasion. | Cupcaked specialises in delicious and divine custom made cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. | Photography by Marina Locke Photography 121


BVg`Zi<^ga^hi]ZeaVXZl]ZgZVaai]^c\h]VcYbVYZ! Wdji^fjZjc^fjZXdbZid\Zi]Zg[dgndjgh]dee^c\eaZVhjgZ

Sunday 25th March Jim Webster Pavilion - Claremont Showgrounds

Sundays 10am - 3pm





Find us on Facebook:









or visit our website for more information: 123

Make an origami heart with pocket tutorial & photography Damara Sestanovich | little muse

Put your hand on your heart and tell meâ&#x20AC;Ś with a little imagination and some beautiful paper, you can give someone a special message straight from the heart

things you will need: er p: thin pap ti ( r e p a  P + fold & is easier to t) d looks bes double-side at + Cutting m + Scalpel r + Metal rule

before you start folding... Using the cutting mat, ruler and scalpel, cut your paper down to a square (if it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t already). Any size if fine, but obviously the bigger the square, the bigger the heart.

tip: You can cut 2 x 14.5cm squares from a single A4 piece of paper, and they are the perfect size to glue onto a card.

1 2

6 7

step 1: Start with your main colour face-up. step 4: Fold corner A to corner A making a We need to make 4 creases through the centre of the paper. First fold corner A to corner A making a triangle and crease, then open paper and repeat for the B corners. Open paper. tip: Crease from the centre outwards.

A. Crease.

step 2: Fold side C to side C making a

step 6: Repeat with other side (B to A,

rectangle and crease, open, then repeat for the D sides.

step 3: Open your square. It should look like the image above.

triangle and crease â&#x20AC;&#x201C; yes, I know weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done this before *wink*.

step 5: Push corner B in so it meets corner crease). Your paper should now be a square again.

step 7: Fold the top layer of paper towards the opposite point, but not all the way. Crease. Turn over and repeat on the other side.







step 8: You should have 2 separate little

‘legs’ (or ‘rabbit ears’ depending on how you look at it). Fold the first point A to E & crease, then repeat with the other point.

step 9: It almost done! Spin your heart

around and fold the tips down & inwards to give it a more rounded look.

step 10: Flip it over&viola! You can fill the front

pocket with lollies for your sweetheart, a love note for a valentine, or it may even hold the key to your heart – so many possibilities & so many more clichés.

top tip: Strictly speaking, glue or tape is not used in origami, but if you are inserting something heavy you might want to use a some to make sure your heart doesn’t break *grin*


sweet valentine books

for children



If it’s a tugging of the heartstrings you’re after, these gorgeous children’s books will do just that. They’ll also make you laugh, cry and coo over the stunning artwork only children’s books do so well. It’s love.

Kids Book Review was founded by author Tania McCartney and has become one of the most respected children’s literary forums on the web. Driven by a passion for literacy and covering news, reviews, interviews and educational articles, KBR is frequented by parents, authors, illustrators, teachers, librarians, book lovers and industry professionals from all over the world. 129

I Love My Baby Brother/Baby Sister by Anna Walker Scholastic, $12.99 RRP

Could there be anything more comforting to a child who has recently become an older sibling, than the character of Ollie? I think not. Anna Walker’s illustrations are soft and soothing, all pastels and whimsy, making you wish you could pick Ollie up and give him a big hug. The images perfectly complement the text which is simple yet ideal for the concerns of a young child whose life has just been turned upside down. Click here to read the full review…


The Five Senses of Love

by Janet Parsons Potoroo Publishing, $25 RRP The Five Senses of Love is a gorgeous book. It shows love and representations of love through the five senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. “I can see love in Mum’s eyes, when she tells me the story of the night I was born.” “I can taste love in the yummy food packed in my lunchbox.” This book is warm and filled with family, helping make the concept of the five senses personal and accessible for any child. Click here to read the full review…

Guess Ho Love You

by Sam McBr Walker Books,

Too adorable up version of worldwide be charming as t original, with t of pop-ups - a love a pop-up book tells the Big Nutbrown Nutbrown Har to express the other. Seeing hares opening you want to c book and cud cute.

Click here to r review…

ow Much I u Pop-Up Book


, $29.95 RRP

e for eyes, this popSam McBratney’s estseller is just as the best-selling the added delight and who doesn’t p? This timeless story of a game n Hare and Little re play as they try eir love for each those adorable g their arms makes crawl inside the ddle them. Cute

Henry in Love

Samuel’s Kisses

Henry in Love tells a story of a school day in the life of Henry, a quiet little cat who enjoys having fun and playing with his friends. Henry also has a little crush on a fellow student – an adorable bunny named Chloe. McCarty tells a story of young innocent love in short understated sentences, with delicate ‘quiet’ drawings which utilise a lot of white space and focus on the heart of the characters.

Samuel goes shopping with his Mummy and looks around to see some very sad, grumpy people. As he notices each one, he blows them a kiss, and when the kiss lands, it has a magical power that cheers everyone up. This is a simple story with lots of ‘hidden’ extras that make it so charming and fun. Full of action, those red kisses along the pages will make you feel all warm and cosy inside.

Click here to read the full review…

Click here to read the full review…

by Peter McCarty Balzer + Bray, $24.99 RRP

by Karen Collum New Frontier, $24.95 RRP

read the full 131

Mr Darcy

by Alex Field New Frontier, $24.95 Mr Darcy is a gentle duck living quietly in beautiful Pemberley Park. He feels lonely but is too shy to accept an invitation from Lizzy and her sisters to attend Sunday afternoon tea. Sound familiar? The author, Alex Field, adores Jane Austen and created her character of Mr Darcy to reflect Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. A sweet story that will delight children and amuse parents who are familiar with the ‘real’ Mr Darcy. Click here to read the full review…

I Love My Daddy by Giles Andreae Hachette, $24.99 RRP

I love my daddy, yes I do. He’s kind, he’s funny, he’s clever and a great teacher. He sings me all his favourite songs (whilst playing air guitar), loves to dance – and when he lifts me onto his shoulders, I can almost touch the sky. Author Giles Andreae is the king of simplicity. This lovely rhyming-text book once again hits the mark for toddlers, with whimsical prose and the ability to look at the world from a youngster’s point of view. Click here to read the full review…

What is th Called Lo

by Davide C Wilkins Farago

Cali once ag the heart strin simultaneousl with romping Emma is a bit love. She doe What does it colour is it? Is savoury? Is it Emma asks he grandma and each provide response. How subjective? E Can Emma d is all about? Click here to review…


his Thing ove?


o, $24.99

gain touches ngs whilst ly gadding about g humour. Little t boggled about esn’t understand. look like? What it sweet or just for grown-ups? er mum, dad, d grandad, but e her varying w can love be so Emma is confused. discover what love read the full

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers HarperCollins, $24.99 RRP

From the daffodil yellow cover to the endpapers scattered with 1940s fathers interacting warmly with their daughters, this book is a feat in picture book making. The colour, the achingly subtle sentiment, the imaginative splendour that tumbles from its pages… it’s clear Jeffers writes and illustrates books straight from the heart – from an internal place that’s connected to spirit. Effortless, emotional complexity, visual beauty and simplicity all in one.


by Emma Dodd Hardie Grant Egmont, $14.95 RRP Nothing is certain. Life fluctuates. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we’re sad. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes we feel brave or scared or kind or mean. But no matter how we are – how we’re feeling, how we behave… there are people in our lives who will love us, no matter what. Concise but beautifully rhythmic text lends literary punch to an otherwise visually-driven book. Click here to read the full review…

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