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Dressing the tree is one of the unique joys of the festive season; a chance to squabble good-naturedly about where to put each ornament, which artisan commissioned each mangled primary school decoration, and whose turn it is to put the star on. But when the kids are a little bit too little to hold an argument (or a precious glass-blown crystal ornament for that matter), set them up with this cute and inexpensive tree DIY using paper bags and post-its, from Vintage Pie. I’m not going to lie, we don’t have particularly glamorous Christmas decorations at our house. No fancy baubles brought back from the Netherlands or entirely breakable heirloom ornaments. Most of what we have is a handmade/thrifted hodgepodge that I’m not precious about in the slightest BUT (and it is a big but, you other brothers can’t deny) I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to balancing the tree. I’m also morally opposed to too much tinsel, which will probably go on my headstone when I die: ‘Here lies Jessica Lim. Devoted wife and mother, lover of peanut butter M&M’s, crusader for defenceless Christmas trees everywhere.’ My itty-bitty children, bless their pretty eyes, do not share my sympathies and decorate with the fevered excitement of puppies and doorto-door salesmen. Which is totally fine, but it has inspired me to find another tree-decorating outlet that is inexpensive and fun, to take the heat off our poor ancient pseudo spruce.

For this kid-friendly (and spacefriendly) Christmas tree you will need to take a walk down the stationary isle of your local supermarket...

n paper bags,

A packet of brow some twine,

hi tape if sticky tape (or was nd) you’ve some on ha ets of different a couple of pack nt post-it notes shaped, fluoresce rectangular (we went with thin at were strips and some th e shape of conveniently in th lworths) stars, all from Woo y.

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