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Volume 4, Issue 3

The Capitalist


Daniel Golynskiy, Editor in Chief

Success Of Palmer Raids

The Communist


Max Weber

Top 10 most wanted communists Karl Marx


Vladimir Lenin


Georgi Plekhanov


Friedrich Engels


Gracchus Babeuf


Rosa Luxembourg


Leon Trotsky


Eugene V Debbs


Antonio Ramsci


Herman Gorter


From February 1917 through November 1919 radicals threatened the very existence of America's delicate capitalist and democratic society. When a threat from communist was upon America, Alexander Mitchell Palmer saved us. From November 1919 through January 1920, Palmer led a campaign to combat the spread of communism in America. Through November and December 1919, Palmer arrested 600 communists. On December 21, 1919, Palmer deported the filth on The Red Ark, the majestic boat that will return all of them to whence they came, Russia. A few days later on January 2, 1920, Palmer led a perfectly executed raid on the Communist Party. Targeting over thirty-

three cities in twenty-three different states, Palmer swept over the nation like a wave of purity, removing the communist filth from the Earth. With the assistance of Hoover, Palmer was able to utilize only 579 agents to wipe the scourge off the face of the Earth. Mitchell Palmer managed to arrest four thousand communists. Palmer even managed to stop the communist revolution from taking place on May 1, 1920. This was a major victory for America. The rest of America must follow his example and do everything in our power to prevent a Communist surge. It is our obligation as Americans to protect our society from the impurities of a communist society. The Palmer Raids

protected America from near revolution. Palmer brought America back from the brink of hell. May we never forget America is the Land of the free and home of the brave.

Death of Max Weber Yesterday, Maximilian Carl Emil Weber, died prematurely. Weber was a communist who supported the end of religion and the end of free enterprise. The German communist was a leader of the National Liberal Party of Germany. He promoted communism through his

literary works. During the Great War, Weber was deemed a respectable and prominent individual by the German people. This trust led to the founding of the German Democratic Party. Through the party he was able to corrupt Germany forever. He was a key drafter of the Weimar

Constitution, the German Constitution after the end of the Great War. He filled Germany with the thought of communism. While Max Weber was a Communist he was also one of Capitalism’s greatest rivals. The Capitalist world will miss the competition.

Better Dead Then Red

The Communist finder The simplest device known to man can be at your disposal. It catches the eyes of all communists. It may look like a tasty treat but don’t be deceived. When the communist takes a bite they fall asleep. All you have to do is call Mitchell Palmer at 304-625-5590 and he will be there to pick the commie up. This product can be yours for a price of $1.50. The Communist finder is a must for any true capitalist.Don’t wait to do your part to fight the reds. Remember better dead then red.

We find your Commies AntiCommun-

Mitchell Palmer Seal of approval

This weeks gossip: Palmer For President Last week, the Capitalist Papers came across the rumor that Alexander Mitchell Palmer, the hero of America, is running for president! J. Edgar Hoover, one of Palmer’s fellow agents, says the rumors are true. Palmer, the leader of the Palmer raids, has yet to comment on the subject but the Capitalist Papers believes that Palmer is making preparations for the 1921 elections. Palmer is capable of winning the election. He has stopped the communists from taking over Capitalism’s stronghold, America. As president he will continue to be beacon of hope for his fellow capitalists. He will not only fix Washington but also the world. His passion for the beauty of

the capitalist society is more than enough to win America’s approval. Alexander Mitchell Palmer, on behalf of the Capitalist Papers I would like to say that we hope the rumors are true.

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