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From The Editor After the long summer holiday break I’m sure parents and children alike will welcome the return to the routine of school this month - good luck to all children with their studies in the coming academic year. The weather this last month has been so hot and humid. It has been very difficult to work in these conditions and I’m really looking forward to the cooler days of September. And parking might become easier too!! In case you haven’t discovered them yet, the new underground car parks in El Campello and in Villajoyosa are both open. The Campello one is, in my opinion, too expensive at 2 cents per minute (it’s cheaper, at 1,5 cents per minute in Villa), but if you’re only nipping in to do some quick shopping it’s a great help as it’s largely empty at the moment. We’ve dropped the land line phone number from the magazine this month as we are moving soon and it is likely the number will have to change. The mobile numbers will, of course, remain the same. We’ll let you know the new number as soon as we can. Just a small reminder, although it seemed like it would never stop raining back in the spring, the long hot summer has taken its toll and water in many areas is at very low levels, so please use it thoughtfully. If you’re a driver, make sure you read the brief tips in this magazine - there have been changes to the law which could catch many people out. There is a new section this month - Safety and Security tips, written by a retired senior police officer, which I am sure we all welcome. My thanks go to Michael for bringing us his expertise. A big welcome to our new advertisers who have joined us this month. And while it seems that everything is going up in price, your favourite read is still free and our advertising prices are still lower than they were almost two years ago when we first started. Finally, Spain’s Maddest Fiestas is missing this month but we sincerely hope it will be back for you to enjoy in Ocotober.

Lorraine...x Each magazine is available online. To read or download a copy go to our website at You can also see the local weather forecast, check flight arrivals & departures., look at the “What's On” guide to check out local events. Don't forget, as an advertiser you can add your own planned events to the listings - Call Jerry for more information on doing this. If you’d like to submit a short story, poem, recipe or even an article that you think may interest other readers please contact us on the telephone numbers below or by email, also supplied below. Jeremy 647 597 319 Lorraine 607 489 815 Please note the closing date for receipt of adverts is the 15th of the preceding month. The Mellow Magazine accepts no responsibility for services, work or goods provided by any of our advertisers. This magazine must not be reproduced or used for any purpose without first obtaining written permission. 3

Dear Liz

Remember if you have any problem that you feel Liz can help with please don’t hesitate to drop her a line or an email. Her contact details are Liz Mellow, Ubanización Alkabir, 6K, El Campello 03560, Alicante Or email Liz at Dear Liz, I was widowed 3 years ago at the age of 62.My husband and I had a strong and long relationship.I think I gave myself a reasonable time to grieve but felt very lonely so about a year ago I started a relationship with a man I met through the internet.We seemed to have a lot in common and he was attentive,generous and kind. He moved in with me 6 months ago and shortly after the problems began.I started to realise he had an alcohol problem.He often slept a lot and was out for long periods presumably at local bars.The crunch came when I found an empty vodka bottle in the tumbler drier! I tackled him about it and he was very contrite.Things between us improved and he seemed to have stopped drinking,however, it has all begun again and I don't know how to help him.I love him vey much but am finding it difficult to manage his changed character when he drinks. Jean. Dear Jean, Thankyou for writing to me.You have obviously struggled with this problem for some time.As you will know alcoholism is an illness and an addiction.It sounds like your partner is a binge drinker who has control over his drinking for short periods but has lapses which changes his behaviour.He drinks to mask some of his problems but drinking does not solve them! On the plus side you said he was contrite when you talked to him about it.My advice would be to try and get him to seek medical help.There are prescription medications which will help his craving for alcohol;he might also be depressed and feeling guilty.The alternative or an addition to medical help is for him to join Alcoholics Anonymous;there are several groups along the Costa Blanca for English people and the phone numbers appear in the Costa Blanca News each week. You obviously love your partner and it is great you are trying to support him.You might even make some progress with him if you show him this letter! Please remember to take care of yourself as alcoholism which goes untreated can be a heavy load for partners. I hope this helps, Best wishes Liz We know exactly where one cow with Mad Cow Disease is located among the millions of cows in the world yet we haven’t a clue where thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Departments of Agriculture in charge of Immigration!

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Special Reader’s Offer Grupo Navarro López based in Valdepeñas in the south of Castilla La Mancha specialise in making modern style quality, mono-varietal and oak aged wines. We can offer you a case (12 bottles) of their excellent red (crianza), white (macabeo) or rosado wines at the special price of 48,00€ - that’s just 4,00€ per bottle. This offer is not available for the purchase of single bottles. To take advantage of this offer and buy now for that forthcoming special event, party, Christmas and New Year call 661145105 or you can send an email to

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Jokes A young couple lived near to the sea and spent a lot of time walking on the beach.One summer they noticed a girl at the beach every day. She wasn’t unusual, nor was the travel bag she carried, apart from one thing - she’d approach people who were sitting on the beach, furtively glance around and then speak to them. Generally, the people would respond negatively and she’d then walk away. But at times someone would give a nod of the head and there’d be a quick echange of cash for something from her bag. The couple assumed she was selling drugs and debated calling the police, but as they didn’t know for certain they continued to watch her. After a week or so the wife noticed that the girl only ever approached people with boom boxes or other electronic devices and said to her husband, “Tomorrow I want you to go to the beach, lay on a towel and take our big radio with you. That way we can find out exactly what she’s up to.” The plan worked well and the girl approached the man with her travel bag. Upon his return his wife asked, “Well, is she selling drugs?” “No, she hasn’t got any drugs in her bag,” he replied. “Well, what is it then? What does she do?” answered his excited wife, eager to know what went on. “She’s a battery salesperson.” “Batteries?” cried the wife. “Yes....” he replied, “She sells C cells by the seashore!”

Where Did The White Man Go Wrong? Indian Chief ‘Two Eagles’was asked by a white government official, “You have observed the white man for 90 years. You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances; you’ve seen his progress and the damage he has done.” The Chief nodded in agreement. The official continued, “Considering these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?” The Chief looked at the government official for a few moments and then calmly replied. “When white man find this land, Indians were running it. No taxes, no debt. Plenty buffalo, plenty beaver and clean water. Women did all the work. Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing and all night having sex.” Then the Chief leaned back and smiled. “Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve on a system like that!” A man woke up one morning to find a brownbear on his roof. He looked in the Yellow Pages and found an ad for ‘Bear Removers’ and called for their help. After 30 minutes the bear remover arrived and took from his van a ladder, a baseball bat, a shotgun and a mean old pit bull. “How are you going to remove the bear?” the homeowner asked. “I’m going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I’m going to knock the bear off the roof with the baseball bat. When the bear falls off, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van.” He hands the shotgun to the homeowner. “What’s the shotgun for?” asked the homeowner. “If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the dog!” replied the bear remover.




An Easy Guide To Wine In Spain Last month we looked at the best way to store and serve wine. This month lets take a look at the importance of allowing wine to breathe and also its appearance. Airing a wine will allow more of its aromas and flavours to be tasted as well as smooth out any sharp edge it may have. Older wines need only to be decanted shortly before drinking but others like reservas or crianzas are better if decanted at least one hour prior to drinking. One of the most common misunderstandings about wine is that to open a bottle will allow it to breathe. Ideally, it is better to pour the wine into a decanter, a jug or a wide-necked bottle. Remove the cork and then pour the wine from a good height making sure to splash it into the decanter in order to maximise its exposure to the air. If you happen to be in a restaurant that does not decant the wine, have it poured into your glasses straight away even if you don’t intend to drink it immediately - it can breathe much more in the glass than it can by being left in the bottle. The appearance of a wine is its clarity and colour. Red wines, as they age, will fade from a deep purplish colour to more of a brick colour. White wines will become darker with age. Another part of the appearance is the viscosity of the wine. Swirl the wine around the glass and watch it run down the sides - the slower it moves, the denser its flavour. By taking a good sip of wine and swirling it around in your mouth will give you a feel for its balance, telling you if it is a full-bodied, medium or light wine as well as telling you its sweetness, acidity and alcohol and tannin content. All these factors should balance well together. Spanish Wine Terminology *Gran Reserva is the best of the aged wines. These red wines must spend at least two years in the oak barrel and a further three years bottled. Although not a common sight, white and rosé gran reservas do exist and will not be sold until they have aged for four years with a minimum of six months in oak barrels. *Reserva - A red wine must be aged for at least three years, one of those years must be in oak barrels. White and Rosé reservas must age for at least two years, six months of which again must be in oak. *Crianza - The term used for the ageing of a wine. Also the name of the youngest category of mature/aged wines. Crianzas are aged for a mimimum of two years with at least six months being in an oak barrel meaning that a Crianza is not sold until it is in its third year. *Vino de la Tierra is a country wine of better quality than Vino de Mesa (table wine). It does not need to adhere to the same strict rules as a DO wine. *Vino de Mesa is table wine. *DO - Denominación de Origen is the official wine region governed by the Consejo Regulador *DOCa - Denominación de Origen Calificada is the highest quality wine available. Rioja and Priorato are the only two wine regions to currently hold this title. 11


Learn Spanish With Nik At the time of writing we are all still caught up in the Olympics-las olimpiadas. Even in my house the least sporty of us has been glued to the screen to follow the fates of the Spanish participants. In the medal table Spain lies in thirteenth position-en decimotercer lugar, with three gold medals-tres medallas de oro, two silvers-dos de plata and one bronze-y una de bronce. Spain’s first gold medal-la primera medalla de oro was won by Samuel Sánchez in the men’s cycling road race-en la prueba de ciclismo en ruta. The next went to another cyclist-ciclista, Joan Llaneras, in the men’s point event-la prueba de puntación. The third medal-la tercera medalla was won by Rafa Nadal in the men’s singles tennis. Gymnast-gimnasta, Gervasio Deferr, won silver for the floor aparatus event-suelo de gimnasia artística. The other silver medals went to the women doubles team-el equipo de dobles femenino in tennis and to the 49er class sailing event-la clase 49 de vela. The bronze medal was won for fencing-esgrima in the epee-espada event. For most of us the summer holidays have finished las vacaciones ya se han acabado or they are about to and most of us have to get ourselves back into some kind of routine. For those of us with children the start of the new school year – el curso escolar on September 7th – siete de septiembre will help shape our days whether we like it or not. But if you are lucky enough to have some free time – tiempo libre, then the weather in September is usually still good enough to go to the beach – todavia hace buen tiempo para ir a la playa. It’s a great time to take advantage of all the outdoor life that goes on about us without having to deal with the crowds of July and August. Enjoy a stroll – un paseo, along the promenade and stop in to a bar for a drink or an icecream parlour-un heladeria for your granizado de limón o de café – crushed-ice lemon or coffee drink, or try horchata, a deliciously refreshing drink made from tiger nuts - chufas (though apparently they are not actually nuts but small tubers). One of the things that always amazes me in September is the enormous number of collectable series that come onto the magazine market to coincide with the end of the holidays. If you are interested in stamps-sellos, coins-monedas, dolls-muñecas, cars-coches, lead soldiers-soldados de plomo, book-libros , corkscrews-sacacorchos, fountain pens-estilográficas, thimbles-dedales, coffee grinders-molinillos de café – you name it and there is a magazine-una revista available with all you ever wanted to know about your chosen subject. The first installment-fascículo is almost always very cheap so you could always pick up a few and see which one is the most addictive-it’s yet another way of practising Spanish while you indulge in your hobby. September is also the time when everybody puts their name down for the gym or for learning something new. So, now is the moment to go out and register-hacer la matricula for Spanish classes. Thanks to Nik Dunne of Lexis Idiomas for his articles. See his advert on page 16 13

Lest We Forget- News From Yesteryear

Compiled By Robert Littler

Could this newspaper report of the 1st of October 1938 be regarded as the overstatement of the 20th century ? IT IS PEACE FOR OUR TIME Pact With Hitler Only a Beginning. “Sleep Quietly in Your Beds” Prime Minister on Palace Balcony with King, Queen and Wife receives Homage of Cheering Crowds. “My good friends. This is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing-street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.” This was the historic declaration by the Prime Minister last night as, standing dramatically at a window in 10, Downing-street, he addressed a vast, joyous crowd. Thousands of people had surged there to join in London’s tumultuous welcome home from Munich following the Four-Powers agreement over the Czecho-Slovak crisis. “I recommend you,” he told the mass of upturned faces, “to go home and sleep quietly in your beds.” Thousands also took part in overwhelming scenes of jubilation in front of Buckingham Palace, as Mr. Chamberlain arrived to receive the King’s congratulations. Then there was a deafening roar of greetings when he appeared on the balcony - the first Prime Minister ever to do so. For several minutes he remained there waving to the wildly cheering crowd. THE RAINBOW Half an hour before his arrival many hailed with delight the happy omen of a brilliant rainbow following a heavy shower of rain. Equally enthusiastic was the ovation accorded Mr. Chamberlain at Heston, where he arrived by plane after his private talk with Herr Hitler. In this conversation an agreement was reached between the Fuhrer and the Premier declaring that : “The Four-Powers Pact and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement are symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.” The subject of colonies and the problem of Spain were also, it is believed, discussed in addition to European appeasement. The Premier supplemented the terms of his agreement on arriving at Heston by stating that “the settlement of the Czech-Slovakian problem is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace.” PREMIER’S CRUISE It is understood that, following the meeting of Parliament on Monday, Mr. Chamberlain will make arrangements to take a holiday, which may include a 14

cruise in the Mediterranean. There was a suggestion in Munich yesterday that the Prime Minister may, during this cruise, see Signor Mussolini, and continue discussions with him regarding AngloItalian relations, and particularly the position in Spain. In millions of homes men and women extended a welcome home with their thanks. It was an historic homecoming ... an historic night. At Heston airport thousands cheered when the Premier’s plane appeared. At Buckingham Palace thousands chanted “We want Mr. Chamberlain”, and then shouted themselves hoarse when the King led his Prime Minister on to the balcony - a Kingly gesture never made before. Our Cabinet Ministers became schoolboys again. they clambered about on window sills, whooped wildly, and threw hats into the air. NEVER TO GO TO WAR It was a beaming elated Prime Minister who stepped back on to British soil at Heston Airport at 5.42 last night. Clutched in his hand was the vital “No-More-War” declaration which he and Herr Hitler had signed but a few hours before. As the thunderous cheers from the welcoming crowd gathered on the tarmac rang out, he waved the document above his head and smiled - and smiled. Aeroplane engines drowned some of his early words, but those nearest to him heard him declare: “Here is the very paper,” he said, “bearing Herr Hitler’s name as well as my own. To the anxious crowd he said. “I would like to read it to you,” and read it he did, from beginning to end, while the crowds listened in tense silence until he reached the dramatic sentence: “We regard the Agreement signed last night and the AngloGerman Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.” Then the full meaning of what Mr. Chamberlain, the peacemaker, had achieved was realised. “Never to go to war again!” ----------------------------------------

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All You Need To Start A Business Opening a restaurant is not unusual for British people moving to Spain. However, Keith and Jenny Hewkin did something slightly different and opened a Spanish restaurant, complete with an Argentinean chef and a French waitress. Although they have never owned a restaurant before, they do bring customer service expertise into the business with them - Keith has a sales and marketing background and Jenny years of working in event management. They were helped through the maze of dealing with all the Spanish paperwork required to set up a business and deal with the tradesmen by Spanish company All You Need (see their advert on page 5). “We can’t thank Cesar of All You Need enough for all he has done in assisting with the purchase of Las Olivas. His English is great and he is so efficient in his work.” Keith said when I visited him recently. Las Olivas is a restaurant with International cuisine and can be found on the road from Muchamiel to Jijona. Lunchtimes are busy with a changing menu del dia but the evening ambience is tranquil – no tv, live music or karaoke here, this is the place for dinner for two or conversing with friends over your meal and drinks, or for families to have that all important meal together. The garden has been reformed and is the perfect setting for a swim in the pool before lunch or dinner during this hot summer weather. It’s well worth a visit. If you would like more information on Las Olivas take a look at their advert inside the back cover. After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo ingles." 16

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Quiz Break Solve the clue to find two words that sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. Example Raise the rent = Higher Hire The answers can be found on page 35 1. Crack the foot pedal 2. Disregard the acknowledgement 3. Put the fish down 4. Sugary sofa and armchairs 5. Remained in old, boring ways 6. I’m fed up with the placard 7. Locate the penalty 8. Correct the money order 9. Sound of ‘Alas’ but not at the front or the back 10. Use this pen so it isn’t left 11. Espy the plot 12. A wan bucket 13. Look at the jetty 14. Cry over the top layer 15. Weary of the wheel 16. Masculine letter 17. Gaze at the step 18. Extol to ask God 19. General consensus about stick 20. Howl for the sea mammal.

Musician’s Corner Do you play an instrument? Then why not come along to a jamming session where you will meet like minded people. For further details contact James - Tel. 637071255 or email James, solo artist and entertainer available this summer for your private party, or that special occasion. Or indeed if you prefer an evening of rock then we can also provide this with our 4 or 5 piece rock band. Your choice. Check out his website at: or Tel 637071255 19

Are You Psychic? Ghosts

By Ray Bailey

Have you ever seen a Ghost? Ask most scientifically trained persons and they will say, NO don’t believe in Ghosts. Most express this view because they have been taught to think in a restricted mode of "if I can't see it, smell it, feel it, weigh it, then it cannot possibly exist. Ask the average “run of the mill” type chap, and they will most probably say the same, possibly because they have never thought about it, or even because they are frightened to entertain the idea that there could be Ghosts, or perhaps to admit an interest in this subject is to “lower” their “macho” image. Now ask the average woman and most will say, yes, or I believe they could exist, or I don’t know, but few will ever say NO, I don't believe. Scientists who want to conduct experiments, will take all manner of equipment to locations where Ghosts and apparitions have been reported, they usually attend with a cynical attitude, and expect to have any events comply with present day logical thinking, and can’t wait to debunk Psychics and their followers. Speaking from personal experience, I have witnessed Ghosts, or apparitions when least expecting them, without preparing myself in any way. They usually appear suddenly, and for seconds or a few minutes only. They have NEVER appeared to me when called, or if been asked to appear. I have never had a malicious apparition, or one that intended harm to me, or anyone else. There are many reports of famous Ghosts, in well known usually historic locations, and I am not surprised, because ALL PAST EVENTS are recorded (imprinted) upon the ether, (the dimension) beyond ours, very much like a filmed event, being replayed, and to have this happen means that the conditions for it to happen are just right, therefore it will not happen to all of the people all of the time, but to some of the people some of the time. I remember giving a Clairvoyant demonstration in the Abbots Kitchen, Bishop’s Palace, Worcester, England. There was an audience of about 500 people, and during one “message” to a recipient, I witnessed a Royalist Cavalry officer of the Civil War period walk from one side of the room from a doorway to the other doorway that had in sometime past been “blocked” up, but he walked right through it! He was not aware of our presence, but was in full dress, with his sword in it’s scabbard, dragging upon the floor, (the scabbard of necessity being lower when riding, to enable him to withdraw his sword ) I did not mention this to anyone, and after the demonstration when most had gone home, the caretaker came into the room and we chatted for a time, I mentioned that this historic place must have “lots to tell”, his reply was, I expect so, because this Palace was a billet for the Royalists during the Civil war ! A friend of mine visited me after her recent marriage to a serving Detective Inspector of Police, they decided to move to a new apartment in the city, but had taken photos of the old apartment, owned by her, that they had decided to leave. Her husband had taken the photos himself, and had them developed in the local town, to their great 20

surprise in the photo taken in the hallway of the old apartment, there appeared a perfectly vivid and clear image of her pet retriever, which had died 4 yrs previously, The thing is, said the Detective Inspector, I loaded the new film myself, and took all the photos, and the film never left my possession, and further more, the Kodak laboratories confirmed it was an authentic exposure, and not a double! Next month: Poltergeists.

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A Short Story Sausage Sandwiches - By Michael MacBride 'What the 'eck's this?' Stanley asked, extricating a glass jar from a cardboard box. 'Marmalade,' Tom told him. 'Mary made it last year when we were given that sack full of oranges. Take some if you want, there are three boxes full of the stuff. We couldn't get rid of it.' The two friends were supposedly clearing out Tom's garage but so far very little had been found lacking in usefulness. Tom was a compulsive hoarder and couldn't bear to part with anything. They continued sifting for another half hour and then gave up, but when Tom surveyed the pathetically small pile of odds and ends ready to go to the dump he knew that Mary wouldn't be satisfied with it. Something else would have to go. 'I know,' Tom decided, 'I'll go and ask if I can throw out that marmalade, I don't suppose we'll ever eat it.' When he returned having got the go-ahead from his wife, Tom found Stanley dipping a finger into one of the jars and licking it appreciatively. 'By 'eck, this marmalade's grand!' He announced. 'If you're chucking it out I'll take a few jars.' 'Are you sure? Mary says it's been down here too long,' Tom said, trying some for himself. 'Hmm, you're right, it tastes better than I remember, but Mary says it can go and I need the space.' The boxes of marmalade were loaded into the back of the Panda with the rest of the junk and the intrepid pair set off for the dump. They had only gone a couple of miles when Tom slowed down and pulled in to the side of the road. 'I've been thinking,' he told Stanley, 'it's a shame to waste that marmalade. Why don't we take some to Piecrust's cafe as a sort of peace offering. He does a lot of breakfasts and we owe him a favour.' Stanley considered it. Since Tom and Stan had managed to lose Piecrust's inflatable dinghy, and had made him the most wanted man in Benidorm into the bargain, neither of them had dared go near his cafe. 'Well,' Stanley mused, stoking his briar pipe, 'I suppose it might help calm the waters, and I don't half miss his sausage sandwiches.' 'It's the least we can do,' Tom decided. 'The worst that can happen is he'll tell us to go forth and multiply.' The moment they entered the cafe carrying a box of marmalade Piecrust jumped like a startled rabbit and eyed them with trepidation. He glanced quickly at the few customers tucking in to their sausage, egg and chips, as if to make sure none of them were undercover policemen waiting to overhear an unguarded comment, and 27

then asked Tom what he wanted in a most unfriendly manner. 'Don't be like that,' said Tom, looking hurt, 'we've brought you a present to make up for ...' 'Don't say it,' Piecrust interrupted, 'I'm trying to forget all about that little incident, I still get palpitations every time I see the Guardia Civil.' 'Yes, well we're sorry about that but we've brought you some real old fashioned English style marmalade.' 'Marmalade, why? What's the catch?' Piecrust asked suspiciously. 'There's no catch,' Tom told him, 'the wife made far too much and we thought you could use some.' 'It's grand stuff too,' Stanley added, 'best marmalade I've tasted in years.' Piecrust opened a jar and sniffed it distrustfully, then he tasted it and had to agree that it really was very good. He accepted the box with a modicum of gratitude and Tom and Stanley left feeling that that particular bridge had been at least partially rebuilt. 'I reckon another week or two and we'll be enjoying them sausage sandwiches again,' Stan remarked happily as they got back in the Panda.

Continuing on their mission to the dump, Tom had another brainwave. 'The old folk's home, the one on the Alicante road, they'd be glad of some marmalade!' 'Grand idea,' Stanley agreed as Tom turned the car around. 'We should do more for the older generation.' The cook at the old people's home was only too pleased to accept the rest of their cargo saying that genuine English style marmalade would be a real treat for the residents and that she would give it to them for breakfast the next morning. The benevolent pair went on their way glowing with righteousness, and drove straight to their local pensionista for a well deserved drink. Tom had decided there wasn't enough rubbish in the car to warrant going all the way to the dump and that he might as well take it back home until next time. The next morning Tom telephoned Stanley to see what he was doing and was shocked to find himself talking to a gibbering idiot. Stan giggled when Tom asked if he'd been drinking. 'Corsh not,' he hiccupped, 'ish only leven-o-clock.' Tom slammed the receiver down and shouted to Mary that something was wrong with Stanley and that they had to go straight round to his apartment. They were greeted by an unruly and definitely inebriated Yorkshireman who insisted on demonstrating the flamenco and swore he had drunk nothing but tea with his toast and the most 'delishushest' marmalade in the world. 'Marmalade?' Mary asked 'Not the marmalade from our garage?' 'Yesh,' Stanley slurred, and Mary disappeared into the kitchen to find the jar. 'You idiot!' she told Tom when she returned, 'I told you to throw this away, it's been in our garage too long.' 'But we tried it and it tasted fine,' Tom shrugged helplessly. 28

'It might taste alright but it should have been stored in a cool place. Our garage was too warm and this stuff has fermented, it's probably about ninety per-cent proof!' 'Hooray!' Stanley cried, 'put shumore bread in the toashter!' 'Right,' Mary said decisively, 'I'll make some strong coffee, do you want some Tom?' 'Er, no thanks, I've got an errand to run, back soon!' Before Mary had a chance to object he had gone. By the evening Stan was fully recovered and Tom told him all about his eventful day. He had arrived at the old folk’s home to find the residents holding a disco in the dining room. Someone had requisitioned a ghetto blaster and several octogenarians were gyrating to Ricky Martin tapes. Another half-a-dozen had fallen fast asleep on account of mixing their medication with the marmalade and had to be stretchered to their rooms to sleep off the effects. Once the matron knew what the problem was she was able to take the necessary action to calm her jovial geriatrics and restore order. Tom was told further donations would not be welcome and the cook was commanded to dispose of the remainder of the illicit substance immediately. At Piecrust's cafe things had been a little more serious. Tom found the irate owner clearing up after a full scale brawl and in a nervous frenzy due to the presence of two Guardia Civil officers who were taking statements from some youths. Evidently, two groups of young holidaymakers, who had been breakfasting quite amicably, suddenly went wild and started wrestling under the tables for no apparent reason. 'And did you tell him it was your marmalade?' Stanley wanted to know. 'Of course, I had to tell him to throw it out and it was lucky the Guardia Civil were there, I can tell you.' 'What did he say?' Stanley pressed eagerly. 'Well,' Tom paused, 'I don't really want to repeat what he said, but I think you can forget all about sausage sandwiches for the foreseeable future.'

Praxis Dr. Friedrich Centro MĂŠdico Clinic Number 04685

We are a private medical centre, fully licensed & with English speaking doctors.

Dr. D. Miguel Corty Friedrich C/ Dr Brotons 28, Bajo C Next to the National Health Surgery

Tel: 965 633 768/607 339 123 Web:

General Medicine and Homeopathy Opthalmology Cardiology General Surgery Urology Surgery Opening Hours - 10 - 13.00h Cosmetic Surgery Blood Analysis We also make house calls. Orthopaedic Surgery Physiotherapy 29

Charities, Clubs And Events

Asociacion Protectora de Animales El Campello has a charity shop on Avda Germanies which is open Mon - Sat 10am - 2pm. Tel. 965 633 547, 24 hr. emergency number 687 398 507. To adopt a dog call Eve on 965 699 028. For more info about APAC contact Ian on 965 634 899 or 677 993 649 Annual Auction Sunday 14th Sept. commencining 7 pm at Bar Sin Problemas, Coveta Fuma. The bar opens at 6pm for food & drinks. A bookstall, jewellery stand & raffle are also planned. Come along! BUSOT BOOT SALE, First Sunday of each month 9am - 2pm ( Setup from 8am). Booking essential, Table fee Proceeds to Abandoned Animal care. Location: Balconias, Casa De Cultura, Busot. (Rear of TONOS and CASA Restaurants) Call Sally 636518268, Richard 639050128 or email Busot Ladies Club, Casa de Cultura IIMPORTANT NOTICE Due to annual holidays the casa de cultura is closed until 8th september.The ladies club will have their1st meeting at 10am on 15th september. Sorry for the inconvenience. For more information contact Mary on 965 699 291 or email to Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy, El Campello hold a church service on Sundays at 12.00 in the chapel behind the main church in the grounds of Salesianos school. Everyone welcome. If directions are needed please don't hesitate to contact Flavia on 666 002 519 or Liz on 965 652 845. Alternatively you can take a look at our website at Exercise Classes, Polideportivo, Busot. Wednesdays 18.00-19.00 and Fridays 17.3018.30 all-over fitness for ladies. Wednesdays 19.00-20.00 and Fridays 18.30-19.30 general exercise for men and women. Get fit for free - no charge. Tel. Beatrix on 965 959 195 or 618 043 582 HELP Campello, San Juan & district provides an English speaking voluntary service to provide mainly: interpreters for visits to doctors & hospitals (call Christina on 965 653 479) - some equipments like wheelchairs, crutches, walkers etc... for short term loan (call Vera on 965 633 332) - liaison with Servicios Sociales (call Franรงoise on 965 638 259). If you would like to volunteer to help, call Franรงoise! Second Chance Charity Shops support a number of world projects such as Sightsavers, Save the Children, 5 Kenyan orphans, Education for Life, a Spanish lady working in Romania with orphaned teenagers living in sewers, and more... Their shops are as follows :- Albir - opening 10 -2 Mon - Sat. Alfaz del Pi - opening 9.30 1.30 Mon - Sat (Tel. 966 860 222) and Finestrat opening 10 - 2 Mon - Sat (Tel. 965 878 229). Please support these very worthy causes. Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas, Castalla runs a dog shelter near to Castalla International. For donations, sponsoring or volunteering please email or call the president Juan on 646 682 209 between 08.30 & 13.00 hrs (Spanish), Sue on 690 719 675 between 10.00 & 14.00 and 17.00 & 19.00 hrs (English & Spanish spoken) or Marilene on 965 562 085 or 669 755 920 between 10.00 & 14.00 and 17.00 & 19.00 hrs (Dutch, English & Spanish). The English Speaking Club, San Juan & District, Los Perales, Camino Real de Villajoyosa 22, El Campello. Tel. 965 943 995 or email Run by volunteers & with bar prices that can't be equalled. Open Wednesday & Sunday between 12 noon & 2.30pm. Come and find out about our available activities, incl. line dancing, whist, art, quilting, quizzes, monthly dinner dance etc. 30

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Eager To Help Spain is a country that, on the surface, has many similarities with the UK - apart from the weather of course. But once you start to become entangled with the red tape of the country - getting an NIE number, arranging insurance for your house, travel or pet, organising car papers, wills, funerals . . . then things can become a little confusing to say the least. Everything is different in Spain. There are more departments, more forms, more queues - and it can become very frustrating. Add to that the language problem and you can be forgiven if you think there’s no end to it all. This is where Evelyn of Eager Insurance comes in. With many years of experience of dealing with the Spanish red tape, and speaking fluent Spanish, she can help and guide you through all the intricacies that living in Spain can bring. Leaving you free to enjoy the reason you came here in the first place - to relax. You can call her on 965 630 871 or 607 321 198 or email her at Evelyn also advertises in Mellow Magazine. Look for her advert on page 41.

Villas Direct Spain

617 944 030

COVETA FUMA Detached Villa. Fantastic views of coast to Alicante. Pool. Underbuild 2 Beds, 2 Baths, Central Heating Reduced For Quick Sale 420,000€ JIJONA TOWN HOUSE 3 Bed 2 Bathrooms 189,000€ BUSOT 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1,200 sq mtr plot, 150 sq mtr build, Pool 291,700€ RELLEU 3Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Apartment. Investment property with or without tenant 137,950€ RIO PARK 3 Bed, 2 Bath, house. Garage, communal pool, new property. 235,000€ CALA PITARES COVETA FUMA Mid Terrace Cottage. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms. With patio & BBQ 196,000€ ALBAYNA Town House without garage. 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Small garden area 180,000€ TIBI 2 bed, 1 bath villa with 2 bed, 1 bath annexe, pool & grounds 199,000€ PUEBLO ESPAÑOL 2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment. Stunning views. Reduced 245,000€ PUEBLO ESPAÑOL 2 Beds, 1 Bathroom Apartment. Sea views 209,000€ VALLE DEL SOL Poss B & B 11 Beds, 4 Baths, Pool, Grounds Reduced 465,000€ CAMPELLO BAR / RESTAURANT Freehold for sale 275,950€ RELLEU SMALL SHOP plus 3 bedrooms (en suite), lounge etc. 245,000€ PUEBLO ESPAÑOL 2 Bed 1 Bath Chalet Bargain 185,000€ JIJONA Semi-detached bungalow. 2 Beds, Sea Views Members’ Pool 139,950€ CAMPELLO BAR TRASPASO 10 year lease 70,000€ ALCOY BENIMAR. Mansion House. With Lodge. 2 Acres. Total seclusion. 6 Bedrooms, Cinema, Skating Rink, Maze 275,000€ SAN VICENTE 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Pool, Detached, Quiet Area 399,500€ BUSOT 2000 sq mtr plot building plot 2 houses 235,000€

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Understanding Your Computer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – free phone calls to anywhere in the world, legally! Our illustrious editor has asked me to write something about “Skype” (one example of a program that facilitates VoIP). So here we go: Skype is a program that facilitates VoIP which is a system which allows you to make free calls to anywhere in the world free. Is it really as simple as that, I here you say. Well, basically, yes it is. Skype is a program you can download from the internet (, strangely enough) and install on your computer (it is straightforward to install, just follow the default settings). When you have installed it you will need to set up an “account” (you do not need to pay anything, but see later). Again follow the settings and hints. When you have an account set up you can immediately make calls to any computer in the world that has Skype installed for FREE (yes I did say FREE). Basically you will need a microphone to speak to them and speakers or headphones to hear them, you can also use a webcam if you have one (it automatically detects the presence of the webcam and asks you if you want to use it). However, you can purchase “Skype phones” which plug into the USB port of your computer and then it really is like making a normal phone call. Skype also has the facility to call normal telephones, a system called “SkypeOut”. A smaller than usual charge is made for this and you will need to add some credit to your account. Similarly you can ring a Skype enabled computer from a normal phone (landline or mobile) a system called “SkypeIn”; in this case you will be given a telephone number (in the UK if you want it) which costs the caller the price of a local rate call. To summarise: Skype Computer to Computer Free SkypeOut Computer to Phone International rates start at 1.7cents per minute SkypeIn Phone to Computer Local rate call You can pay for SkypeOut either “as you go” by topping up your account whenever you need to or by setting up a contract and paying a monthly amount which entitles you to unlimited calls. Of course, as we said last month, nothing is free. You still need to pay for your internet access. Dial-up will work but you will not really be able to use a webcam and the sound may be a bit broken up. ADSL is, of course, ideal. However, Skype is not a good justification for ADSL at its’ present price. There are other packages you can use for VoIP. MSN’s Windows Messenger Live (the new name for the Instant Messaging software) will allow sending and receiving of voice (this is actually called VoIM, Voice over Instant Messaging, but it amounts to the same thing.). Voipcheap ( is another, there are quite a few to choose from. Probably the best way to decide which you use is to ask your family and friends which they use so that you can be assured of getting compatible software 34

with the people you are most frequently going to call.. For a comparison of the various packages you can visit: software. Just a side issue but an important one at the moment. We have received in the shop several computers recently infected with viruses, Trojans and Spyware. Some of the more common are what’s called “Rogue Anti-Spyware”, in other words AntiSpyware that is actually Spyware; examples of these are: Power-AntiVirus-2009, RegistryDoctor2008, XP AntiVirus 2008 (or 2009). Others with similar names exist. These Trojans do their work by convincing you to click a link to download other software by telling you that your have a virus or Spyware on your system, or your registry is corrupt. When you click the link you download even more trouble than you started with. Suffice it to say that if you get an unexpected pop-up telling you, you have Spyware or a Virus on your computer, it is probably the case, but it is the program that is telling you about the virus, itself, that is the actual virus. Best advice is to ensure you have good anti-virus and anti-spyware package(s) installed and up to date. “Understanding Your Computer” is written by Steve Watson of SandS Computers. See their advert on page 37.

To Place An Advert call 965 635 538 or 647 597 319 or email your details to Advertising in the Mellow Magazine starts from as little as 5€ per week. See our website at for classified ads, jobs, news, weather reports, flight checks etc. Send letters, recipes, short stories etc. to Answers To Quiz Break 1. Break/Brake 3. Place/Plaice 5. Stayed/Staid 7. Find/Fined 9. Sighed/Side 11. Sight/Site 13. Peer/Pier 15. Tire/Tyre 17. Stare/Stair 19. Poll/Pole

2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. 20.

Waive/Wave Sweet/Suite Bored/Board Check/Cheque Write/Right Pail/Pale Tear/Tier Male/Mail Praise/Prays Wail/Whale



Problems with your computer? We provide first class repairs in your own home. We can also assist you in setting up your computer system.

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Party cakes By Angela Portfolio available to view Free delivery to El Campello area To discuss your requirements Or to order a cake Please call 663 174 887 or email


Basic Driving Laws In Spain - A Few Tips Always remember to carry in your car the vehicle registration documents, ITV certificate (MOT), Municipal vehicle tax, Insurance policy and proof that it is paid up to date, and also of course your driving licence. You must also carry in the car at least one reflective jacket which must be worn in the case of breakdown and two reflective warning triangles that must be placed at a distance in front and behind the broken down vehicle. Always remember to use dipped lights when entering a road tunnel, regardless of its length. Not to do so IS illegal and if seen you will be fined. Always wear seatbelts. Use of mobile telephones while driving is illegal here, as it is in the UK unless you use a completely hands free kit. Remember that non residents can be fines ON THE SPOT for any traffic violations. If you wear glasses, you MUST carry a spare pair. It is now law here in Spain for all drivers to have a current medical certificate, unless you can prove you are in the country for less than ninety days each year. The medical examination is carried out every ten years for drivers aged between 18 – 45 years, and every five years between the ages of 45 – 70 years. After you reach 70, a medical is necessary two yearly. The EU is working to bring these regulations across Europe and therefore it is very likely that the Department of Transport will make these medical examinations compulsory in the UK as well.


Family Notices Ronald & Rosemary Martin

Were married at East Dulwich Church On September 5th 1959 They honeymooned in San Remo, Italy at a cost of ₤36 each for two weeks half board. How things have changed! Ron says, “How time flies. Next year is the big one and looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.” Congratulations to a great couple now living in Villajoyosa.

Bonalba’s New Sports Complex For many years that wonderful old English game of Bowls, played in many Bowls Club's, parks and sports centres in the UK, has in fact been being played here on the Costa Blanca as well as in other parts of Spain where ex-pats have settled. Perhaps, until now, many of the ex-pat residents of Campello, Bonalba, Busot, Muchamiel and all the surrounding areas, who perhaps played the game in the UK, did not realise this as there is not a "green" in this area, until now that is! Work on providing this facility has been ongoing for some month’s and currently the stage has been reached where construction is all but complete. Arrangements are now being made to form “Bonalba Bowls Club” so if you are interested in perhaps taking up the game you played in the UK, or indeed would like to learn more about the game as a beginner please do not hesitate to contact Tony Carey on 96 565 4856 or Vic Mackenzie on 96 569 8082 or send an email to - Tony says, “The new Bowling Club has its official opening on October 18th but we hope that we will be playing Bowls at the beginning of September on what will be our superb eight rink international standard “Bowling Green” situated at the Sports Centre, Bonalba Golf Resort. We look forward to seeing both experienced and new bowlers in the near future.” As well as the new bowls club, Bonalba is offering a number of new sports facilities including the paddle tennis courts, pitch and putt and a driving range, all of these are already in use; tennis courts, currently being built and there is also talk of archery fields and dry ski slopes. Pitch and putt prices are excellent at only 6,00€ for the day, 1,50€ for the use of clubs and free balls as well! Paddle tennis clubs can also be hired from the pitch and putt office. The provision of these facilities on the new sports complex has been brought about by Sr. Jose Manuel Banqueri Bueno, Director General Bonalba and Grupo Alicante Urbana. For more information or for directions please call Tony Carey on 96 565 4856. 42



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Local Translator / Interpreter Per s onal a nd bus iness, meetings, pho ne c a l l s , vi s i ts , l e tte r s , documents.... Help with N.I.E / Residency, Notaries, Schools, Doctors & Hos pitals, Proper ty, Police and Pa perwork. Rates from 10€/hour or 5cents/wor d Call Mar k on 639- 692985

Safety And Security Tips Rapid development and modern living on the Costa Blanca have brought rising levels and changing patterns of crime. For the next few months this column will be devoted to personal and home security advice provided by a retired senior police officer. Lets get the ball rolling with Bag-Snatching, a simple everyday occurrence that doesn’t involve dipping, a diversion or mugging. We’ll look at those on another occasion. There are two principle scenarios, both of which usually target women. A lady sits down say at a table outside a café in a busy street and dumps her handbag on the empty chair next to her. When she comes to pay the bill it’s gone. Alternatively she’s walking along the pavement and a youth steams in from behind and grabs the bag from her. Sometimes he’s the pillion passenger on a motorbike that has mounted the kerb for the purpose. In an ideal world everybody should be vigilant, but let’s be realistic and look at some simple ways to minimise the trauma and subsequent hassle. Never carry bank notes, credit cards, passports etc in your bag. Keep them separate in a wallet or purse on your person, preferably in a zipped-pocket. If you’re not suitably attired be inventive. The thief isn’t really interested in the bag or the junk you ladies carry in it. That will be dumped and you may even get it back. If you’re steamed don’t hang on for grim death, let go immediately before you’re dragged to the ground. Don’t shout, “Stop Thief,” in Spain, scream, “Ladron,” and point to the escaping offender. That way some passing Spanish prop-forward may stand a chance. You’re only likely see the back of the culprit, so try to remember two or three identifying features. The type and design of his top and the colour of his trousers for example. Keep them in your mind until the police arrive. If the police are in a position to carry out an immediate search of the area, two or three firm points of identification are better than a vague rambling description that fits every male on the Costa Blanca. Next month; Dipping. By Michael Knowles – email: 45

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L200 Mitsubishi Double Cab Pickup for sale, Dec 2006, Top of the Range, Fully loaded, Automatic, Cd, Air con etc. Real Head Turner. 19,500€ ono. Tel: 678247491 or 677298881. Two x 1.3m satellite dishes with LNB’s. 50€ each. Tel. 678337638 Lady’s Bicycle for sale in new condition 65€ ono 965 633 340 Roca White Sink & Pedestal Unit. (W64 D50cm) Perfect condition 25€ .Tel. Glyn 965 699 182 or email Ladies Big Ezee Combined Iron/Wood Golf Clubs 4 to SW + Driver, 3 & 5 woods - 75€ Golf Carry/Stand Bag. Adams Brand New. Never used - 30 € Tel. 965959190 or 680307190 or email -

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3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom house on Alkabir for rent. English TV. Low Deposit and Rent. Available October. Call 647 207 608

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Professional, reliable musicians /bands for regular long term work. 637071255 Car Boot Items - books, toys, clothes, bric-a-brac & baby items. Will collect. Tel. Sally on 635343867 Don’t throw it away, throw it my way. Car boot items large & small. Thank you. Call Carole on 610862927

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Window cleaning service. Campello, Muchamiel, San Juan & surrounding areas. Reliable, professional service. From 20€ Tel.: 965221730 or 636537945 (Oct) Domestic Appliance & Electrical Repairs by experienced engineer. Washing Machines, Cookers, Microwaves etc. Tel. 965 960 665 / Mobile 687 625 642 (Aug) General Plumbing & Central Heating Installations & Repairs. Established since 1979. Phone Richard on Mobile 680 190 794 / Home 965 975 019 (Aug) Mechanic, former MOT tester. For all your ITV needs & repairs. Vehicles collected & delivered. Tel. 675485613 (Sept) D. A. ARDLEY Antique restorer 46 Years/City & Guilds. Tel. 965 634 508 Holiday Petsitting Let us care for your pets in the familiarity of your own home. Less stress for your pets, more confidence for you, knowing your home remains occupied although you are away and your pets stay in their usual comfortable routine. We are the realistic alternative to kennels and cattery! FULLY BOOKED OVER CHRISTMAS Call Janet now on 965 221 351. TO ADVERTISE IN THE CLASSIFIED PAGE CALL 965 635 538 OR 647 597 319 OR EMAIL TO ADS@MELLOWMAGAZINE.COM ALTERNATIVELY, SEND THEM VIA THE WWW.MELLOWMAGAZINE.COM PRIVATE ADS UNDER 100€ ARE FREE ONLINE AND WILL ALSO APPEAR IN THE MAGAZINE WHERE SPACE IS AVAILABLE. ITEMS OVER 100€ ARE CHARGED AT :6€ FOR UP TO 20 WORDS, 9€ UP TO 30 WORDS, 12€ UP TO 40 WORDS. NO PETS/LIVESTOCK ADS CAN BE ACCEPTED IN THE CLASSIFIED SECTION. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE ADS APPEAR. DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT/PAYMENT OF ADS - 15TH OF EACH MONTH




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