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October 2008


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From The Editor

Hello everyone and welcome to the October magazine that you all love to read. The past month has been difficult for many people, including myself, but we are now at the start of a new season - Autumn is on its way and that means cooler days and easier sleeping at night. I was lucky enough to have a last minute, long weekend away during September and you can read all about it inside. I can tell you that it did me the world of good! During October we have two fiesta days - 9th October is Día de la communidad Valenciana, 12th October is Día de la Hispanidad. El Campello also has its Moors and Christians fiestas so be prepared for the noise. remember that a lot of businesses will close during these fiestas for at least a few days. Check out this month’s advertisers and give them your support - without them you would have no Mellow Magazine to enjoy. I have been asked many times to include a small picture of myself on this page and as much as I hate doing so, I have given in to the pressure. We’ve had some lovely comments about the magazine lately - thank you to those people who’ve told us in person as well as emailed us. And finally we wish every happiness to Karle and Julie from Neptuno Bar who will marry in October down in Gibraltar. Have a good month.


Each magazine is available online. To read or download a copy go to our website at You can also see the local weather forecast, check flight arrivals & departures., look at the “What's On” guide to check out local events. Don't forget, as an advertiser you can add your own planned events to the listings - Call Jerry for more information on doing this. If you’d like to submit a short story, poem, recipe or even an article that you think may interest other readers please contact us on the telephone numbers below or by email, also supplied below. Jeremy 647 597 319 Lorraine 607 489 815 Please note the closing date for receipt of adverts is the 15th of the preceding month. The Mellow Magazine accepts no responsibility for services, work or goods provided by any of our advertisers. This magazine must not be reproduced or used for any purpose without first obtaining written permission. 3

Dear Liz Remember if you have any problem that you feel Liz can help with please don’t hesitate to drop her a line or an email. Her contact details are Liz Mellow, Ubanización Alkabir, 6K, El Campello 03560, Alicante Or email Liz at Dear Liz, I have suffered from depression for many years; sometimes it is worse than others. I have had antidepressants in the past but not really persevered with them. In England I worked as a teacher and took early retirement at 55;I am now 59.My wife of 30 years decided to move to Spain 3 years ago. We both hoped a new start would help our flagging relationship which has been very stormy over the years. We have both had affairs but decided to stay together because of our two boys. They are now in their 20's and settled in the UK with their own partners; we see them occasionally. My wife has settled well over here and has made many friends. I have become very reclusive and we are very distant arguing at the littlest things! I feel as though I am in a dark tunnel that has no end. My wife and I don't even sit down to a meal together and our sex life is non existent. I feel I have made a big mistake trying to escape my past by hoping it would be better here. It Hasn't worked and I am getting desperate. Michael. Dear Michael, Thank you for your letter. My first comment is that you seem to be in the depths of despair and the geographical escape you and your wife made has not solved anything. Life for you is going on in the same way. I am concerned about your depression. Your description of the "dark tunnel" leads me to believe you are clinically depressed and probably have been for a long time. I think you should approach your local Doctor who hopefully will prescribe a short term antidepressant. Men, in particular, are sceptical about taking such things but they do work alongside Marital Counselling which I also think you need! Your marital problems have existed for a long while. In the past you have stayed together for the sake of your boys but now as a couple you are on your own. Have you both faced up to your disharmony? I think not! Please take that first step and seek medical help. There is also excellent counselling available and if you contact this magazine they can put you in touch. Yours sincerely, Liz Rainbow Group Costa Blanca. Support group offering help and support for gay, lesbian and transsexuals. All age groups. Telephone 666 911 545 4

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Learn Spanish With Nik Now that the schools are back and we are all settling into a routine why don’t we talk a little about the world of work-el trabajo. Perhaps you already have a job with a permanent contract-un contrato fijo which could be either full-time-a tiempo completo, or part-time-a tiempo parcial. Or you may have a temporary contract-un contrato eventual. Whether permanent-fijo or temporary-eventual, you will be “on”social security-de alta en la seguridad social and you should receive your pay slip-la nomina every month-cada mes. In many Spanish companies the workers-los trabajadores receive 14 payments a yearcatorce pagos al año, usually at the end of June-a los finales de junio and again in December-y otra vez en diciembre. Of course like many people you may be working without a contract-sin contrato in the black economy-la economia negra in which case you won’t have a nomina or any of the rights-derechos which go with a legal job. If you want to apply for a job-solicitar un trabajo then you’ll need to prepare your CV-el curriculum and send it-mandarla to the company in question. If the company-la empresa is a local one then you might be better off taking your CV there in person so that you can introduce yourself-presentarte. At the interview-la entrevista you’ll want to talk about your abilities-los habilidades and your previous experience-la experiencia previa. You’ll probably want to know more about the hours of work-el horario, the salary-el salario and other conditionslas condiciones: Will you have to work shifts-turnos? Perhaps you are going for a job where you’ll be on call-de guardia or where you’ll have to work overtime-horas extras. Not many companies give permanent contracts-contratos fijos initially, if ever. This means that there a large numbers of people out there who have work but no job security-seguridad laboral. They have short term contracts for just a few months or a year with no guarantee of renewal. Once you have worked for the same company for a period of three years then your contract should become permanent-fijo, but lots of companies find ways around this so that they don’t have a large staff of permanent workers with greater rights. If things go really wrong at work then we might have to say “they’ve fired me”-me han despedido. We could also say “I’ve left my job”-me he marchado de mi trabajo or “I’m on the dole”-estoy en el paro. If you have lost your job then you should be able to claim unemployment benefit-cobrar el paro. Whether you’re in work or not, here and in all of the Valencian community, October 9th is a public holday-un día festivo: Valencian Community Day-Día de la Comunidad Valenciana. And, if you are living in Campello then you’ll be off on October 15 also for the local Moors and Christians festival. Thanks to Nik Dunne of Lexis Idiomas for his articles. See his advert on page 14

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An Easy Guide To Wine In Spain C

ava is Spain’s well known sparkling wine. It was first created in 1872 by Josep Raventós. At one time known as Spanish champagne, this is no long allowed under E.U law. It is produced in an area of approximately 70,000 hectares. More than 90% of it is produced in Cataluña in the D.O. Penedès region which is South West of Barcelona. Unlike other wine regions of Spain the Denominación de Origen Cava is not restricted to only one specific area. Within the Cataluña area Cava is traditionally made using three varieties of grape - Parellada, Xarel-lo and Macabeo although it is now permitted to use Chardonnay in the blend as well as small quantities of Pinot Noir and Monastrell. In the few small areas away from Cataluña that are also permitted to make Cava it is usual to use only the Macabeo variety of grape. The Spanish drink Cava at traditional celebrations and are even said to dip their baby’s dummy into it at their baptism. Classification of Cava is according to its sweetness Extra Brut = Less than 6 grams sugar per litre (g/l) Brut = 6 - 15 g/l, Extra Seco = 12-20 g/l, Seco = 17 - 35 g/l Semi Seco = 33 - 35 g/l Dulce = over 50 g/l. Sparkling wines should be served chilled at 8ºc and should be served in an ice bucket. It is best when between one and two years of age and it can be a good alternative to the sometimes overpriced champagnes on the market. As a guide, you can buy a decent bottle of Cava for about 8€. Please Note Our Special Reader’s Offer on wine is now closed. 9


Family Notices Congratulations

Karle Heighton & Julie Pringle of Neptuno Bar, Coveta Fuma are to be married on October 23rd at the Hotel Caleta, Gibraltar. Good Luck, Love & Best wishes From All Your Friends, Family & Especially From Lorraine & Jerry at Mellow Magazine

Forthcoming Wedding Announcement The marriage will take place at 12.00hrs on Friday 7th November 2008 in El Campello between David Giner Domenech & Dahianna Natali Andino


Whenever you are in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.

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Are You Psychic? Poltergeists

By Ray Bailey

Last month, I mentioned briefly, the subject of Ghosts, and I would now like to attempt to explain the difference between Ghosts, and what is commonly called Spirits. Ghosts are images or events imprinted upon the “energy plane” or “ether” and are very much like a “photographic image” capable of being replayed under special conditions. They are not “living” and cannot communicate with us, unlike the Spirits in the Etheric World who are, and can. When people die, they go to the Etheric Level, and usually meet up with those who have gone before them, of course like attracts like, the same as upon this Earthly Plane, and so you would be unlikely to want to meet someone who you had disliked here, this is a natural law, and therefore you would express your free will not to associate with them. Sometimes, people die (usually in extremely dramatic and sudden situations) and they cannot believe they are dead, they do not remember dying and they therefore refuse to accept the fact that they are, and consequently they do not “move on”. They tend to “cling” to the Earthly levels they had before, ie. Their homes, sometimes workplace, etc. Now that being so, imagine that a new family move into the “old home”, of the deceased person, you now can have a situation where the dead person resents the intruders, and given sufficient energy, will try to manifest their presence by “knocking” or “moving objects”, the aim usually, is to frighten the “intruder” into moving (this is the sort of reaction you would have if someone was found in your home who had not been invited) no doubt you would call the police! This manifestation is often called “poltergeist” activity, and where I have been called to such events, I usually find the family concerned, have young children, and because children have an abundance of “free” energy the poltergeist use it to manifest the various activities. 12

It is necessary to communicate with the “dead” spirit, and gently, politely, explain the fact to them that they should move on, this being the case they usually do. But sometimes it takes more than one visit! I personally experienced a “difficult” situation in a used car for sale on a dealers forecourt, when I sat in it I immediately became aware of a man about 50 yrs. old, he had died several months before, he told me he loved his car and he had no intention of allowing it to be sold and his wife had no right to sell it. Therefore would I get out and leave it alone ! He was so adamant that he would cause trouble that I realised that should I buy the car he would “drive” alongside me, and keep pestering me. I casually asked the salesman for the history of the car, he replied, it’s a great buy, the guy who owned this has died, his wife doesn’t drive so she decided to sell it, he used to clean it once a week, and only take it out weekends! I did not buy the car, but often wonder who did ! I accept the fact that it can be frightening, but I have never known a poltergeist to hurt anyone, sometimes scare them, but not hurt them, and this form of activity is rare. Most readers will have seen Hollywood’s attempts to portray these sorts of events, but remember, movies are made to make money, so expect them to exaggerate, fabricate, and amplify events such as these. Our thanks go to Ray for his interesting series which, unfortunately has now come to a close. If anyone would like further information about Ray and his work I would gladly forward any emails that I receive to him.


Quiz Break All of the clues should lead you to something to eat.

Ed. Pescadores C/ San Bartolomé, 128

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1. Very warm terriers 2. Richard’s got the measles 3. You can’t make this without breaking eggs 4. A boxer’s ears 5. Just a mere dessert 6. A tablet of soap 7. What a mix up 8. Apparently these sea creatures have digits 9. Early summer acrobats 10. Junk mail 11. Paddington’s favourite 12. A tuber with his coat on 13. You’re mad to eat this with cheese 14. Everything in order 15. A nice little house in a pastry case 16. Raise your glasses 17. A bad actor 18. Use these at the casino 19. Go west for this meal 20. Chatter away about nothing The answers to this quiz, kindly supplied by Sheila Harris can be found at the bottom of page 33. Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are The only people who find what they are looking for in life are the fault finders Forgiveness is the sweetest form of revenge




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Remember, if you’re headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns!

Lest We Forget- News From Yesteryear

Compiled By Robert Littler

Daily Mail October 1938 12 MARRIAGE RULES FOR EVERY WIFE One man sat among the audience of women and girls who listened last night to Dr. Ethel Dukes, co-director of the Institute of Child Psychology, giving hints on “The Successful Wife” at the Friends’ Meeting House, Euston Road, London. He might at first have felt embarrassed, but by the time Dr. Dukes had finished he must have found it hard to repress an impulse to propose a vote of thanks to the lecturer on behalf of husbands (present and future) everywhere. For here were Dr. Dukes’s 12 rules for the wife who wants to make good: DON’T 1. Domineer over your husband. 2. Criticise him in the presence of others. 3. Insist on changing him. 4. Refuse to be friends with his friends. 5. Try to show him off. 6. Make him into a cushion carrier or an additional servant. 7. Insist on constant entertaining in the house and out of it when he is tired and wants a smoke and his cosy slippers. 8. Despise his homespun qualities, you have had time in the day to improve your 18

social qualities while he has been hard at work. 9. Run down his mother or other relatives. 10. Get into debt. 11. Neglect him while you run after “higher things.” 12. Use any feminine wiles or neurotic illnesses to make him subservient. GIVE - AND GIVE Dr. Dukes laid those down as golden rules for the wife, but she emphasised a few other assets to a successful marriage, which required concessions from the husband too, For example: “It is said that if marriage is successful there must be a great deal of give and take. I would say it must be all give . . . give, give all the time.” And now from the same Newspaper in October 1938 See if he blushes when you show him this page 1. Does your husband ever try to make up at breakfast-time for a late home-coming the night before? It’s a fateful move, because he’s feeling terrible, and in an effort at light-hearted gaiety he only succeeds in being boisterous. Unforgivable at breakfast-time. 2. Does he try to counteract your early morning feeling with well-meant but misplaced affection? If he persists in pouring milk over your cereal when you don’t particularly want it he ought to be told, and in no uncertain terms. 3. Does he ever slip into the fatal error of talking business over the tea-cups? Or does he lecture you about the overdue account with Mr. Starch, the grocer? If he does he wants bullying. 4. Will he persist in smoking between courses and then choking himself, unpleasant enough, and refusing to eat another mouthful? Somehow this type of man conveys the impression that it’s all your fault. 5. Does he spread the morning paper all over the table and never speak a word? Does he, in addition to this, hold his cup out from behind this barrage for a refill, without even looking up? 6. Finally, does he make a habit of being bad-tempered at breakfast? Heaven knows, we most of us feel like it. But the grumpy husband should be made to learn that whereas he can go out and get away from it all, you have got to remain with the breakfast-table atmosphere all day. To bring us up to the present day - the following sign was recently sent to me

Quiz Break or worse I got married for better He could do no better and I could do no worse. 19

Safety And Security Tips Dipping refers to the practice of slipping your hand into someone’s bag or pocket and removing a wallet or purse, ideally without the victim knowing. In reality the victim usually realises a split-second after it’s happened – too late! You’re most likely to be dipped in an area congested with slow-moving people, like a street market, metro-station or commercial centre. The thieves operate in teams. Two of them work their way into positions directly fore and aft of the target, others are close by. At some convenient point the monkey in front will turn, or stop suddenly, causing a concertina effect. When the victim recoils, the one behind will dip and quickly pass the spoils to a nearby accomplice. A variation of the technique is used in the moving column on a busy escalator. What can you do to minimise the risk? Hold your shoulder bag, handbag or shopping bag in front of you like a sporran while you pass through a congested area. Remember last month’s advice! Your bank notes, credit cards, passport etc should be separate anyway, in a purse or wallet on your person. Put your other hand in or on the pocket containing your wallet or purse. If you are deliberately browsing in a congested area, don’t carry a handbag and keep your hand on your money and credit cards at all times. If the worst happens remember to scream, “Ladron,” and focus on the culprit. Try to establish two or three firm points of identification as opposed to a general description. Keep them in your mind until the police arrive, hopefully to conduct an immediate street search. As an aside, don’t hesitate to e-mail the author with queries about this or any other article in the series. He is also interested in hearing from anybody who has experienced a new or unusual criminal encounter. Next month; Diversions. By Michael Knowles Email:





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7 8 5 7







6 2 3 8

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8 9

3 8 3 4 1 25

A Weekend Of History ,Tranquillity And Shopping In mid September the opportunity arose for me to take an unexpected weekend away in Andalucia. In one way the timing could not have been worse due to the commitments of the magazine but then again, on a personal level it could not have come at a better time for me. And so, I persuaded Jerry to come along on a trip down south. After a long drive down to the Costa del Sol we headed away from the traffic congestion of the coast and inland towards the beautiful town of Ronda which we found to be slightly cooler and certainly much greener than the Costa Blanca. All around us we saw open fields used for the growing of crops (grain), many varieties of trees including the cork oak tree from which cork is harvested. Cattle were in many fields, each with its own tinkling cow bell. Set in the mountain range of the Serranía de Ronda and on the edge of a gorge 120metres deep Ronda is not a large bustling town and only has a population of 33,500 and it is reported to be one of the oldest towns in Spain. Its history can be dated back to Prehistoric times with much evidence still visible of its time under Roman rule and later during the reign of the Muslims who were finally expelled during the conquest of the town by the Catholic Kings in 1485. During the 1700s the most significant and emblematic monuments of the town were built, such as the New Bridge which dates from 1793, constructed by José Martín de Aldehuela. It is home to Spain’s oldest bullring, inaugurated during the festival of May 1785. Pedro Romero (1754-1839) was the most important figure in the art of bullfighting in this area during that time. The bullring has an excellent museum. Ronda’s Ancient Bridge is of Moorish origin and was built sometime between the 11th and 16th centuries. Also dating from the Moorish times are the Arab Baths, built at the end of the 13th century. The heating system that was used dated from Roman times and the water was supplied via a small aqueduct and water wheel. Consisting of three chambers, the centre chamber is the most impressive having small star shaped ‘windows’ in the roof in order to allow light to enter. The Arch of King Philip V (1742) can be seen on the pathway down towards the Ancient Bridge. It is decorated with the coat of arms of the Borbon Royal Family. 26

There are many places to see and museums to visit in Ronda. There are numerous narrow pedestrianised streets filled with bars, restaurants and shops galore which range from the small tourist shops to the larger stores one would normally expect to find in the cities. Should you require tranquillity take a break from the tourist areas and enjoy a relaxing walk away from the town centre. Enjoy the dry, clean and fresh air of the mountains. Another part of our trip to Andalucia was to have a visit to Gibraltar. From Ronda we took the A369 towards Algeciras passing by many of the ‘pueblos blancos’ on our way down to the coast. Atajate is said to be the smallest pueblo blanco on the white villages route with less than 200 inhabitants. Upon reaching the border area between Spain and Gibraltar we decided to park in the Spanish town of La Linea and walk across into Gibraltar, thereby avoiding the long queues of vehicles. Having shown our passports it was a ten minute walk to the square at the start of the pedestrianised Main Street. This is where you find all the shops you used to see back in the UK such as BHS, M&S, Peacocks, Next, Dorothy Perkins etc. It is important to know that should you wish to spend your Euros here, you will be given an appalling exchange rate. At the time we were there this averaged 1,70€ to 1GBP when nearer to 1,20€ would have been more accurate. Taking the cable car to the top of the rock is the quickest route. However, in many places, including outside the cable car entrance, you will come across companies offered you a long mini bus trip around Gibraltar. Be warned that should you go up to see the apes it is wise NOT to take carrier bags with you. The apes believe that all bags will contain food and will therefore do their best to steal these from you. If you are caught feeding anything to the apes you will be fined 500GBP. Remember also that they are wild animals who can give very nasty bites. Although pleased to have visited Gibraltar I was happy to leave this small British territory behind and head back inland to the peace and beauty of the countryside. A selection of colour photographs from the Andalucian villages, Ronda and Gibraltar can be found on our website.


On The Run ON THE RUN - DUO, TRIO OR 4 PIECE BAND If you are looking live music for your event, whether it’s in a club, a bar or an auditorium, then “ON THE RUN” should be your first stop. “ON THE RUN” as a guitar duo, trio or even a full four piece band, can supply the style and quality of music you are looking for. “ON THE RUN” can bring the style and power you need, with a variety of music from groups such as, The Doors, Bad Company, Rolling Stones, Skynyrd, Bo Diddley etc to early stars such as Johnny Cash, Guy Mitchell and The Everly Brothers. Those who have yet to hear them play are in for a real treat. On September 5th they appeared at El Triskel Disco Bar in Coveta Fuma where the crowds, a mix of Spanish and English, loved every minute of their non-stop 2 hour slot, at the end shouting out for more. In mid September they were live in the studios of OCI radio for 50 minutes and have been asked to return. “ON THE RUN” are JAMES (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar) James joined his first band “Pentagon” at the age of 17. This band played warm up to many top bands including the Bay City Rollers - In the early years playing in different bands was a great way for him to gain experience. During his music career James began singing more and more vocals, and finally became lead vocalist with a five piece rock band called “Tequila”. Tequila became one of Ireland’s most demanded touring rock bands, playing the Irish circuit for many years. PETE (Lead guitar) Pete is an exceptionally talented guitarist, equally at home playing fast lead riffs, or playing slide guitar with an (empty) bottle or glass. He started to play guitar when he was around 14-15 years old, playing a lot of Ramones and Sex Pistols covers with his school friends in the early 90’s. Later he moved to Amsterdam where he played in a lot of bands, the best by far being the Julius E. Green band, a great blues, r ‘n’ b, soul, funk, reggae cover band. A couple of years later, he moved down to Spain. RON (Bass guitar/vocals) Ron started playing lead guitar in 1959. In 1965 he was invited by Jan Akkerman to join “The Hunters” as a bass player. “The Hunters” had a top hit in 1966 with “The Russian Spy and I”. In 1969 he played bass guitar in a band called “Ginger Ale” who had a big hit in Holland with “The Flood”. He also played bass guitar in a famous Dutch Beatles tribute band called “Penny Lane” and later “The Bootleg Doors”, who played all over the world. His last band in Holland was De Maskers until they split up in April 2008. In June 2008 he moved to Spain.  VENUES Apart from individual venues throughout the area,” On the Run” are regular performers at the Royal Carvery, near El Campello; Restaurant La Venteta on the road between Muchamiel and Tangel; George’s Bar at Bonalba Golf Resort. For bookings,dates and further information check out the web site or e-mail or call James on 637 071 255 28

Party Time Telephone 661 145 105 We Deliver Cool Draught Beer To Your Door, Just Like You Get At The Local Bars But Cheaper! With Our Excellent Prices Everything You Need Is Delivered & Set Up For You. After The Party We’ll Come & Remove It. It’s Cheaper & More Convenient For You - No More Need To Carry Heavy Bottles Or Cans From The Supermarket & Then Chill Them - With Draught Beer It Is Chilled For You. Get That Party Organised & Call Us Today email :


Charities, Clubs And Events Asociacion Protectora de Animales El Campello has a charity shop on Avda Germanies which is open Mon - Sat 10am - 2pm. Tel. 965 633 547, 24 hr. emergency number 687 398 507. To adopt a dog call Eve on 965 699 028. For more info about APAC contact Ian on 965 634 899 or 677 993 649 The APAC raised 1,150€ at their annual auction held at Bar Sin Problemas, Coveta Fuma, on14th September. The money will go to support the rescue of abandoned dogs and cats in the area. BUSOT BOOT SALE, First Sunday of each month 9am - 2pm ( Setup from 8am). Booking essential, Table fee Proceeds to Abandoned Animal care. Location: Balconias, Casa De Cultura, Busot. (Rear of TONOS and CASA Restaurants) Call Sally 636518268, Richard 639050128 or email Busot Ladies Club, Casa de Cultura Meet Mondays 10am - 1pm. Lots of activities to suit everyone. For more information contact Mary on 965 699 291 or email to Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy, El Campello hold a church service on Sundays at 12.00 in the chapel behind the main church in the grounds of Salesianos school. Everyone welcome. If directions are needed please don't hesitate to contact Flavia on 666 002 519 or Liz on 965 652 845. Alternatively you can take a look at our website at Exercise Classes, Polideportivo, Busot. Wednesdays 18.00-19.00 and Fridays 17.3018.30 all-over fitness for ladies. Wednesdays 19.00-20.00 and Fridays 18.30-19.30 general exercise for men and women. Get fit for free - no charge. Tel. Beatrix on 965 959 195 or 618 043 582 HELP Campello, San Juan & district provides an English speaking voluntary service to provide mainly: interpreters for visits to doctors & hospitals (call Christina on 965 653 479) - some equipments like wheelchairs, crutches, walkers etc... for short term loan (call Vera on 965 633 332) - liaison with Servicios Sociales (call Françoise on 965 638 259). If you would like to volunteer to help, call Françoise! Second Chance Charity Shops support a number of world projects such as Sightsavers, Save the Children, 5 Kenyan orphans, Education for Life, a Spanish lady working in Romania with orphaned teenagers living in sewers, and more... Their shops are as follows :- Albir - opening 10 -2 Mon - Sat. Alfaz del Pi - opening 9.30 1.30 Mon - Sat (Tel. 966 860 222) and Finestrat opening 10 - 2 Mon - Sat (Tel. 965 878 229). Please support these very worthy causes. Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas, Castalla runs a dog shelter near to Castalla International. For donations, sponsoring or volunteering please email or call the president Juan on 646 682 209 between 08.30 & 13.00 hrs (Spanish), Sue on 690 719 675 between 10.00 & 14.00 and 17.00 & 19.00 hrs (English & Spanish spoken) or Marilene on 965 562 085 or 669 755 920 between 10.00 & 14.00 and 17.00 & 19.00 hrs (Dutch, English & Spanish). The English Speaking Club, San Juan & District, Los Perales, Camino Real de Villajoyosa 22, El Campello. Tel. 965 943 995 or email Run by volunteers & with bar prices that can't be equalled. Open Wednesday & Sunday between 12 noon & 2.30pm. Come and find out about our available activities, incl. line dancing, whist, art, quilting, quizzes, monthly dinner dance etc. 31 Please tell our advertisers you saw them in the Mellow Magazine

Understanding Your Computer Back to Basics [1]: The keyboard After all this high brow techno-stuff we felt it was time to return to the basics of computing. Computers are generally about input and output, and how that happens. Output is generally via a monitor or printer and few of us really care about how the computer manages that (even less of us really understand it fully). What is more important to us is how we tell the computer to do what we want it to do. We do this, mostly, by means of two “human interface devices” namely the keyboard and the mouse. This month we will start to look at the keyboard. The keyboard can be a bit tricky. Firstly whilst most of the western world keyboards look similar there are differences between them. Classically the keyboards we deal with mostly here at SandS are U.K. and Spanish; just these two can cause problems if you are used to one form and find yourself having to use the other form. Simply entering an email address is, itself, not straightforward because the two keyboards have the “@” symbol in completely different places!! So let’s break the keyboard down into sections first then tackle each section one at a time. Whilst the main part of the keyboard looks like an ordinary type-writer keyboard DON’T BE FOOLED!!! There are several very significant differences from a type-writer keyboard. Some keyboards have none standard keys added (such as to turn up the volume, send emails or start programs), we will not be addressing these keys as these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Similarly laptops have different layouts and an additional “Fn” key, again we cannot really cover these here, but you will find many of the keys referred to below on your keyboard but not necessarily where they are described here. We are going to divide the keyboard into 4 sections: The QWERTY section, the numeric pad, the cursor control keys and the function keys. The QWERTY section is so-called because of the first six keys on the top row of letters. This section can be subdivided into the alphanumeric (letters and numbers) keys, key modifiers and other keys. The first thing to note about the alphanumeric keys is that the letters and numbers are located on different places on the keys themselves. This is not just for effect; it is significant! The location of the character (letter, number, symbol, punctuation mark, etcetera) tells you how to access that particular character. Many characters can only be accessed by combining the key with a key modifier (a key that does not input a character itself but solely modifies what another key does). If you look at the diagram below you can see that the key is divided into quadrants. The letters are printed as capitals on the upper left quadrant of the key because when you press the key with the Shift (often marked with an up arrow []) key you get the capital form of the letter. The numbers, however, are printed in the bottom left quadrant because you just press the key to get the 32

number, the character in the top right quadrant (e.g. on the key for the number 1 it is an exclamation mark [!]) is again obtained by pressing the key with the shift key. Some keys have characters on the bottom right of the key (e.g. on the UK keyboard the 4 key has the € symbol, on the Spanish keyboard the 2 key has the @ symbol). This character is obtained by pressing the key with either the Alt Gr key or the Ctrl (Control) and Alt (Alternative) keys together. Other keyboard, such as the Swiss, have characters on the top right of certain keys, these are accessed by pressing the key with either the Shift and Alt Gr or the Shift, the Ctrl and the Alt keys. The “other” keys in this section include 4 very important keys. Firstly (and probably the most important key on the keyboard) is the Enter (a.k.a. Return sometimes shown with an arrow pointing down then to the left [ ]). This is the key that either starts a new line in Word processors or says the computer “OK get on with it” when you are running windows based programs. The second key is the Esc (Escape) key. This key is almost the opposite of the Enter key in that it often says “Forget it” or “Stop what you are doing I want to get off” to the computer. Thirdly there is the Backspace (shown with an arrow pointing left []) which deletes characters to the left of the cursor in word processors. Finally there is the Tab (shown with both left and right arrows pointing to a line [ and ]) which moves the cursor a defined number of spaces forwards or backwards (the Back Tab is obtained with the shift key) in a word processor. However, the Tab key is also useful to move from Field (entry box) to Field in online forms. There are, usually, 4 more ”other” keys: a Caps Lock (Bloq Mayús on Spanish keyboards) which is what is says it is it locks the letter keys to type capital letters (it does not affect the other keys), there are 2 Windows Logo (usually shown with the Windows logo on it []) keys which is a quick way to access the Windows Start menu, finally there is the Application (shown with an image of a menu with a cursor on it [ ] which activates the Context Specific Menu (this will discussed in detail next month). Next month we will look at the other section of the keyboard. Websites you may find interesting: 1. Hot dogs 2. Spotted dick 3. Omelette 4. Cauliflower 5. Trifle 6. Cake 7. Pickle 8. Fish fingers 9. Spring rolls 10. Spam 11. Marmalade 12. Jacket potato 13. Crackers 14. Apple pie 15. Cottage pie 16. Toast 17. Ham 18. Chips 19. Stew 20. Waffle

Answers To Quiz Break Thanks to Steve Watson of SandS Computers for supplying the monthly articles about Understanding Your Computer. See his advert on page 23.


Todo Pino Todo Pino opened their doors for the first time to the general public on 2nd July 2008 & the instant success has stunned the owners, who are now busy searching for a bigger warehouse to stock an even wider range of stunning Pine & Oak furniture, manufactured in the UK by the market leaders: Devonshire Pine. Todo Pino’s success stems from the high quality of furniture they sell with everything manufactured in either solid pine or oak with all items featuring dovetail joints & solid tongue & grooved timber to the back of all the carcass’s. No melamine here! And prices are well below what you would expect to pay for such quality. Everything is available for immediate delivery & comes fully assembled, larger pieces can be disassembled & reassembled to aid delivery at no extra cost! New stock is arriving constantly & any special items can be added to their next order. As well as bedroom furniture, Todo Pino also stock occasional furniture for the lounge or home - office, including nests of tables, dining tables & chairs, computer tables & units, Welsh Dressers, book cases, corner units, TV units, CD & DVD racks & various chests of drawers with various configurations. Just recently Todo Pino have begun wholesaling furniture to other selected businesses on the Costa Blanca & a selection of Todo Pino’s furniture can also be found at Jatoly’s Discount Store in Albir & at Tess-ko’s Supermarket in Muchamiel. If you have a store & would like to stock their superb range of furniture, give them a call today or pop in & see them & see what they can do for you Tel: 678 337 638. 34


Problems with your computer? We provide first class repairs in your own home. We can also assist you in setting up your computer system.

Call Steve on 965 636 288 36

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STENZZA home coffee maker 80.00€ Tel. 639457778 COOKER extraction hood 40.00€ Tel. 639457778 DISPLAY Unit. Bought from Conforama 18 months ago, no room in new house. 35€ Tel:663174887 FAGOR innovation dishwasher - silver,12 months old cost 529.00€ new 350.00€ ono Tel. 639457778 DVDs, various recent titles rated 12 to 18. Comedy, Horror etc, ideal for carbooters? 15€ the lot. Tel:663174887 CASIO electric till 12 months old 60.00€ Tel. 639457778 8 KIDS DVDs, Stuart little 1&2, Herbie, Treasure Island etc, carbooters or grans house? 10€. Tel:663174887 ROCA White Sink & Pedestal Unit. (W64 D50cm) Perfect condition 25€ .Tel. Glyn 965 699 182 or email 150 Original videos for sale @ 50 cents each Tel. 966876188 or email me Black dining table 1 x 1.9 mts. 100€, Solid pine chest of drawers 25€, Wooden Hat stand mahogany 40€, Sofa bed in good condition 100€, 1.5 kg washing machine fully automatic 80€, Computer monitor 20€ Tel. 965 65 4887 / Mob.647 874 375

Property Sales & Lets •

Restored Spanish Finca, beautiful location, simply Spanish. 5 bedrooms, pool needs some repair, grounds of 2,200mt. Needs to be seen! Fully legal offers around 240,000€. Many extras included! Tel for appointment viewing 666911545

Superb house to rent or buy. Full details on or send email to 2 bed modern villa for long/short rent. Immaculately presented near the picturesque village of Busot with panoramic mountain views together with distant views of Alicante. The property affords a communal pool area, ample secure parking, satellite television and sofa bed to accommodate an extra 2 people. Tel. 965221409 mobile 610087607 (Dec) Historic Townhouse, Villajoyosa, 5 min from sea. New roof, new electrics, new plumbing. Full escritura and legal! Price 100,000€ or reasonable offers accepted! Tel. 666911545 Luxury Brand New 3 Bed Fully Furnished Villa in Cala Merced, Private Cul-desac Location, Beautiful Sea Views, 10 mins Walk To Secluded Sandy Beach, Lovely Pool, Garage, Large Fully Equipped Kitchen, Well Maintained Gardens and Grounds. Available November 2008 to April 2009. References required. 850€ pcm. Contact Louise 0034 677298881 or

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Car Boot Items - books, toys, clothes, bric-a-brac & baby items. Will collect. Tel. Sally on 635343867

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D.A.ARDLEY Antique restorer 46 Years/City & Guilds. Tel. 965 634 508 Window cleaning service. Campello, Muchamiel, San Juan & surrounding areas. Reliable, professional service. From 20€ Tel.: 965221730 or 636537945 (Oct) Losing Satellite Programmes? Fault finding service, Dish realignment, LNB replacement. 2nd Set Top Box s No card required for free to air sky. 75€ each. Call Bob 965221409 or Mobile 689291753 (Dec) General maintenance/Handyman available for general D.I.Y,garden tidies,pool cleaning.No job too small Contact Colin on 693580342. Domestic Appliance & Electrical Repairs by experienced engineer. Washing Machines, Cookers, Microwaves etc. Tel. 965 960 665 / Mobile 687 625 642 (Aug) General Plumbing & Central Heating Installations & Repairs. Established since 1979. Phone Richard on Mobile 680 190 794 / Home 965 975 019 (Aug) KEA cleaning services houses and apartments, cleaned to your standards. Daily, weekly monthly or changeovers. Tel. Sally on 635343867 Mechanic, former MOT tester. For all your ITV needs & repairs. Vehicles collected & delivered. Tel. 675485613 (Dec) Sexual Health testing! Assured Confidentiality, HIV/AIDS testing, counselling and support. Call 666911545

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DRUMMER WANTED FOR ESTABLISHED BAND. For details email Guitar lessons (Alicante Centre), all styles of music. For details and appointments Contact Peter ("On The Run") on 689 272 699 or email

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Looking for Sales Reps / Tele Sales commision base, euros plus euros in your pocket!! PART TIME SALES REPS working from home - or - sales reps. For more details please call 646 383 078 Scottish lady lived in Altea now for 26 years seeks part time employment in reception 966885237 Hard working British Female 23years old Needs work, anything considered from one night/day a week to full time in the El Campello area. Willing to travel via tram & start asap. Tel.00447825549751

To advertise in the classified page call 647 597 319 or email to Alternatively, send them via the Private ads under 100€ are free online and will also appear in the magazine where space is available. Items over 100€ are charged at :6€ For up to 20 words, 9€ up to 30 words, 12€ up to 40 words. No pets/livestock ads can be accepted in the classified section. Payment must be made before ads appear. Deadline for receipt/payment of ads - 15th of each month


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Jokes A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlour and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool. After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split. The waitress asked kindly, “Crushed nuts?” “No,” he replied, “Arthritis. --------------------------------------------------------Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman on his arm. A couple of days later, the doctor spoke to Morris and said, "You're really doing great, aren't you?" Morris replied, "Just doing what you said, Doc: 'Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.'" The doctor said, "I didn't say that. I said, 'You've got a heart murmur; be careful." --------------------------------------------------------Why did the blonde put lipstick on her forehead? Because she was trying to make up her mind. --------------------------------------------------------Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms? They think their picture is being taken. --------------------------------------------------------Did you hear about the two blondes that were found frozen to death in their car at a drive-in movie theatre? They went to see "Closed for the Winter." 41

Driving In Spain Many people who come to Spain find the change in driving or riding quite daunting, but with a little help, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy getting about, safely. To drive or ride safely you need to have the ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle relative to everything else on the road. An accident or near miss usually means a loss of control, due to a lapse in your own skill, or a lack in concentration. Being aware of your own capabilities, the characteristics of your vehicle, and the traffic and road conditions will all have a bearing on yours and others safety. When on the road, traffic and road conditions change constantly, and the good driver or rider is the one who is aware of these changes in advance so that their positioning, and their speed is correct in order to deal with that change. The next time you are out on the road, be honest with yourself, and notice how far ahead you look. Now, try looking further ahead than you would normally, and you will see any changes in road or traffic conditions much earlier which will give you more time to deal with them safely. Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but you will be surprised at how many accidents or near misses occur just because drivers and riders do not look as far ahead as they should do. Forward observation and awareness allow you to adjust your positioning and speed in plenty of time to deal with the conditions safely, and progress on your journey with the minimum of stress. The fact you are now in Spain should not deter you from getting about. Yes, they drive on the other side of the road, yes they do not always indicate or can appear confused at roundabouts, but you cannot change the driving habits of a whole nation. What you can do, is hone your skills, and improve your awareness so that your journey is safe and enjoyable. There are many road conditions here that we don’t have to generally deal with, such as fog, ice or snow. However, due to the lack of rain, the roads can have loose gravel, diesel and rubber deposits on them, which build up over a period of time. So, we are back to awareness and observation, by raising your view, and taking in what’s ahead of you, the build up of gravel on the approach to the roundabout, the dark patches on the road which could suggest diesel or rubber, you will be able to adjust your speed, do your braking and position yourself to deal with the problem before they catch you out. Remember, be safe and enjoy your journey. Thanks to Tony Baxter for his tips on driving in Spain. See his advert on page 8

Local Translator / Interpreter Per sonal and business, meetings, pho ne c a l l s , vi s i ts , l e tte r s , documents.... Help with N.I.E / Residency, Notaries, Schools, Doctors & Hospitals, Proper ty, Police and Paperwork. Rates from 10€/hour or 5cents/wor d Call Mar k on 639- 692985




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