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February 2008


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Bar Pequeño - Más Grande Restaurant & Bar

Tel: 965635030 / 965636909 Mobile: 617944030

Premiership football & rugby shown on Large Screen TV Draught Marston’s Pedigree Bitter 2.60 / pint Strongbow 2.60 / pint Mahou 2.20 / pint

Live Music in Feb

Fri 8th - Cher Tribute - Kerry Knight Fri 22nd - Francis Alan sings Sinatra, Diamond, Cliff

In The Restaurant

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Smoking and Non-Smoking areas

Menu Del Dia 7.50€ per person Traditional Sunday Lunches Served from 1pm to 7pm (Booking Advisable) Wide Range of Home Made Traditional Meals Served Throughout The Week Snack Menu Available

NEW Spice King Authentic Indian Cuisine - Curries At Their Best

Madras - Korma - Balti - Vegetable Balti - Chicken Tikka Massala . . . . . 10% Discount on Takeaway

Entertainment In addition to Live Music twice a month, we also have a weekly Fun Quiz Night on Tuesdays at 8.30 and have some very special events lined up for you.

Belly Dancing Starts 21st Feb. A great way to lose weight - call in for more details

Valentine’s Day Special

Feb 14th for all you wonderful romantic people out there. 2 and 3 course menus available 2 course 9.95€ 3 course 14.95€ Booking Advisable

Murder Mystery Evening

If you like to meet and enjoy lots of friendly interesting people then don’t miss this very special fun evening. Call Ally or Eddie for more information

How To Find Us

From the N332 take the road from Zanadu towards Campello, over the first roundabout, over the railway and take the first left. From Campello take the road up the hill past the port and turn right just before the railway bridge (by the flashing 50 sign). Bar Pequeño is at the front of the square in Pueblo Español, a few hundred yards along the road.

Open Monday to Saturday 11am to 4pm, 7pm to late. Sundays 11am to Late Avon - Betterware - Apartments & House Rentals and Sales

From The Editor

Welcome to February, the month of love. If you haven’t yet arranged a romantic meal out for the love of your life then take a look at this months advertisers to see what they are offering; and for those delicious chocolate boxes pay a visit to the sweet shops in Campello. So many people have been down with horrible colds and viruses this winter and I hope that you’ve all recovered by now. The New Year (I know it seems ages ago now) began with the addition to our website of the classified section, so why not start Spring cleaning and sell those unwanted items that are cluttering up garage space or stuffed in cupboards in the spare room. There is also the new message board where you can go and praise your local services, ask other readers for advice, have a good old moan or whatever. Don’t forget the “What’s On” guide where our advertisers can tell you of what they have planned for your entertainment over the coming weeks. A few new advertisers can be found this month ranging from bars under new management to concrete services, French polishing, kitchen designers, pool services and more. We have an article written by the Clinica Veterinaria in El Campello, which we hope will become a regular feature. There are also articles about domestic violence, the Chinese New Year as well as the usual monthly features. The start of February is carnaval time here in Spain so all that remains is for me to wish you happy fiestas. Enjoy the magazine! Lorraine...x Our website allows you to read the magazine online or even download your own copy. You can even see the local weather forecast for the day or week and check for flight arrivals and departures. There is also a “What's On” guide that covers local events. Don' t forget, if you are an advertiser with events planned that you can add them to this listing yourself. Call Jerry for more information on doing this. If you have anything that you want to submit to us, be it a short story, poem, recipe or even an article that you feel may be of interest please contact us on the telephone numbers below or by email, also supplied below. Jerry Lorraine Email

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Please note the closing date for receipt of adverts is the 15th of the preceding month. The Mellow Magazine accepts no responsibility for services, work or goods provided by any of our advertisers. This magazine must not be reproduced or used for any purpose without first obtaining written permission.

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We are a private medical centre, fully licensed & with English speaking doctors.

Dr. D. Miguel Corty Friedrich C/ Dr Brotons 28, Bajo C Next to the National Health Surgery

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When It Comes To The Crunch This month our quiz, once again provided by Sheila Harris, is on the theme of biscuits All the answers are either sweet or savoury biscuits. To see if you got them correct check out the answers on page 30. 1 Red Heads 2 Do you want either of these two words on your apple pie? 3 Mad Milk Product 4 Do these Orange Buns come from Israel? 5 I thought Mr. Barlow from ‘Take That’ had hair 6 A Girls Name 7 Cooker with Door Handles 8 A Dart of Pleat 9 Sounds like an American Whiskey 10 Not Tall Loaves 11 Are these as lovely as they sound? 12 A little fruit takes a tumble 13 Fiesta Circles 14 Apples & Pears little buns? 15 Smiling eyes and mouth 16 A caveman uses this to take you home 17 Win one at the fair and add a milk product 18 A Lucky Avoider 19 A County Town in England 20 Is this biscuit a bedtime drink? 21 Royalty 22 Is he from Batman? 23 A Wealthy Drink 24 You do not need antacid with these

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The Things We Say Origins of the phrases we use every day. To Add Insult To Injury (Roman ) This suggests a second remark makes an already bad situation even worse. It is supposed that the origin of this saying dates back to 25 BC and a book of fables by the Roman writer Phaedrus, in his book “ The bald man & the fly “, he describes a fly stinging a bald man on the top of his head. The man attempts to kill the fly with a hard slap, the fly jumps off leaving the man to slap only his head. The fly then insults the man for trying to kill it, therefore the man not only received an injury by the bite but also suffered the indignity and making it worse by being insulted by the fly. Someone Who Is A Real Brick. ( Greek ) They are complemented on their reliability and their solid dependable nature. The ancient Greek legend of the city of Sparta tells a story of its king, Lycurgus, who had failed to build defensive walls around his kingdom, as was the custom of the day. When questioned about this the king is said to have pointed to his soldiers and replied ‘But I have a wall, and every man is a brick’ Lily Livered. ( Greek) A term used for cowards or cowardly behaviour. The ancient Greeks had the custom of sacrificing an animal on the eve of each battle and the animals liver was considered a major omen. If it was red and full blooded all the signs were positive but if the liver was pale and lily- coloured, it was thought to signify bad tidings. The Greeks also believed the liver of a cowardly person was pale and lily-coloured. Someone Who Has Lost Their Bottle ( Sport ) Means they have lost their nerve and their bravery. The phrase originates from the world of bare knuckle prize fighting in the late 19th and 20th centuries. One of the fighters seconds was known as the ‘ bottle man ‘ his job was to supply water to the fighter between rounds. It wasn’t unusual for a bottle man to be asked to walk away when a fighter was taking a beating. The phrase ‘ lost his bottle man’ was later shortened and widely used to describe cowardly behaviour. The Full Monty ( Literature ) Means the whole lot - the maximum available. In 1904 the tailors, Montague Burton ( Burtons ) opened their first hire shop in Chesterfield. They made it possible for a man to hire not just a suit for a special occasion but an entire outfit, suit, shirt, tie, shoes and socks. Those opting for the full set were known to be wearing the ‘Full Monty ‘. Our sincere thanks to Robert Littler of Jijona for his monthly explanations of the phrases we use in our daily lives. 

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As A Matter Of Fact Hi This month I’m going to give you a chance to see if you know any facts. You decide if it is TRUE or FALSE. Skin can burn. TRUE. The sun contains harmful rays that can burn your skin. That’s why you should always wear sunscreen lotion and a hat on hot, sunny days. Skin can heal itself. TRUE. If you cut yourself, your blood dries and makes a scab. New skin grows under the scab, then the scab drops off. Your toenails grow faster than your fingernails. FALSE. Your fingernails grow a little bit faster - about 1 mm in two weeks. Bones can be broken. TRUE. Broken bones are wrapped in plaster or plastic while they mend. Exercises make muscles bigger. TRUE. Special exercises, such as lifting weights, make muscles bigger and stronger. It’s easier to frown than smile. FALSE. Every time you frown, you use 42 muscles in your face. Smiling uses just 17 muscles. Keep smiling! My brain always tells me what to do. FALSE. If you are in danger, your body can react without your brain telling it to. This is called a reflex action. Sneezing helps me breathe. TRUE. Sneezing pushes bits of dust and germs out of your nose so you can breathe properly. People with big brains are wise. FALSE. Your brain is about half the size of your head. A big one doesn’t make you wise or clever. Humans have five senses. TRUE. Our five senses are touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Your brain carries on working while you’re asleep. TRUE. So do your heart and lungs, but they all work more slowly than when you are awake. The moon shines with its own light. FALSE. Moonlight is sunshine bouncing off the Moon towards us. Sally...x Sally can be contacted by email. Her address is Have you seen the new classified ads section on our website? Buy & Sell online now

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Asociacion Protectora de Animales de El Campello. APAC. Our charity shop on Avda Germanies is open Mon - Sat 10.00-14.00. The shop tel. number is 96.563.3547. 24-hour mobile number 687.398.507. Become a member of our Association or make a donation direct by contacting C.A.M. cuenta 209000663000401192-73. To adopt one of our dogs contact Eve on 96.569.9028. JG vets in Muchamiel give all our animals a clean bill of health before adoption. Last year we rescued & treated over 300 animals. Without your support & our hard working volunteers a lot of animals would suffer. You may not have time in your life to own a dog full time but for as little as 2€ per week you can sponsor one of our dogs. Your sponsorship donations will go towards the upkeep of your sponsored dog and that of others who are being looked after by APAC. For more information contact Ian 96.563.4899. or 677.993.649. RAINBOW GROUP COSTA BLANCA. Support group offering help and support for Gay, Lesbian and Transexuals. All age groups. 666 911 545 Busot Ladies Club, Casa de Cultura meet from 10.00 until 13.30hrs on Mondays apart from fiestas. Please renew your membership. Come and join us for a coffee and a chat. For more info contact Mary on 965699291. Email contact can be made to: Feb.11th Ladies fashion show Other weeks usual activities - no speakers booked yet but check at club. Trip to Casino, show, dance & meal. Contact Teresa on 671187616 for more details. TBA end of month - Day out Bowling at Albir. If interested ring Margaret 627229442 Mon & Weds 17.30 - 18.30 Pattern making and cutting. Mon & Weds 18.30 - 19.30 Dancing lessons for adults Tues & Weds 17.30 - 18.30 Dancing lessons for children Pensionista Club meets Sat & Sun 18.00 - 21.00. To join bring copy of NIE, 2 photos & 13 Euros for years membership. The English Speaking Club, San Juan & District Los Perales, Camino Real de Villajoyosa 22, El Campello. Tel.: 965652114. The club has more than 400 English speaking, active members from many nationalities who meet on a Wednesday and a Sunday between 12 noon and 2.30pm. Come along and find out about our available activities and when they take place. They include Petanc, Patchwork Quilting, Linedancing, Quizzes, Whist, as well as a monthly dinner dance. Run by volunteers & with bar prices that can’t be equalled. Make friends & join the fun. Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy—El Campello Church hold a church service every Sunday at 12.00 in a chapel behind the main church in the grounds of the “Salesianos” School. It goes without saying that everybody is very welcome. Coming by road from El Campello take the beach road to Alicante, go past Lidl’s and the petrol station and after crossing the bridge over the dry river bed turn right at the second set of traffic lights (Bernat Metge). Ignore the No Entry sign go straight up the hill and under the arch into the School car park. If coming by tram get off at the stop marked “Salesianos”. If in doubt you can telephone Flavia 666002519 or Liz 96 565 28 45 or see our website 10

BELLY DANCING has arrived in Campello. Classes start on Thursday 21st February 2008 at the Bar Pequeño, Pueblo Español, Campello from 11.30-12.45 so come along, get exotic and exercise while having fun. For more information contact Sue on 635211790 For All Your Insurance Requirements Private Health Insurance with ‘Perpetuo Socorro’

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C/. JUAN SEBASTIAN ELCANO NÂş35 03560 EL CAMPELLO. ALICANTE TLF: 965.63.63.57 Business hours: 10:00-14:00 hours

Dear readers, in this article I am going to concentrate on explaining to you the obligations of the fiscal residents on Spanish grounds. All those are fiscal residents who are on Spanish grounds for more than 183 days of the year, continuously or not, which means that you have your regular residence in Spain and the obligation to present your Income Tax Return of natural persons, independent of the country where you receive your incomes (i. e., it does not matter whether you receive your salaries or pensions from England, Germany, Japan, etc.) The income tax for natural persons is the tax that taxes the available income of the taxpayer. The available income of the taxpayer would be the result of reducing the income by the minimum amount that is established for persons and families. This is how the tax in question can be reduced by pension plan contributions which can reduce the amount of money for the acquisition of the usual property and the donations to foundations. The income understood as the total of the net return are as follows: wages, salaries, pensions from the Social Security, assistance from pension plans, assistance for retirement or invalidity as well as the return of economic activities like investment funds, stock exchange and interest yielded from current accounts. I am going to explain this graphically with the following example: Raymond and Sheila, British, both retired and residents in Spain, receive their pension from the British Government and do not have any properties in England, but own a bungalow in Spain. In this case it would be recommended that they present their Income Tax in Spain as fiscal residents. This year, in January they will have to declare their Income Tax Return in United Kingdom, paying the corresponding tax amount. And in June they will present it at the Spanish Tax Office. However, as they already have declared it in England, and according to the Agreement of the impossibility of the fiscal double taxation, they would be exempted from paying the tax in the Spanish Tax Office. But because of having declared the Income Tax Return in the Spanish Tax Office, the Spanish Tax Office will inform the Inland Revenue in England that both, Raymond and Sheila, will be changed to fiscal residents in Spain. This year would be a transition year, and next year they won’t have the obligation any more to present their Income Tax Return at the Inland Revenue in England, but only have to declare at the Spanish Tax Office.

This article continues on page 15 12

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I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking.... Scared the life out of me. So that’s it. After today, no more reading!


Legal Page Continued From Page 12 Being a Spanish fiscal resident gives you the following advantages: FIRST, being a fiscal resident in Spain, you pay the same tax as you would have paid it at the Inland Revenue in England by the declaration of the Income Tax Return of natural persons. But you will not have to declare the Income and Wealth Tax for non-residents any more, as by you being a fiscal resident in Spain you would be exempted from this declaration in question. On the other hand, if Raymond and Sheila continue to declare their income in England as fiscal residents there, they would have to pay that tax and furthermore in Spain for not being a fiscal resident here, they would also have to present their Income and Wealth Tax of non-residents. Therefore, by being a fiscal resident here in Spain, you would be saving yourself from one tax payment, which is for the Income and Wealth Tax. SECOND ADVANTAGE is in case that in the future you would want to sell your usual property in Spain, the authorities will not keep the 3 % of the selling price of the property, which is obligatory for the non-fiscal residents. Also reminding you that the declaration for the Income Tax Return of natural persons (IRPF) has to be presented between 1st May and 20th June of each year. In any case, I would advise you that let your lawyer act as a consultant for all questions in relation to the determination of the taxable income of the tax in question. In the next edition I will be writing about Drink-Driving as we have received concerns from our readers about knowing the legislation in relation to Drink-Driving. I am advising you now that when you are leaving a BINGO or QUIZ NIGHT: DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR (OR ANOTHER), BUT ASK FOR A TAXI SERVICE.

Our continuing thanks to Eva Segura for her monthly articles. If you have any doubts regarding legal matters contact her direct.

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Storage Media and Devices 2: Removable and Non-removable Storage Devices Last month we talked about removable disks. Time was this was all we had for storage. Before the mid 80’s most computers only had floppy disks and tape drives as storage, then hard disks started to be available as the primary storage device of the computer. We will get on to these later, before that let’s finish talking about removable devices. The latest readily available storage device is the “memory stick” (a.k.a Clip drive or pen drive). This is a small device about the size of a lip-stick, which plugs into a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, which can be found on the back and front of your computer. When connected the computer lists the device as a “Removable drive”. Files can then be copied, moved or deleted in the normal way (this will be covered in detail in next month’s article). Their capacities can be large typically from 512 Mb up to 4 Gb or more. The same technology is used in mp3 players and iPods, so these to can be used as generic storage devices (not just music and/or movies). They can also be written to in the same way. The benefit of these is that their capacities are very large; you can now purchase an iPod with 160 Gb of storage. We now enter the sticky realms of hard-disks. These used to be straightforward until relatively recently. Time was, hard disks were non-removable and that was it. Now it is not so clear, they can be fixed, removable, external or internal! Hard disks are just what they say, they are disks of metal which are rigid as opposed to floppy. Their capacities (in relative terms) are huge. A typical computer bought today will have a 200 Gb hard disk installed. If you buy an external hard disk these can be in excess of 300 Gb. Basically there are 3 types of hard disk (there are more but let’s try to keep it simple). Firstly the basic type of internal hard disk found in virtually all computers between 1 year and 20 years old. This is described as a Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (Parallel ATA or PATA) drive and is non-removable. These drives are fast (relative to removable disks) and can have large capacity. It is also possible to purchase external PATA hard disks. These connect to the computer via the USB port as above. Again they are listed as removable drives. However, PATA drives are being phased out and replaced by Serial ATA (SATA) or SATA 3.0. SATA drives are much faster than the PATA drives being 1.13 times or 2.26 times (with plans for 4.5 times) faster. SATA drives tend to be much larger capacity starting at 200 Gb. Because of their technology it is possible to disconnect these drives while the computer is powered up (so called hot-plug). This has resulted in external SATA drives (called eSATA) which connect via a special SATA connection 16

usually at the back of the computer (such connections are still very new and so relatively rare). Finally, one last point. This is really a point of clarification rather than another storage device. So far we have discussed storage media and devices that are non-volatile (do not require external power to maintain the storage). Memory, or (more correctly) Random Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile storage medium in that it “forgets” the data stored on it when you switch off the computer. It is used by the CPU (the chip) as a kind of work-space where it stores the data it is using. You can think of it as being like the chip’s desk space. A small desk would require you to move stuff off it before you can start something else, a larger desk would not require this. Such shuffling of paper (or data in the case of the chip) takes time. However there is a limit as to how fast you can work no matter how large the desk is. RAM is much the same in that if you have too little your computer will run slowly; adding memory may improve the speed but only up to a certain level. Next month we will look at some of the basics of file management. The above information was kindly supplied by Steve Watson of S&S Computers. Their advert can be seen on page 4.

Have you seen the new classified ads section on our website? Buy & Sell online now at It’s quick, it’s easy and you don’t have to wait for the next magazine. 17

The Chinese New Year February 18th starts the Chinese New Year of 4706 - the year of the rat. Since 1911 the Chinese have adopted the Western calendar but still use their lunar calendar for such festivities as their New Year. Governed by the lunar calendar, Chinese months begin on the darkest day. Not only is the New Year the most important of celebrations in the Chinese calendar but it also lasts the longest. The New Year starts on the first day of the month and continues for two weeks (15 days) until the moon reaches its maximum brightness. Families come together on the eve of the New Year and celebrate with feasts. People wear red clothing and children are given gifts of money inside red envelopes. Chinese legend says the colour red symbolises fire which is believed to drive away bad luck. According to one of the ancient legends surrounding the use of animals in the Chinese calendar Buddha asked all the animals to meet with him on New Year’s eve but only twelve turned up. Buddha named one year after each animal and therefore giving us the twelve year cycle that the Chinese use for dating the years. Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig


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How To Choose A Pet If you are thinking of buying a pet, either for yourself or for your children, please remember that they are living creatures and therefore will need care and consideration from their new owners. Especially in the case of dogs, any attraction that we may feel for a particular breed should not make us forget how large the animal will become when fully grown. Even a tiger looks cuddly when it’s a baby! Do You Choose A Dog or a Cat? A dog is an animal with a strong character and social hierarchy that needs close and permanent contact with the rest of its group - in other words with you and your family. They will also need a clearly identifiable “leader” to follow who will need to be you or the intended new owner. A dog who doesn’t have a leader will become the leader with unfortunate results.

Choosing A Breed of Dog Your own lifestyle and place where you live can be used as guides to the type of dog that would be suitable. For example, if you value family life a poodle or a Labrador might be suitable. If you are very active a German shepherd, with its need for exercise could be good for you. Golden retrievers, Pugs and Leonbergers are peaceful animals so might suit a quiet family. Cats are pets that require less attention than dogs. A cat owner become the cat’s friend rather than its leader. A cat is guided more by a need to play than any hierarchy in its life. They can make ideal pets for someone who has less time to devote to looking after and exercising their animal, but a cat still requires attention, care and as much playing as you have time to give it - unless it decides it wants to sleep, they really are their own masters. Other Pets In recent years there has been a trend towards so called “exotic” pets such as ferrets, spiders and snakes. Think carefully before you purchase such a pet. They still require a great amount of attention and can be very demanding of your time and need more specialised housing. Male or Female? Females tend to be more calm than males but their seasons can lead to discomfort. Males are usually more nervous and tend to try to escape more although good training can help there. How Old? A good age for acquiring a puppy is 10 weeks, long enough to have been with its mother and in contact with humans. 22

Where From? If you can get a pet from a shelter or animal rescue society you will be giving a wonderful gift to the animal and in most cases will also save you money. Remember that your veterinarian is the best person who can provide advice on the care and needs of a pet. Also, don’t forget that your pet is not a toy.

This article on choosing pets was kindly written by Juan Ramón Lorenzo Soto who is one of the vets at Clinica Veterinaria Campello, Calle San Bartolomé, Ed. Mistral. Telephone 965631 780 Note From Lorraine Since the above article was written, Mellow magazine has had the need to call upon the services of Juan and Richard at the Clinica Veterinaria. A few months ago Jeremy and I rescued an abandoned kitten of maybe three or four weeks of age. On January 18th our kitten, Millie disappeared unusually for about twelve hours and when she returned she was unable to stand or walk. We took her to see Richard at Clinica Veterinaria who diagnosed two fractured hips. The care and treatment she received during her four day stay at the clinic was excellent and through the magazine I give my thanks to Richard and Juan.



Dear Editor I planned to start the new year by treating my body healthily so I booked an appointment for a treatment that I had seen advertised in your magazine and even though I was not looking forward to it I felt it was the best start. The treatment was a colonic clean. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but I was invited into a treatment centre which felt very homely as well as clinical. I was shown around and then we sat down for a chat and a health check which I was impressed with. My blood was tested for sugar diabetes, blood pressure, weight, urine sample. It was excellent. Then after this was done I had to remove my bottom clothes and i was covered with a large towel. Everything was explained - and don’t let your mind tell you a big tube is used because it isn’t. The treatment lasted about half hour and feels a little weird but isn’t uncomfortable. After the treatment you go and use the bathroom and then have a great shower before sitting back down and having a fruit drink and going through the results. At this point I was feeling a lot more relaxed and happy and I am going to return and do it again but without the fear of wondering what it was like. I recommend a visit to kick off your new year too. S. Allen Dear Lorraine. Could you please put this in February’s edition of the magazine. I have received a lot of enquiries as a result of the information about Ballroom Dancing in Campello that appeared in the December edition of the magazine. As a result Ballroom dancing is starting on Wednesday 6th February 08 at the Hotel Jorge, San Francisco, 25.Campello from 7-9pm. The room we will be using is where the hotel holds their dinner dances. It is very comfortable with its own small bar. The cost per person will be 5 euros a week to cover the rent. The emphasis has changed slightly from being dance classes to a Ballroom Dancing Club. This has come about because the majority of calls have been from people who have had some experience of dancing, albeit many years ago. I have also received calls from people who have danced quite recently and to a high standard but want the opportunity to dance here in Spain without going too far afield. These people have invariably said that although they are not teachers, they are happy to share their knowledge with other people. Another group of people have said they have never danced at all but are desperate to try it. Because of this vast range of abilities it would be impossible to get a teacher who would satisfy all, so changing it into a ‘club’ rather than classes would seem best. Also by being a club, it would mean that when anyone has visitors or friends, they could join in just even for one evening. I have tried to get back to all those that contacted me to explain this. If I have missed anyone, I’m sorry. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 6th Feb. at 7pm. Anyone wanting more information, please call me, Sue on 635211790. If anyone is able to lend us some music, at least just for the beginning, it would be appreciated. There is a sound system in the room, playing CDs etc.. Could you please include confirmation that belly dancing is starting on Thursday 21st Feb. 11.30-12.45 at the Bar Pequeño in Pueblo Español.It will cost 5euros per head per week for the teacher. Thanks, Sue Wiltshire 24

Dear Mellow Magazine The Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy of Campello would like to thank everyone who attended the Christmas events in support of the Church. Although many people had already left the area to spend Christmas with family and friends, the Christmas lunch, and especially the Carol Service were a success. Forty people enjoyed an excellent dinner served by professional and friendly staff. Thank you a very good time. But the big surprise was the Carol Service which went exceptionally well. We estimated an attendance of over 120 people. In his introduction Father Peter Edwards gave us a brief history of the Anglican Church in Europe and in Spain. This information probably surprised many people who were not only unaware of the presence of the Anglican Church in Spain, but also were ignorant of its long history. The Church in Coveta Fumรก (Campello) was filled to the brim, and the atmosphere of brotherhood that united Anglicans, Roman Catholics and nonChristians, was beautifully consonant with the joyful event of Christmas. We would like to thank the Clergy and the Congregation of Coveta Fumรก for their kind hospitality, and all readers, especially Sara and Amanda, for undertaking a task which many adults find so intimidating. And last but not least we would like to thank Graham for playing with such flair and professionalism. A Carol Service without an organist is not really a Carol Service. So thank you all for attending and for being so generous. Well done! Flavia Pilla, The Church Warden

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I Owe My Mother

1. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT RELIGION - “You better pray that comes out of the carpet.” 2. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME THE SCIENCE OF OSMOSIS - “Shut your mouth and eat your supper.” 3. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME LOGIC - “Because I said so, that’s why.” 4. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT HYPOCRISY - “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. Don’t exaggerate!” 5. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT ENVY - “There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don’t have wonderful parents like you do.” 6. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME IRONY - “Keep crying and I’ll give you something to cry about.” 7. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME WISDOM - “When you get to my age, you’ll understand.” 8. MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT JUSTICE - “One day you’ll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!”


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Valentine Messages •

Brown Bear always love u for eternity love Pola Cub xxx

Happy Anniversary to Clive and Jane at C.J’s

Rob B.: I luv u, Rob Have a very happy Valentines day!!

Adam I like you for always, For as long as I’m living you’ll be My Big Guy! Ear Tug

Roses- The Meaning of Their Colour Don’t just buy any colour roses for your beloved this Valentine’s Day. Check the meaning of the colour first and give the most appropriate. Red roses represent love, beauty, courage and respect. White are for purity and innocence, silence or secrecy, also reverence and humility. Pink should be given as an appreciation, to say ‘thank you’, for perfect happiness and in admiration. (Darker pink - appreciation & gratitude, Light pink - admiration) Yellow roses are for friendship, joy, gladness, delight and the hope or promise of a new beginning. Orange roses denote desire and Professional Home Builders enthusiasm. • All work guaranteed • All employees legal and insured When given together,red and white roses • Free no obligation quote signify unity. A red rosebud is a symbol of purity and loveliness whereas a white rosebud is for youth, a symbol of girlhood. Thornless roses represent love at first sight.

Did you know? 75% of chocolate purchases are made by women all year long but during the run up to Valentine’s Day, 75% of the chocolate purchases are made by men!

Extensions - Roofing - False Ceilings Plastering - Extension Rendering Swimming Pools - Balustrades Driveways & Patios - Retaining Walls Plumbing & Central Heating - Tiling Aluminium Windows Planning Permission

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BEL-AIR Est. 1998

We supply & fit: Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, L.G, Samsung, etc.. or maybe - your old machine just needs a service We also supply: Pool Heaters, Pool Covers, Solar Panels, or Solar Mats for pools FOR SERVICE, QUALITY & EXPERIENCE PHONE NICK TUCKER All major credit cards accepted

Tel/Fax 965 69 90 80 or 965 69 99 54 *Mobile 670 29 78 48 email: 28

Domestic Violence Although February is the month of love, it is not a romantic time for everyone. We received this article from a Spanish social worker to help highlight the hidden plight of many women in Spain and indeed of all nationalities. Domestic violence or violence against women is one of the most serious social problems exiting. Every day there are more women who are able to say “enough” and denounce the situations of abuse: but unfortunately, even today, there remains a very high number who die at the hands of their husbands or partners. Domestic violence was, until recently, sustained by the cultural patterns based on the patriarchal system, where the male was the holder of power, and where the subjection of women was a duty that was unavoidable. The legal equality between the two sexes male and female is already a fact; however, the evolution in social values and education has not been equal. This is painful and causes situations of violence. Those women who suffer this violence are alone, isolated and have lost their physical and emotionally integrity. For this, those who dare to take a step forward and denounce the statement of mistreatment, deserve our admiration and have the right to obtain immediately all measures of protection and assistance of our legal system. THE SITUATIONS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS A PROBLEM THAT WE SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF AND THAT WE SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY AND DO ABOUT IT.

Violencia De Género La violencia de género o violencia ejercida contra las mujeres es uno de los problemas que mayor alarma social generan actualmente. Cada vez es mayor el número de mujeres que son capaces de decir basta y denunciar situaciones de maltrato; pero lamentablemente, aún hoy, sigue siendo muy alto el número de las que mueren a manos de sus maridos o compañeros. La violencia de género estaba, hasta hace no demasiado tiempo, sostenida por los patrones culturales basados en un sistema patriarcal donde el varón era el titular del poder y donde el sometimiento a su figura suponía para las mujeres un deber irremediable. La igualdad legítima entre los dos géneros, hombres y mujeres, es ya un hecho; sin embargo, no se ha producido una evolución tan pareja en los valores sociales y la educación en igualdad, dándose habitual, penosa y frecuentemente situaciones de violencia de género. Aquellas mujeres que sufren esta violencia se ven solas, aisladas y no sólo pierden de forma reiterada su integridad física sino que llegan a perder su propia integridad. Por ello, las que se atreven a dar un paso al frente y denunciar su situación de maltrato, merecen toda nuestra admiración y tiene el derecho a obtener inmediatamente todas las medidas de protección y asistencia de nuestro sistema legal y asistencial. La superación de las situaciones de violencia contra las mujeres es un problema que nos debe avergonzar en el que a todos nos queda algo por decir y algo por hacer. 29

Jokes And Sudoku Q. A.

What do you get if you cross an insomniac, an agnostic and a dyslexic? Someone who lies awake at night asking if there’s a dog.

1 4 3 6 2 7 2 6 5 9 8




9 7 9 4 3 5 7

3 8 6

9 3 2 8

4 1 6 3


1 3



7 4 1

5 1 9 7 6 4 5 5

4 8 2 1 3 9 2

A calm and respectable lady went into the pharmacy and walked right up to Q. What’s the difference the pharmacist, looked straight into his between a man and a eyes, and said, “I would like to buy some magnet? cyanide.” A. A magnet has a positive The pharmacist asked, “Why in the side. world do you need cyanide?” The lady replied “I need it to poison my It’s no accident that stressed spelt husband.” backwards is desserts The pharmacist’s eyes got big, and he exclaimed, “Lord, have mercy! I can’t give you cyanide to kill your husband! That’s against the law! I would lose my Answers To The Biscuit Quiz license! They’ll throw both of us in jail! 1. Ginger Nuts 2 .Custard Creams All kinds of bad things will happen! 3. Cream Crackers 4. Jaffa Cakes Absolutely not! You CANNOT have any 5. Garibaldi 6. Marie cyanide!” 7. Hob Nobs 8. Tuc The lady reached into her purse and 9. Bourbon 10. Shortbread pulled out a picture of her husband in 11. Nice 12. Fig Roll bed with the pharmacist’s wife. 13. Party Rings 14. Fruit Shortcake The pharmacist looked at the picture 15. Happy Faces 16. Club and replied, “Well, now. That’s 17. Coconut Cream 18. Jammie Dodger different. You didn’t tell me you had a 19. Lincoln 20. Malted Milk prescription.” 21. Viscounts 22. Penguin 23. Rich Tea 24. Digestive 30

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There’s a New Franchise in Town Have you wished you had a more interesting path or driveway? Or is the surround to your pool surfaced with tiles or stones that are becoming loose? Well, Lasting Impressions might have the answer with pattern impressed concrete. Unlike separately laid stones or flags, there are no grout gaps for weeds to start growing through and no risk of individual slabs becoming loose and unsafe. What is more, the effect can be applied on surfaces that are not flat allowing you far more flexibility in the design of your home and garden. A wide range of colours are available and patterns can be mixed. Non-slip surfaces make for safer walking and all surfaces are durable and hard wearing. To discover more about this revolutionary and cost effective way to enhance your property, give Lasting Impressions a ring on 663 538 044, check out their website at or see their advertisement on page 32

Beautiful Homes Locksmith 24 hr Emergency Call Out Fully guaranteed & insured work by friendly & reliable staff Free security review with no obligation. Fire safety advice also given from an ex fire-fighter Approved installer of Securite alarms which are monitored by Secisa. One key systems - increase your security as well as your convenience. Call us for more information of the services we offer.

Steven Reid - 660 931 890 32


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Open Mon to Sat from 9am to 1.30am Sunday from 10am to 1.30am Food served until 11pm

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Monday Nights - Play Your Cards Right - 5€ entry with minimum prize fund of 50€

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Golden Goal - Weekend Premierships & Midweek UEFA - 1€ entry Rollover Prize Fund Frid/Sat Nights - Karaoke with Billy Presley on 1st and 18th Feb Live music from “James” on 2nd, 9th and 19th Feb

Valentine’s Night - Thursday 14th Feb

We have a very special valentine’s menu for the 14th - wine and dine your loved one and make it an occasion to remember.

Curry Night

Every Thursday - From Korma to Vindaloo

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Choice of Three Roasts and all the trimmings - from 1 o’clock

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Why not enjoy one of our cocktails and breath in the fresh air on our heated Terrace Bar. A great place for families as children stay in sight

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Casa de Cultura Library Municipal Police Hospital Marina Baixa Taxis


Alicante Airport Alicante Bus Station

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All Emergencies British Consulate Iberdrola (Electricity) Aguas de Alicante (Water) Telefonica (client attention)

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Learning Spanish Happy New Year - Feliz año Nuevo Well, here we are in February - febrero already! This year, 2008, is a leap year bisiesto, so veintinueve días en vez de veintiocho (29 days instead of 28). I suppose this is a good moment to include the days of the week – los días de la semana: lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves y viernes and then the weekend – el fin de semana: sábado y domingo. When we want to contrast what we do los fines de semana - at the weekends with what we do during the week we use entre semana for the weekdays: I never watch TV during the week – nunca veo la tele entre semana. The names of the months of the year are easy to learn being very similar to the ones we are used to in English: enero, febrero, marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre y diciembre. Remember that when speaking Spanish we don’t use ordinal numbers for dates like we do in English so February 22nd is simply el (día) veintidos de febrero. The sales - las rebajas are still running. Head into the city centre – el centro de la ciudad or to your favourite shopping centre – centro commercial and pick up a bargain – una ganga! I hope you have all escaped catching a cold - un resfriado or even worse o aún peor, the flu - la gripe! One important celebration this month is Carnival – Carnaval. Carnival Saturday - el sábado de carnaval, when most towns have their main celebrations, is the Saturday before Ash Wednesday - el sábado anterior al Miércoles de ceniza. This year, as Easter is earlier - más pronto than usual, so too is carnival which will be held on February 2nd - el día dos de febrero. Most towns organize something so get your costume - disfraz on and head out onto the streets - a la calle! In Alicante this year Carnival ends on Thursday 6th with a long standing tradition: the burial of the sardine - el entierro de la sardina. The funeral procession starts at 10 pm in the Plaza de Calvo Sotelo and then down into the Barrio where finally the sardine is incinerated. Carnival marks the start of Lent – La Cuaresma. Forty days – cuarenta días to Easter – Semana Santa / Pascua. The other celebration that falls in February is, of course, St Valentine’s Day - el día de San Valentín or el día de los enamorados - Lover’s Day. It is celebrated here in Spain, too. However. it isn’t customary to send cards, though nobody will complain if you do. Dinner, a romantic candlelit dinner - una cena romantica a la luz de las velas, out with your partner - tu pareja, or a romantic present - un regalo romantico: chocolates - bombones, roses - rosas would be just right. On that romantic note, I leave you until next month. Nik Thank you Nik for your article. To contact Nik See the Lexis Idiomas advert on page 5 36

GUAPAS - Fashion in Plus Sizes Situated in San Juan town next to the entrance to the Consum supermarket car park in C. Doctor Ivorra. Jeans/casual, smart and party clothes for the larger lady in sizes 44-66 (UK 14-36), for young and more mature. We speak English. Call 639 692 985 for directions.

Local Translator / Interpreter Per sonal and business, meetings, pho ne c a l l s , vi s i ts , l e tte r s , documents.... Help with N.I.E / Residency, Notaries, Schools, Doctors & Hospitals, Proper ty, Police and Paperwork. Rates from 10â‚Ź/hour or 5cents/wor d Call Mar k on 639- 692985


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Domestic Appliance & Electrical Repairs by experienced engineer. Washing Machines, Cookers, Microwaves etc. Tel. 965 960 665 / Mobile 687 625 642 General Plumbing & Central Heating Installations & Repairs. Established since 1979. Phone Richard on Mobile 680 190 794 / Home 965 975 019 Having A Party? Real draught beer at home instead of all those cans & bottles. We deliver Barrel, Tap & Cooler, Install & then remove after use - no fuss, no mess. For more details call 661145105 Carpet and Suite Cleaning. Safe and quick-drying. Book now for a spring clean. Call Stewart. 666 945 171 Mobile dog grooming service. 25 years experience. Clipping from 15€. Busot, El Campello, Muchamiel areas. Tel. Diane on 609 417 110 or 663 372 403 Handcrafted furniture made to order, beds, dressing tables, childrens furniture and much more. Contact Allan/ Kevin 602071278/629674026

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Car Boot Items - books, toys, clothes, bric-a-brac & baby items. Will collect. Tel. Sally on 635343867

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Contents of 3 bed house (Mutxamel) for sale including pool table. For more info please call or text to 00447734794394

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Free Range Eggs @ 2€ a dozen. Tel. 678 118 331 VERY LARGE BED complete, excellent condition, one year old.. Selling due to husband’s adultery. Bargain 90 € Tel. 966864458 Ladies Big Ezee Iron/Wood Golf Clubs 4-SW + Driver, 3 & 5 woods 100 euros Tel. 965959190 or 680307190 Golf Carry/Stand Bag Adams - Brand new, never used 40 euros Tel. 965959190 or 680307190

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3 bed casita for sale. Near Carrefour. 95.000 Euros or possible rent. 661075974 Flat to let in Jijona. 4th floor. 2 bedrooms. Close to all amenities. Fully furnished. Would suit student or young person. Long let preferred. 400€ p.c.m. inclusive of all bills. Tel.: 679 056 626 Long - term lets available. Tel. 617 944 030 Three Bedroomed Reformed Town House in Jijona. Close to centre. Roof terrace with spectacular mountain views. 135,000€ ono. Tel. 965626036 Long & Short term lets available. Tel. 965 635 818 or 662 136 760



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