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Bandarban- Heaven in the clouds

Sangu River, Bandarban Bandarban, one of the most pristine yet developed tour attractions of the country. One of the most important reasons that Bandarban has become such a coveted tour location is owing to its easy access by road to many of its vivacious locations, which makes it appropriate to travel for people of all ages. The people with their diverse cultural background are warm-hearted and almost always greet tourists with open arms. Below we have presented few of the popular tour attractions of this hill district:

A place to stay at Bandarban The first thing that comes to our mind when we make plans for trips extending over a day is the hotel/our resting arrangements. Bandarban packages offers a range of modern hotels to pick

from, including Hotel Shangu, Hotel Shornoshila, Hotel Hill View, and numerous others, but the one that stands out with its out of the box design ideas and exotic views is Sairu Hill resort.

Sairu Hill Resort

Sairu Hill Resort, Bandarban Located only 18km from the heart of Bandarban city, and only 5km from the once tallest peak of Bangladesh (Chimbuk), Sairu Hill Resort is home to one of the most breathtaking views of Bandarban. One can sit at the terrace and witness the clouds playing hide-and-seek, hovering over the mountain tops and peeking through their gaps, as if the fair maiden Sairu is peeking through the thin curtains, the air filled with her shrill laugh. Legend has it that this fair maiden still wonders the land, filled with the grief of losing her lover over the tribal feuds, hence the name Sairu spot. Intriguing, right? No wonder people face a challenge securing a room.

Sairu Hill Resort, Bandarban Depending on the company one can choose from a variety of rooms such as executive, premium even accommodations with their own private terraces are available. Owing to the terrain and location food is also available, although the menu may vary depending on availability. Astoundingly true is the fact that air-conditioning and satellite TV facilities are available despite the remote location. One can easily quench his thirst to escape in a real-world fantasy of natureâ€&#x;s own spectacle of beauty and tranquility, without sacrificing the comforts of modern life.

Popular tourist spots

Meghla-Milonchori-Shoilo Propat-Nilachol The reason that these three locations have been placed together is their proximity to each other. The first two (Mehgla and Milonchori) are located only 4 km from Bandarban city and the third 5km from the city.


Meghla, Bandarban Meghla Parjatan complex hosts a wide array of activities including a mini safari park, a walk in the wooden bridge over the Shangu river, boat rides and is most popular for large family/corporate events such as picnics. Near to this complex is the government maintained Parjatan motel which is available for rent like other hotels.

Milonchori Milonchori is also close to Meghla with the Milonchori Hillside Resort located nearby offering comfortable a variety of accommodations with the availability of bamboo cottages, even airconditioned rooms.

Shoilo Propat

Shoilo Propat, Bandarban Shoilo Propat is located at Milanchori, along the road to Chimbuk, one will find many vehicles crowding the road with hordes of people gathered at the entrance of this beautiful, accessible water fall. Although the water flow may vary during the other seasons, it is indeed a sight to behold during the rainy season. Compared to other waterfalls in the hilly regions which are often not reachable without long tiresome hikes, Shoilo Propat is at armâ€&#x;s reach. The locally made handicraft items such as shawls, jewelry and other articles made from bamboo.


Open Jeep ride at Bandarban Traditionally known as „The Tiger Hillâ€&#x;, Nilachol stands tall overlooking the outskirts of the Bandarban city, at a height of almost 2000 feet. The district administration is in the progress of erecting accommodation facilities possibly for rent. Nilochol already has a round tall two-story infrastructure for enjoying the view, and other government functions.


Nilgiri, Bandarban One of the main attractions for which people board the traditional “Chader gari” is to visit the once upon a time and currently claimed third highest mountain of Bangladesh, Nilgiri, en route they make a stop at Chimbuk Hill to create a memory with nature‟s wonder. Chimbuk hill is located only about 26km from the city with a peak height of around 2500 feet above sea level. Another 20km on the route to Thanchi, one finds himself at Nilgiri. The military supervised cottages may be difficult to secure with the constant influx of thousands if tourist, but the evening view is priceless. Situated at a height of 3500 feet above sea level, one can literally “feel” the clouds kissing his head. During monsoon an array of color conquers the sky where one can actually see rain occurring in a distant mountain, while the sun is smiling overhead, where ominous dark clouds may appear or disappear in a moment‟s notice.

The Golden Temple

Shorno Mondir, Bandarban One of the internationally acclaimed religious tourist site is the Golden Temple or Buddha Dhatu Jadi. Located only 10km from the main Bandarban city, atop the 200 feet tall Pulpara hill, this temple has been made part of South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) sponsored „Buddhist Circuit Tourâ€&#x;. Inagurated in 2000 this temple has many relics including the second largest statue of Buddha in Bangladesh, and is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple. Its rare architectural designs and glistening apex, which can be seen from many miles away has made it particularly popular even among nature loving tourists. You may check our website & facebook page.

Bandarban- Heaven in the clouds  

Bandarban, one of the most pristine yet developed tour attractions of the country. One of the most important reasons that Bandarban has beco...

Bandarban- Heaven in the clouds  

Bandarban, one of the most pristine yet developed tour attractions of the country. One of the most important reasons that Bandarban has beco...