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Choices at Hand for Drivers Ticketed for Speeding Being ticketed for speeding is not uncommon in the province of Ontario. Almost everybody has at least one speeding infraction among the charges that have deducted points from their license. Now, there are three ways in which getting cited for speeding in Ontario, or anywhere else in the country, can end. One, you fight the ticket with a lawyer by your side, second seek to neogiate and third, pay and avoid repeating the mistake in the future. Whether this is your first ticket or the umpteenth one, your choices are limited between the above three. The discussion that follows sheds a little light on each of the choices and their possible outcomes. Fight It If you have evidence to go towards a defense for a ticket you received, then there is a good reason to contest the charge. However, contesting a ticket does not necessarily lead you directly to court. New York traffic tickets are usually processed at settlement conferences. To avoid mistakes or an unfavorable settlement take your attorney with you. A lawyer does the representation and negotiation on your behalf. Less expensive tickets are usually settled in these out-of-court conferences. In isolated instances, for example in cases in Ontario, some tickets go to trial. If your issuing officer misses the trial, then the ticket is dismissed. Cases involving license suspensions should be fought through lawyers for the extra help they provide as there can be large penalties involved. Seek Mitigation First timers or those who got a ticket after many years can follow the negotiation option. This option attempts to keep the incident off-the-record. Possible outcomes of this choice include a reduction of the fine, a grace period in addition to the time limit to clear the dues, and/or dismissal of the penalty in part. In addition, as part of the agreed upon negotiation alternative options may be available such as being made to take part in traffic school for refresher training. This can help you avoid getting demerit points added to your license and keep your insurance rates from jumping up. Following such alternative courses the DMV may altogether wipe the ticket from your license But the driver will still need to bear the attached administrative costs. Pay Up and Clear the Charges The last on the list is the option to pay the fine amount on the ticket. This option is for those who do not wish to contest the ticket they received for whatever reason. Some do so owing to lack of time to challenge the case or feel as if they do not have any possible means of defense..

Choices at Hand for Drivers Ticketed for Speeding