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We love Ticket to Heaven

Ticket to Heaven, the Danish high-quality children’s wear label, has produced functional and durable outerwear for children since 1994. Ticket to Heaven is known for the well thought out details, the functionality and the happy colours. The clothes are designed with a care for the safety of the children. For instance there are detachable hoods on all jackets and snowsuits, and there are no long strings which can get stuck when the youngsters play. An emphasis has been placed on the comfort of the children. Selected models have detachable fleece linings giving the outerwear a greater flexibility in regards to the weather, and the perfect fit provide maximum freedom to enjoy playing and moving around. All styles can be combined crosswise, giving numerous opportunities for mixing exactly the style you like the best. Ticket to Heaven is Danish design when it is best.

A true Danish fairy tale Ticket to Heaven has been designing and

producing functional children’s outerwear since 1994

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The collection

is divided into five themes K_\ 8lklde&N`ek\i )'() :fcc\Zk`fe `j k_\ Ôijk Zfc$ c\Zk`fe]ifdk_\_Xe[jf]k_\K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e[\j`^e k\Xd#:Xd`ccX?µ\^Xe[JljXee\9XieXb% È@_Xm\XcnXpjY\\e]XjZ`eXk\[Ypk_\K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e le`m\ij\É#jkXk\j[\j`^e\iJljXee\9XieXb%K_\jgXibc\ ]ifd _\i \p\j e\Xicp Yc`e[j pfl n_\e j_\ Xe[ ]fle[\i :Xd`ccX?µ\^jkXikjkXcb`e^XYflkk_\e\n8lklde&N`e$ k\i)'():fcc\Zk`fe]ifdk_\gfglcXiYiXe[% JljXee\_XjY\\enfib`e^n`k_[\j`^ef]Z_`c[i\eËjn\Xi j`eZ\(00(n_\ej_\^iX[lXk\[]ifdK_\;Xe`j_;\j`^e JZ_ffc%?\iYifX[\og\i`\eZ\n_\e`kZfd\jkf[\j`^e$ `e^]leZk`feXcflk\in\Xi]fiXZk`m\Z_`c[i\eXgg\Xc\[kf k_\jkiXk\^pf]k_\YiXe[#Zfdgc\k\[Yp9iXe[>lXi[`Xe Xe[:_`\];\j`^e\i:Xd`ccX?µ\^% ÈK`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e_Xj`kjfnele`hl\le`m\ij\É#:Xd`ccX ?µ\^\ogcX`ej%ÈN\Xi\befne]fifliYi`^_kZfcflij#i\$ dXibXYc\gi`ekjXe[_`^_hlXc`kpÉ%

A match made in Ticket to Heaven -

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Children in Greenland

reap the benefits and keep warm in Ticket to Heaven clothes NANU gives shelter to children @e >i\\ecXe[# dXep Z_`c[i\e Xi\ d`jj`e^ nXid Zcfk_\j Xj k_\`i ]Xd`c`\j ZXeefk X]]fi[ kf ^`m\ k_\d jl]ÔZ`\ek flk\in\Xi%J`eZ\)'('K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e_Xjjlggfik\[ k_\j\ Z_`c[i\e Yp j\e[`e^ gXZbX^\j f] Zcfk_\j kf k_\ fi^Xe`jXk`fe E8EL$Z_`c[i\e% Gc\ekp f] jefnjl`kj# kifl$ j\ij#jn\Xk\ijXe[^cfm\jXi\[`jki`Ylk\[Xdfe^]Xd`c`\j Xccfm\i>i\\ecXe[ÆXe[k_\Z_`c[i\ecfm\kfn\Xi`k Bi`jj`\ 9% N`eY\i^# <o\Zlk`m\ J\Zi\kXip# jXpj1 ÈK_\ E8EL$b`[jcfm\K`Zb\k$Zcfk_\j%K_\pb\\gnXidXe[^\k Xj\ej\f]Y\`e^ÊZffcË`ek_\Zfcfli]lcZcfk_\jÉ%

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Functional and Funky Details :fdY`e`e^^i\Xk[\j`^ejn`k_k_\]i\\[fdf]dfm\d\ek _XjXcnXpjY\\efligi`d\^fXcXkK`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e%Fli dX`e]fZlj`jkf\ejli\k_XkZ_`c[i\eXi\gifk\Zk\[`eXcc b`e[jf]n\Xk_\i%  8ccgif[lZkjXi\[\j`^e\[n`k_Yl`c[$`ej\Zi\kj%DXepf] k_\dY\`e^`em`j`Yc\#Ylk^`m`e^X^i\Xk\]]\Zk1K_\`ejlcX$ k`feXifle[k_\\Xij#k_\\okiXgX[[`e^Xkk_\YXZbXe[ k_\[\kXZ_XYc\_ff[aljkkfeXd\X]\n%  N_\k_\ipfliZ_`c[`jgcXp`e^`ek_\jZ_ffcpXi[#Zc`dY`e^ ki\\jfiilee`e^Xifle[k_\gcXp^ifle[XK`Zb\kkf?\Xm$ \e^Xid\ekn`ccgifm`[\gifk\Zk`fe#[ipe\jjXe[nXidk_%

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=fle[\iXe[9iXe[>lXi[`Xe K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e ('



A major focus for Ticket to Heaven :JI jkXe[j ]fi :figfiXk\ JfZ`Xc I\jgfej`Y`c`kp% @k `j X nXpf]ilee`e^pfliYlj`e\jjXe[ZXi`e^XYflkG\fgc\# GcXe\kXe[GifÔkÆk_\Ki`gc\9fkkfdC`e\%  8k K`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e# :JI `j Xe `ek\^iXk\[ gXik f] fli ZfdgXepgfc`Zp%@k`jXeXkliXcZfek`el`kpf]fli:fi\MXc$ l\j1HlXc`kp#I\jg\Zk#?fe\jkpXe[Jki\e^k_%  J`eZ\ )''/ K`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e _Xj jlggfik\[ k_\ LE >cfYXc :fdgXZk% N\ _Xm\ Zfdd`kk\[ flij\cm\j kf X[$ mXeZ\ k_\ k\e gi`eZ`gc\j fe _ldXe Xe[ cXYfli i`^_kj# \em`ifed\ek Xe[ Xek`$Zfiilgk`fe n`k_`e fli jg_\i\ f] `eÕl\eZ\%

Social Responsible Sourcing 

K`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e nfibj gifXZk`m\cp n`k_ fli jlggc`\ij2 \ejli`e^ k_Xk nfib`e^ Zfe[`k`fej ]fi \dgcfp\\j `e k_\ gif[lZk`fef]fli^Xid\ekjXi\`eZfdgc`XeZ\n`k_@CFËj CXYfliI`^_kjXe[LE;\ZcXiXk`fef]?ldXeI`^_kj%K_`j k_ifl^_ZfejkilZk`m\[`Xcf^l\#ZXgXZ`kpYl`c[`e^#Zf[\f] Zfe[lZkXe[XeXl[`kgif^iXdd\% 

Environmental care

K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e`jZfdd`kk\[kfi\[lZ\Yfk_fli:F) \d`jj`fej Xe[ k_\ \em`ifed\ekXc `dgXZk f] fli Ylj`$ e\jj% @e)'((mXi`flj`e`k`Xk`m\j_Xm\Y\\e\]]\ZklXk\[1 ›Knff]fliZfem\ek`feXcmXejn\i\i\gcXZ\[Yp\c\Zki`Z ZXij ›K_\ dXafi gXikj f] Zfem\ek`feXc f]ÔZ\ jlggc`\j n\i\ i\gcXZ\[Yp\em`ifed\ekXc]i`\e[cpZflek\igXikj ›8 Zc\Xe`e^ ZfdgXep lj`e^ \em`ifed\ekXc ]i`\e[cp [\$ k\i^\ekjnXj_`i\[


›<:F$cXY\cc\[ Xe[ :F) Zfdg\ejXk\[ gXg\i nXj lj\[ ]fiZXkXcf^l\jXe[fk_\iGIdXk\i`Xcj  =lik_\idfi\# n\ _Xm\ \e_XeZ\[ fli ]fZlj fe _Xid]lc Z_\d`ZXcjXe[\e\i^pdXeX^\d\ek`e`k`Xk`e^X]fZlj\[ Xe[jki`e^\ekXggifXZ_feYfk_`jjl\j%  N\ Xi\ XnXi\ k_Xk k_\ Y`^^\jk e\^Xk`m\ \em`ifed\ekXc `dgXZkkXb\jgcXZ\`ek_\gif[lZk`fe%@ek_\]lkli\#n\n`cc \ek\i`ekfX[\\g\i[`Xcf^l\n`k_flijlggc`\ijfe`dgc\$ d\ek`e^dfi\\em`ifed\ekXc]i`\e[cpk\Z_efcf^`\j%  

Making a difference to children

8kK`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e n\ ZXi\ XYflk Z_`c[i\e nfic[n`[\% N\ dXb\ Zcfk_\j ]fi Z_`c[i\e Xe[ n\ nXek kf lj\ fli jki\e^k_jkf\ejli`e^Z_`c[i\ek_\i`^_kkfgcXp#kf^\kXe \[lZXk`feXe[kf_Xm\nXidZcfk_\j%  @e )'', k_\ B`[j ]fi B`[j =fle[Xk`fe nXj ]fle[\[ kf _\cgZ_`c[i\e`ee\\[#Xe[jf]Xi<LI*,'%'''_XjY\\e Zfcc\Zk\[%  K`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e _Xj gif[lZ\[ Y`ZpZc\j Xe[ _\cd\kj% Flkf]\XZ_jfc[g`\Z\(+<lif`j[feXk\[kfLE@:<=kf Yl`c[lgjZ_ffcj`eDX[X^XjZXi%  =lik_\idfi\# ]fi dXep p\Xij n\ _Xm\ [feXk\[ nXid Zcfk_\jkfZ_`c[i\ec`m`e^XkZ_`c[i\eËj_fd\j%J\\gX^\j /Xe[0]fi]lik_\i`e]fidXk`fei\^Xi[`e^flijlggfikf] E8EL$Z_`c[i\e%  I\X[dfi\XYflkfli:JI$`e`k`Xk`m\jXk nnn%k`Zb\k)_\Xm\e%[b 

K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e`jXd\dY\if]k_\9lj`e\jjJfZ`Xc:fdgc`XeZ\@e`k`Xk`m\#X<lifg\XeE>F k_Xknfibj]fi`dgifm\d\ekf]nfib`e^Zfe[`k`fej`ek_\jlggcpZ_X`e%8ck_fl^_n\Xci\X[p _Xm\XZ_`\m\[`dgifm\d\ekj#n\ZXeefk^lXiXek\\k_XkYi\XZ_\j[f\jefk_Xgg\e%N\Xi\ Zfdd`kk\[kfdXb\Xgfj`k`m\`dgXZk%  K`Zb\kkf?\Xm\e_Xj\jkXYc`j_\[X:JI$jkiXk\^p]fik_\e\okp\Xiji\Õ\Zk`e^k_\k\egi`eZ`$ gc\jf]k_\LE>cfYXc:fdgXZk%Flik_i\\dX`e]fZljXi\XjXi\1 JfZ`Xci\jgfej`Yc\jfliZ`e^#\em`ifed\ekXcZXi\Xe[Z_`c[i\eËje\\[]fiZcfk_\jXe[\[lZXk`fe%


Casual Ticket Babies

Casual Ticket Girls

Jc\\g`e^9X^ Jkpc\('/$(,'$()* :fc%0+,

BXk`eX;i\jj Jkpc\,',$(.'$()* :fc%*,*

BXi`jj\9XYp;i\jj Jkpc\,+)$(/-$()* :fc%/()dlck`

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Casual Ticket Boys

<dXel\cJZXi] Jkpc\-(,$*',$()* :fc%,-'dlck` B\p?ff[ Jkpc\-(-$/..$()* :fc%,-'&.-, <ibb`?ff[ Jkpc\-(,$**0$()* :fc%,-'dlck` Bi`jk`XeJ_`ik Jkpc\+'*$(*,$()* :fc%,-'&'(,Z_\Zb BX`e:Xi[`^Xe Jkpc\-+'$(**$()* :fc%,-' BfÔI\^lcXiGXekj Jkpc\)(*$(,.$()* :fc%,,)[Xib[\e`d

Once a Ticket boy always a Ticket boy

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Ticket to Heaven outerwear The Invisible Umbrella K`Zb\k kf ?\Xm\e `j i\efne\[ ]fi `kj _`^_cp ]leZk`feXc flk\in\Xi% N_\k_\i pfl Z_ffj\ X jefnjl`k fi X knf g`\Z\^Xid\ekk_\Zfd]fikf]pfliZ_`c[Xe[pflijXk`j$ ]XZk`fe`jflidX`e]fZlj%8ccK`Zb\kkf?\Xm\eflk\in\Xi

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Cool Ticket Kids

B`kf;fneAXZb\k Jkpc\('/$0(($()* :fc%.-, BfÔI\^lcXiGXekj Jkpc\)(*$(,.$()* :fc%,,)[Xib[\e`d B\p?ff[ Jkpc\-(-$/..$()* :fc%,-'&.-, <dXel\cJZXi] Jkpc\-).$*',$()* :fc%,-'dlck`

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Cool Ticket Kids

Warm Ticket Kids

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Skiing Ticket Kids

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BXi?ff[ Jkpc\-(-$/00$()* :fc%.-'

Colourful Ticket Kids

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Colourful Ticket Kids

IfZb\]\cc\i?ff[ Jkpc\(,0$0.*$()* :fc%,+'dlck` IfZb\]\cc\i?ff[ Jkpc\(,0$0.*$()* :fc%*.(dlck` IfZb\]\cc\i?ff[ Jkpc\(,0$0.*$()* :fc%,-'dlck`


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Falling in love with Ticket to Heaven

Active Ticket Kids

B`dfAXZb\k Jkpc\(')$0**$()* :fc%/(/ 9X^^`\Dlck`Jl`k Jkpc\(')$0++$()* :fc%+(+

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<ibb`?ff[ Jkpc\-(,$**0$()* :fc%,()dlck` <dXel\cJZXi] Jkpc\-(,$*',$()* :fc%,()dlck`



Sweetest Ticket Girls

B`dY\icp;fneAXZb\k Jkpc\('/$0(+$()* :fc%*.( B`kqXGXekj Jkpc\,+0$.-+$()* :fc%/() BXi\eK$j_`ik Jkpc\,)-$()-$()* :fc%*,* BXeaX:Xi[`^Xe Jkpc\-',$()'$()* :fc%/()dlck`

B\kk`:fXk Jkpc\('/$0'-$()* :fc%+(+ BXiXJc`dGXekj Jkpc\)(*$)')$()* :fc%,,)[Xib[\e`d B\ekX?ff[ Jkpc\-(,$/.,$()* :fc%+)/dlck` Bi`jk`\;fneAXZb\k Jkpc\('/$0()$()* :fc%**0dlck`

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B`d`\9XYpAXZb\k Jkpc\('/$0('$()* :fc%**0 B_X[p9XYpGXekj Jkpc\,(/$(0'$()* :fc%*.(



Fancy Ticket Children BXle`;fneAXZb\k Jkpc\((($0,.$()* :fc%,0) Ba\ccJc`dGXekj Jkpc\)(*$(,,$()* :fc%,,)[Xib[\e`d BcXl[`?ff[ Jkpc\,*0$0+.$()* :fc%,-'&)(. <dXel\cJZXi] Jkpc\-).$*',$()* :fc%,-'dlck`

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B\eq`X:fXk Jkpc\()($0+-$()* :fc%'+'

B`kf;fneAXZb\k Jkpc\('/$0(($()* :fc%,-' BfÔI\^lcXiGXekj Jkpc\)(*$(,.$()* :fc%,,)[Xib[\e`d Bi`jkf]Jn\Xkj_`ik Jkpc\,,,$(+.$()* :fc%,-'



Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rock the world */



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Ticket to Heaven wants to be known for Quality, Respect, Honesty and Strength. Ticket to Heaven’s Mission Ticket to Heaven is a company with happy employees who deliver functional design, world-class service and extraordinary quality. Ticket to Heaven’s Vision We aim to be among the most important European brands within functional outerwear and casual wear for children. Ticket to Heaven firmly believes in 4 Strong Values: Quality, Respect, Honesty and Strength. They are the foundation of our philosophy and a big part of every aspect of our business. Quality We never compromise on quality. Ticket to Heaven’s pro-ducts, work, customer service, social environment and actions must at all times be marked by thoughtfulness and willingness to do it right the first time. We want efficiency. All employees are responsible for making business procedures and processes meet our quality standards.

Respect Every day and in all situations we show respect for the people we are in contact with: customers, consumers, suppliers and colleagues. We focus on respect for the individual and want to take advantage of individual abilities, qualities and capacities. We solve any situation or conflict by understanding and putting ourselves in the other person’s situation. We go for the compromise which creates two winners. Honesty We are always open about the goals and intentions of Ticket to Heaven. Everything we say and do regarding both our products and performance can be taken at face value. We express ourselves clearly and unambiguously. We are attentive to the people we work with. Strength We take responsibility, and we take care of each other. We have the strength to make a difference to others both as people and as a company. We have the strength to make an effort in order to save children in need around the world.

DENMARK ∙ HEADOFFICE Ticket to Heaven ∙ Savsvinget 5 ∙ 2970 Hørsholm ∙ Phone +45 4517 7000 ∙ Fax +45 4517 7007 SEALAND Flemming Høst ∙ Mobile +45 2066 6691 ∙ JUTLAND and the ISLANDS Martin Uhre ∙ Mobile +45 3121 1535 ∙ SWEDEN Things we like ∙ Odengatan 6 ög, 114 24 Stockholm, Sverige ∙ Telefon: +46 8 313060 ∙ Fax: +46 8 313063 NORWAY Janicke Skar Mjønes ∙ Sjølyst plass 3, 5th floor ∙ Room 509 ∙ 0278 Oslo ∙ Mobile +47 9262 2844 FINLAND Carola & Johny Feinik ∙ ∙ Melkonkatu 16A ∙ 00210 Helsinki ∙ Phone +358 9777 4625 GERMANY Rolf Böttcher ∙ Mode Centrum Hamburg ∙ Building E, 5th floor, room 564 ∙ Modering 5 ∙ D-22457 Hamburg Mobile +49 1724 303 335 ∙ GERMANY Claus M. Jensen ∙ Mobile +49 151 5211 2868 ∙ Mobile +45 2612 3381 ∙ SWITZERLAND Fränzi Jauch ∙ Rainbow-Textil AG ∙ Industriestrasse 42 ∙ 8152 Glattbrugg ∙ Phone +41 448 292 339 Mobile +41 795 125 567 ∙ OTHER TERRITORIES ∙ HEADOFFICE Lene Harders ∙ Phone +45 4517 7000 ∙ Mobile +45 4118 5292 ∙ licens 20112995

Ticket Outdoor Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue  

The Ticket outdoor 2012 catalogue is full of great new designs in childrens jackets, rainwear and snowsuits.

Ticket Outdoor Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue  

The Ticket outdoor 2012 catalogue is full of great new designs in childrens jackets, rainwear and snowsuits.