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Ticino. Key Messages Summer 2012. Media Relations Summer is Ticino’s most sparkling season: with our suggestions and ideas we hope to infuse you with enough inspiration to bring you to the southernmost Swiss canton. For more information about these and other topics visit Also, freely download over 230 high resolution images at Visit to find out about all the exciting events and make sure you don’t miss anything!

« I love Piazza Grande ». Locarno | 05. – 15.07.2012 The Moon and Stars series of concerts was launched for the first time in 2004 and it is now an established part of the schedule of the international festival. The atmosphere in Locarno’s Piazza Grande enchants both the fans and the stars of the music scene. The singer Pink called Piazza Grande “the most beautiful square in the world”. It has also won the heart of Lenny Kravitz, who said “I love Piazza Grande. It is a place full of history and romanticism”. This year Kravitz will be back in the square for the third time. The following artists will also be performing there: Ligabue, Status Quo, Gotthard, Elton John, Herbert Grönemeyer, Laura Pausini and Unheilig. 72733

The largest open-air cinema in the world. Locarno | 01. – 11.08.2012 In early August, Piazza Grande in Locarno turns into the largest open-air cinema in the world. Throughout the film festival, the gentle, timeless air of Hollywood blows through the city on the northernmost shore of Lake Maggiore. It is the biggest cultural event in Switzerland. Hundreds of films will be screened th this year, at the 65 festival. The Golden Leopard award will be presented to the best film in the competition and a retrospective will pay tribute to the Hollywood great Otto Preminger. 104950

A jazz beat. Ascona | 21.06. – 01.07.2012 Jazz lovers in Ticino can quench their thirst for music at the Ascona Jazz Festival. Under the stars, against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Maggiore, people flock to experience the pure magic of over 400 hours of live music. The sounds of jazz fill all of the squares in the town centre. Other popular events of this kind include Estival Jazz in Mendrisio and Lugano, Vallemaggia Magic Blues in Vallemaggia and Blues to Bop in Lugano. 65827

Hermann Hesse, 50 years on from his death. Montagnola. Did you know that Hermann Hesse, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, lived in Ticino for many years? By his own admission, when Hesse moved to Ticino in 1919 he was nothing but “a small-time writer who had gone to seed”. However, in Montagnola he flourished and in the Collina d’Oro area he wrote works such as Siddhartha, Klingsor's Last Summer and Narcissus and Goldmund, which would eventually earn him a Nobel Prize. He drew inspiration from his regular hikes and strolls in the lake and mountain landscape around Lugano. The Museum of Montagnola is now celebrating and remembering the writer on th the 50 anniversary of his death. 2754

The art of inventing water. Revöira ethnographic itinerary, Verzasca Valley. Lavertezzo is generally associated with the sight of the double-arched bridge on the River Verzasca. It is hard to imagine that part of the valley was once affected by water shortages, but the central point on this route is the breathtaking water supply system on the left side of the valley – on the Revöira and Ca d Dént mountains – which provided the solution to the severe scarcity of water on the south-western face of Föpia (2106 m), the mountain that stands over Lavertezzo. Since April, it has finally been possible to follow this route and explore the ponds and pools of Revöira and Ca d Dént. 89912

8. Swiss Cheese Awards. Bellinzona | 27. – 30.09.2012 For the first time in their history, the Swiss Cheese Awards are pushing beyond the Alps into the southern canton of Ticino. The prestigious international competition will be held in Bellinzona, which is expected to host more than 20,000 devoted cheese lovers and dabbling gourmets who are interested in tasting the best that Switzerland has to offer. As well as sampling them, it will also be possible to buy the different cheeses on display. Bellinzona will be packed with stands offering hard and soft cheeses from all over the country. A number of side events will provide entertainment throughout the town for the duration of the initiative. 119860

Martha Argerich. Lugano | 06. – 28.06.2012 th

The 11 Martha Argerich Project will once again bring together 60 or so artists around the great pianist in Lugano. Young talents and renowned performers will take to the stage in pairs, chamber music groups and with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana (Orchestra of Italian Switzerland) to play rarely heard compositions and masterpieces from the traditional repertoire. 119944

200 years of Napoleonic troops. Leontica, Blenio Valley | 22. - 24.06.2012 In the Blenio Valley, the feast of Saint John the Baptist marks the start of a series of religious celebrations at which an old tradition is repeated every year: they are attended by Napoleonic troops. It is said that the troops from the area who were involved in the disastrous Russian campaign in 1812 promised the Virgin Mary that they would forever testify their faith by wearing their costumes and playing their music at the village fêtes. The tradition lives on today. At the celebrations for Leontica’s patron saint John the Baptist in late June, there is a parade of troops in Napoleonic costumes. The same display can also be seen during the feasts of the Virgin Mary in Aquila (30/06 – 01/07/2012) and Ponto Valentino (14 – 16/07/2012). 29970

Sasso San Gottardo. Airolo | From 04.08.2012 th

In the 20 century, Sasso San Gottardo was a secret fortified facility. This “bunker” has now been converted into a themed venue which will be open to visitors from 4 August. Sasso San Gottardo offers access to the bowels of the Gotthard Massif. Inside the mountain, visitors will be presented with the topics of water, mobility and habitat, meteorology and climate, energy, and security. 3067

The Four Sources Path. Airolo. The Via delle quattro sorgenti (Four Sources Path) is a unique circular mountain route. It goes past the sources of four important rivers whose waters flow in four different countries: the Rhine, the Reuss, the Rhone and the Ticino. The path runs through breathtaking Alpine scenery and it can be divided into a number of stages. Along the way, it is possible to stay in mountain huts, including the recently renovated Ospizio San Gottardo. 24661

Gorging in the grottoes! Ticino. To the delight of all gourmets, summer is the time to visit the “grottoes” of Ticino. These extremely popular rustic eating places serve simple, tasty food based on local culinary traditions. The grottoes get their name from the fact that many of them are carved out of natural caves. They were originally used as cellars for storing food items such as cured and cooked meat and cheese. Now they are the ideal place to enjoy a wholesome meal in natural surroundings that offer respite from the hot summer sun. 83119

From palm trees to glaciers. Robiei, Bavona Valley | 16.06. – 07.10.2012 The Basòdino glacier is the most impressive and important glacier in Ticino. It can be found in the Robiei area of the Alps, at an altitude of between 2600 metres and 3273 metres. If you wish to see this spectacular natural Alpine phenomenon, a cable car will take you on a scenic journey through the sky from San Carlo to Lake Robiei, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the northern Bavona Valley. A number of hiking routes wind their way around the feet of the majestic mountains. Among them is a recently opened path that is devoted entirely to the glacier. It is approximately 10 kilometres long and it is the ideal way to discover the Basòdino area: an exceptional geological and geomorphological setting with a wealth of flora 105748 and fauna.

The pearls of the lake. Brissago. The Brissago Islands are considered the “pearls of Lake Maggiore”. The larger of the two islands (San Pancrazio) is home to a botanical garden containing approximately 1700 species of plants from the Mediterranean, Subtropical Asia, South Africa, the Americas and Oceania. The subtropical microclimate of the islands makes this remarkable collection possible. The islands are surrounded by the waters of the lake, protected by the Alps and bathed in sunlight, so they enjoy an extremely mild climate, with just a few days of frost a year. 2636

Pedal power. Ambrì | 22.07.2012 The Granfondo San Gottardo amateur cycling race is back. In 2012, the competition in the heart of the Swiss Alps – which is open to everyone – will take place for the second time. The complete route stretches out over 110 km and it will get the competitors’ legs working hard with its elevation gain of 3000 metres and 40 km of climbs! The backdrop to all of this is a spectacular natural landscape, with magnificent coniferous woods, majestic valleys and perpetually snow-capped peaks. It promises to be a fantastic experience… 104914

Losone’s leading ladies. Losone | 11. – 17.06.2012 The Gerre golf course in Losone plays host to an event with one of the biggest prize funds on the “Ladies’ European Tour”. During the Deutsche Bank Ladies’ Swiss Open, the best players in Europe will battle it out on an enchanting course that has been masterfully shaped in the midst of a typically Mediterranean natural environment. Some big stars will be taking part, so fireworks are guaranteed on the greens. 80289

The sport of kings. Ascona | 12.07. – 15.07.2012 The Ascona Polo Cup is run by one of the best and most organized clubs in Switzerland. From 12 to 15 July, members and enthusiasts are invited to take a close look at this fascinating sport. Once again this year, polo players from Switzerland and other countries will compete for the trophy. There will be three days of thrilling matches in the former Ascona aerodrome, where a spirit of fair play will naturally prevail. 100764

All-round adrenalin: Ticino Trail. Airolo | 04.08. – 05.08.2012 Four Alpine valleys, 28 lakes, mountain villages, meadows and extraordinarily beautiful views: all of this is on offer in northern Ticino for the brave souls that dare to follow one of the routes in the first Trail Ticino event. The aweinspiring trail running course features 8400 metres of elevation gain on a 117 km route that goes through 12 passes and the Leventina, Blenio, Lavizzara (in the northern Vallemaggia area) and Bedretto valleys. The runners will be largely left to their own devices and they will complete the race in one go, in an event that will go all the way to the line. 118875

Death-defying divers! Ponte Brolla | 20. – 21.07.2012 On the valley floor, among the rocks smoothed by the waters of the River Maggia – which forms beautiful dark blue pools – there are magnificent potholes which provide the perfect setting for either basking in the sun or cooling off in the clear water. The splendid natural surroundings in Ponte Brolla are famous for the daring feats of those who love to dive from great heights, and it even hosted the world championships. The competitors dive into the crystalclear water from a height of 26 metres and they reach speeds of almost 100 km/h. 81901

Hotel news. Ticino. The range of accommodation options in Ticino is growing and becoming more and more attractive. The Giardino Group recently opened a new establishment in Minusio: the Giardino Lago Boutique Hotel. It is the ideal place to stay, eat, celebrate and relax while breathing in the magical atmosphere of Lake Maggiore. Summer will bring plenty more new possibilities. For example, the Hotel Gabbani in the heart of Lugano’s old town centre aims to offer varied stays for guests of all kinds, from businessmen to families and roaming tourists. In Paradiso, in the district of Lugano, a new Ibis/Novotel Hotel with around 250 rooms will be opening its doors. The Novotel establishment will be open all year round and it will be ideal for business trips, relaxing holidays and revitalizing weekends. Fresh energy will be injected into high-quality tourism in the Locarno urban area by the Hotel La Rinascente, with its modern restaurant and 16 rooms with large outdoor areas. 13619

A card for the whole of Ticino. Ticino. Would you like to be able to get around the whole of Ticino for three days with a single pass? It is now possible with the Ticino Discovery Card! This exclusive, universal pass allows you to go wherever you like by public and tourist transport in the urban areas and valleys of the canton of Ticino. What’s more, the bargain price also includes entrance to a number of tourist attractions, which you can travel to and visit using the environmentally friendly transport possibilities offered by your card! 118304

Bellinzona, May 2011 For further information: TICINO TURISMO Media Relations Tel: +41 (0)91 825 70 56 E-Mail: Via Lugano 12 – 6500 Bellinzona

Key Messages Summer 2012  
Key Messages Summer 2012  

Key Messages Summer 2012