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Ticino. Key Messages Winter 2012/13. Media Relations There’s always something happening in Ticino – and this winter is no exception! With our ideas and suggestions we hope to inspire you to come and visit Switzerland’s southernmost canton. Further information on this and much more is available at, while at you can download over 200 high-resolution images of Ticino free of charge. What’s more, at there’s a continually updated events calendar designed to make sure you don’t miss out on a thing!

Pirouettes on the Piazza. Locarno | 29/11/2012 – 06/01/2013 Also during the winter Locarno’s Piazza Grande plays a leading role. During the cold months the picturesque square which during the summer hosts the international film festival and the music series Moon and Stars turns into a romantic ice rink. An indispensable part of Locarno on Ice are the concerts. Music artists with gloves? An unusual idea… but the atmosphere is great – just like during the summer. 78969

Aromatic mulled wine by candlelight. Lugano | 01/12/2012 – 06/01/2013 Let there be light! The lights on the big Christmas tree in Piazza Riforma in Lugano are switched on at 5:30 p.m. on 1 December. This also marks the opening of the ice rink and the Christmas market, bringing life and colour to the town. Until 8:00 p.m. every evening, over 150 stalls offer a wide range of culinary delights, as well as art, crafts and antiques. The picture is completed by a series of jazz concerts entitled “Christmas in Jazz”. 93073

„There is no lovelier place right now.“ Ticino Max Frisch was one of many intellectuals who chose Ticino as a refuge. He was particularly enamoured of the winter on the southern side of the Alps. In his diary he wrote: “The water from melting snow runs over granite that takes on a violet-black hue when wet; in between, the wilted ferns, birch trunks, snow on the peaks, and beyond, the Mediterranean. When out walking in the woods at this time of the year one encounters no one, just a few goats here and there; the streams are frozen over, but the sun is still warm. There is no lovelier place in the world right now.” 93073

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Where tomorrow’s stars are born. Airolo Doris De Agostini, Michela Figini, Lara Gut: Ticino has generated a long list of skiing stars, with most of them launching their brilliant careers on the Leventina pistes. Ticino’s most extensive skiing area is to be found in Airolo. The station at the foot of the funicular railway to Pesciüm is located right next to the motorway exit, meaning that it is also easily accessible to visitors from the north. Thanks to its north-facing slopes on the Gotthard Massif, Airolo-Pesciüm enjoys optimum skiing conditions almost all the time. 985

Footsteps in the snow. Ticino Your feet can take you a long way… Ticino has over 3000 km of footpaths, stretching from the palm and citrus trees to the shores of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, right up to the peaks of the Alps. In the winter, this landscape of lakes and mountains is covered with a soft blanket of deep snow. Upper Ticino, and the valleys around Locarno offer many excellent opportunities for a walk through the winter landscape. 96081

O sole mio! Locarno The funicular railway designed by the famous architect Mario Botta whisks passengers up to Cardada in just five minutes. During the wintertime it is almost impossible to find another location in Switzerland able to offer as much sunshine as the mountain which overlooks Locarno from its height of 1,340 metres above sea level. Cardada also offers unforgettable night-time experiences: snowshoe walking tours in the moonlight! And for the more adventurous, there are even night-time walks on the Cima della Trosa. 26952

An oasis of wellness. Locarno Locarno’s new lido on Lake Maggiore is more than just an alternative in the event of bad weather. With its thermal baths, swimming pools, water slides and play pools, it is also Ticino’s best-equipped water park. Those looking for an adrenalin rush just have to try out the rapid descents and tight curves offered by its four water slides, which include Switzerland’s first-ever looping slide. Those who prefer a more serene, relaxing experience will find that the wellness zone suits them down to the ground, whatever the weather! 1494

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The scent of the south. Bellinzona The town of Bellinzona has a touch of Lombardy, with the elegant Renaissance buildings in the little Piazza Nosetto and the square in front of the ornate Baroque Collegiate Church, the backdrop for the weekly market, a colourful and sensory spectacle, held on Saturdays from 7 am until 1 pm. Even the New Zurich Newspaper waxes lyrical about it: "Early in the morning you can really smell the South". The fragrance comes from the delicatessens offering their traditional homemade wares: wine, grappa, cheese, salami, vegetables, bread and baked goods. 2895

Don’t forget the panettone. Ticino Christmas without panettone? In Ticino it would be unthinkable – here, this sweet treat is the crowning glory on the festive menu. The local bakers and confectioners have a wide range of recipes, and a jury awards the prize for the best panettone of the Canton. It was invented in the 17th century by a baker named Antonio. Legend has it that he was in love with a girl from a noble family, and to win her father's favour at a wedding, he mixed sultanas and dried fruit into the dough. Il pane d’Antonio ("Antonio's bread") had the desired effect and became known as Panettone. 83369

The Christmas story brought to life. Vira Gambarogno | 16/12/2012 – 06/01/2013 During the festive season, nativity scenes help to transform numerous towns and villages throughout Ticino. Artists and private individuals stage the Christmas story in streets and village squares, often in highly original and creative ways. The best-known example is in the village of Vira Gambarogno on Lake Maggiore, where over thirty nativity scenes create a very special Christmas atmosphere. 94278

An excellent hotel. Ascona The Swiss Council for Cultural Heritage has bestowed the "Historic Hotel of the year 2013" award on Ascona’s Hotel Monte Verità. The hotel earned the recognition thanks to "the careful preservation of one of the few Classic Modernist hotels in Switzerland, and for the confident, contemporary architecture”, according to the jury. The Hotel Monte Verità was designed by the German architect Emil Fahrenkamp for Baron von der Heydt, and completed in 1929. It is a prima example of the New Building movement. 85547

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In the realm of King Rabadan. Bellinzona | 07/02 – 12/02/2013 Bellinzona is a carnival hot spot. During Rabadan (which literally means “noise”), more than 150,000 people take to the streets and marquees each year to celebrate in style. Dante Pesciallo has been the duly elected carnival king for the last few years, with the mayor of the city handing over the keys to him on Fat Thursday. Over the next five days, the carnival revellers take over the capith tal of Ticino. Rabadan, which is being celebrated for the 150 time this year, reaches its climax in the Big Procession held on Sunday. 40339

The gateway to Italy. Bellinzona The three mediaeval castles with UNESCO World Heritage status are an indication of the strategic importance of Bellinzona. The chief town of Ticino, it has been known as the "Gateway to Italy" for over 500 years. Traces of the town's colourful history can still be seen today in the castles, and in the old part of Bellinzona. Just a few kilometres further south, stands another fortification: the th Fortini or “Forts of Famine” of Camorino were built in the 19 century during times of great poverty. The forts have now been restored, and a discovery trail has also been built: the perfect place for a walk in the mild winter sunshine. 2795

The secrets of Monte San Giorgio. Meride Mountains like pyramids, deep blue lakes and picturesque villages: the scenery around the 1,097-metres high Monte San Giorgio merits its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site purely because of its beauty. But what makes it really unique are the treasures hidden underground: the fossils, some of which are 230 million years old. This autumn, some of the 10,000 finds unearthed to date will be on show at the new visitor centre in Meride, built according to a design by Ticino’s star architect Mario Botta. 2778

From interlude to top event. Ascona Ascona’s Jazz Cat Club has long been more than just an afterthought to the jazz festival held in early summer in the pretty little towns around Lake Maggiore. Its musical value is demonstrated by its winter programme, compiled by artistic director Nicolas Gilliet. Names like Scott Hamilton, Jesper Thilo, Freddy Cole, Nicole Herzog and Jeff Hamilton show that the Jazz Cat Club is now in the Champions League when it comes to jazz. The concerts are held at the Teatro del Gatto, Ascona. 86106

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Great performances in Lugano. Lugano Concerts, theatre performances, ballets, musicals and literary events: Lugano has surprises in store this winter, with a rich and varied cultural programme. Lugano in Scena includes more than 120 performances. Italian comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo will be among the guests in Lugano, along with Israeli playwright AnatGov, who caused a stir at the Edinburgh Festival. Meanwhile, dance enthusiasts can enjoy the clever choreography of Alonzo King, Daniel Ezralow and Moses Pendleton. 108926

Bellinzona, October 2012 For further information: TICINO TURISMO Media Relations Tel: +41 (0)91 825 70 56 E-Mail: Via Lugano 12 – 6500 Bellinzona

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Key messages winter 2012/2013  
Key messages winter 2012/2013  

key messages winter 2012/2013