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Ticino. A canton with a special culture. Our region has an extraordinary wealth of cultural assets just waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. Religious and secular buildings, sculptures and antique buildings tell the story of a region with architectural jewels of great artistic value. Ticino has seventy museums and art galleries in total. The city art museums organise the most important contemporary exhibitions. The side valleys have a remarkable number of ethnographic museums that document Ticino’s history. Moreover, for those looking for all kinds of places of interest, there are specially themed museums such as the Chocolate Museum in Caslano, the Swiss Customs Museum in Gandria, the Wine Museum in Tenero or the Coffee Museum in Balerna. From art museums to historical museums, from temporary exhibits to permanent collections and unique special exhibitions, you can find anything your heart desires. The Ticino region offers numerous possibilities for personal and cultural enrichment for its local inhabitants and visitors to the city and its surroundings.

Tips. Three UNESCO Castles | Bellinzona. The three castles were built in the Middle Ages and are today the city’s main tourist attraction. Along with the City Wall, they form a fort that used to block access to the Ticino Valley and allowed the thoroughfare to be controlled. After repeated reconstruction over the centuries and recent restoration work, the three castles are now shown in their best light.

Museo d’Arte | Lugano. The Villa Malpensata is a harmonious and typical structure from the 17th Century. After several reconstructions and renovations, it is today a place of alternating exhibitions of a special nature. In 1992, it was renamed the Museo d’Arte. Since then, there have been th only temporary exhibitions here. Moreover, since the 20 Century, the focus has increasingly been on Expressionist art.

Monte Verità | Ascona. On the hill above Ascona, a group of people founded the Monte Verità colony at the start of the 20th century. The hill is a unique place in the world, surrounded by nature, where the energy, excitement and magic of the environment can be experienced very close by. It is moreover a place that has been a meeting point for illustrious personalities such as writer Hermann Hesse.

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