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If you are looking for products and you are not able to find one in your place, the very next step that you might take is to look for auctions in the Internet. Online auction sites are a great place to find special products at a lower price and high quality standards. But, before you are going to start bidding, there are some things that you should know about online bidding. 1. Know the Item - Knowing what you are bidding for is very important in your bidding process. You should try to find out the current state of the item, whether it is new or used, has any defects or any problems. Also, know the value of the item and make sure that the price is right for the item. Find out also if you there is a need for shipping fee for the item or not. 2. Search other Auction Sites - Do not just stick to one auction website. Try searching other auction sites for the product or item that you are looking for. Some auctioneers will tend to post their item on multiple auctioning sites, and most auctioning websites that are not so popular will tend to have lower price than famous ones with the same, exact item. Also, there are fewer bidders on these sites which give you greater chance of winning the auction. 3. Merchant's Credibility - Try to identify whether the merchant has a good record for auctioning his items or products. Most auction websites has a system that lets customers rate the merchant based on their satisfaction rate. Look also for comments. If you get to see plenty of negative comments from the merchant's comments, then there is a great possibility that the merchant can't be trusted or offers a very minimal quality of service. 4. Change your Bid - Occasionally, check the auction site and see if there is any bidder that is over you. When you see one, try to change your bid so that you are on the lead but stay at your maximum rate of bid. When the time for the bidding is nearing to an end, monitor the bids so that you will get updates on what your chances of winning the bid. 5. Payment Options - Know what kind of payment option the merchant accepts, whether it is through PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, Bank, Money orders or other means of payment. Being unable to pay for a bid that you have won may result to your account being permanently banned or cancelled. Those are 5 basic things that you should do and know about online auctioning. Having a knowledge about online auction before bidding is important for a successful bidding.

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