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There are many people today keep desire to roam around and relieve personal or professional work stress. If you are one among them, Tibet is the best available option. Tibet is the highest region in the world and is located in southwest part of China with Lhasa being its capital city. This mysterious land is known for snow-clad peaks, unique culture, wonderful mountains and beautiful rivers. The destination attracts tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Tour Tibet is absolutely a best alternative to escape for few days from your busy life. Tibet has unique food and drink due to its highland climate, religious beliefs and distinctive ethnic customs. Your tour of Tibet will allow you enjoy ample of attraction and also experience ample of things like yoga, rich culture and heritage and cuisines etc.

Adventure The Shannon region of Tibet is renowned for high mountains, lakes, hills and vast grassland. Travelers keep keen interest in adventure sports can enjoy adventure trekking. Most of travel companies helps you to choose the right adventure trip Tibet and also in choosing the right type of dress and accessories suites for trekking. Most importantly, they also guide you the best trekking spots and the climate of the regions.

Yoga Tibetan Himalayas are considered the reproduction place of ample of religious sects and practices. Apart of that Tibet is world renowned for learning and practicing Yoga. This mesmerizing feature is offering the quality of healing through the facilities of yoga retreats herein. The ancient art of Tibetan yoga allow travelers worldwide to seek easy solution to keep fit and stay away from stresses and anxieties through some meditative practices.

Tibetan Cuisine Tibetan cuisines have great influences from Chinese and Indian methods of cooking. Some of the popular dishes of Tibet are Sha Balep, Momos, Shab Tra, Tsampa, Buttered tea, Beef and Mutton and many more. Tibetan Dances Making tour to Tibet will also allow you take part in Tibetan dance and listen Tibetan music. Tibetan residents have dance for each and every events like weddings, funerals, gatherings and many more. Some of the popular dance style of Tibet includes the Guoxie (village) dance, Guozhuang dance, Xie dance and more. If you are going to make Tour Tibet, ensure availing Tibet Visa because this visa is required for local sightseeing, checking out at train stations or airports etc. Visa is also required for enjoying a hurdle-free journey. For more information please visit:

Tour tibet enjoy vivid colors of tibet