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JACOB WITHERS slowly makes his way down the spiral concrete staircase of the lighthouse tower. He seems content, but the dark circles underneath his eyes indicate a lack of sleep as well as a persistent sadness. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs Jacob nearly trips over his dog, Chester. JACOB Oh, hello Chester, I almost didn’t see you there. CHESTER (Barks) JACOB Shh, quiet now. It’s nearly dawn, lets get some sleep. (Jacob and Chester make there way to their room) Lie down Chester. CHESTER (Curls up on a rug by the fire.) JACOB (Sits down at corner of the down a letter nailed to the

his desk in the room and takes that has been wall.)

The letter is worn and has obviously been read many times. Jacob opens the letter and begins to read it. It is addressed to Jacob and dated nearly one year previous. At the bottom, the letter is signed, CLARICE. CLARICE (speaking through the letter) Dear Beloved Jacob, I am writing you this letter in a state of immense joy, paired with an undying sadness. My joy of course comes from you. Your proposal to me on the day of my departure was the happiest moment of my life. JACOB (Begins to tear up)




CLARICE (through letter) However, it pains me deeply that i have to wait one entire year before our marriage becomes a reality. Even though this obstacle we are faced with seems nearly insurmountable, I want you to know that I have complete faith in you and in us and I know that upon my return to America we will be able to be together for the rest of our lives and all will be as it should be. Never forget this fact and I hope that... JACOB (puts letter on desk to wipe the tears from his eyes, and then continues to read.) CLARICE ... you keep me in your thoughts at all times as I do you. I love you and if you... JACOB (Has to stop reading because the tears won’t stop coming. Puts the letter back on the wall.) Jacob looks at a calendar that is on the wall next to the letter. According to the calendar only two days remain until Clarice’s scheduled return. JACOB Chester, soon our family will be whole. Goodnight boy. (Jacob blows out the lantern and goes to bed)

Taken by the Sea  

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