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Greetings Tourism Operators: Summer is in full swing on Prince Edward Island and we have been blessed with wonderful weather so far. The warm temperatures and sunny days are very welcome and certainly have put smiles on people’s faces. I hope all our tourism operators are enjoying a busy season and still find a little time to enjoy the weather themselves. Above all else, the tourism industry is a “people” industry. Whether it is the business owners and their employees or the visitors coming to our

Province, it all revolves around people. Ensuring the right people are in the right place with the proper skills is one of the most vital components of a successful tourism business. The issue of human resources is always foremost in our conversations and plans for the future. Over the past few weeks, TIAPEI has been involved in several discussions regarding the future of human resources in the tourism industry on PEI and we are always looking for creative solutions to the issues we will face in the weeks, months and years ahead. One of these discussions took the form of a brainstorming session held with industry representatives which will lead to the creation of a long term Human Resources Strategy. This session asked participants to identify what the challenges are, what issues need to be moved forward and what

"Above all else, the tourism industry is a “people” industry. "

Wishing You a Successful Season


ummer is here and visitors are enjoying the incredible experiences our province has to offer. Tourism on the Island remains strong, thanks to the dedication of the thousands of Islanders who work in the industry.


ourism is based on partnerships. And by working together I am confident we can continue to strengthen Prince Edward Island’s presence on the international stage and grow our reputation as a premier destination.

Robert Henderson Minister of Tourism and Culture Province of Prince Edward Island


our next steps should be. A strong, clearly defined strategy for the future is more important than ever as funding sources dwindle, programs are downsized or eliminated altogether and valuable resources such as the Tourism Human Resource Council are lost due to budget cuts. The reality of the demographics on PEI and across the country show us that labour shortages are being felt, especially in the accommodations sector, and this situation will most certainly grow more severe in the coming years. It is vital we are prepared to address this issue, as well as others, affecting how we do business in the future. A solid long term strategy will be an important tool in moving forward. One of the ideas that has been a topic for discussion is the college/ university calendar year. It is a well recognized fact that many employment opportunities in the tourism sector do not happen until early to mid June. Unfortunately this leaves many college students without income for several weeks following the end of classes in late April. As well, there is still plenty of employment available in September when students must leave their summer jobs or drastically reduce their hours as classes begin again. Common sense would seem to dictate that we need to examine the logic in beginning classes later in the fall and extend them instead into May, thus allowing students to maximize their earnings and job experience to the fullest. TIAPEI shares the same concerns about the changes to the EI regulations as all other seasonal industries on PEI, which depend on valuable, trained returning seasonal workers. We, like other industries, are concerned about replacing these seasonal workers if they are required to take jobs in other industries. TIAPEI is attempting to set up a public information session for tourism operations regarding the changes to EI

and will circulate a date and location soon. Check the TIAPEI website for information. TIAPEI continues to work closely with Tourism PEI on all aspects of tourism on PEI. We meet regularly with the Minister, Deputy Minister and Department Directors to keep abreast of issues affecting tourism and bring forward the concerns of our members. I urge you to continue to share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns with members of the staff, Board and Executive of TIAPEI so we can effectively lobby for improved and increased programs and initiatives to assist tourism operators on PEI. I wish continued success to all of you as the 2012 tourism season continues and look forward to seeing many of you in the weeks ahead. Respectfully submitted by Elaine Thomson, TIAPEI President



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T O U R I S M I N D U S T R Y A S S O C I AT I O N O F P R I N C E E D W A R D I S L A N D Core Staff: Don Cudmore Executive Director

Executive Director’s Report

Colleen Bowes Co-ordinator Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership

Do you anticipate business in 2012 to be:

Kelley Keefe Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership UK Program Manager Jamie Vander Kooi Technology Resource Coordinator Dianne Bishop Executive Assistant & Board Secretary Fernanda Fallesen Financial Administrator

Training & Education: Kathy Livingstone Director of Training & Education Lori DesRoches Administrative Assistant Rod Clark Marketing Co-ordinator Andrea Boehner HR Advisor Debbie Mol Tourism Employment & Education Coordinator

Executive Committee President

Elaine Thomson

Vice President

Kevin Mouflier


Zubair Siddiqi


Tyson MacInnis


Thom MacMillan

Executive Director Don Cudmore Members at Large: David Anderson, Robert Jourdain

Board of Directors Amanda Barlow Charlene Belsher Alcide Bernard Darcy Butler George Campbell Roxanne Carmody Liam Dolan Jane Dunphy Patsy Gotell David Groom Mary Kendrick Leslie Kwiatkowski Judy MacDonald Mary Lou MacFarlane

Amanda MacIntyre Oralie MacKay Rhonda Maillet Sheri Lee McKenna Pat Notman Tom Rath Mitchell Rennie Doreen Sark Erskine Smith Carolyn Thorne Barb Trainor Darrin White Heidi Zinn

of this writing, slightly more than 150 responses have been received. I would like to share what I consider to be the 3 main questions and the responses with you:

Dear Tourism Operators: As you read this newsletter, we hope your business has been enjoying a positive season so far. In my discussions with operators across the Island I have heard reports of some businesses enjoying a great season while others have not been so happy. I suppose these results are a reflection of the great weather we have experienced this summer and, although it can be a difficult process, we continue to try and get “a handle” on what is happening across our Province. Even the official occupancy reporting, which depends on full compliance from operators, can sometimes experience some slight delays in publication but I encourage you to keep an eye out for the Tourism Indicator Reports for June, July and August as they become available. They contain valuable information and can be accessed through both Tourism PEI and TIAPEI’s websites.

Better than 2011 26.9% Worse than 2011 30.1% About the same as 2011 5.6% Too soon to tell 2.8% Other 4.5% Year to date business inquiries are: Better than 2011 25.6% Worse than 2011 39.1% About the same as 2011 30.1% Other 5.1% Year to date business or bookings are: Better than 2011 Worse than 2011 About the same as 2011 Other

"...most respondents are experiencing business that is the same or better than last year’s."

Keeping in mind how difficult it can be to get an accurate read on the tourism season to date, TIAPEI posted a survey in mid July and asked 550 tourism operators to participate. It consisted of a total of 11 questions, ranging from what area of the Island the respondent was located, business trends and ideas for 2012/2013 program planning suggestions. And at the time

26.9% 35.9% 30.1% 7.1%

Again, this is only a snapshot look at our tourism season to date but it encouraging to see that most respondents are experiencing business that is the same or better than last year’s.

At the TIAPEI office we get a number of calls each year from visitors that have experienced negative issues during their visit to PEI. This year one of these issues has been operators who do not have a clearly stated deposit and cancellation policy or – even worse – not following through with the policies they do have in place. This creates very unhappy visitors and can very easily be avoided by having and following very clearly designed policies for your business. It has always been my feeling that communication is great – as long as it happens! We should not un-

derestimate the value of spending a little time talking to our guests. If you make it a practice to do this simple exercise, you will get a much better idea of why people come to PEI, why they chose your establishment and a general impression of their overall experience on the Island. Remember that happy customers are repeat customers and a few moments spent chatting with your guests can be very helpful sand informative. In closing, I hope you are having a great summer and, to borrow a phrase from one of the other major industries on PEI, making hay while the sun shines! Please be sure to check out our website on a regular basis for information and I hope to see many of you at our annual Golf Tournament in September (Information is included in this newsletter and registrations are now open). The following quote is a wonderful reminder for all of us as we go about our daily routines at work: "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so." 

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Respectfully submitted, Don Cudmore, Executive Director



Enhancing Service Levels



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Prince Edward Islanders have a reputation of being very friendly; this trade mark has done wonders for the tourism industry on the Island. Unfortunately being friendly isn’t enough anymore. Visitors are expecting more and they want exceptional customer service. TIAPEI and the Department of Tourism and Culture recognize this need and have taken steps to address the issue. The Department of Tourism and Culture has taken a leadership role, and has committed to having the entire provincial park staff participate in Superhost training. Superhost is a one day interactive customer service training program which was originally designed to welcome the world to Expo in Vancouver in 1986. Since that time Superhost has been updated and is now delivered around the world with the most recent agreement in London for the 2012 Olympics. Superhost focuses on great customer service, how to WOW the cus-

tomer, the importance of good first impressions, communication skills, and getting to know your area. To continue with this momentum, TIAPEI partnered with Resources West to bring Superhost to the service industry in Western PEI. Superhost was delivered in O’Leary, Alberton and Tignish. In addition to Superhost, Food, Beverage and Wine Server training was offered in Alberton and O’Leary and a Retail training course took place in Tignish and O’Leary. With funding from Skills PEI, TIAPEI also delivered Superhost and Food, Beverage and Wine Server training in Summerside and Cavendish. Other courses offered were Housekeeping, Product Knowledge, Tour Guide and emerit certification. TIAPEI will continue to offer training programs to the industry and we are currently planning for the future. We welcome any feedback or input from industry on topics, timing and location.


Daniel Edward Craig Author and Hotel Consultant  Daniel Edward Craig began his hotel career as a front desk agent at the Delta Chelsea Inn in Toronto and has since worked for a variety of upscale hotels in positions ranging from duty manager to vice president. Daniel opened Opus Hotel Vancouver in 2002 as director of sales and marketing, and became general manager in 2004. The following year, Opus was named one of the World’s Top 100 Hotels by readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. In 2007 he became vice president, responsible for the Vancouver hotel as well as its new sister property, Opus Montreal. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and has studied film, writing, acting and languages. He has held positions as area sales manager with

Canadian Airlines and as vice president, sales and marketing for internationallyrenowned Vancouver Film School. Now the former hotel general manager turned author and hospitality consultant, Daniel Craig helps tourism marketers across the globe understand and adopt the latest trends, tools and best practices in online marketing, social media, and online reputation management. Daniel currently lives, writes, and consults in Vancouver. His articles and blog are considered essential reading for travelers, hotel employees and students alike. As the author of a series of murder mysteries, he is also known as a great storyteller. No relation to the James Bond actor, he does however look smashing in a tux and is known to present with a martini in hand. 5


HR Champion - Retention employees you have rather than the new ones you will need to find. Benefits can include things like uniforms, medical, meal discounts, family and friend’s rate, holidays, mileage, etc.

Should an employer have a retention plan? Absolutely, this should be the ultimate goal; it is far less costly to keep an existing employee than hire a new one. A retention strategy is very valuable and very important to a business. How important is compensation in retaining employees? Compensation has an impact on whether your employees will stay

with you or go somewhere else. It is not always about the money, at the end of the day it’s whether are you paying a fair and competitive wage for the work being done. What benefits should an employer offer? Benefits are a crucial element of the total compensation package. If your benefits are attractive, your turnover may be reduced. It is better to spend the money on the

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Are incentives a good idea? Please provide some examples Definitely, incentives are a great way to motivate staff and increase performance at the same time. Incentives are often cash related but don’t need to be. Employees must see value in the incentive. They can be things like reward programs, reimbursement for training as long as it is related to their position ie: Emerit Certification, bonuses, recognition for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, employee discounts, etc. What could be recognized in a recognition program? Your employees make your business, without them where would you be? Recognizing and rewarding employees is great for staff morale. If your employees don’t feel valued or appreciated, they won’t be happy. There are all kinds of things that you can recognize like length of service, customer service and productivity. What contributes to good morale in the work place? Good morale in the workplace is key and is an area an employer wants to stay on top of. Once morale starts to slip, it’s hard to turn it around. Many things contribute to employee’s morale; good leadership, team building, providing the right tools for the job, respecting employees requests and reacting quickly to them. If your employees aren’t happy probably your guests aren’t either. What can an employer or supervisor do or change to influence employees to stay at a job? Recruiting new staff is time

consuming and costly, so employers should work to keep employees they already have. Listening to employees is key, ensuring employees receive fair pay, understand company policies, know future opportunities and training opportunities are just a few ideas on how to retain employees. Basically, manage by walking around and talking to your employees daily. What are some tips to retain skilled seasonal workers? Keeping your seasonal workers year after year is challenging. Tips to keep them coming back - ask if they want to return, offer unique benefit plan, offer incentive to returning employees, stay in touch and offer off season training opportunities. Are employee opinion surveys valuable? Employee opinion surveys are the most important thing a business can do. They are time consuming but they are well worth it. The surveys will get you the best information as well as some information you don’t want to hear but need to. Providing results back to the participant is key. To get the results you want, it needs to be a very confidential process. Sometimes using outside resources to do this provides the best results. Why is succession planning key to any business? If you don’t plan for the future, there won’t be any future. You have to stay ahead of the trends if you want to be successful. You need to be prepared for the unknown, doing the work now on a plan will give your business a better chance of surviving in the future.


New for 2013 - BookPEI Vacation packaging tool for operators! 

Vacation Packages provide visitors added value when making a reservation to meet their vacation planning needs. Offering vacation packages provides industry operators an excellent opportunity to up-sell their property and to network with industry partners. Tourism PEI 2 Longworth Avenue, Charlottetown, PE C1A 5A2

is introducing a new packaging tool through BookPEI that will allow accommodation operators the do-it-yourself flexibility of creating and editing online vacation packages. Packages created through BookPEI will be displayed on through the highly visited

accommodation search engine and packaging section of the site which is promised to have an even a stronger focus in 2013. Look for this new feature to be launched in the Fall of 2012. If you have any questions, please contact BookPEI Support at 1-866-213-7521

Tel: 902-566-3131 Fax: 902-628-1982 Toll Free: 888-566-3131

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Why buy off Island? We are an Island company employing 10 Islanders year round.

Sales & Service 7


The DMO Dilemma: Fight or Focus A one-stop shop. The ultimate source. Destination experts. Select your nomenclature and prepare for a fight. Especially in digital spaces, the battle for the travel-planning consumer is reaching a fevered pace. A few DMOs see this, but most do not. Blissfully unaware or simply confused as to the amount of competition they now face. I see it frequently… working with clients, writing about trends, listening to conference presentations…the majority of our peers still assume that they are the ultimate, unquestioned source for travel planning information about their destination. And somehow, using the word curation will mask the reality of an organization that is unprepared to wage this new content war. Certainly, destinations could compete with Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, the local paper, Trippy, Facebook, WikiTravel, Urbanspoon, the local TV channel, bloggers, Fodor’s, Frommer’s, Virtual Tourist, Lonely Planet, About, Viator, Travel Channel, Oyster, USA Today…should I continue? Don’t think you have competition for those would-be trip takers? Think again. The average traveler visits 22 travel related sites during 9.5 research sessions prior to booking. The average DMO site only reaches 9% of the visitors to the destination. Do the math on that last one. How many website visitors did you have in 2011? And how many visitors to your town, county or state?

Guessing there is a pretty big gap. Joining the battle for the consumer’s attention is possible, but don’t be fooled by your web developer, agency of record or some consultant. This is not easy. This is war. If you choose to fight, and plan on winning, you need to prep for battle. Hire more staff…yeah, your lone web gal ain’t going to get this done on her own. Increase your budget. Change your perspective. Eliminate the membership model. If you are going to make it your mission to be the ultimate source for travel planning information about your destination, you need to accept the terms of this fight. Or, you could focus. Perhaps it is not your place to be the one stop-shop for travel information. Perhaps Google is a better resource for the consumer. Perhaps less really is more. What do I mean by focus? Consciously curate. Simplify. Say no. Build a smaller website. Stop trying to be everything for everyone. Actively ignore the commonplace, and promote the truly unique. Focusing will demand a greater commitment than fighting. Focusing requires a change to the mentality of the DMO. Focusing means becoming exclusive, rather than inclusive. A decision most DMOs would rather ignore. Destinations are committed to the improvement of the entire community through tourism, not just a specific segment. But

"Select your nomenclature and prepare for a fight."

"Don’t think you have competition for those would-be trip takers? Think again."


New Members

as the traveler and technology change, the DMO must be willing to change as well. Our roles in the community are shifting…our role of promoter is being reduced by the same organizations we are fighting against. Does your community still require mass promotion or do they need a niche focus? To be clear, every destination will approach this choice from a different perspective. Some are ready to fight. But most are not. And most do not need to. If the choice is fight or focus, I would focus. Written by Troy Thompson on blog.

Troy Thompson, Founder, Travel 2.0.  

Welcome New TIAPEI Members

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“Retired on dock at Murray Harbour”

Troy Thompson is a respected consultant, speaker and thoughtleader in the tourism industry. As a former interactive director with NASCAR, the Arizona Office of Tourism and VISIT DENVER, Troy brings a wealth of strategic planning experience to his clients. Currently Principal and Senior Tourism Consultant at the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group, Troy provides destinations, agencies and start-ups with answers to difficult digital marketing questions.

ARTSCAPES "Artscapes Studio and Gallery" is the workplace of island artist Audrey Bunt. Audrey paints subjects that includes the beautiful scenes and colors of the Prince Edward Island as well as her much acclaimed floral and still-life work. "Artscapes" can be visited year round.


11th Annual Tourism & Hospitality HR Forum: Talent Management: Strategies for Business Success The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) invites you to attend the premier HR event for the tourism and hospitality sectors. Through general sessions, the HR Boot Camp or the Educator Symposium, must-see industry speakers and panelists will address talent management strategies for your business success and explore HR challenges and opportunities unique to the tourism and hospitality sectors. This is the one conference you don’t want to miss! For two days in October, you will… • Participate in hands-on learning focused on trends in HR, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, compensation and workforce diversity • Explore and discuss strategies and solutions for HR challenges • Network and exchange ideas with industry experts and peer sectors • Gain valuable insight from dynamic keynote speakers and industry panelists October 2-4, 2012 | Toronto Marriot Downtown Eaton Center Hotel Register online at

Early Bird Registration ENDS August 17th … SAVE $100!!!

your business Everyday, Wendy and Pam provide advice to Island businesses, lenders and borrowers. As commercial lawyers they handle everything from the purchase and sale of businesses, financing, receiverships and re-structurings, to divestitures and securities. Wendy and Pam understand how important every business is to the Island economy and take pride in servicing their clients, whether they’re owner-operated, regional or multinational − and they’re just a phone call away. Pamela Williams QC 629.3916

Wendy Reid QC 629.3907



ATTENTION TRAVEL PARTNERS Bay Ferries and NFL Ferries is pleased to continue Maritime Travel Saver, a program designed to allow travelers to receive exclusive savings on accommodations, golf, events/activities, restaurants, and more.

HOW IT WORKS The Maritime Travel Saver program is a FREE program that allows Maritime tourism partners to upload and share great promotions and packages with our passengers. Travel deals can be featured in a variety of categories, including accommodation, events, and attractions and must be limited to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. What’s more, there is no cost to upload promotions over the course of the 2012 tourism season. You can manage your deals though the easy to use backend administration area and can have 2 deals published on the Web site at any point in time. All deals will be published on the high traffic travel portal and will be promoted online and offline by Bay Ferries Limited at

GETTING STARTED To begin entering your package or promotion in the online package manager, you must first register as a user. When your online profile has been successfully created, you can begin entering your travel deals at your convenience. To create your profile visit the following link: It’s that easy! Bay Ferries and NFL Ferries is pleased to offer this program to our travel partners throughout the Maritimes and hope that our passengers can experience the best of the three Maritime provinces via your operation. For more information, please contact: Jessica Gillis, Marketing & Sales Coordinator (902) 626-2538


TIAPEI Annual Golf Extravaganza September 28th, 2012

Fox Meadow Golf & Country Club Stratford 1:00pm, Shotgun start! Register Now! Friday, September 28th will be the date for the TIAPEI Annual Golf Extravaganza, so mark your calendars and book time off! Get practicing your golf swing! TIAPEI is getting in the swing of things and preparing for our Annual Golf Extravaganza! Like other years, the Golf Extravaganza will be a fun filled event, with great prizes, great food and great opportunities for networking! The cost will be $75.00 for members and $85.00 for non-members. This includes green fees, shared power cart and awards BBQ. (At least one player per team must be a TIAPEI Member) Again this year, we are pleased to announce a $5.00 portion of your registration fee will go towards the TIAPEI Scholarship Fund. TIAPEI would appreciate your consideration of sponsoring a prize package for the TIAPEI Golf Tournament, which is always an excellent networking opportunity for the tourism industry of Prince Edward

Island. All sponsors will be recognized with the opportunity to hang their corporate banner, present their prize at the reception and will be recognized on the TIAPEI web site. For prize table donations, please contact Rod Clark, at TIAPEI 902-566-5008

Online registration is open now! Please visit the TIAPEI website; for current information and for the form!



This island inspires dreams. We help make them happen. Whether it’s owning a quaint B&B or an award-winning restaurant – whatever dreams Prince Edward Island inspires in you, we want to help you achieve them. At Grant Thornton LLP we offer a full range of audit, tax and advisory services. We’re the largest accounting firm on PEI, and we know how to help you turn your dreams into reality.

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With nonstop flights daily from Charlottetown to NEW YORK, you can take a bite outta the big apple sooner and experience all the shopping, theatre, dining, sightseeing and nightlife of the City That Never Sleeps. *Flights operated by Delta Connections® carrier, Pinnacle Airlines. Delta flights nonstop daily from Charlottetown to New York, July 1-Sept 4/12.

TourismTides - August 2012  

Our quartery newsletter from the Tourism Industry Association of PEI promoting and advancing our local tourism industry. In this issue you w...

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