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Samsung HMX-R10 Camcorder Review by Jeremy Stamas Published on Aug 12, 2009 12:30 PM

Introduction The Samsung HMX-R10 doesn't feel or look like an ordinary camcorder. On the surface, it boasts a compact design, rounded edges, and a unique, tilted lens that angles roughly 25-degrees higher than the rest of the camcorder. Inside, it has a huge 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor, Full HD capability, and a 9-megapixel still image capability—the same specs as the GZ-X900, the top-line model from JVC. With an MSRP of just $499, the Samsung HMX-R10 is a compelling choice for a mid-range camcorder, and it is one of the most intriguing video/photo hybrid devices we've seen this year.

The Samsung HMX-R10 records video to SD/SDHC memory cards and is currently available in either silver or black.


The Good

The Bad

Product Tour

Unique design; available in silver or black

No lens cap

Color & Noise Performance

Average color accuracy

Noise levels were on the high end

Motion & Sharpness Performance

Very good sharpness for a camcorder of its class.

Captured motion showed significant artifacting

Low Light Performance

Good color accuracy in low light; 30p mode enhanced low light performance

Terrible low light sensitivity, high noise levels

Compression & Media

Included software has a variety of editing options

No internal memory; built-in upload to YouTube is limited

Manual Controls

Wide range of controls are offered—aperture, shutter speed, exposure, noise reduction, etc.

Touchscreen interface is horrible for setting manual controls

Still Features

ISO control, built-in flash, native 9-megapixel still image capability

Noise levels were a bit high in our testing

Handling & Use

Unique design can be very comfortable for certain shooting styles.

Body is easily scratched; lack of a hand strap makes the camcorder prone to drops

Playback & Connectivity

Lots of playback options; all ports are located in same general area

Proprietary AV-out, Component-out and USB port

Audio & Other Features

Time Lapse Record is useful; slow motion settings are fun

Bad mic placement; no headphone or external mic jack

Lens & Imaging System

There is no lens cover for the HMX-R10.

The HMX-R10 has a very odd lens that is angled 25-degrees higher than the rest of the camcorder's body. This means you must hold the camcorder at a downward angle to get a straight-on shot. This can be useful for certain shooting conditions and if you like to hold the camcorder away from your body or down by your hip. It does make the R10 look pretty funny when it is mounted to a tripod, however. Since the lens angle is higher than the body, the tripod must be tilted down significantly for a straight-ahead shot—giving the appearance that the camcorder is being pointed towards the ground. The lens doesn't have a built-in cover or an external cap, so you have to make sure to clean it regularly to avoid fingerprints and dust. The lens only opens to f/3.5, which isn't very wide for a consumer camcorder. Under the hood, the camcorder is fitted with a huge 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor, which is responsible for the R10's 9-megapixel still image capability. Lens


Filter Diameter




Focal Range

76.4 - 382mm



Focal Range (35mm equiv.)


Pixel Count (Gross)

9.15 megapixels


f/3.5 - f/3.7

Pixel Count (Effective)

5.3 megapixels (video) 9 megapixels (still)

Lab Tested Wide Angle*



flash for still photos

f/3.5 - f/3.7 5x zoom lens

tally lamp

stereo microphone


anchor for wrist strap


mode button mode indicator light

zoom toggle

behind this port cover: HDMI, DC power, and a combined USB/ component/ composite output

record on/off

Left Q.Menu button

record on/off

secondary zoom control

2.7-inch LCD

On-screen display and Easy mode buttons

power on/off


photo shutter button


tripod mount

The SD/SDHC card slot and battery port are located under this hard plastic port cover

In the Box Samsung HMX-R10

AC power

DC power

carrying pouch

(IA-BH125C) rechargeable battery

software and documentation

wrist strap

USB cable

component/composite AV cable

The HMX-R10 has a very odd lens that is angled 25-degrees higher  

This can be useful for certain shooting conditions and if you like to hold the camcorder away from your body or down by your hip.

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