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• Fast • Fewer Operators • Pre-outage work possible • Cuts rebar and other metals

• Slow, methodical • Labor-intensive • Pre-outage work not possible • Metal cutting required

DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCE • Precise Cuts • Limited patchwork required

• Uncontrolled openings • Extensive patchwork required

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY • Vibration free • Ability to remove large amounts of concrete while maintaining structural integrity

• High impact vibration causes micro fractures of concrete • Potential damage to remaining structures of nearby equipment

NOISE, DUST, DEBRIS • Non-disruptive to surrounding operations • Relatively quiet • Pieces cut to size • Dust free

• Disruptive • Loud • Creates rubble • Extremely dusty • Time-consuming clean-up

LIMITED ACCESS • Remote operations possible • Cuts in close space • Underwater operations possible • Easily cuts around existing pipes, existing electrical fixtures and equipment

• Inflexible equipment • Restricted movement • Underwater operations difficult or impossible • Difficult to work around piping and equipment

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Selective Demolition Services Diamond Wire Sawing We proudly introduce TIANCO Diamond Concrete Cutting, specializing in all aspects of concrete cutting and drilling, as well as other selective demolition

• Fast sawing of metal and concrete • Underwater cutting • Minimizes downtime • Cuts in remote, restricted or hazardous areas • Precise and unlimited cutting depth


Core Drilling (Speed, Precision & Flexibility) • Precise circular diameter cuts • Hole from 1/2” to 60” in diameter • Man holes, floor & Sewer drains • Bridge segments, Sewer tie-ins • HVAC openings • Phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings • Aggregate analysis

We are recognized by the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) as the "Pioneer Member" in Puerto

Wall Sawing (Track-mounted System)

Rico and the Caribbean. With our certified management staff leading operators, with more than a decade of experience in the selective and controlled demolition business, TIANCO will provide the highest level of customer service and a steadfast commitment to the

• Safety, Control & Accuracy • Upside down, vertical, inclined and horizontal cuts • Precise and smooth openings of doors and windows • Reinforce concrete cutting depth up to 24" each side • Control Joints in retaining walls

Hand Held Units • Equipped with diamond blades and chains that provide portable quick cutting with minimal over-cuts • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC openings • Ventilation and air conditioning openings • Small, tightly-accessed areas where cutting is needed

delivery of quality, precision work every time. Regardless of the size or complexity of a selective demolition project, TIANCO seeks every opportunity to implement a unique solution for maximizing benefits and minimizing risk for our clients. The result: the safest, most cost-effective and least

Flat Sawing • Floors, curbs, bridge decks, and pavement Flat sawing

• Expansion and control joints • Controlled slabs / roofs demolition • Reinforced concrete up to 33" cutting depth

Concrete Breaking Flat sawing

A safe, environmentally-friendly product of natural minerals with a high expansive power for gently breaking any type of rock and concrete. It provides controlled demolition according to the pattern of holes drilled into the desired size and shape easily and without noise or vibration.

disruptive means to achieve a top-quality solution.