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fter graduated in Architecture at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), I am now facing a new phase of my development as a future Architect. In order to accomplish this goal, I am looking for an internship at an Office that can offer both conceptual and innovative approaches towards Architecture. Hopefully, I expect to take full advantage of this new and exciting environment by absorbing valuable experiences and, in result, improve my skills and competencies. Although I know there is still much to learn, my urge to experiment different perspectives, my persistence in overcoming new challenges and the six years of my Architecture course, during which I spent doing team work, assure me that I am prepared to do my very best to correspond to your expectations, as well as fully integrate a complex, demanding and dynamic team. As a part of my character I find that an Architectural solution has to be so much more than just an already proven “copy paste” project. Therefore, I’m constantly attempting to question it’s fundamental background, in order to come up with a conceptual idea that can explain and ground my entire work in a single thought. As a result, at every assignment that I commit, I am determined to push my boundaries and limits in order to achieve and return my best results possible. Finally, it is with this attitude and enthusiasm towards Architecture, my will to learn and awareness of myself and my skills, that I humbly believe that, if given the chance, I can prove to be a good and valuable future asset to your Office.

My best regards, Tiago Santana

Curriculum Vitae

PERSONAL INFORMATION Name | TIAGO ANDRE CLEMENTE SANTANA Date of birth | 22-11-1983 Nationality | Portuguese E-mail | EDUCATION 2010 | MASTER in Architecture (The Practice of the Architect - The Unsolicited Practice) | University of Coimbra COMPETITIONS April 2010 | Pladur Iberian Competition (4th place) April 2009 | Pladur Iberian Competition (2th place) October 2008 | Prix W 2008 for Willmotte Foundation April 2008 | Pladur Iberian Competition COMPUTER SKILLS Modelling tools | Autocad 2D & 3D | Revit Architecture | Archicad | Cinema 4D Graphic tools | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Artlantis Office Documentation tools | Word | Power Point | Pages | Keynote Operative Systems | Microsoft Windows | Mac OSX ORGANIZATIONS SKILLS March 2009 | Art Installation intituled Morroco’s in Gallery Sta. Clara | Coimbra (Portugal) February 2008 | Responsible for the conference “Programs and Equipment for the 21st century” | Coimbra October 2007 to December 2007 | Responsible for regular conferences “Conversations with Students” | Coimbra LANGUAGES Portuguese Spanish English (Certificate of Advanced English - University of Cambridge)

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Academic Compet it ion

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Academic 08


Selling Flower Booth ACADEMIC (2004) 10

A new presence This first year project requested a small space prepared to sell flowers at the city’s Botanic Garden. The designed proposal was placed intentionally next to the main strip that connects all the park duplicating it. In this way the boot could to be understood by the public as an alternative passage as it connected the two levels of the park. At the same time, this red iron sculpture gives both the park and the people an iconic presence and a new reference point to the green scenario.


Section 12

Level 1

Level 0

Assembly Scheme

Flower Showcase

Attending Boot 1

Attending Boot 2

Work Models 13

Library Container ACADEMIC (2004) 14

A flexible container On this proposal, one had to re-use a common sea container, in order to provide a small portable library, that could be easily transported, and used on a wide variety of public spaces. So, why not take this concept a step forward and give this object maximum flexibility? By doing so, this would allow many different spatial and unique combinations. If so, each container can adapt and be one of a kind.




Use it!

Mobility is key for the Library Container. Transport can be made by truck, assembling it at the chosen location and immediately put it to use. 15

Plug & Play Modules The modules can be fixed with a simple plug and play action, allowing maximum flexibility. Modules can have several dimensions.

Extreme Flexibility Space Organizer Functionality

Module Frames The frames allow the modules to be placed in virtually every zone of the container. With so much possible combinations only imagination is the limit! 16



Section B

Standard Level

Section A 17

3 Apartments in Aveiro ACADEMIC (2005)


Identical Apartments? Aveiro is a seaside city in the North of Portugal. It’s water channel’s along with it’s heavy fisherman background, have left a traditional use of Gondolas, for touristic purposes, and some of the most typical and recognizable houses in Portugal. In this academic exercise, one had to develop 3 identical apartments on a small lot in the historical city centre, very near to a small park and the water channels. Do we really have to make 3 identical apartments? How can we design one type of apartment for different people?

Typical Aveiro’s Gondolas

Typical fisherman’s House

Water Channels




Clean Slate The tipical apartment can be designed without ordinary classifications. Once the user is added, each individual way of living will determine different and unique spatial order.This flexibility allows that over time users change and so does the space.













Living Room Standard Level


How to design a house?


How to make a house for all people? How to make a house for the masses? Should the Architect be the one to define the different areas of the house? Or can he only provide the clean spaces? Shouldn’t the one who moves in be able to choose his lifestyle and not the Architect?


Concrete Wall Air barrier Pladur Wall Thermic Isolation

Metal chimney

Steel L profile Metal roof Double glass L steel profile gutter Concrete wall

Termic Isolation Steel tubular

Concrete slab Detail P1

Apartment 3 Apartment 2 Apartment 1


Expressive Facades The facade’s Brise-Soleil are adjustable. This allows the building to reflect people’s presence mood or activities. For instance, if people are present the Brise-Soleil can be either barely or fully opened. When nobody is at home or sleeping, the apartment can be fully closed.


Youth Hostel ACADEMIC (2006) 24

Intentionally Neutral! The Youth Hostel was an academic proposal for the newly and renewed riverside of Coimbra (Portugal). This object meant to be a reference point, a beacon, to this new green area of the city, desperately in need of an element that can perform this purpose. It’s purposed neutral shape was driven by the relation between form, functionality and program. Is there to be a predisposed conceptual form to this, or any kind of program? If so, a neutral object that has no roots to the place might be what we need.



External References Herzog & DeMeuron (Olivetti Projects - The Bank)

The program organization, the neutral form and the use of a unique rectangular piece that could build up the bank proposed by Herzog & DeMeuron influenced the Hostel.


Assembly Scheme Technical Areas & Depot Entry Lobby Bedrooms Cafeteria Relax group area



Cafeteria Public W.C. Kitchen

Level 2 P1


Rooms Level 1

Handicap Room

Elevators A Relax


Attending 28

Level 0

Exterior Concrete Finish Termic Isolation Amored Concrete

Coating Finish Detail P1

Aluminium Framing Double Glass





Attending Section A 29

Competitions 30


H2Offices COMPETITION (2008) 32

W i l mot t e Fou ndat ion Pr ix W

The vitality of the contemporary city grounds itself into consume and pleasure. Architecture, as a discipline of old costumes, still dictates many of the spatial conceptions that endure in our modern cities. With this in mind, can we group two distinct programs in a single element? Can the concept of public and private be reorganized? If so, can we join an Aqua Park with a set of Offices as a new image for a water company? How far can we push the boundaries between public and private in a building?




Redefining Boundries

Fondation Wilmotte Concurs 2008


Office Level 0

Office Level 1

Office Level 2

The top of the tower gives a magnificent place to a overall view over the city.

View The office building is located at the top of the tower, independent of the Aqua Park.

Business By giving people an Aqua Park and a place of fun, the company is associated with pleasure.


Recycling The Water Tower old structure is recycled. With it new path flows are created. 34

The car silo works as the main entrance of the Office Building, by using one of the elevators.


Water Tower + Aqua Park + Offices Regenerates Industrial Area

Fun = Revenues The private investment will create the public Aqua-Park area. People will associate fun with the company’s logo and name, thus generating revenues to the brand. As a result, the tower can be seen as important as a Church or as Central Square (NY), once it creates a new icon that represents the urban growth and its multiuse opportunities.

For a sustainable solution. During week office runs, and at the week-end Aqua-Park.

multifunction The diversity of the contemporary city easily absorbs a non urban element.

Aqua-park The common water pipes become into water slides and water becomes people. The old tower presence remains.

Water Pipes The building needs to be a symbol in the landscape and be able to communicate with the urban life.

Comunication 35

Covering steel net Sliding Water Tube Water Tower concrete structure Steel structure (horizontal) Steel structure (vertical) Pool Grass Soil

Constructive Detail A

Terrace Office WaterDepot



PublicArea Car Silo 36 Section

Assembly Scheme Offices Water Pipes Level Platforms Metal Framing Structure Metal Net Covering Water Tower

Complementary Programs A sustainable city can never be monofunctional. This proposal intents to dissolve the limits amongst programs in order to stimulate a new potential. If during the workweek, the offices are the busiest, during the weekend the Aqua-Park will be the most seeked. 37

Observatory COMPETITION (2009) 2nd Place 19 t h Plad u r Iber ic Com pet i t ion


A constant presence Pladur速 requested an Observatory, for the El Yelmo mountain area, nearby Madrid. The building had to support scientists as well as group of night observers. As the end of a path, the building rises itself as a constant iconic presence in the landscape guiding night and day several hiking groups. From the nearest village to the South, an intentionally tilted rectangle accompanying the natural flow of the mountain will be visible. At the base of the a series of individual posts will serve as a support platform for camping.


3. Last Climb The top of El Yelmo was chosen to symbolize the end of the pedestrian walk. The last part of the path can be made by funicular train.

4. The Observatory It is the beacon for the hikers and the final rest of the walk. At night the top opens revealing the deep space.

2. Individual Posts At the base of El Yelmo there would be placed installations for camping and 8 individual observation posts..

1. Hiking El Yelmo area is surrounded with hiking paths that start at the small village to the south. 40

A Exterior Observation Level 7

Planetarium Level 6

Cafeteria & Relax Level 3

Arrival & Lounge Level 0


Facade The facade is a mixture of solar panels, clear glass and Pladur速 Fon速 protections in the inside. The location for each material, was a direct result of part of the building.


Gift Shop


Cafeteria Relax Area Scientists Area Arrival & Lounge


Funicular Rail

Sustainble The materials chosen for the Observatory had in mind the sustainability of the structure. Solar panels were used to produce electricity, along with LED lights for lowest consumption levels possible. 42

Section A

Arrival & Lounge Level 0

Day Position During day time, the top hatch is kept closed. Exposition Level 5

Planetarium Level 6

Night Position At night the top hatch opens revealing a privileged spot to observe the stars.


Mise en Scene COMPETITION (2010) 4t h Place 2 0 t h Plad u r Iber ic Com pet i t ion


Rehabilitation Pladur’sŽ 20th Iberian Competition proposed the rehabilitation of a small lot next to S. Bento’s train station in Oporto city. In this old and touristic area of the city, one had to build a tourism office in order to take advantage of the privileged location. The old remains of the previous building had to be left untouched, and so, the idea to build a scenario inside that old and intimate space became obvious. What secrets did it had? We invite you inside Mise en Scene!


Vertical Connection The new elevator connects the subway, the street and the new proposed site seeing at the top of the preexisting rock.

Horizontal Connection The ground level is opened to allow the passage. The information boot is independent and works associated with this passage area.

Public Privacy The interior, once private and hidden from the public, becomes exposed and ready to host city visitants. Thus, the new intervention stands itself from its predecessor’s limits.


Communicate The new building will have to be necessarily prominent! A communicative facade, just like in a live theatre set, where the actors are the ones that had the curiosity to go inside, and where the scenes are displayed along the walk to the top. So why not take advantage of this privileged space to better know Oporto city? Mise En Scene is like a cinema narrative of selected looks over the city.


Top Acess

Belvedere Multiuse Room


Exposition Gallery Reception Bench

Narrative Like in a theatre stage the building develop its program based on the path to the top


Reception Office boot

Rusted Iron Exterior Casing

Light controller panels Multiuse Box

White Pladur Interior

Metal Frame Structure

A Living Wall The new building acts as a background wall. A fake wall that gives an intimate connection with the old ruin. This narrow and white interior space, will invite people to walk in it by giving them art galleries and a multiuse space. 48

Different Realities The narrow spaces in between confronts the old and new realities.




Rubber Laminated Glass Steel Omega profile Steel tubular structural profile Pladur profile Exterior Copper Plate Pladur P1

Thermic Isolation Detail P1


Movable Barriers The exposition cabinets work as barriers to close the building to the public.

Auditorium Formation

Freeform Formation

Flexible Material Pladur can be used to make custom furniture modules. This material, when adapted with steel profiles can be turned into flexible pieces that, not only provide program, but also can help articulate space. 51

Contacts 52

TIAGO ANDRE CLEMENTE SANTANA E-mail | Mobile | +351 963533564 PORTUGAL 53

Notes 54



Architecture Portfolio  

Selected work from my 6 years at the University of Coimbra (Portugal).

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