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4 Ways to Get to Know God God reveals himself to His people through His Scripture and also through His people. He longs for us to grow closer to Him and one way to get to know God and get closer to Him is to get to know yourself in the roles you play in your life. #1 – Get to know yourself in your role as mother. You knew and loved your baby before he or she was born. God says of us, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” (Jeremiah 1:5a). When your baby was born you knew that you would do whatever you could to love, teach, protect, and help him or her. Think of all of the pride and joy that your children give to you. Consider all of the sacrifices you made and the disappointments you felt when they would let you down. How much more does our Lord feel these things towards us? How much more are the sacrifices that he has had to make for us? #2 – Get to know yourself in your role as daughter. You didn’t realize the way your mother felt about you until you became a mother. As a daughter you were taught what is right and wrong. You knew you were loved no matter what you did. Your needs were provided for and you sought approval and reassurance from your parents and they never let you down. Sometimes they protected and guided you and sometimes they let you try things on your own. In the successes and more in the failures, you learned, you grew, and you came back to what you knew to be true. How much more can and does the Lord do as a Father to us as His daughters? Yes, He must discipline us as our parents did, and yes he must allow us to be free to err but He will always welcome us home with warm, loving, caring arms and help us through the rough patches. And, we can rest assured just as we did as children that our Father would not give us more than we can handle. #3 – Get to know yourself in your role as wife. As a wife you know what it is like to care for someone and to join together and build a life. You know what it is like to submit to a husband and be a helpmate. You know what it is like to share your triumphs and your disappointments with someone who loves you. You know what it is like to have a partner to turn to when you need something and you know what it is like to support someone who needs you. A husband is called on to love his wife like God loves the church. If we are being loved in this way our role as a wife can show us the love that God has for us. This type of love will show us how to submit to the Lord as we should and show us how to grow closer to Him by going to him with our triumphs and disappointments. The love we feel being wives should draw us closer to the Lord because we know that the love that we receive from our husband is only a fraction of the love that the Lord has for us. # 4 – Get to know yourself in your role as friend. As a friend we know what it is like to help someone in need but we also know what it is like to have someone to turn to when we are in need. We know what

it is like to go through trials with someone and what it is like to have fun. We share secrets and know that we will never be let down. How much more can we turn to God with our trials and our successes. We know that He knows all and we can turn to Him and we will never be let down. We can celebrate with Him and sing His praises and He is more faithful than any friend we have known.

Meet the Author Tia Goodman is Christian with a heart for people. She has been a wife for over seven years and had a very tough time returning to work following the birth of their first child. Although she went back to work soon after their son was born she dreaded leaving him every day. She worked for some time to figure out a way for her family to maintain their finances and allow her to be home more often with her son and eventually set out as an independent accounting consultant for construction contractors which allowed her to work out of their Riverside, California home. Goodman later went back to school at California Baptist University where she is set to graduate this year with a BA in Christian Studies. She works as a freelance writer and has a heart for the Lord and His people and wants to serve them through writing about His Word. She prays consistently that she would correctly deliver the message that God has given us in His word to the readers and has taken in depth classes that educated her in The Bible and proper interpretation and exposition.

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4 Ways to Get to Know God through the roles you play in life

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