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T I A A P R I L I TA S A R I +62-857-5832-6856 Depok, Jawa Barat Bengkulu, Bengkulu

EDUCATION 2016 Universitas Indonesia Bachelor of Architecture (GPA 3.44/4.00)

working experiences 2016 Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia Lecturer Assisant for - Introduction to Architecture Class - Architectural Design Theories and Methods Class - Environmental Design Theories and Methods Class 2015 PT Arkitekton Limatama Design Internship

publication 2016 Urban Green Infrastructure: An Interactive Web of Water, Space and Life As Editorial Team & Contributor ISBN: 978-602-72857-4-3

personal detail Date of Birth April 1st, 1994 Interest Architecture Design Urban Design Housing Landscape

achievements & awards 2016 Design Challenge Cipta Karya 2016: Lomba Desain RTH di Bundaran Waru sebagai Gerbang Kota Surabaya by Dinas PU Cipta Karya dan Tata Ruang Provinsi Jawa Timur 1st place 2016 IndoBuildTech Expo 2016: Jakarta’s Architecture Student Exhibition 2016 Exhibited Work: The Bird Sanctuary 2016 Architecture Fair (AFAIR) UI 2016 Exhibition at National Gallery of Indonesia Exhibited Work: - The Bird Sanctuary - Sustainable Urbanism: Setu Pladen - Mapping: Visual-Movement-Visual 2015 Design Week 3.3 Exhibition Exhibited Work: -The Bird Sanctuary - Masked The Walk 2015 4th Asian Contest for Architecture Rookie’s Award Indonesia’s Representative

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Work under pressure

achievements & awards (2) 2015 Indonesia Domestic Contest: 4th Asian Contest for Architecture Rookie’s Award 2nd place 2014 Design Competition: Space for Sanity by Universitas Atmajaya Yogjakarta Top 9

workshops & seminars 2016 JKTWS 2016: FORMAL & [IN]FORMAL International Joint Studio Workshop and Symposium in collaboration with Chiba University, University of Tokyo and Keio University 2016 Urban Green Infrastructure: An Interactive Web of Water, Space and Life International Joint Studio Seminar in collaboration with Cardiff University and Florida University 2015 JKTWS 2015 Water: Pressure and Challenge International Joint Studio Workshop and Symposium in collaboration with Chiba University, University of Tokyo and Universitas Tarumanegara

event experiences 2016 Architecture Fair (AFAIR) UI 2016 Staff in Exhibition design 2015 Desa Binaan FTUI 2015 Secretary 2014 UI Goes To Bengkulu 2014 Manager of Creative Division 2013 Bedah Kampus UI 14 Person in Charge for Decoration 2013 UI Goes To Bengkulu 2013 Person in Charge for Publication

organization experiences 2014 Himpunan Mahasiswa Bumi Raflesia UI Vice President 2013 Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Departement of Architecture, UI Staff of public welfare division

The Bird Sanctuary Design Studio 3 (2014)

KM Evironmental Center Design Studio 4 (2015)

The Torch Design Studio 4 (2015)

K-Senopati Design Studio 5 (2015)

Baya Sura Competition (2016)

Dampu Project Competition (2015)


the bird sanctuary • •

2nd place at Indonesia Domestic Contest of Asian Contest for Architectural Rookie’s Award Indonesia Representative on 4th Asian Contest for Architectural Rookie’s Award at Ho Chi Minh City, 25 October 2015

the bird sanctuary


he Bird Sanctuary is a public space that designed for nature observation. This project’s goal is reducing biodiversity loss to ensure environment sustainability by using observation activity to persuade people to protect nature. By providing place for observation, this building is meant to implant value about nature preservation.In order to do so, the buildng is designed to combine the social and economy activity with nature life. Combining these element, I hope the community will continously use the publicspace, and the value of the building can be wellperceived. n this project, the building is located near wild bird habitat and housing. The builing is aimed to conserve the wild life, while also providing attraction to the habitants of housing complex. This facility is hoped to improve not only environment but also social and economic life of suroundings. Observation can be well done by maximizing connection to the nature and the circulation in building. Based on programs, there will be a continuity betwen inside and the outside. The conserved tree on site, is blended to structure by vertical column from outter perimeter to the center. It makes the structure look growing out as the tree grow. The structure bring the attention from inside to outside and from outside to inside









kampung melayu’s environmental center Architectural Design IV (2015)

Beside being one of historical area of Jakarta, Kampung Melayu is facing crowing, flood and slum issues. This area is the worst impacted by Jakarta annual Flood. Kampung Melayu’s Environmental Center is aimed to be a public space that concerning in environment and structural study. This building is designed to provide environmental study, sustainability and iconic widespan structure.




SCALE 1:800

SCALE 1:800

DESIGN IDEA The idea is to change image of Kampung Melayu from many environmental issue into a environmental center for study. The building will become the icon of sustainability while providing place for research, botanical garden, convention center and public space for people living around. The building is inspired by fractal form of leave and tree then transformed into a widespan structure system. The ground floor is designed for botanical garden and convention hall, the first floor is for the sight seeing and the upper floor is multipurpose area.




the torch

Architecture Design 4 • •

This projetc goal is to design a highrise buidling by applying the latest structural techonology for highrise structure. Project’ located at Senayan, Jakarta









vertical kampung of senopati Architecture Design 5 (2015) • •

High desity kampung is one of many challenges that Jakarta needs to overcome This studio challenged us to verticalize the kampung and maintain kampung ambiance inside

kampung senopati


ocated in central of bussiness district, SCBD and Senayan, kampung senopati has advantage of being in around busy area with many opportunity which offered by private and goverment offices. It is also impacted by Jakarta transit oriented development. In this project, I tried to generate a vertical living with kampung value but in healthier environment. The project started by observing kampung, analyzing how people cope with the environment and translating the value into a design idea that not could help maintain kampung ambience, but also offer more possibility dan improving environment for a better living.


circulation as the extention of activity

fill the void, extend the actvity

void for continuity

fill void with activity

healthy living

mixed used development

living at kampung

1st floor of residential

typical floor plan

moving harmoniously

living harmoniously ground floor


baya sura Competition Entry •

1st winner at Design Challenge Cipta Karya 2016: Lomba Desain Ruang Terbuka Hijau di Bundaran Waru sebagai Gerbang Kota Surabaya, organized by Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Cipta Karya dan Tata Ruang Provinsi Jawa Timur


BAYA SURA Baya Sura is green space designed as a landmark for Surabaya which located at Bundaran Waru. This procjetc is inspired by the legend of Sura and Baya about a fight between a crocodile and shark that later become the symbol of Surabaya. These character are also symbolixe the water and land ideology which presented in this design. The sculpture present the idea of fight betwen Sura and Baya. The curved not only symbolized the flexibility of Surabaya, but also offer a transitional space from Sidoarjo to Surabaya and align the circulation around Bundaran Waru.

keep existing trees on perimeter and more focus on the center area keep the visibility of the sculpture between the surrounding environment

keep existing tree on the perimeter and align to the shape of Bundaran Waru. The height is approximately 45 meters to maintain the scale compared to other building and stand out as a landmark.

The mass of sculpture is created based on visibility of site from surrounding area. The sculpture connect the northen and The sculpture is placed on the center to southern area to the highway above. At


northen area, Sura Park, there ale Sura lake that designed for recreational and domestic water supply purpose. The southern area, Baya Park, designed as open space which accomodate sitting area, playground, and gate to get inside the sculpture.

site plan transition: flyover to bundaran north and south part

directing to Surabaya






widespan structure main column bracing tension cable

dampu project Competition Entry (2016) • •

Dampu project is a team work of Tia Aprilitasari, Annisa Yoni and Tri Damayanti, which is submitted to Architecture Festival 2016 organized by Petra University, Surabaya This competition challenged us to create a children friendly space that could facilitate learning and playing activity for pre-school age.

Dampu: Kinesthetic Learning


ampu is a traditional game from betawi which now rarely played. It is very interesting game which allow children to exercise and improve their kinesthetic. In preschool age, children is developing their kinestethic ability by experiencing environment, people and object around them. This project is developed from the idea of dampu combined by spatial need from user that ranging from infant, toodler, preschooler, and the parent. The idea is to allowing interaction between children and their family while attract them to explore space that offer various body movement and thinking process. This place offer various level of excersice which access is limited to physical ability of the children. For instance, the toodler can not join preschooler in their play area by limiting access to make sure the safety of toodler. The site is near Setu Babakan Lake, Jakarta, which is a Betawi cultural center. This project is hope to offer space for people around, connect them to nature and value the betawi Culture.

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