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Sound Person’s Journal What role does sound play in a film? Sound is a crucial factor when creating a short film; it helps to create a dynamic viewing experience for the audience and also establishes a believable world through the use of verisimilitude. As our short film was a drama, based on real life themes; sound was needed in order to help our narrative flow and to create entertainment for viewers. The use of non-diegetic synchronous score music allowed the audience to follow the narrative more easily as it flowed and the use of sound also highlighted any certain clues or make a scene more dramatic. For example while Richard and Vanessa are in the sitting room sipping tea, you can hear Vanessa slurping her tea highlighting the awkwardness between them What did the role involve? The role involved me looking for many sounds that would fit my drama film, which could be to used as non-diegetic score music. Before I found the sounds my partner warren and I looked at previous drama short films and looked at the sound they had used to give us inspiration for the type of sound we wanted to use in our film. Once we knew what we were looking for, I browsed SoundCloud and found the sounds I thought would be perfect for our film. I consulted warren on what he thought of them and together decided on which sound we should in-cooperate in our production. Were any problems encountered? One of the main problems, was that it was hard to find non diegetic score music that I felt fitted with our film, many of the free music was boring or I felt it wasn’t right for our production, so it took me a long time to find music that portrayed our characters and narrative correctly. What has taken on this role taught me? Using sound cut pro/ final cut pro and Sony Vegas when adding sound to our production has helped me learn how vital sound is within a production. I learnt that choosing the right sound can make drama films more dramatic and realistic as they help create tension and set the scene, also if the audience enjoy the soundtrack it will be a key highlight in the film, making it more enjoyable and of a higher quality.

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