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EcoChamber Launches Sustainability Courses for as Low as $14.95 Miami, Florida, September 23, 2013 -- EcoChamber (, the global green chamber of commerce, dramatically reduced their green education prices to as low as $14.95. The goal is to allow everyone who wants to learn more about environmental practices, to be able to do so easily and affordably. The full course lineup can be found by clicking the Green Education link. The new low prices and ability to take the courses over the internet at any time, makes sustainability accessible to everyone. There is also an option to gain access to all 11 courses at a 25% discounted rate of $199 or $99 for groups with more than 200 users. Now, any sized company can learn and implement strategies that will not only be good for their business, but also for the community and environment overall. The courses educate organizations on core sustainability issues, the implementation process of becoming more energy efficient and in planning sustainability. The educational topics covered are beneficial for employees who need to be provided with information supporting their employers’ sustainability initiatives. The eleven courses include: 1. Sustainability Planning 2. Social Responsibility 3. Green Building / Systems / Materials 4. Green Certifications and Standards 5. Green Supply Chain Management & Sustainable Purchasing Practices 6. Waste Management 7. Transportation Program/Green Fleet Management 8. Water Resources and Conservation 9. Environmental Accounting 10. Green Cleaning Practices and Food Service 11. Renewable Energy Established in 2008, the EcoChamber is a global green chamber of commerce whose mission is to aid businesses in adopting sustainable practices and to promote commerce and consumer loyalty to green businesses. The online courses are being offered in partnership with Green Education Online. For more information, contact the EcoChamber at (877) 326-3522 or ### 306 Alcazar, Suite 301 Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Ecochamber green education 2013 09 23  
Ecochamber green education 2013 09 23  

The EcoChamber, the global green chamber of commerce, has reduced their sustainability courses to as low as $14.5.