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Helping our environment can no longer be left up to others. It is time for each one of us to take charge of our shared future. By harnessing the power of numbers, together, we will reverse the damage done to our planet. Together, we can help communities have clean water, cities have clean air, our children have better health and put an end to hunger as we know it. These are no small tasks to tackle, which is why the EcoChamber is a global organization to support and unify those who want to make a difference. Together, we create a powerful voice for change. And this is why we hope you will join us... because you make a difference and because you have the power to help.

A Goldman Sachs


study found that companies with a strong emphasis on sustainability

One single person has the potential to make profound positive change. Whether it be by deciding to adjust your thermostat, teaching your children about recycling or volunteering to help your company become greener, the ripple effect of your actions is immense. Not only are the environmentally-friendly steps you adopt going to help you personally by saving you money and giving you a healthier world to live in, but they are going to help your friends, your family and your economy as well.

outperformed the market, often by a large margin.

The EcoChamber will provide you with the resources to do all of that and more. We are your environmental partners and support system here to show you simple ways to achieve your goals as well as to connect you with other like-minded individuals and organizations. The EcoChamber gives you a path to become an even greater eco-leader by letting you share your stories, tips and inspirations so others can benefit from your experiences.

For Future Generations The EcoChamber works hard to support our next generations. Today’s children and young adults are our future leaders


and champions for the planet. One of the most impactful ways you can make a difference is by At the EcoChamber, all students can join

letting others know about your passion for our planet. Your

for free. In addition, we have student

enthusiasm is contagious and because of you, more and more

EcoAmbassador programs geared

people will take care of their lives and our planet. The more voices

towards giving them the ability to learn,

that are added, the more noise we can make. Soon, that noise

collaborate and cultivate their passion

will not be able to be ignored and the leaders will have to listen.

for the environment.

Let your voice be heard.

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Businesses hold the key to achieving a healthy future. Whether small or large, a company being environmentally proactive has tremendous influence. ECOCHAMBER PROVIDES TOOLS FOR SUCCESS Introducing the first ‘Global’ Green Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the economic advancement of sustainable businesses. An EcoChamber membership helps you profit by going green. We walk you through simple yet powerful steps to save money, improve customer loyalty and increase marketshare over your competitors. We will also direct your business through the process of becoming ”Eco Certified” helping you attract more customers while showcasing your commitment to the environment. You can then increase your online presence, drive awareness and build your economic growth through our online marketing and social networking campaigns which are devoted to creating your “green” path to success. With the EcoChamber, you will stay up to date on the latest information, resources, regulations and innovations to keep you informed and your business growing. And finally, you will have access to eco-savings through our Member-to-Member discount programs and referral services. No other organization offers such a unique combination of services.


Business Development and Visibility

“Finally, there is a Chamber of Commerce that

profitability and visibility. We give you powerful tools to

understands and supports our passion for the

showcase your strengths including videos, documents,

environment and our corporate vision.”

photos, and maps with the ability to reach audiences around

Vaughan Lazar, President - Pizza Fusion

the globe through the internet, iPhone and more. Plus we

(International Organic and LEED Certified

are a central resource for key contacts whether they be

Restaurant Franchise)

customers, investors, vendors or simply fans.

The EcoChamber is designed to help you drive growth,

"It has become apparent, the EcoChamber is not another project playing upon a Green theme, but rather a unique and well conceived organization. In our case, the EcoChamber has been Instrumental in driving traffic and new customers to our Company." David Greenberg, President - EcoLav (A New Experience in Drycleaning)

Corporate Leadership and Responsibility Green values — efficiency, reducing waste, managing carbon — have increasingly become standard practice for any smart business. "It's really becoming business as usual," says Joel Makower. "These are practices that don't go away during a recession." Being Green May Help Business in Bad Times, Time Magazine, By Bryan Walsh Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009

URGE YOUR LEADERS TO SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE ECONOMY The EcoChamber is a bipartisan advocate, dedicated to evaluating public policy as it relates to the environment, businesses and jobs. The EcoChamber will promote and educate political leaders to create responsible legislation that benefits green businesses through tax credits, job incentives and savings. We highlight the current and most relevant initiatives that affect eco-friendly businesses and show you how to contact your legislator(s), track a bill, and advocate an issue that allows you to benefit from and contribute to our unified voice in government. We will give you an insight into the importance, purpose and intent of environmental legislation. We are committed to promoting legislation that will result in sustainable development and to working toward public policy to improve the economical and environmental well being of businesses and their communities.

JOIN OR DONATE TODAY THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS AND TOGETHER WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. BY JOINING OR DONATING TO THE ECOCHAMBER, YOU ARE ADDING YOUR VOICE TO HELP THE WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE BY SUPPORTING CHANGE IN BUSINESSES, INDUSTRIES, GOVERNMENTS AND EVEN COUNTRIES. As the only global green chamber of commerce, the EcoChamber creates a loud, powerful voice for progress. By supporting the EcoChamber, you are supporting initiatives such as student and youth programs, clean water programs in third-world countries, business greening campaigns and legislative advocacy initiatives. But we need your help. Your tax-deductible donation or membership makes a huge difference. Please help today. EcoChamber is a non-profit organization. You can join, donate or sponsor us at

1111 Brickell Avenue, 11th Floor 877.326.3522 usa 305.731-2412 international

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EcoChamber Digital Brochure  

The EcoChamber is a leader in unifying all environmental sectors to create a louder and more powerful voice for progress and innovation whil...