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The game of Spider solitaire Out of all the versions of solitaire you can play, Spider solitaire must be the one that offers the biggest challenge. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you understand how the game flows you are in for a good mental workout… with the fun mixed in of course.

How to play Spider solitaire I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy playing a few games of solitaire from time to time. I have personally also put in many hundreds of playing hours and I am a decent player, however Spider solitaire was a bit of a challenge at first. Now after playing it for so long I still thoroughly enjoy it. I feel it offers a good balance of difficulty and enjoyment. But let’s get to the instructions on how to play Spider solitaire… The first thing you need have an understanding of is how the screen is laid out when you start the game (pictured below). There are a number of variations of this solitaire game around, but they all follow a similar pattern.

The layout of the screen at the start of a game of spider solitaire Although you might come across a number of variations, the game is often played using two decks. Other variations are played with four decks and sometimes even as many as eight. The example we will be looking at is for one where the game is played using only two decks. The standard layout of the game is depicted in the picture. The majority of the cards are dealt face down with the top two rows being dealt face up. Apart from the cards arranged at the top, you will see that there are a number of cards at the bottom of the screen. These ones are referred to as the stock cards.

The end goal of the game is to have sets of cards of descending suit sequence starting with a K and running down to an A. Building up a sequence like this will result in it automatically being moved to the foundations. After you have removed all of the cards, the game is finished. You will find that even though you understand how the game is played, it would continue to be a challenge always. Playing online The wonders that the internet has brought also includes variety and just playing simple games like this has a number of possibilities. You can play online, download an app onto your phone, download the game to your computer or buy versions of the game. I am however a bit of fan of playing online. The main reason I play online is because it is the most convenient option in my opinion. I spend a lot of time online and therefore it just makes logical sense to relax online playing games like Spider solitaire. Something I often get asked is why I don’t just download the games onto my computer. I have tried that several times over the years and it has been a hit and miss in that area. Some of the games I download only work for a few minutes and then you need to buy it. The others are however the major reason why I don’t download the game… namely the hidden problems that come with it. There are so many bad people out there who get some pleasure out of putting malicious software on other people’s computers. They often also steal information and sometimes it takes ages to get your computer cleaned up again. When playing Spider solitaire online though it makes things a lot easier. I find a site I like to play at and I just bookmark it in my browser. Then I go back to it and play whenever it suits me. The rules of the game Here is a simple run down of the rules of Spider solitaire: 1. The cards are laid out in 10 columns, the one next to the other, each with 3 cards facing down. 2. The next 4 cards in the 4th row will also be facing down. 3. The rest of the cards are then dealt face up with two cards face up on each of the columns. 4. The remaining cards are laid out in the stock at the bottom of the screen. 5. Your goal is to group the cards together in a descending sequence by suit. 6. To remove a column of cards they need to start at the top with a King and end at the bottom with an Ace. 7. Keep on making columns until all of the cards have been moved to the bottom of the screen. This really does make it sound very simple and the logic behind the game is indeed simple. One thing that isn’t simple is taking on a game of Spider solitaire. Even after years of playing the game it still holds a challenge every time I play online.

The game of spider solitaire  
The game of spider solitaire