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Africa is a unique place to go for a vacation. The continent holds promising sights for the traveler. If you haven't been to Africa before and are on your first trip, the few tips mentioned below will help you. Check with the local embassy It is always a good idea to check with the local embassy about the country you plan to visit. Though most embassies put out travel advisories, check with tour operator as this advisories may not always reflect the current situation on the ground. Choosing the right travel packages There are hundreds of tour operators offering travel packages so finding the best is not easy. To get the best deals check out sites that offer Africa travel packages from the best tour operators and compare their packages. You can also read feedback from their previous clients. Travel insurance Another important factor you must take care of is the travel insurance- it is important that you get all your baggage insured. It is not rare these days to see baggage disappearing, so getting them insured gives you the right protection in case of any such unfortunate occurrences. It is always advisable to avoid taking expensive valuables with you on your trip. Health insurance Even more important than travel insurance is health insurance. It is generally recommended that visitors to Africa take medication a week or a month in advance, if possible. Most remote parts of Africa are lacking in proper health care facilities but if you find yourself in poor health during your trip, tour operators have measures in place to getting travelers to the right medical center as most have medical evacuation support. Dressing Most parts of Africa are still conservative when it comes to dressing. The dress code is even sound at places of worship in such places The rule is especially applicable to women, who are advised to dress modestly. Clothes that are too tight and revealing should be avoided by women. When packing clothing, it is advisable that you consider the weather of the place you are going to. Visa

Visa is imperative when it comes to traveling in any foreign country and for Africa, all countries have different visa requirements, so it is advisable to check with your embassy. Planning your trip a few months in advance would be the best thing to do. Also make sure you have a photocopy of all your travel documents for additional security.

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==== ==== For a huge selection of FREE videos about Africa travel please visit our site. ==== ====

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