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GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Course Title: Communication Skills for Engineers Level: Undergraduate Number of Credits: 3 Assessment Assessments will take the form of assignments and exams during the course. There are two assignments among which one is taken by students individually while the other will be done in group. These two assignments contribute 30% to the total scores of the course. In addition, two exams, contributing 35% each, are taken at the middle and at the end of the course. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course aims to provide students with practical guidelines on technical writing and presentation skills for engineers. The course begins with an overview of the communication skills, and describes the essential features of technical writing and presentation skills. Guidelines are then introduced to help students practise and improve their own skills that would be applicable not only to their future careers but also to their current study. COURSE CONTENT This course covers the following topics: Module 1 – Fundamentals of Technical Communication • Definition and terminology • Communication goals • Most common ways to communicate • Typical technical communication processes • Factors that affect the technical communication Module 2 – Technical Writing Skill • Technical writing overview • Planning and preparation • Structure and formatting • Writing styles • Common errors of grammar and word usage • Use of citations and bibliography in technical writing • Revising and proof-reading Module 3 – Technical Presentation Skill • An overview of technical presentation skill • Audience analysis and objective settings for the presentation • Presentation structure design • Effective uses of slides with fonts, formats, figures, … • Rehearsal for a human critic




Effective verbal presentation strategies

RECOMMENDED TEXTS AND RESOURCES Reference Texts 1. Marsha J. Ludden, 2001, Effective Communication Skills: Essential Skills for Success in Work and Life, Jist Publishing, USA 2. Ros Jay and Antony Jay, 1999, Effective Presentation: How to Create and Deliver a Winning Presentation,Prentice Hall, New Jerseys. 3. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students, available at URL

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