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ĐH Bách khoa – ĐHQG Tp.HCM Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Undergraduate Syllabus

ENGINEERING LECTURES Course Code : 400400 - Credit - No. hours

: 0 : Total Theory Exercise 45 30 15 - Grading : Quizes 50% Grading scale 10/10 Final exam: 50% - Pre-requisite : - Program : Advanced Program - Level : Senior EE Core course - Note

TCHP: Labs/Practice





1. Course Objectives: This course teaches students how to present technical seminars from assigned topics using ideas from supplied relevant reference sources

2. Course outline: -

The lectures will give instructions on how to construct the layout for a presentation, write the presentation speech, and give the seminar on any assigned topic of current interest. Students will practice writing various seminar presentations and presenting their seminars in lecture sessions

3. Textbook and references: [1] James Stewart, Calculus Early Transcendentals, 6th edition, Thomson & Brooks Cole, 2008

4. Assessment Scheme: Quizes Final exam:

50% 50%

5. Course content: Dean of Faculty

PĐT, Mẫu 2008-ĐC



3 400400 engineering lecture  
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