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Cancer - A Preventable Diseases

Cancer, the most terrifying diseases we confront today are preventable. Although it appeared "suddenly" without notice, we have at hand are many ways to prevent it. So, why not take a stand?

There are many factors that cause cancer are known and can be removed from everyday life. In fact, 90% of cancers are caused by environmental or behavior problems by, according to the Huffington Post reasons. Smoking, for example, is a major cause of cancer. If you want to give all the representatives of the smoke, the number of deaths can be reduced considerably. In the U.S. at least 25-30% of cancer could be prevented if people stopped smoking.

The other major problem is the case of colon cancer, most often fatal, but can be caught early and treated with colonoscopy. Colonoscopy time has an important role in this case. The same as for cervical cancer, which can be obtained by early Pap test. In addition, women who want to protect this type of cancer can make your cervical cancer vaccine.

Breast cancer can be detected by mammography, and skin cancer can be prevented by sun exposure in moderation. However, this test is not the only thing we can do. A simple change in diet can be the difference between life and death.

In 2008, a study on "the MD Anderson Cancer Center" in Houston showed that 30-35% of cancer deaths are related to diet. One problem would be, for example, drinking alcohol is associated with many cancers. Do not you dare throw a packet of cigarettes smoked, the fans are not going to give up alcohol addiction, and addicts are not copper solarium or time spent on the beach, just because they know that you might have cancer. But at least in the case of regular visits to the doctor and the study should raise awareness and consciousness. Too many patients go to the doctor when it is too late.

Experts say that only 10% of cancers are genetic. This means that in 90% of cases, it is in our power to prevent this deadly disease.

Simple tips to prevent cancer

• A way of life, poor eating habits, addictions, stress and health sedentary neglect just some of the reasons for the occurrence of severe diseases such as cancer.

• Avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time. American expert recommended 15-30 minutes from the beach, then you can find an unknown location, where you will be protected from excessive sunlight disaster. Headgear with a hat for the sun and avoid lunchtime.

• Routine physical exams are essential for early identification of any disease. Mammograms for women in need, as well as a simple touch, you can do at home.

• Another way to prevent cancer is to stop smoking. If you have not achieved so far

stop this vice, your doctor may recommend an effective treatment for addiction.

• Eating healthy is the best way to prevent the disease. Fruit and vegetables do not miss our tables every day. Experts recommend a combination of fruits and vegetables green, red, yellow and orange for the body to benefit many minerals.

Culevit Calivita is a natural product with an amino acid composition that is most important to maintain the health of the people and protect the body against disease. Amino acids along with vitamin B and vitamin C to help maintain optimum balance and improve immune function, fight viruses and bacteria which are lighter and reduce the risk of tumors.

It is recommended for all people, but especially those who underwent surgery, Gastrointestinal disease, drinking alcohol, smoking and certain diseases, stress or diet is maintained.

Looks like a cliche, but this movement is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Either way, walking in the park, cycling, football or tennis with friends, play with the kids more, or any movement is essential for the proper oxygenation of the brain, stimulates fat burning and heart activity. 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to be healthy and tonic. Remember that balance is important. You can make

seasonal excesses, but addictions and unhealthy habits are considered to be signs of weakness in the body.