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April 12, 2012

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Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Dear editor: I have a problem, my neighbors are not using there recycling bins. The reason for this is not recycling is bad for the world and they got recycling bins for a reason so they should use them to save the environment.

I have 3 reason why we should recycle. My first reason why we should recycle plastic because it doesn’t decompose unless it has heat and some little animal could eat the plastic and die, do we really want poor little animals dead on the side of the road or on the road.

My second reason is why we should recycle paper is because we are wasting trees because we don’t recycle newspaper or scrap paper. Our world forests are decreeing because of us not recycling.

Nature News 516-236-2721

Sarah Loshaw

My third reason why we should recycle glass because glass can be dangerous because if some care less person throws glass on the road and if some animal or a person could cut them self on it.

Tornado Destroys Forest Home, sweet, Home


Backus Mills Pollution On Our Lakes


Earthquake Strikes Japan 4 Race For The Trash

Therefore you should use your recycling bins and recycle for the sake of your environment and yourself and animal and try to prevent this.


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Earth Hour Horoscopes


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P. R. P. S. s Garden


Vanishing Forests


best part is that there are so many

to see the birds. Our ecosystem is great and

Special points of interest:

different kinds”.

supports all different species with plenty of

• We are focused on the envi-

My me is Carter Walsh and I food and great habitats.

am going to be telling you about birds. In

Chelsea Bouck a co-op student at brid

Norfolk county there many types of different

studies Canada says that being able to

birds. Such as black birds Robin killed deer

live in the area like this is just wonder- should make plans to come especially if you

Blue-Jays and many more.

ful because all the wild life and be really close to it.

If you have never been down to Norfolk you

like birds.

Birds are very common in this area and I

Nature News

think that they are very beautiful. Connor


Walsh says “I really love having so many

Norfolk County sees hundreds of peo- Carter Walsh

birds and the best part is that there and the

ple from all over the world who came

ronment and the nature around you

Tornado Destroys Forest. On Saturday August 24th a f-5 tor-

experienced in my life. Before this tragic

The homes that were destroyed now

nado took out most of the Hundred Acer

event accord on Friday August 23 there were

making there owners have to go and live in

Woods killing mostly all of the wildlife that

tornado warnings and no tornado. Bill Paxton

refugee camps, until they are re- built. Two

lives within it. The tornado scientists say that

said “the wind swept on that monster were

hundred and fifty houses were destroyed and

this f-5 tornado was the biggest tornado ever

high enough to hurl a fright train right off its

there are 276 people are now homeless or in

recorded it the whole world. The tornado was

tracks and throw it a couple hundred me trees.

refugee camps. A survivor quotes” I'm so

a 1.75 miles wide and had a wind speed of nearly 500/mph. Tornado experts Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt said that the radar was going crazy when the tornado was forming. Bill said “if only you could of seen the radar when this beast was forming there was a huge red hook and you could clearly see the formation.” A witness says “it was so scary but

happy that I have insurance’. I’d be broke if I The tornado broke 1000 trees and its going to

had to rebuild it all by my self”.

cost the country 10 million dollars to replant

This has been a tragic

the trees. The tornado killed most of the wild

incident but now everything can go back to

life. Only two people died from all of the

the way things were after they repair every-

debris but the tornado did tremendous dam-

thing that had gotten destroyed. If you have

age. There is still a search going on to locate

any more information about the event please

any more bodies but as of now the death tool

call 444-444-tornado.

I had to think fast so I ran down to my storm

is two The two bodies have not been identi-

cellar and hide in the back corner and it was

fied yet but bodies specialist have come in to

really loud and then my whole roof came off

help identified them.

Nature News 44-442-4747 Carter Walsh

it was the most terrifying thin I have ever

Home, Sweet, Nature Many of the local people here in Norfolk County love nature. This is a well known fact. Local man Ed Muth is no different, yet unlike some Ed thinks that Norfolk County should continue to develop. This man grew up in Norfolk and has learned many different things such as migrating bird patterns and species. Ed loves the outdoors and would love to see it restored to what it could be.

Ed said that he can remember a lot about Norfolk but one of his favourite memories is when turkeys were introduced to the area because he knows the man who brought them. His name was Dave Reid. Ed knows Dave Reid probably from earlier years. Page 2

When asked, Ed said that he loved the plant life here and that it was very diverse and lively despite the fact that it is often ignored. He also thinks that on the issue of people going to the beach and having to pay in order to park, the beach is public so the parking needs to either become free or the beach needs to be private. Well the beach certainly won’t be private so the parking needs to change.

we should preserve the biosphere. He also likes the fact that most people try to help the environment.

Nature News 123-261-7262

Jesse Davidson

Ed Muth also believes that we should continue to develop and build while still trying to preserve the area. So while he is still a friend of the area he also loves nature and believes that

Nature News

Backus Mill Today I will be interviewing Susie from Port Rowan School. We are at Backus Mill to see what people like about Backus and what they would change about it. We are interviewing different grades because we wont to know if they are learning anything from coming to Backus Mill and wondering if they would ever come here again. Susie have you ever been to Backus ``Yes, with my school``. Cool, would you ever go back to Backus Mill again ``Yes, its amazing place to learn and have fun``. Do you like Backus Mill ``Yes, it's fun``. How many times have you been to Backus? "Many times but with just my school''. Have you ever been through the trails Yes, its really integration to see all the bugs and animals and animals habitats and animal bones, I would definite go thought the trails again``. Yeah I total

agree but a life lesson don't go through the trails at night there are a lot of bugs and you can't really see any thing, I had bad experience.

awesome place to see wildlife up close''. Thank you Susie for coming here and answering my questions.

Have you ever went camping at Backus `` No, but .i would like to and it would be fun sleeping out doors. Yeah I have been with my family its really fun. Have you ever been fishing at Backus `` No, i am not a fishing person but I had friend that did and there say its really fun``. I like fishing but fishing doesn't really like me.

Nature News 412-265-1233 Sarah Loshaw

What did you think of Backus when you got there and when you left? ''When i got there i was so existed to see what Backus was about and to see the new adventures. When i had to leave i really didn't want to because it was such existing and it was really fun''. My last question for today. What did you think of the nature? "It was great, its a

Pollution On Our Lakes When you are polluting the lakes and streams with gasses and oils can kill the animals that live in the water and the lakes go all black and murk.

When you pollute lakes by pouring oil or putting garbage in the lakes it will eventually kill all the animals and turn everything gross and you won’t be able to swim.

We should stop polluting because if we don’t stop we will eventually get rid of all

our nature. We went and pollute all the lakes, oceans and streams.

if your home was being polluted.

Nature News In the end all together should stop polluting our body of water. So what are you going to do to help the water because we are killing the animals because of pollution on the lakes.


Sarah Losahaw

How would you feel if you were those poor little animals and had to go through that? It wouldn’t feel so good

Trees In The Eco-System I am here with Carter Walsh and today I will be asking him a few questions. So carter we are here to ask you about what you think will happen if we don’t start to recycle or reduce and reuse. What do you think will happen if we have anymore trees left in the ecosystem? I think that if we had no more trees then most of our wild life that we have now will start to disappear because of habitation lose and that would cause use to have a not so beautiful economy. What do you think will happen if we had no trees and animals left in the world? Volume 1, Issue 1

I think if we had no more wild life or trees everyone would eventually end up crying. If you were to change the ways we treat nature what would you do to help? I would go around and ask my friends and my family to go and help to start replanting trees and flowers and start picking up the garbage and recycle what needs to be recycled. If you could chose the worlds path for us what path would you chose for us the good path or bad path? If I could chose the worlds path I would chose the worlds path I would chose the one

that is full of life and beautiful trees why because if we didn’t have these things we would not have anymore pets food water and the stuff I like my dinosaur chicken nuggets which would make me sad. Well thank you carter for that this has been fun but we have seem to run out of time thank you carter.

Nature News 241-152-3111 Andrea Baven

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Earthquake Strikes Japan Again An earthquake has struck Japan again. Was not as powerful, but still strong, it was a 6.3 on the Richter Scale side. It had hit North Eastern Japan on Tuesday. This earthquake had not beat the record for the biggest earthquake in Japan, which was a 8.6 on the scale.

then that nine and hope that Japan doesn’t get any more Earth quakes this year. We also helped many different countries like: Heidi and now Japan.

There has been said that there was no damage done to properties or any casualties. There hasn’t been a tsunami warming yet. Nearly 20,000 people were killed in the last March 11 last year. This years Earth Quake was not ever close to being This is a map of were the earthas bad as the last Earth quake strike Japan Quake.

We should be help like when we did operation Christmas child. We should donate to help fix buildings and give them clothes, food, and water

Lets hope that Japan won’t get any worse

Race for the Trash Port Rowan- Just last week Port Rowan held it's annual Garbage Clean Up Race. The race began at 8:30am, Saturday morning. The children that clean up the most trash to wins a prize. The Prizes were: a season pass to Backus Mills, free movie tickets for four at the Simcoe movie theater, and the Grand Prize was a brand new BMX Bike with a trophy. All participants get a participation medal with a free ice cream cone. The winners were Ryan Morison, Jasper Handerson , and William Wilford. William Wilford won the grand prize with 206 lbs of garbage. All together the participants collected 1436 lbs of garbage and is being sent to a recycling plant, the unrecoverable items will be sent to a landfill. William quotes “ I just can't believe that I won the contest! ' All I did was pick up a

piece of trash and then I'd put it in my garbage bag. After that I just go looking for more and more garbage”. Williams trophy had his name engraved into it. The trophy was 17 cm wide and 20 cm tall. William said “ I'm going to put this above my bed”

please contact 556-723-1683 Nature News David Bacro

There were some miner fights that broke out. The fights were mostly about who got to the garbage first. Also if someone was cheating. The participants who were fighting were kicked ou of the race with out a participation medal. The contest will be held next year at the Long Point Conservation Area, on August 16th. With the hostiles that were seen, police will be present at this next event. The crowds are predicted to be in the 300's next year. For information about this event

This is a picture of the logo of the Garbage Clean Up Race

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Nature News

Solar Flares Causing Natural Disasters? Yesterday at 3:00 am the began to be bombarded by solar flares and natural disasters. The most recent of these was a tornado that caused $529,000,000 worth of damage to Moscow Russia.

This morning many are still stocking up for fear of this being the end. However Dr. Jacob Heinrichs has sent out a broadcast that we are safe on this planet for at least 21 more years.

Many astrologers have decided to protest and still believe that the magnetic force and heat from this will cause a disaster so great that the earth will dislodge from orbit and spin into a different planet or galaxy.

that could happen is us having to live with these disasters for the rest of our short miserable lives.”

However despite his trust in Dr. Heinrichs and his predictions the Irish general Mcdirk said “the true reason to be cautious is because, “The real worst that could happen is the power the sun causing unnatural life in the cemeteries if you cath my meaning laddy.”

As of now that is all that is known but soon the world may hear more.

Jesse Davidson Nature News

In an interview the National American Space Academy CEO stated, “These solar flares are most likely nothing but a minor inconvenience. I believe Dr Heinrichs’ words and say that the worst


Earth Hour On the 31th of March we celebrated Earth Hour. I interviewed Ruth Bacro from the Port Rowan Public School. Ruth and I talked about Earth Hour, and how Earth Hour started. Earth Hour helps raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change.

Ruth exclaimed” This Earth Hour you should light candles, turn off all the lights in your house, then you can have a chance to slow down'. Also to feel the beauty, and harmony of our Earth'. All you have is 60 minutes so use them”. Electricity is so an incredible human achievement, and one we should never waste or take for granted.

Earth Hour is a time to save energy, and not to waste it. So be good, do good, the world needs it. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us at the number below.

We should always conserve energy. If you are not in a room and the lights are on you should turn them off, so that you don't waste energy. Also with those phantom lights that are like power sucker. Phantom lights are little lights on an appliance that tells time, if you have a message on your answering machine or even the ones on your T.V. Or game console.

David Bacro

Leo: Greatness is not a given it is earned practices make you perfect.

Aries You will never give up or back down you are not afraid to face your fears.

Capricorn you will be forced to restart on something you worked hard on.

Canner. You will gain a friend or you will lose the ones you love deeply.

Libra You are equal to many things you but you are the only one who can live up to your standards

Aquarius you will come face to face with someone you truly like.

Scorpion. You will be graced by a delicious meal and be thankful for it.

Sagittarius You will be struck with genius and no one will tell you different.

Gemini. You will freak out then you will calm and great ness may come to you.

pieces You will be able to face any challenge that is thrown at you

Taurus. You are head strong and you can hand a lot of things before you snap.

Virgo You will be able to get anything accomplished If you believe in yourself

Earth Hour is when you turn off all your lights in your house, and by recycling. Earth Hour first originated in 2007, in the city of Sydney, Australia and with some help with the World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF). Earth Hour now is celebrated on the last Saturday of March. It started at 8:30pm and goes till 9:30pm. We should celebrate Earth Hour because when we come together, we have the power to change the world.

Nature News 556-723-1683


Volume 1, Issue 1

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on week days

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444 chopstick driveway We are selling long boards for 10 % off the regular price

Tell-444-444-4444 Expiration Date:

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Long boards inc.

P. R. P. S. s Garden

Port Rowan- Just the other day I interviewed Sarah Loshaw. A student at Port Rowan P.S. In Miss H's class. We were talking about the school's garden. She told me about why the garden was created, what tool's are used to weed it, even what her favorite flower was. She was really excited to answers my questions that I asked her. The garden was built three years ago by Miss H's 7/8 class. The garden was built so that the court- yard would be more appealing to look at. The classes that take care of the garden are Mr. D, Miss H, and Mrs. Whiteside. My class weeded the garden in spring last year and we used shovels, spades to get ride of the weeds. Every other month in the Spring the garden

and the school's yard gets cut. Just before Winter my class planted flower bulbs in the ground. The flowers are just starting to show themselves now. The garden witch involves the Ecosystem is a habitat for many animals, such as the Blue Bird, Robin, Black Bird, Squirrel, and insects. There are two bird feeder in the garden to help feed the smaller birds who can't find their own food. The garden has a wide verity of flowers, trees, and bushes. Sarah's favorite plant in the garden is the sunflower. Sarah quotes “ The garden is just so beautiful at this time of the year'. The weather is nice its not to cold or not to hot, its just perfect”.

work outside on a nice day. The garden doesn't have a name yet. Some student's just call it “the Garden” or “ School's Garden”. The school will be having a contest for the naming of the school's garden. It will be held on September 26th, 2012 A huge thanks to Sarah Loshaw and her class for giving us the inside look on the P.R.P.S.'s garden. For information about the garden or contest please use the number below to contact us. Nature News 556-723-1683

School 519-586-3541 David Bacro

Some of the school's classes go into the court-yard and do their school

This is a picture of Port Rowan Public Schools Garden

Volume 1, Issue 1

Nature News

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Vanishing Forests Have you ever wondered about clear cutting? First off for those who don't know what clear cutting is, it is “ When every tree in an area is cut down, even the small little saplings”. Clear cutting should stopped because it endangers the environment. The most dynamic impact is loss of habitats for millions of species. Forest still cover over 30 percent of the world, but that number is dropping fast. Clear cutting destroys the environment and habitats for animals. If logging comes close to the banks of rivers and streams, it will eliminate the shady shield of trees. This can cause the temperature of the stream to elevate. Making a huge difference to native plants,fish, and amphibians. When trees are cut down, water runs over the surface of the earth rather then filtering to the aquifer. It can cause flooding, and wash away valuable topsoil. Clear cutting is also making the earths forests diminish in size. The worlds rain forests could vanish in a hundred years at the rate

its going now. Small farmers will often clear a few acres to feed their livestock and their family's by a posses called “Slash and burn” agriculture. Lumberjacks don't let the little trees and shrubs grow up strong because when they clear cut they cut down every thing regardless of their size and usability. Remaining shrubs and bushes are burned and leave a smoky haze over the forest for about a week. A combination of human and natural factors such as wildfires and other causes may prevent the growth of young trees. Therefore, clear cutting should be stopped. So that trees can grow up big and that lumberjacks should take up selective cutting until the organizations that their working for can get an affective solution. A solution would be a balanced cutting plan, by planting young trees after the companies cut down the old trees and take up selective cutting. The number of tree plantations is growing each year.

This graph shows the deforestation all over the world and what the world used to be before the cutting. By: David Bacro 586-982-0981

Nature News  

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Nature News  

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