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What’s Up With The Wildcats?

JAJDJ inc. Tuesday, April 11th, 2012.

Volume 1, Issue 16

Missing Limbs: Alligator attacks Port Rowan! JULIA KNELSEN th

On March 20 , 2012 during the fourth period, five children by the names of Jimmy-Joe, Bobby-Joe, Billy-Bob, Bobby-Bill, and MaryLou each got injured by an alligator caught loose in the school when they looked for the gym on Tuesday afternoon. All of the children were lost looking for the gym and the rest of their grade eight class. Unfortunately, they were found by an albino alli-

gator who was missing for a month already and apparently the alligator was hungry! Each child lost a at least one limb! “I was wondering where my five other students were!” exclaimed the grade eight teacher Mrs. Joey, “I was just about to send someone looking for them once I heard the news!” Fortunately, about five minutes after the kids were attacked, a grade seven found them and called the ambulance immediately who took

Teacher kidnaps Star! On April 3,2012 George Stoumboulopoulos was kidnapped by Tara Hutchinson, a teacher from Port Rowan Public School. George


was supposed to got to Miss Hutchinson’s class to talk about acting and hosting television shows. George Strouboulopoulos went to Port

The albino alligator bit off some limbs off Port Rowan kids Jimmy-Joe, Bobby-Joe, BillyBob, Bobby-Bill, and Mary-Lou on March 20th, 2012.

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the Port Rowan kids away. “They’re just lucky I drank five chocolate milks at lunch and really needed to go to the See LIMBS on page 2.

Rowan Public School to teach Miss H's grade 7/8 class how to act and host shows after their lunch break. Tara's class and E.A thought it was weird See KIDNAPED on page 2.

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•An obsessive teacher! •A rabid alligator! •Lighthouse comes to Port Rowan • And even More!!!!!

“They’re just lucky I drank five chocolate milks at lunch and really needed to go to the bathroom at the time!”

-LIMBS bathroom at the time!” says the grade seven boy Charles Picket. The children are still in the hospital with severe injuries and that school area got banned

-KIDNAPPED when she was gone all lunch break and never returned. "Tara had a bit of an obsession with Stouboulopoulos, I know that from the two years I've been in her class. She's nuts over him, and knows so much about him." Ashley Bouck stated to police. "She's extremely smart and I'm surprised she kidnapped him." When George had arrived at the School Tara went to "meet" him and tuck taped his mouth shut and threw him in her car and tied him up. She snuck George to her secret lair in Port Burwell where she had expressed how much she

for investigation, Further information about this alligator we get, you will be notified.

loves him and would love to be his wife. Three days later Hutchinson's class and Georges family knew something was wrong when no one had contact with either of them, that's when they decided to consult the police. George Stroumboulopoulos had been terrified and worried he'd never see his family again." It was horrible! I didn't think that Tara would have kidnapped me but I hope it doesn't ever happen again to anyone." Stated George. "Every minute was worth it, and I don't regret a thing." Tara said with love in her eyes. Tara Hutchinson was

Any information about this case or if he tries to bite your face off, please call 1800-800-8001.

charged with kidnapping and is sentenced to 14 years in Norfolk County Jail and all schools of Norfolk have restraining orders and if they get broken Tara will be sentenced life in prison. A blurry picture of Miss,. Tara Hutchinson when she grabs George stroumboulopoulos on April 3rd.

George had lost a lot of money while being held by Tara he missed three shows and a movie interview making him loose 3 three million dollars. Tara Hutchinson had lost her job teaching and will be removed from Norfolk County.

Fire drills person that knows who keeps pushing the fire alarm. JOSH SKUCE Breaking news port rowan public school has had way to many fire drills and yet there are no fires. Witnesses say they see people sneaking into the school and pushing the fire drill and then quickly run back out. Teachers say if this continues they will haft to call the fire apartment so that who ever is doing this they can know. For right now we are going to do a interview on the

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So you say every time you walk by port rowan you see someone sneak in yes. Do you know if you can identify him no every time you walk by the school were do you come from home ok well thank you for giving us more info. Okay we will continue this case until furthermore we catch/find out who keeps pulling the fire drill.

A fire truck at the school.

Light House Comes To Port Rowan! DYLAN CRAWFORD

Light House Theater made some spectacular theater production and different plays. Anne has been with Light house theater for several years and came to Port Rowan school the week of March 5th to March 10th. Anne taught each kid in grade seven and eight how to make there own mask. they made the masks with card board and

from there they cut out the eyes noses and then rolled news papers and the futures. They finished with a coat of paint. The kids say that they had lots of fun and thought it was crazy how you could go from a cardboard box and suddenly it was a full mask. “When Anne came in and said to get a cardboard box we were puzzled. Then in the end amazing masks were created. You

The Blizzard of ‘77 JAKE HEINRICHS A lot of kids can hardly wait to go home from school, they wait for the final bell to ring. Well imagine being stuck at school in a snowstorm and you can’t go home. My dad was in a HUGE snowstorm in 1977. He wasn’t stuck at school for very long but he was stuck with my aunt Rita for two nights. Dad was ten years old and in grade five at the time. When dad left for school on January 27th, it was just like any other winter school day. It was not windy or even that snowy but shortly after they arrived the weather turned worse. The teachers tried to call the buses to take the students home but it was too snowy to get a hold of a signal. My dad was getting nervous, who wouldn’t be?

Volume 1, Issue 16

Outside the window there was nothing but pure white. Luckily the school still had power so they tried calling my Aunt Rita, who lived across the street, but couldn’t reach her. So they phoned my grandma who then called Aunt Rita to let her know that Dad was coming over.

have to see it to believe it.” said one of the kids. Anne is moving on to her next school where they will do the same thing. She will put smiles on

Port Rowan kids show off their masks they made with an artist Anne during March 5th-March 10th.

house to borrow a shovel to tunnel out the door.

The snow was so deep that, on Friday, the next week they were riding a school bus on a road that had a huge snowdrift that had been cut through so cars could Dad, his teacher and a cou- drive. While they were riding through, the students opened the ple of friends linked hands and windows and gathered snow and walked to Aunt Rita’s house. They couldn’t see the house until had a snowball fight inside the it was about a meter away. If they bus. They got in trouble for that had missed the house, they would though. probably have died in the cold. It was quite a storm that hit Port Uncle Terry, Aunt Darlene and Rowan, the students at Valley Bob Teigrob all stayed with my Heights had to sleep there. So dad. make sure that you pay attention The blizzard was so bad that after it was over some neighbors dug a tunnel from the second floor window of their house to get to another neighbor's

to the weather warnings for your town/county. Even though you would get to skip school, would you like to have this happen to you?

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Global Warming DYLAN CRAWFORD Global warming has been an issue that has been increasing problem over the years. Global warming is increasing because people aren’t realizing the extreme danger in global warming. The problem is that we are creating green house gas and they are warring away at the ozone layer and we have already made a hole in it by the arctic circle. This hole is 25 million square km and is letting in harmful rays from the sun. these rays are slowly melting the ice caps and will slowly rise the water. We should start less pollution by having green cars, recycled water and recycled resources. If we help this problem now then we can fix it before it becomes a disaster. What is global warming you may ask, global warming is when green house gasses rise and then they start warring away at the ozone layer. Once there is a hole in the ozone layer, then harmful rays come through that hole and melt the ice in the Arctic, the polar bears will start to go extinct. Earth has already started to show signs of climate control. Example the winter of 2011/2012 there was barely any snow and when it did it wasn’t here for a day at the most. I think in 25,000 years or so we will have Florida’s weather and they will have ours. Climate control is also begging to show because these last two decades have been the hottest in 400 years. We need to stop global warming before it kills all of us and our nature/ wild life. So remember this, die or live it’s your choice.

We need a bigger gym! JULIA KNELSEN Port Rowan School has needed a bigger gym for a very long time now. Every other school has a bigger and better gym then we do. We just got it re-done but I think we need to do a whole re-design on it. Many people in our school are complaining about how small it is and whenever we go to a different school for a sports activity, we’re not as good because we’re used to a small gym. We also need to have more lines on our gym floor because whenever we go to a different school with a different gym we get confused on which lines to look at . If we get a better gym, there will be less complaints, and we’ll be do better in sports at other schools.


1. The first name of our super principal 2. Something Jake always seems to be doing 4. The last name of our Incredible teacher 7. A board that Ms.Hutchinson takes up all work on 10. A teacher who fills in when our teacher is away. 14. The last name of our school's Resource Teacher 15. A subject that takes the middle two periods in room 3.14

Across 3. Everybody looks forward to this 5. A book that Ms.Hutchinson is reading to us 6. A time where everyone goes outside to play. 8. A computer smaller than a laptop but bigger than a cell-phone 9. Everyone in room 3.14 has one of these on the computer 11. The last name of our school's awesome french teacher 12. Something room 3.14 did on the computers 13. the last name of Eric's epic helper 16. A book Mrs.Gubesch read to us 17. a group of people who go to Canada's Wonderland to compete

Home Mom Coaches ASHLEY BOUCK Lisa Irvine age: 34 takes on a huge role for nine straight years. Lisa has coached cheerleading at the school with a bit of help from the teacher staying after school and with Mrs. Baese help "nit pick" the routine. Every year she puts amazing efforts into making a flawless routine with fun dances and out standing stunts. Every year she picks a strong, encouraging team to work with. Lisa teaches them the basics in the beginning like a double base and an extension for stunts, then how to do proper jumps, like a toe touch, hurky and a pike. She gradually tweaks and fixes bits of the routine as the time goes on to make the routine like no other. She takes a big part of her life out to coach once sometimes twice a week. She has a husband and three boys, she also works. Lisa takes full responsibility and changes her schedule all the time to coach the Wildcats. " I love coaching they're great but, when they don't give it their all it really shows and I give up a part of my life to come and coach for them so it makes me a bit disappointed when people don't show up or don't give it their all." Lisa said. Every year Lisa Irvine enters her cheerleaders in the Canada's Wonderland Competition. Her team usually places, and gets a plaque or a trophy to keep to show how well they did. Lisa is very talented balancing three boys, a husband, work and coaching a team for the whole year , but she never tires. She is always happy and cheerful lifting up the teams spirit and pushing them to give it their all to pull off a perfect routine in the end.

Hutchinson’s Life before going to jail. Tara Hutchinson taught for ten years. She was born in 1983 and is now 29 years old. She was a wonderful teacher and many of her classes that she had taught loved her. Tara loves technology I love technology I used my smart board almost everyday before I got put in jail. stated Tara. She always uses technology everyday she knows so much about it. She has an Ipad and Iphone and 3 D.S. Besides all the technology and gadgets she loves to have fun. She believes that if she does crazy fun stuff and teaches lessons in different ways the kids will remember what they have learned. She has taught in many different schools, like Houghton, Walsh, and Port Rowan where she met great staff and students. I can t believe I will never be able to teach again. sadly stated Hutchinson. She will be spending the next four years in jail for the kidnapping of George Stroumboulopoulos.

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What's Up with the Wildcats....  

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What's Up with the Wildcats....  

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