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PALERMO HOA MEETING Tuesday, May 30th at 5:00 PM at the Excellence Community Management offices

COME ONE, COME ALL The Board encourages all, whether homeowners or renters to attend and participate in the open homeowner forum discussion. The Board of Directors is open to any concerns or suggestions you may have. Map and directions on back page.

The SNWA has issued this Watering Restriction:

From May 1 until Oct. 1, landscape watering is prohibited from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please adjust your sprinklers so that you do not water between those hours. For exceptions and more information, please go to their website: UPDATE ON POSSIBLE SEVEN HILLS LITIGATION AFFECTING PALERMO The Seven Hills Board is trying to negotiate a settlement with American Nevada Corporation. (The developers of Seven Hills). A very extensive study was done regarding the infrastructure of Seven Hills. There are entryway monuments that have crumbled and more that are failing. There are caps on the walls throughout Seven Hills that are cracked, and are not in condition to last into the coming years. There are MANY other problems. These are just a few of the most salient ones. For example, in Capistrano, the community directly across from Palermo, several of the streets flood, mud backs up and causes problems when it rains. The Seven Hills Board on which I serve as Treasurer is trying to avoid a lawsuit with American Nevada. That would be a long, unpleasant process. If, however, we pursue

litigation, some Seven Hills homeowners are trying to instill fear that you could not sell your home or refinance due to the lawsuit, which is simply not true, if you explain to a lender that the infrastructure was the source of the litigation and not your home or your community. Homeowners of Palermo know firsthand of a similar situation. We were involved in a lawsuit that went on for a number of years. I know, when I purchased my home in 2002, the lawsuit was current and I had no trouble obtaining financing. If the Seven Hills Board accepts what is being offered by American Nevada it is estimated to be about $300,000. However, the Seven Hills Board has determined that approximately ten to thirteen million dollars is needed to fix all of the problems. The whole point of this statement is to let you, the Palermo homeowner know that if we cannot obtain a reasonable amount of funds to repair the infrastructure, an assessment would have to be levied on all 2,800

Seven Hills homeowners. But here is the catch: whether you own an entry level home in a community like Palermo or have a ten thousand square foot mansion in The Estates you would be assessed the EXACT SAME amount. In other words, we would, proportionately, be paying a lot more than those who have multimillion-dollar properties. Let the Seven Hills Board know you support them. We genuinely are trying to do what is best for all of Seven Hills. If we do not get these necessary repairs done now by the builder, we will be leaving these problems for the future and to be paid for by you IT'S THE LEASH YOU CAN DO... The Board is asking all residents who own dogs PLEASE, PLEASE keep them on leashes. Do not let their barking annoy your neighbors. General rule is: dogs should not be in the yard, if they are barkers, between 9PM and 8AM. Also, and this is imperative, PLEASE clean up after your dogs. A lot of innocent dog owners (myself included) have been accused by justifiably angry residents about messes on their lawns. If necessary, take your dog home and go back and clean up. We can all use the exercise. Threatening your neighbors is not a way to resolve problems. That may seem obvious but when upset it seems the easy way. Try to get along.

From Palermo, take I-215 East to the Stephanie St. exit, turn LEFT (North) proceed to Sunset Rd, turn LEFT onto Sunset, get over to the right, then just past the intersection of Whitney Ranch and Sunset, turn RIGHT at the turnout for the office-complex parking lot (you’ll see the AAA sign). Building B is the building to your right.

JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT... We had several homeowners called before the Board at the last meeting for various violations. Ninety per cent of the time the person called in will say his neighbor’s lawn is worse, or the guy down the street has oil stains twice as greasy. The Board members are homeowners and subject to the same rules. We receive warning letters and are required to be in compliance. What seems to be popular right now is to turn a Board member in to the Management Company whether or not the Board member is in violation of something/anything as a form of retaliation. If the violation is real and you have communicated with the offending Board Member who has made it clear he need not comply because he is a Board member then by all means contact Excellence Management. Please just do not report a Board member or anyone else because you do not like them for whatever reason. With that I want to urge all homeowners to consider running for the Board when the election is announced. I believe that is around October. It may seem a long way off but really it is not. Everyone should serve one term. It would allow you to see how Associations work. As annoying as they can be they are mandated by Nevada law. It is sort of like being in the military or doing community service. Please think

Sunset Rd.

Palermo HOA Board Members:

Stephanie St.

MEETING DIRECTIONS TUESDAY, MAY 30th at 5:00 PM at the EXCELLENCE COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT offices at 601 Whitney Ranch Drive, Building B, Suite 10.

Whitney Ranch Rd .

M AY 2 0 0 6

Galleria Mall

Warm Springs Rd. I-215

about giving of your time. On that note again would like to invite everyone homeowners and renters to please attend the next meeting on May 30th. Thank You, Tina Barosky, Secretary-Treasurer CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Several homeowners have expressed concern about the constant reminders about the rules for Palermo and Seven Hills. Along with those comments, several other residents have remarked about the lack of neighborliness people are showing. If you are having a problem with a neighbor try speaking with them or leaving them a note. If music is too loud or a dog is barking or they are not bringing in their trash cans, perhaps communication can help resolve these issues. It seems obvious, but more often than not people do not make the effort to let the neighbor know what is bothering them. If one-on-one communication does not resolve the problem, the next step is to phone Excellence Management (634-7770) and contactTraci Wozniak, the Palermo community manager, and let her know what is wrong. She will attempt to resolve the problem if it falls under the rules/ordinances of Seven Hills. One way to prevent a lot of unhappy neighbors is to follow the guidelines established by Seven Hills. For example, if you are installing a pool or trees, or adding a patio or

………………………………………… President: Harry P Lee e-mail: ………………………………………… Vice-President: Dennis Larimer e-mail: ………………………………………… Sect’y-Treasurer: Tina Barosky 270-0558 e-mail: Newsletter Editor: Tina Barosky ………………………………………… Excellence Community Management Representative: Traci Wozniak 638-7770 e-mail: ………………………………………… The Palermo Homeowners Newsletter is published as a service to the Palermo community by the Palermo HOA.

xeriscaping your yard you are required to receive architectural approval BEFORE you begin. Again, contact Excellence Management to receive the necessary documents. One of the forms requires “neighbor awareness” statements. The neighbors next to and across from you are required to sign your documents. This way they know when the bulldozer is digging the hole for your pool you have been approved by the Palermo and Seven Hills Architectural Committees. It really is not that time consuming and establishes communication with your neighbors as well as showing consideration for those around you. The official Seven Hills website ( sevenhills) – follow log-in instructions– has much useful information for filing documents to do improve-ments, alterations, or changes to your property. Palermo cannot have less stringent rules than Seven Hills but they can have additional requirements. The Seven Hills website is a good place to start to get answers to questions, general and specific. BIG STUFF The Board decided at the last meeting that those residents with recreational vehicles and boats may have them in Palermo for loading, cleaning, washing etc, as long as they are not kept OVERNIGHT. A number of communities do not even allow the bringing in of these RV’s or boats so let us try to make this work.


From May 1 until Oct. 1, landscape watering is prohibited from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please adjust your sprinklers so that you do not water betw...

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