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Recently a neighbor spoke to me about how Palermo is becoming a place about what is NOT allowed. I don’t think anyone on the Board is trying to make residents feel that way. Palermo is a sub-association of the Seven Hills Master Board. As such, we are re-quired to OTHER THAN adhere to the rules and regula-tions of PICKUP DAY Seven Hills. Therefore, Palermo can be more restrictive than Seven Hills but it can not be LESS. Please remember that these rules, though seeming-ly at times overly harsh, are in place to maintain the overall integrity of Palermo and all of the communities in Seven Hills. I once lived in a neighborhood where some people allowed their homes to run down and would park their cars and motorcycles on their lawns! The CC&R’s are there to keep such situations from developing. Associations are mandated by Nevada law. If we know the basic rules of Seven Hills and Palermo it just makes living here easier.

A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF SOME CC&R’S Seven Hills does not allow the planting of cactus or oleander in a home owner’s front yard. Cactus is allowed in the back yard; oleander is not allowed anywhere. For those of you who do have cactus in front, no one is going to come around and force you to remove it. However, do try to keep it “walker” friendly. We don’t want anyones’ children being harmed by cactus or people to have their clothes torn by it or dogs or cats to be injured by the needles. All parts of the Oleander (Nerium) are poisonous to pets and humans. This is why the plant is not allowed in the communities of Seven Hills. A prohibited plant list is available from Seven Hills. You may request it through Excellence . Granted, both these plants are desert friendly and thrive here. Granted, we are in a drought; nonetheless, Seven Hills does not allow these plants. Please review your landscaping and remember to submit landscaping revisions to Palermo HOA for approval. Forms are available from Excellence or from the Palermo website. •Commercial vehicles are not allowed in Palermo. If you have one and it does not fit into your garage it is not supposed to be in Palermo. Obvious indications you have a commercial vehicle would be writing on the car/truck. In addition vehicles which are commercial such as panel trucks are not allowed even without


advertisements on them. If you can park them in your garage with the door closed— fine. Otherwise arrangements need to be made for the storage of these vehicles away from Palermo. •Garage doors are not supposed to left open all day and/or all night. •Trash is supposed to be put out the evening before pick up and to be removed by that same evening of the day of pick up. Currently, trash is picked up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you do your yard or the gardener has come on Saturday afternoon please do NOT leave your clippings out until the next pick up. This applies to trash bags as well as cans. •Boats and recreational vehicles are not allowed in Palermo at all. Again if you can house these in your garage with the garage door closed then it is fine. Otherwise they are illegal and will be cited. •If you have a car which is not currently registered with a front and back license plate you need to keep these vehicles in your garage. Putting them in your driveway is not sufficent. They are illegal and will be cited. If your vehicle is cited please fax registration information to the management company. •If you decide to alter your home or landscaping you need to submit a written request along with neighbor awareness statements to the management company.

This request is for several reasons. One is to maintain the overal integrity of the neighborhood. In regards to this, for instance, Seven Hills requires that there be two trees in the front yard, while allowing one to be smaller. Another reason is to make sure dimensions and setbacks as well as materials are within the Seven Hills guidelines.These rules are to protect you, the homeowner.


Please do not put up structures even if you perceive them to be temporary, without obtaining written permission. A good guidline is storage units are not to be visible from the street. More than two feet above the fences and walls is not legal. Again contact Excellence Management. People complain they do not have time to read the CC&R’s. Everyone who buys a home here agrees to abide by them. Not reading them is not an acceptable excuse to go ahead and do what you want. Landlords need to make every attempt to get their tenants to abide by these rules. If a renter feels he can do whatever he wants because he doesn’t own the property—remember, ultimately it is you the owner who will pay through fines and liens. You, the absentee owner, have as much at stake, if not more, in maintaining the integrity of Palermo as you have purchased your home as an investment. By allowing an uncaring tenant to not maintain the yard or have unregistered vehicles you are causing your investment to be diminished.

In summary, if you are not sure about something it is always best to contact the management company. We have to respect our neighbors and care about the overall look of Palermo as a matter of personal pride of ownership and for the continuing enhancement of your investment. Small things, like keeping your yard maintained; keeping your garage door closed, and registering your vehicles upgrades the neighborhood and shows the residents have pride and are moving forward.



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The bar-b-que and garage sale were both successful. As always, more participation in both is something to be worked toward. Signboards for the sale were placed on Eastern, St. Rose and Seven Hills Drive. Hopfully this contributed to motorists coming to Palermo. Several people mentioned they made more money than anticipated. Excellence Management Company placed an advertisement in the Review-Journal publicizing the sale. As for the bar-b-que, there seems to have been some confusion as to the time it began. The flyer which was mailed to all homes stated the food would be served between 5 to 7 PM. Next time we will highlight the time more prominently. Several people JULY 19 BOARD MEETING The Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19, 2005 to be held at Excellence Community Management beginning at 5:00 PM (Agenda is enclosed). The Board encourages homeowners to attend and participate in the open homeowner forum discussion. The Board of Directors is open to any concerns or suggestions you may have. (The Executive meeting will start at 4:00PM) Map and directions on back page.

began arriving just before 7PM. Memphis Bar B Que had already begun cleaning and the left over food was given to those people already there. It is too bad as there was plenty of food, based on the RSVP’s. A good time was enjoyed by those in attendance. People were socializing with neighbors both new and old. Anyone interested in being part of a social committee please inform Traci at Excellence Management. If we get a committee established perhaps we can have a “get together” on a quarterly basis. Also, again, any volunteers to allow Palermo to have their homeowners meetings in their homes? They usually last less than two hours. It would allow for greater attendance as some residents prefer not to drive to the offices of the management company. Again let Excellence know if you would be willing to volunteer your home. Your remuneration would be getting to know your neighbors and becoming involved in Palermo. Excellence Management's phone number is 638 7770, ask for Traci Wozniak. Tina Barosky, Secretary–Treasurer

Stephanie St.

From Palermo, take I-215 East to the Stephanie St. exit, turn LEFT (North) proceed to Sunset Rd, turn LEFT onto Sunset, get over to the right, then just past the intersection of Whitney Ranch and Sunset, turn RIGHT at the turnout for the office-complex parking lot (you’ll see the AAA sign). Building B is the building to your right.

Sunset Rd.

Whitney Ranch Rd

JULY HOA MEETING TUESDAY, JULY 19th at 5:00 PM at the EXCELLENCE COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT offices at 601 Whitney Ranch Drive, Building B, Suite 10.



Galleria Mall

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