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AWARENESS LETTERS Recently an inspection was performed by management at which time several awareness letters were generated for miscellaneous items. These inspections are performed twice each month. While all homeowners take pride in their homes, sometimes items are overlooked. The purpose of the awareness letters is to serve as a reminder. If you’ve received a notice, please fill out the resolution remittance form included with your letter and return it so that management may log and close out the issue. Because of warming temperatures and so much rainfall this year, lots of weeds have sprouted

GATES throughout the community. We are aware that many homeowners are addressing this. If you haven’t addressed the weeds in the front or side yards, please take a moment to spray or pull these little “nuisances”. If you received a notice about an architectural improvement that does not have approval, please note: All exterior improvements are required to have approval per the CC&R’s of the community. Trampolines, sheds, etc., all require approval. Please ensure the proper paperwork is submitted to the management company to meet the requirements of the governing documents.

RESTRICTED PLANTS Please remember: Oleanders are a prohibited plant within all of Seven Hills. All parts of the Oleander (Nerium) are poisonous—roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds! These plants should not be planted in the front or rear yards. A prohibited plant list is available from Seven Hills. You may request this through Excellence Community Management. Cactus are prohibited in front yards. If you have received prior architectural approval from both Palermo and Seven Hills, then the cacti will be permitted to remain. It is necessary, however, when choosing plant materials for landscaping in either the front or rear yards that you reference the abovementioned guidelines.

view from palermo, briefly: the sun parts winter clouds

BACK FENCES If you align with a walking trail, you have a wrought iron fence in the back yard. Please remember, these fences are not permitted to be altered in any fashion without architectural approval. This includes,

but is not limited to, attaching any type of mesh material to the fence. If you have placed a mesh material on your fence, without architectural approval, this is a violation of the governing documents. Please

fill out the necessary paperwork to acquire approval from both Palermo and Seven Hills. Forms can be downloaded from the Palermo website, under “Resources” (scroll down).

Please remember: The gate code should be utilized for residents only! Please do not share this code with the pizza delivery person, vendors working on your property, or any other non-resident of Palermo. All guests should utilize the telephone entry system to contact you from the gate, at which time you have the choice of pressing “9” on your telephone to let them in. If you are not listed in the directory and wish to be, please contact the management company. Should you need a pedestrian gate key, please contact the management company.


AWARENESS LETTERS fill out the necessary paper- work to acquire approval from both Palermo and Seven Hills. Forms can be downloaded from the...

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