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Gabriel’s Gazette Volume 3

Gabriel’s Angels goes on Tour Spreading puppy love to children around the Valley tarting in April, Gabriel’s Angels will be touring Mesa public schools in accordance with Child Abuse Awareness Month. The children will get a change to meet some of the angels and hear about their work. Each angel visits children abuse centers every week in an attempt to stop the cycle of violence. With the love of a dog, they learn that every living creature has a heart beat and a soul. By visiting local schools, these children will be

able to see up close how the organization operates. It will teach tolerance and awareness.

The school children as well as their family members will be able to participate and learn how to help. By visiting these

schools, Gabriel’s Angels hopes to make children more understanding of these situations, and if they happen to be products of violence themselves, to know that there are programs out there that will teach them how to love again. For this reason, the organization has decided to take their show on the road and let the public see how their method of healing works. Their goal is bring to the community together under one important cause, and the best way is to reach out to the little ones first.

What We Do

Our purpose and dream realized

Gabriel’s Angels School Tours





Starting in April, in agreement with Child Abuse Awareness month, Gabriel and his team of friends will be visiting local schools



Our dream is to be the primary provider of ground-breaking pet therapy throughout the country

April 2009 Sunday



Wednesday Thursday 1

Start of Tour





Lehi Elementary






Adams Elementary






Rosevelt Elementary





Carson Junior High



Kino Junior High



Rhodes Junior High




Dobson High



Mesa High



Westwood high







Zip: State:

How You Can Help

Our results with these first children were outstanding and exceeded even our own expectations! Both the on-site caregivers and social workers quickly confirmed that the children we worked with were more empathetic and nurturing to one another other. We could see the improvement ourselves in the way they began treating Gabriel.


School children will be able to have their pictures taken with the dogs for a small donation in order to commemorate the day. All proceeds will go toward helping Gabriel’s Angels spread it’s message and love.



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About Us: Started by founder Pam Gaber in the 90’s, Gabriel’s Angels is the only organization of its kind. By visiting abused children at every available opportunity, they are able to provide a type of healing no one else offers. The type of healing only the love of an animal could provide.

Daytime Phone:

All Aboard

Evening Phone:

Beco therap y te me a Join Help am a Volu Comm ing Hand ittee nt Join eer for the Bo an Ev en ard of D t irect ors

your GPS knowS where you are

Do you?


for help. Emergencies should be handled by experts, and It is key to know what is qualified as such. By managing your fear you will be able to discern what type of trouble you are in.

1. Be Prepared: It’s important to take all of the needed gear on a trip in order to be completely safe. keep in mind how long you plan to be on your trip and bring enough food and water to sustain

3.Body Core Temperature Management: Hiking in the desert means varying weather. You can supper heat stroke and even hypothermia depending on the type of year. You must be diligent in managing your own body core temperature to prevent these types of tragedies.

Just Five Easy Steps

yourself. It is also crucial to have all the necessary skills required to do said outdoor activities. Knowing how to properly use a compass and a map are simple but vital to wilderness survival.

Imagine going on a hike and finding yourself lost and hurt. Every day people go out into Arizona’s beautiful deserts to absorb what is left of the world’s natural beauty. The Superstition Mountains directly connect people with the heart of the state’s wilderness. But it is all too often that people go in and never come back. The terrain is ravenous and often unpredictable. For those who are inexperienced, injuries can be certain and eminent. We, at Superstition Search and Rescue have dedicated out time and efforts to not only rescuing those who find themselves in need, but educating the public before they embark on a journey into our gorgeous yet unforgiving wild.

4.Hydration: Arizona summers are scorching and unforgiving when it comes to the extreme heat. The sun dries out your body and causes major dehydration which can be more dangerous that assumed. Bring water with you on your journey. Running out of water can prove to be detrimental to your life. Remembering an extra bottle can mean the difference between life and death.

5.What To Do When You’re Lost: Do your best to consult your map and your compass to see if you can find your way back to your original location. If you get to the point where you simply cannot find your way and have to call emergency services, do your best to remember landmarks so they will be able to locate you faster. Try to give them an estimate of where you might be.

2. Fear Management: It is truly important to stay calm in a dangerous situation. Often you will find that you can get yourself out of a jam if you keep a level head. It is also extremely important to know when to call

Learn to find your way

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who we are We are ordinary citizens who have taken it upon ourselves to reach out and help those who find themselves lost, hurt, and stranded. Formed in 1981 this organization consists soley of volunteers that devote their time and put their lives on the line everyday. Our team volunteers are put through various certification processes such as frist aid and cpr.

what we do

hypotheria, heat stroke, dehyration, bites, finding lost hikers, and various other minor engeries. We also do our best to educate the public by attending outdoor related events.

how you can help As a sponser your contributions go toward the funding of the team’s equipment and certification. You can take pride in the fact that your donations will go directly towards saving lives. be apart of Superstition Search and Rescue.

As a team we dispatch on the scene as soon as possible. We receive calls from emergency services about lost hikers in the superstition mountains. Based on the type of rescue we determine what kind of tool are needed for the job. The equipment is on loan to us from the city. We often have to request helicopters and emergency vehicles from within Pinal county. Once in the area we devise a plan on how to subtract the injured person from the scene. We often have to air lift our rescuees to the hospital which is extremely costly. We do these types of rescues on a daily bases, not to mention abnormal circumstances in which we have ward off bears and other dangerous wildlife. Our rescues range from drownings,

S uperstition Search & Rescue (SSAR) is a volunteer service organization affiliated with the Pinal County Sheriff s Office in Florence, Arizona. This non-profit rescue team was originally formed in 1981 as Apache Junction Search and Rescue. In 1994, we incorporated and changed our name to Superstition Wilderness Rescue, Inc. and later changed the name again to Superstition Search & Rescue. The primary purpose of this volunteer organization is to assist individuals who may experience wilderness-related problems. These range from incidents such as falls or medical emergencies, lost or overdue hikers, heat or cold exposure, and more. Our group is highly skilled in wilderness first-aid, technical rescue, orienteering and tracking. These skills enable Superstition Search & Rescue members to safely and efficiently move patients from the field to appropriate medical service in the event of injury, or to their families, in the case of a lost or overdue hiker. We currently have approximately 25 volunteers that sacrifice their time and personal resources to assist those in need. We are always looking for more people.

PROJECT C.U.R.E. presents









Runway for the













October 2, 2009 Located at the Icehouse on the line that will heal the world one bandage at a time

429 W. Jackson street Phoenix, AZ 85003

Event Plan

General Admission- $10 V.i.p. Admission- $50

Tickets go on sale Sept. 2, 2009 for further information call (623) 457-8930






6:51 PM

Coke is Culture









You can have different styles, listen to different sounds, be different people, with one love, through one taste, Coca-Cola Classic, because Coke is culture.









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9:23:07 AM

cok e is culture





6:43 PM








Coke is Culture

Lodi Dodi









Twenty-Five Years Never Sounded So Good THE PHOENIX CHILDREN’S CHORUS CELEBRATES IT’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY During the pinnacle of musical change, when people were shifting away from tradition and losing sight of where American music was born, the Phoenix Children’s Chorus was incepted. In 1984 a group concerned individuals with the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department created a mixed chorus as a means of musical outlet for the city’s youths. Starting with only 50 members and two training choirs, we have grown to well over 225 members with four choirs under our wings within just 25 short years. Growing along with the children we tend to, we have also expanded in diversity as well. Our children range from 5 to 18 from all different nationaities and cultural backgrounds. Being a mixed chorus allows us to accept any boy or girl who is dedicated to honing their musical skills and learning the tricks of the trade. Over this time period we have toured around the globe, showing the world what Phoenix has to offer. At the start of the 2009 we ushered in our silver anniversary. In order to commemorate this joyous occasion, we plan to hold a black tie gala to celebrate the affair and raise funds for the choir. In order to truly pay homage to this event, we will be following a special musical program for our annual spring concert. Come join us as we mark this festive moment, because with time we can turn silver into gold.

Don Your Gala Apparel

Phoenix Children’s Chorus 1202 N. Third St. Phoenix Arizona 85004 (602) 534-3788

OUR FIRST BLACK TIE EVENT As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are hosting our guests with their musical talents. As the courses change, so will the choirs. Every attendee will be able to experience our chorus in its entirety. This will also provide you with the opportunity help us raise funds for our up coming trips and concerts. There will be a general cover charge to get into the initial event. Once generosity to the children and their endeavors. We appreciate all the time, support, and love that you share with us.

We’re on Facebook! CONNECTING WITH CURRENT MEMBERS AND ALUMNI Seeing as how we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary, we have a lot of alumni to account for. It is our wish to have them preform with us for our anniversary concert on Saturday, May 16th at the Orpheum Theatre. We also wanted to reach out to all of our former choir members and give our present students a chance to connect. Through our Facebook we offer information about our organization and our upcoming events. If you have a page, look for us and join our musical community.


help of our staff, parents, and children to make the choir what it is today. Each child is responsible for tuition, uniform costs, travel costs, and any other expense that is needed to continue. In order to help our children and their families meet these raising. We hold many fund raising opportunities for our choirs. The traveling choirs make use of these said opportunities more to pay for the cost of touring. We also allow for sponsorship and general donations. We also have what we call “Friends of the Phoenix Children’s Chorus” or the FOPCC. They consist of volunteers, parents and otherwise, that organize fund raising events and other supportive activities that grant us the ability to succeed as a whole. We encourage anyone willing to help to volunteer or give what they can. Any little bit goes a long way.

Sing with the Best PHOENIX CHILDREN’S CHORUS 2009 AUDITIONS Every year we open our doors to any willing boy or girl who

The child does not have to prepare anything for the auditions. A

would like to join the ranks of the other children, and share

musical director will guide them through all of the proper pitch

their vocal talent with us. We accept entries from the second

exercises and demonstrate their abilities.

grade level all the way to twelfth. Any child with a clear and

Auditions are being held April and May of this year at the

pleasant singing voice is welcome to give us a try. A love of

Phoenix Center for the Arts. Each audition takes about an hour

music never hurts.

and half, which includes orientation, group singing, and individual

No previous choral experience is required. Most of our students came to us without any formal training. Now they

telling them if they made it or not and where they will be placed.

compete at an international levels and win. We consist of two

Please come by and let us hear your skills, because not only do

training choirs as well as two touring choirs. Depending on the

we have an ear for talent, but we are always here to help you

skill-set of the contestant, we will provide placement from there .

get better.

Time to Tour PCC TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM This summer our choristers will have the excellent opportunity to attend and perform in the Vermont International Choral Festival under the direction of Mr. Robert De Cormier during our tour of Montreal & Quebec City, Canada. This will be one of the many international trips that we have taken as a collective. As mentioned before the children will be raising funds for this trip that will include transportation, housing, and guided tours. We look forward to visting our neighbors to the north very soon. The highlights of our tour will include: Cathedral of Notre Dame, St. Lawrence River, Olmpic Park, La Citadelle de Quebec, Montmorency Falls, joint concerts and a massed sing performance. In the Summer of 2010 we will be imbarking on our Shanghai-Hangzhou-Xian-Beijing-Tianjin China Tour. This will be an interesting cultural experience as the local Chinese choirs intermix with our children. They will be performing seperately as well as with one another. Several performances are scheduled during our say in the far East. This tours highlights include: visits to the Great Wall,Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai Museum, West Lake, Children’s Palace, Wild Goose Pagoda, Museum of the Famous Terra-cotta Warriors, and The Forbidden City.


of the month. We don’t have too many times to polish our expertise due to availability, so it is extremely important that each chorister makes it to every practice. The events we hold also allow for further opertunities to rehearse, but we prefer that they attend the times we have allotted for such taskes. We do our best to be a great chorus and have a solid sound. Come to practice and help us insure perfection.

Aqu assist

Bringing Luxury to Aquatics

The Sealad Company is proud to introduce the Aquassist; the newest product in aquatics. It allows the wearer to swim for hours with no need to come up for air. Right now the Sealad Co. is offering you a free warrinty with every purchase. If youmention this ad you will recieve an additional 10% off your total purchase. Limited time offer: Sale Ends December 20th, 2008 For more information please visit

Ho m e Products Store About Contacts

Aqu assist

Aqu assist

Are your kids just learning how to swim? Let the Aquassist aid them in their experience Arizona has been plagued with countless drownings in the past decade. Summers are all too often mired with the news that several children have lost their lives. The Sealad compnany has been a family aquatics business. Their newest product the “Aquassist” will put parents at ease. Breathe under water as if it were natural. This is perfect for young children just finding their bearings. The Aquassist: bringing luxury to aquatics

Aqu assist Bringing Luxury to Aquatics

Open yourself up to a whole new underwater experience with the Aquassist

For every Aquassist sold You willl recieve 2 free passes to Waterworld

30 second spot: 30 second spot: Introducing from the Sealad company: The Aquassist. This product will allow you to breathe more comfortably Swimthe without being hindered heavy equipment. It’s so the power to convert water into Iunderwater. ntroducing from Sealad company: Theby Aquassist. This product willsmall allowand youhas to breathe more comfortably

breathable air whilewithout you swim. It does not matter you are a beginners or aand professional. This product is for you.into The underwater. Swim being hindered by heavyif equipment. It’s so small has the power to convert water device can switch water types It automatically and has a filter pollutants. you can swim the ocean or your pool breathable air while you swim. does not matter if you are aout beginners or aSo professional. Thisinproduct is for you. The withoutcan having to worry your Aquassist. The Aquassist is bringing luxury to aquatics. device switch water about types automatically and has a filter out pollutants. So you can swim in the ocean or your pool without having to worry about your Aquassist. The Aquassist is bringing luxury to aquatics.

60 second Spot: 60 second Spot: from the Sealad company: The Aquassist. The Sealad Company has been on the cutting edge of diving Introducing The newest product will change the swimming experience It will allow to ntroducingfrom fromthe thestart. Sealad company: The Aquassist. The Sealad Company has been forever. on the cutting edge you of diving Itechnology

breathe more comfortably underwater. Swim without beingthe hindered by heavy equipment. It’s Itsowill small and has technology from the start. The newest product will change swimming experience forever. allow you to the power tomore convert water into breathable Swim air while you swim. does notbymatter if you are a It’s beginners orand a professional. breathe comfortably underwater. without being Ithindered heavy equipment. so small has the This product is forwater you. The can switch water and has a filter pollutants. you can power to convert intodevice breathable air while youtypes swim.automatically It does not matter if you are aout beginners or aSoprofessional. swimproduct in the ocean your without havingwater to worry about your Aquasist. No other product is as This is for or you. Thepool device can switch types automatically and has a filterunderwater out pollutants. So you can lightweight, durable, convenient as this product. You about only have worry about buying one product, whereas swim in the ocean or or your pool without having to worry yourtoAquasist. No other underwater product is asscuba gear requires a tank,or mask, gages, as andthis a proper suit foronly rigging It even has a special technology that lightweight, durable, convenient product. You havethe to gear worryproperly. about buying one product, whereas scuba tells your braina to convert nasal the method. This will prevent beginners drowning and that cuts gear requires tank, mask,from gages, andbreathing a proper to suit fororal rigging the gear properly. It even has a from special technology downyour on adjustment time. from Change your life now when bringing luxury to drowning aquatics. and cuts tells brain to convert nasal breathing to theyou oralpurchase method. the ThisAquassist: will prevent beginners from down on adjustment time. Change your life now when you purchase the Aquassist: bringing luxury to aquatics.

t h e d e a l y n ews . co m

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