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MARKETING TOOLKIT Submitted by: PEERS Marketing Team Valerie Bagnol, Karla Leon, Janet Molina, Jacqueline Perez, Christina Tam, Jessica Tovar

June 9, 2010


Table of Contents I. Slogan and Message ………………………………………..…





Marketing Strategy a. Website ………………………….……………….…. b. Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)………….……...… c. Noontime Networking Event………………………….…. d. Potential Partners ……………………………….……. e. Radio PSA………………………………………….…….

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Marketing Connections a. Taproot Foundation ………………………………... b. Additional Organizations………………………………....

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Appendix Website Resources ………………………………………. Sample website and Facebook Page …………………….. Noontime Networking List of Businesses to Invite …….. Noontime Networking Solicitation Letter ………………. Noontime Networking Event Evaluations ………………. Potential Partners ………………………………………... PSA Announcements …………………………………….

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V. References ……………………………………………………..


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I. Slogan and Message PEERS Slogan Partner with PEERS. Build your business. Transform your community.

Message: PEERS program saves employers money and helps individuals achieve economic self-reliance to attain a sense of self-worth as working citizens of our society.

Key Points:

PEERS helps Fellows become independent and self-sufficient.

 Companies who hire PEERS Fellows save a year‟s worth of salary and benefits.  PEERS works closely with placement sites in order to provide education, support, and guidance during the fellowship. The slogan and message are directed towards employers in order to sustain the PEERS program and to attain new business partners. The verbiage utilized is strategically chosen to attract the eye of a busy individual focused on building their business and maximizing their profit. As such, focus is placed on the costs that they will save and the economic contributions in which the fellow provides.

Additionally, it is important to humanize PEERS Fellows and

recognize the assets that they will bring to the employer. Thus, independence, self-reliance, support and guidance are also mentioned. Through the message, slogan, and key points, we hope employers will realize that they can financially benefit from partnering with PEERS while giving back to the community. As a whole, society will also benefit from this program. 3

II. Marketing Strategy Website In the 21st century today, people and communities are increasingly utilizing digital media as a source of communication. As of May 2010, according to the World Development Indicators 75.9% of the U.S. population uses the internet. Youth are learning how to use electronics from a young age and older adults find it important to teach themselves how to use the internet. Small businesses and employers are also taking advantage of this reality in order to market their products. Key benefits to having a website:


Improve Credibility and Value A website gives you the opportunity to share with everyone, including potential business partners, the benefits of the program and why you deserve their trust and confidence. By offering convenience, a point of reference, and an individualized touch (i.e., pictures of Fellows), you can add value by providing a higher level of satisfaction.


Offer Convenience It is far more convenient to look for information on PEERS on the Internet than it is to get in a car, drive somewhere, and look for someone to help you. The potential business partner can look you up from anywhere at any time, in the privacy and comfort of their own office.


24/7/365 Business owners and partners can access information on PEERS anytime that is most convenient for them!

Affordable and Flexible The internet is very different than print advertisement in that the space is cheap, it can be accessible for a longer period of time, the content can be changed easily, and you can potentially reach a wider audience.

Diversify Revenue Streams A website is not just a medium for representing PEERS, but it is a form of media from which anyone can acquire information. You can use this media to sell advertising space to other businesses or have business partners advertise on your website. This is an additional incentive for a business to partner with PEERS.

Standardize Message and Slogan When deciding on a message and slogan that works for PEERS, you can produce the ultimate pitch and use it on your website. Therefore, you can use it on everyone.

Growth Opportunity An ongoing and stable space gives potential business partners the opportunity to have a reliable place to look for information in the future. 5

Creating a Website 1. Decide on a Domain Name: A domain name is your address on the web. It's the information that customers type in to find your website. A domain name can be any combination of letters and/or numbers up to 63 characters. It is important to keep it short and simple, but it should also reflect the organization. To obtain a domain name, you must register the web address with a „registrar‟ company (Domain name companies like Act Now Domains are called registrars.) A list of registrar companies and prices are provided in Appendix A. PEERS.ORG is not available. As such, PEERS may want to use: This is currently an available domain name. 2. Choose a Web Host: A web host stores the web site you create on their servers and transmits it to the internet so that when someone types in your domain name, your web site appears. A list of web host companies is provided in Appendix A. A few points on the different plans companies offer: 1. In terms of space- 10 mb is plenty for most first web sites. If you want to be sure, then choose a plan around 50 mb amount of space. 2. There are various offers such as “PHP and MySQL”. If you don't know what those things are you don't need them. 3. Design the Website: To build a website yourself you need web building software. There are two ways you can get this software: 1. Free from your web host. Some web hosts provide a web site builder that includes free hosting and email. 2. From an outside vendor. There are different website software programs that you can buy and use to build a website yourself. A list of vendors is provided on Appendix A.


Once a website is developed and PEERS makes use of the benefits, it is important to maximize the efficiency of this strategy. According to Forbes, below are some key points to having an efficient website:

1. Who and What: Just like declaring a thesis in a term paper, a website has to scream the basics to its audience. Don't leave people guessing: Use the PEERS slogan and message to promote what PEERS has to offer at the front and center.

2. Front-and-Center Contact Info: Make sure PEERS contact information (address, phone number, even a link to a Google map, for example) is conspicuous and ubiquitous throughout the site. At the very least, put the phone number at the bottom of each page. 3. The Drum Beat: Quickly highlight two or three most salient features using PEERSâ€&#x; key points and hammer those themes throughout the site. 4. Freshness: Fresh content drives traffic two ways: It gets the attention of the website and it keeps people coming back for more. Keep content updated as much as possible.


EXODUS Transitional Community has a successful website that utilizes the aforementioned suggestions. It provides the opportunity to personalize the story of a PEERS fellow while having designated areas for partners, donations, and how to get involved. (See Appendix B)

Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) It is clear that social media is being largely utilized by businesses for marketing purposes. PEERS can take advantage of this new trend by tapping into this strategy and connecting with small business owners through the means that are most utilized. Facebook is a global social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based of up to 140 characters on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers.

   

91% of marketers are using social media to market their business 63% of those using social media are small business owners 88% of marketers use Twitter as their social media tool 87% of marketers use Facebook as their social medial tool


As such, PEERS can create Facebook and Twitter accounts to publicize and connect with potential small business partners. Facebook Facebook provides „pages‟ for businesses. Pages are for organizations, businesses, celebrities, and bands to broadcast great information in an official, public manner to people who choose to connect with them. Pages can be enhanced with applications that help the entity communicate and engage with their audiences, and capture new audiences virally through friend recommendations, News Feed stories, Facebook events, and beyond. Most major corporations or businesses have pages such as Pizza Hut and Corner Bakery Café. PEERS can create a page and connect with other business‟ pages. (See Appendix B for sample Facebook page)

Noontime Networking Event The Noontime Networking event is an opportunity to invite identified local community businesses in order to gain more knowledge about the PEERS Fellowship program. This is achieved through a brief presentation from staff and testimonials from fellows and supervisors. Additionally, staff and fellows can get employers to sign up and partner with PEERS. Lunch and raffle prizes will be provided as incentives for business owners to attend.


Tips to get employers to attend the event: 

Advertise in the following areas: o Mini-presentations o Mailings o Radio PSA

Networking Events

Website and other social media (i.e., Facebook)

Potential Attendees A list identified businesses in the Westwood community is included in Appendix C. This can be replicated using LA Times to identify a neighborhood or community, and then using Google to look up businesses.

Location UCLA, School of Public Affairs Building. Room reservation is on a first-come, firstserve basis. Alumni, faculty and students are able to reserve a room. Rooms 2343 and 2335 combined can accommodate up to 160 people. To reserve a room, contact Betsy, UCLA School of Public Affairs, at (310) 825-2892.

Lunch A donation letter is included in Appendix D in order to garner in-kind goods and services for the event. Catering services used outside of UCLA will require a permit.


Program Check-in: Make a list of the people that are interested in coming to check them off. In addition, have a blank list for any other last minute employers that show up. Estimate need for about three people to be the check-in representatives. If it is at UCLA, we will need someone to help the attendees park. Parking: It costs $20 per hour to have someone in the parking lot. Call Parking Services Special Events at (310) 825-1286. We would have to see if we want to pay for their parking. It may be better to have it closer to the Center where parking is free. Welcome/overview: The PEERS coordinators will introduce the program and make a general welcome. The motivational speaker will be a DMH executive. This person will talk about the current economic hardships and how this program can help the employers by providing to them an intern for the entire year without making a commitment. They will comment on how much personal growth there was on the part of the fellows. That person will introduce one of the current PEERS fellows and their supervisor. Fellow/supervisor testimonials: The supervisor will speak next and will demystify all the fears that employers might have. The focus will be on the support that the program has given the fellows. After the supervisor speaks, they will then introduce a PEERS fellow and we can hear how they have grown as a person and what being independent has done for them. How they are doing more than they thought they could do with the great support of the program. The PEERS fellow will speak about their job responsibilities and their project in giving back to the community. How to get involved/closing: The coordinators inform the employers how they can become involved. This information will also be in the pocket folder and white paper. There will be an


envelope in the middle of the table where employers can leave their donations. Current PEERS fellows will go around the tables to ensure that employers sign up to get involved. Evaluations:

Event evaluations will be administered to assess the utility of the program.

(Included in the Appendix E)


Pocket folder, white paper, some blank paper and a pen for notes.

 

Inside the folder will be the agenda of the event breakdown.

The event evaluation will be inside the folder so attendees can fill it out as they are leaving.

In addition to the free lunch, we will have a raffle in which attendees can participate for certain items. A roll of tickets will be needed. We will also need to see if current partners are able to donate gift cards or other items for the raffle.

It is important to give the PEERS Fellows a clipboard and paper to sign up employers. Estimated price for these supplies is $600, unless donated.

Follow-Up Send Thank You postcard to attendees with a reminder on how to get involved with the PEERS Fellowship.


Potential Partners A great source for meeting new and potential employers is to connect with sociallyconscious organizations that are unaware that PEERS exists. Connecting with organizations in the community provides a partnership that may be guaranteed, but the key is to make that initial connection. Listed below are potential partners and the organizationsâ€&#x; requirements: Housing Corporation of America 6265 Variel Avenue Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Contact: Corey Heimlick (818) 789-5550 Sent email through website for first contact. Requirements to become a partner: Housing Corporation of America is open to partner with anyone, however, because they have social services which work closely with children, Mr. Heimlick states that the organization must first consider the potential partnerâ€&#x;s goals and overall mission to see if it fits with their own goals. The process to become a partner is for Corey Heimlick to find out more about the agency and about the people (PEERS Fellows) who participate in the agency. Once he has this information,


he will see if both agencies are a match. If they do have some connections, they start from there. Mary Wallace contacted Corey on Monday, May 24, 2010, to give him more specific information on the PEERS Program.

Requirements for a potential employer: Mr. Heimlick indicated that he may consider PEERS Fellows for a job placement at one of the 40 sites that Housing Corporation has, depending on the fellowâ€&#x;s misdemeanor. He is very open to help PEERS in any way that he can and was open to learn about PEERS and what they have offer. He also provided another contact: Paving the Way. This is another reentry program as well ( The contact for Paving the Way is Janie Hodge at (661) 940-9012. Rebuilding Together Los Angeles (Greater) Rebuilding Together Greater Los Angeles P.O. Box 72216 Los Angeles, CA 90002 Contact: Christina McKay (310) 645-6500 Requirements to become a partner: Partnership and involvement within their organization can take many forms, from a general weekend volunteer, committee member, board member, project leader, product supplier (in-kind donations), funding sponsor, etc. Each "position" requires different time commitments and responsibilities. Other agencies to contact for potential partnerships are included in the Appendix F.


Public Service Announcement A public service announcement (PSA) is an advertisement broadcast on radio or television generated for the public interest.

PSAs are intended to shape public attitudes by raising

awareness about specific issues. For PEERS, a radio PSA is an efficient and cost-effective means of reaching out to the community and enlisting the support of business owners across Los Angeles County.

Radio is the most reliable way to reach someone in Los Angeles on any given day: 

More people hear the radio each day (77.2%) than log onto the internet at work or at home combined.

About 9 out of 10 working people in Los Angeles listen to the radio out of home between 5AM and 8PM.  Translated, 94.9% of working adults between the ages of 25-54 are exposed to the

radio per week.  On the average, the same population is exposed to the radio about 2 hours and 45 minutes per day.


Target audience: 

There is high likelihood that business owners and managers are part of the 94.9% of working adults.

What do business owners listen to, and what kind of audience is more likely to empathize with PEERS‟ mission statement and cause?  Progressive radio stations and networks that air business news

The following stations will provide a service to the community via airing pre-recorded PSAs or reading scripts submitted by 501(c)3 non-profit organizations at no charge:

KPFK 90.7 FM KTLK 1150 AM KFWB 980 AM KCRW 89.9 FM

*Please refer to Appendix G for PSA scripts, submission guidelines and forms.


III. Marketing Connections Taproot Foundation Taproot foundation is the largest non-profit consulting firm in the country. Taproot Foundationâ€&#x;s goal is based on providing pro-bono help to help non-profits accomplish their missions and granting maximum aid to the community. Applying for a grant can assist the PEERS program in accessing professional services such as pro-bono marketing, human resources, information technology, and management consulting.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for a Service Grant: 1. Organization must be classified as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

2. Mission must fit social services criteria as follows: ďƒź Organizations that provide social services to those who suffer hardship or who have been unable to participate fully in the social and economic life of the community.


 Services usually target children and families, employment and training, the elderly, immigrants, the disabled, housing and homelessness, and foster and adoption services. 3. Minimal Internal Resources:  At least three (3) full-time employees  Budget of at least $350,000  Be headquartered and provide direct benefits primarily in the service area of Los Angeles: Downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, South LA, Commerce/South Gate, and Santa Monica/Venice Beach (check back in each grant round for expanded geographic coverage) 4. Written policies of not discriminating against gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. 5. Have a strategic plan if applying for the Key Messages and Brand Strategy, Naming & Visual Identity, Visual Identity & Brand Strategy, Performance Management, or Strategic Scorecard grants. 6. Funding cannot be used for religious purposes. 7. Strategic plan is required for the Key Message and Brand Strategy. Application Process Application Deadlines: September 1 December 1 March 1 June 1


1. Select service grant: 

Leadership Development & Strategic HR Practice

Strategy Management Practice

Marketing Practice

Information Technology Practice

2. Review specific requirements of selected grant: 

The service grant catalog provides detailed requirements of each service grant and which one is best suited for PEERS.

Example: Marketing Practice Service Grant Requirements: 1. Clear key message and clear audience you want to target. 2. A clear brand identity. 3. Organization‟s needs that can be met with a 10-15 page professional-quality, static HTML website. 4. Staff that provides some website technical capabilities and can devote the necessary time to make the project succeed:    

Executive Director: 10-15 hours total Day-to-Day Contact: 3-5 hours each week Collaborator for our Writer: 20-30 hours total Technical Contact: 10-15 hours total

Marketing Service Grant Benefits:  Advertises PEERS program  Provides information to potential employers and clients  Promotes program benefits to possible partners, donors, and employers  Online recruitment * Estimated value of Marketing Practice Service Grant $50,000 19


Apply Online  Create an account by providing your contact information and your organization's IRS-issued Employer Identification Number (EIN) or fiscal sponsor.  Begin application by providing following information:

Section 1: Mission, program descriptions, and key facts Section 2: Specific questions about your grant need (download the questions in advance) Section 3: Key contacts at your organization Section 4: Finances, budget and funding information Section 5: Diversity of staff/board/constituents and environmental policy  Save your application: Drafts can be saved to return to at a later date.  Interview and Consultation  Qualified applicants will participate in an in-person interview discussing: organizations mission, strategies, programs, finances, need for services, and readiness to receive grant.  Taproot staff will provide consultation and feedback during interview process. 4.

Letter of Intent and Site Visit 

Based on application and interview, Taproot will provide an intent to award a service grant letter.

A Taproot Volunteer team leader (Account Director) will visit site, collect details, and decide on when to begin service grant project.

Questions about specific requirements can be made to: Dmitry Kogan 213.625.7701 1000 North Alameda Street, Suite 224 Los Angeles, CA 90012


Additional Marketing Connections 1.

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Monika Medina: Senior Interactive Marketing Manager 350 S. Bixel St., Los Angeles, CA 90017 213.580.7516 Fax: 213.580.7511 

Chamber offers paid advertising to members only.

UCLA is a current member.

Chamber site offers publications through Chamber Voice, LA Business This Week, Los Angeles Business, and on

Attached are the Advertisement Requirements and costs.



Advertising site promoting current community service organizations.

Requirement: Organizations with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

Website provides procedures to become enlisted.


Alumni Relations: 310.825.9448

Events: 310.206.7278

Marketing and Communciations: 310.825.1348


APPENDIX A: Website Resources

List of Domain Registrar Companies TheComRegistry Network Solutions

$19.95/year $35.00/year $35.00/year

List of Web Host Companies * These companies also provide free or unlimited domain names Act Now Domains $12.75/ year This is a tutorial for creating a website using this Registrar. It provides web page samples and is very user friendly! Immotion $5.95/month ipage $3.50/month JustHost $3.45/month webhostingpad $1.99/month webhostinghug $4.95/month IPower

List of Website Software Programs Web Easy Professional WebPlus Intuit Website Creator Web Studio



Sample Website and Facebook Page



APPENDIX C: List of Businesses to Invite to Event

Company Westwood Flower Garden Westwood Arcade Ultramodern Cybercafe Papillon Flowers Office Depot Games of Westwood Cosmo Games Ballon Celebrations Mann Bruin Majestic Crest Landmark Regent AMC Avco Center Tummy's of Westwood In n' Out Hollywood Fries Piccomolo Gelato Penguin's Haagen-Dazz Baskin Robbins Stan's Donuts Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Mrs. Fields Le Pain Quitidien

Phone Number 310-208-4000

Address 1073 Glendon Ave.

310-443-4316 310-481-2284 310-208-6868 310-209-6248 310-824-1128 310-209-1387 (310) 208-1180 310-208-8998 310-474-7866 310-208-3259 310-475-0711 310-824-4114 800-786-1000 310-443-7776 310-443-2040 310-443-3340 310-208-0770 310-208-8048 310-208-8660 310-824-5601

10965 Weyburn Ave. 1085 Gayley Ave. 1133 Westwood Blvd. 1027 Westwood Blvd. 10906 Le Conte Ave. 1122 Westwood Blvd. 1059 Gayley Ave. 948 Broxton Ave. 1262 Westwood Blvd. 1045 Broxton Ave. 10840 Wilshire Blvd. 970 Gayley Ave. 922 Gayley Ave. 920 Broxton Ave 1146 Westwood Blvd. 10942 Weyburn Ave. 10878 Kinross Ave. 10916 Kinross Ave 10948 Weyburn Ave. 927 Broxton Ave.

310-208-0096 310-824-7900

907 Westwood Blvd 1055 Broxton Avenue

Diddy Riese Cookies Candy Castle CafĂŠ Elysee Scrubs Unlimited Footnotes DSW Shoes Subway Borders Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

310-208-0448 310-208-0293 310-208-6505 310-208-7669 310-209-1985 310-824-1454 (310) 208-7774 310.475.3444 (310) 470-4226

926 Broxton Ave. 945 Westwood Blvd. 1099 Gayley Ave. 10930 Weyburn Ave. 919 Westwood Blvd 1145 S. Gayley Ave. 1151 Westwood Blvd. 1360 Westwood Blvd 1500 Westwood Blvd



Starbucks Coffee Ramayani Westwood Domino's Pizza Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Fatburger

(310) 209-1626 (310) 477-3315 (310) 824-5000 (310) 208-3884

10955 Weyburn Ave. 1777 Westwood Blvd. 1371 Westwood Blvd. 1109 Glendon Ave

(310) 208-4300

Whole Foods Trader Joe's Petes Coffee Ralph's Smile Shin Maintenance

310-824-0858 (310) 824-1495 (310) 954-8558 310-824-5994 (310) 445-0961

Bristol Farms

(310) 481-0100

El Pollo Loco Corner Bakery CafĂŠ

310-824-7776 (310) 824-1314

10955 Kinross Avenue 1050 Gayley Ave 1000 Glendon Ave 1854 Westwood Blvd 10861 Le Conte Ave 1333 Westwood Boulevard 1515 Westwood Boulevard 1081 Gayley 1019 Westwood Boulevard


APPENDIX D: Solicitation Letter


Harbor UCLA Medical Foundation, Inc. Peer Employment, Educational, and Recovery Support (PEERS) Fellowship Program

Dear Supporter: On behalf of the Harbor UCLA Medical Foundation, I would like to invite and encourage your participation as a donor to our “Noontime Networking” Luncheon event on (date) to promote awareness for the PEERS Fellowship Program. We are seeking monetary donations and in kind gifts, such as food items and beverages. Your establishment will be recognized as a sponsor at our Luncheon. The PEERS Fellowship Program was developed through the academic partnership between the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and UCLA. The program focuses on strengthening and improving the lives of women, preparing them for reintegration into the community. By placing our fellows in agencies that are willing to partner with PEERS, we will provide for the employee a full year of compensation, health benefits, education, and continued support for both the fellow and the employer. For in kind gifts, please contact (name) at (phone number) or (email). If you can provide monetary support, please make your check payable to “(name or foundation)” and return it to: (Event name, c/o Department, Address). All donations are to the UCLA Medical Foundation (Tax ID: xxxxxxxxx), and will be used for the purpose and benefit of raising awareness of our program, with hopes of increasing employer partnerships for our fellows. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. Sincerely,

Name Title Department



Noontime Networking Presented by Harbor UCLA Medical Foundation, Inc. Event Evaluation 1. Did you enjoy todayâ€&#x;s luncheon? 1 Very Little




5 Very Much

2. How clearly did we present the information about the program? 1 Very Little




5 Very Much

3. How interested are you in getting involved in the program? 1 Very Little




5 Very Much

4. Would you recommend other employers to come to this luncheon? 1 Not at all




5 Very Much

5. Would you recommend any changes to the luncheon?

6. Are there concerns about getting involved in this program?

7. Is there a topic you were concerned about that we did not address?

8. Was the day and time of the event appropriate? Is there a better day and time?

9. General recommendations:



Potential Socially-Conscious Partners

MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) 10641 N. San Fernando Road Pacoima, CA 91331 Contact: Lupe Acosta (818) 897-2443 Upward Bound Housing 1104 Washington Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403 Contact: David Snow (310) 458-7779 Pineda Foundation 925 Weyburn Place, Suite 131 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Contact: Victor Pineda (310) 467-4556 Hope House, Inc. 4215 N. Peck Road El Monte, CA 91732 Contact: David Bernstein, MSW (626) 443-1313



Radio PSA Submission guidelines and forms PSAs can be submitted to the respective stations, following each station‟s unique requirements: 1. KPFK KPFK will air PSAs that pertain to an upcoming event. In PEERS‟ case, it would be advantageous to submit a 30-second PSA to advertise for an upcoming reverse job fair, for example. As soon as PEERS is aware that it is sponsoring an event, the first step would be to notify the programming department at KPFK at least four to six weeks in advance. This way, PEERS will gain priority. Only one announcement per organization will be broadcast at any given time, and they may run from 1-3 times for a two-week time period. An Announcement Request may be sent to the KPFK Programming Department at (818) 985-2711 ext. 204, by email at, via fax at (818) 985-0003, or by mail: KPFK – PSA, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd West, North Hollywood, CA 91604. 2. KTLK KTLK is a progressive talk station that features talk shows surrounding business and investing news. This station will air PSAs for non-profit organizations for a total of three times in a period of one to two weeks. The PSA must be 30 seconds long and requests should be directed to Patty at (818) 559-2252. 3. KFWB KFWB is another news talk station to which business-oriented individuals listen. The 30-second PSA must be submitted to the News Director in the News Department at 5670 Wilshire Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90036, or (323) 930-5243 about 4-6 weeks prior to airtime. KFWB prefers generic spots that are not event-related or time specific. E-mails are not accepted, and the station would also like a fact sheet on the organization to be included with the script during submission. 4. KCRW KCRW is a station in which its demographic consists of a general audience that is more liberal. It features National Public Radio, a news broadcast. The station accepts a 15 or 20-second script, sent to KCRW‟s PSA contact, Whitney Alderson, at 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405. The director can also be reached via email, telephone, or fax at, (310) 450-5183 and (310) 450-7172, respectively. PSAs should be sent 3 weeks prior to airtime.



Organization PEERS Fellowship Program 8300 Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Contact Jenn Ma-Pham Radio Contact number

Start Use: Ongoing Stop Use: Ongoing

Running Time: 30 Seconds Fellows: “I equated sanity with my first paycheck.” “I never thought I‟d get my life back together.” “PEERS gave me back some of me.” Narrator: The PEERS Program provides compensation, job support, and an intern who is ready and willing to work for you. Unique educational and employment opportunities are made available to women who have been out of work. Join us in improving others‟ lives by partnering with PEERS. Call PEERS at ___.



Organization PEERS Fellowship Program 8300 Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Contact Jenn Ma-Pham Radio Contact number

Start Use: (date) Stop Use: (day before event)

Running Time: 30 Seconds Fellows: “I equated sanity with my first paycheck.” “I never thought I‟d get my life back together.” “PEERS gave me back some of me.” Narrator: “Your business can help prepare others for meaningful employment. The PEERS Program provides an intern with compensation and benefits, along with support in every step of the way. Learn more about PEERS by joining us at our Noontime Luncheon. Call PEERS at ___. Build your business. Transform your community.”


V. REFERENCES Arbitron Radio Ratings and Media Research. (2010). Arbitron. Retrieved May 15, 2010, from Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) . (n.d.). Office of Justice Programs. Retrieved June 8, 2010, from California Budget Project. (n.d.). California Budget Project. Retrieved May 13, 2010, from Creating a Website - Free Step by Step Guide. (n.d.). Creating a Website - Free Step by Step Guide. Retrieved June 8, 2010, from Employment Development Department. Unemployment Insurance. Retrieved May 10, 2010 from Hadzima, J.G. (1994-2005). How Much Does An Employee Cost? Boston Business Journal. Retrieved May 7th, 2010 from Region, B. (n.d.). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved March 12, 2010, from Stelzner, M. (n.d.). 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report | Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner, Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle. Retrieved June 8, 2010, from Taproot Foundation - do it pro bono.. (n.d.). Taproot Foundation - do it pro bono.. Retrieved June 8, 2010, from

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Women’s Community Reintegration Services and Education Center 8300 Vermont Avenue, 1st fl. Los Angeles, CA 90044 323.525.6411 . Office 323.565.2133 . Fax

Peer Employment, Education, and Recovery Support Eva’s Journey

Building Opportunities. Rebuilding Lives.

Eva’s life took a sad and unexpected turn for the worst. She went from obtaining a Master’s Degree in Psychology to winding up in jail. Following jail time, she resorted to a shelter. Eva needed help. Luckily the PEERS Fellowship Program, through the Women’s Community Reintegration and Education Center, gave her the second chance she needed.

Employer Benefits to Partnering With PEERS Prior to PEERS, Eva depended on government assistance. After her fellowship with the PEERS program, Eva is now independent contributing to the Personal Income Tax Revenue, which provides the largest share in General California State Fund Revenues. Additionally, she is giving back to her community by contributing to the State

Funds through her employment. With the struggling economy, it is difficult to hire workers. The PEERS program grants employers the opportunity to save $30,000 in salary and benefits while encouraging investment in the community through hosting a fellow like Eva. Unemployment increases government expenditures on unemployment benefits, Food Stamps, and more while decreasing income tax revenue. The current unemployment rate of 12.6% ( ultimately strains the budget deficit. Unemployment decreases the amount of personal income tax and loses consumers that contribute money into the economy. The monthly number of jobless Californians filing initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits increased by approximately $152,000 (81.9%) between June 2007 and June 2009.

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Employer Benefits

Societal Benefits

The graph below indicates the cost of a regular full-time employee being paid at minimum wage FY 2008 - 2009 ($8.00) to an employer, which is about $17,000. With benefits, the cost rises to $29,500 for a year. The PEERS Fellowship will absorb the annual cost of a regular employee.

Eva’s case is not an exception but a disturbing new trend. Since the 1970’s, there has been an 800% increase in incarcerated women -- the majority of which are for non-violent offenses. This is a serious issue, because two-thirds of these women are mothers who face greater challenges in rebuilding their lives. During the economic downturn, this population faces an additional risk of returning to jail due to the lack of employment opportunities. The PEERS program addresses these issues by helping these women become productive citizens of their community.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): The WOTC is an employer-friendly benefit for hiring job seekers most in need. Use of the WOTC has introduced new target groups, expanded several target groups’ requirements, increased the tax credit for certain groups and introduced new flexible filing provisions. The WOTC can be as much as $2,400 generally for each new adult hire. Target groups include ex-felons and Social Security Insurance recipients. Company tax savings: Private employers pay a tax to finance the unemployment benefits paid to their former employees. Some reimburse the state, dollar for dollar, for any unemployment benefits paid by the state, in lieu of paying the tax. When the unemployment rate is lower, private employers spend less on unemployment insurance. In addition, according to the Employer Cost Index, an employer could expect to pay an additional 30% to 45% for other employee benefits such as insurance. However, PEERS provides for one year of salary and benefits.

Employment reduces the use of government benefits such as Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Food Stamps. Government benefits have risen to an all-time high since the recession began in 2008. The PEERS program provides educational services and training to increase on-site productivity. In addition, many employers need more employees but cannot afford to hire. PEERS alleviates this dilemma by paying for fellows who are ready, willing, and committed to work. Just like Eva, with a second chance and support provided to the fellows, they can succeed at work and in the community.

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PEERS Fellowship Eva became a PEERS advocate where she gained valuable work experience while helping others. She is now living independently and is very passionate about giving back to her community.

“I equated sanity with getting my first paycheck. It has given me the self-esteem and power over the life that I had lost.”

PEERS Provides:

Educational Services 

Year-long curriculum that utilizes a peer learning model where fellows learn from each other.

Speaker’s forum guests provide a wide range of experience and knowledge and serve not only as inspirational figures but also as hiring experts.

Supplemental educational sessions focus on specialized skills acquisition.

Individualized Support - Eva, PEERS Fellow

The program is dedicated to creating opportunities for meaningful employment through education, support, and individualized planning for fellows like Eva. PEERS draws on the fellows’ individual strengths, enthusiasm for professional development, and commitment to recovery to meet the program’s goals. Through personal commitment, a desire for change, and community partnerships, collective success is created.

Individualized planning is provided to meet the needs of fellows with varying backgrounds and skill levels.

Fellows work with Program Coordinators to develop short and long term goals that facilitate their professional development.

Applicable Work Experience 

Fellows are placed at partner agencies throughout Los Angeles County.

Fellows gain marketable skills as health navigators, peer outreach advocates, research assistants, and administrative personnel.

Partner agencies do NOT have to guarantee permanent placement after the fellowship term.

Partner with PEERS. Build Your Business. Transform Your Community.

How you can help rebuild their lives? GET INVOLVED! Host a Fellow PEERS is continually seeking interested agencies, businesses, and corporations to be a placement site. Join other community agencies by welcoming a fellow to your team! PEERS provides a full year of compensation to offer you a well-prepared employee. As such, PEERS will be highly involved and visible in the year-long fellowship and provide ongoing assistance in various forms. Please contact a PEERS Program Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a placement site partner at (323) 525-6415.

Join these organizations by becoming a placement site 

Women’s Community Reintegration Services and Education Center

Kedren Community Mental Health Center

Special Services for Groups Central Mental Health

UCLA MHSA NIMH Research Project

USC Health Navigator Program: Project Bridge


Donate “I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be an electric-shock where people just came ALIVE.” Wendi, PEERS Fellow Supervisor

Train a Fellow Join PEERS in the goal of training the most well-rounded, well-prepared individuals. Help by providing training to PEERS fellows. In order to meet the needs of dynamic and multi-disciplined fellows, PEERS welcomes a wealth of industries to enhance their skills and talents.

Build your community by partaking in our fundraising efforts. Choose from hosting an event, partner in sponsoring an event, or provide in-kind resources. PEERS welcomes partners or assistance in a variety of forms, including venues, food, raffle items, etc.

“Each person has contributed so much to the character of our team with their personalities and friendship. In the end, that is what will be remembered.” Briana H., Site Supervisor UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior Research Center

Noon Time Luncheon Program

Date Time Place of Meeting



Welcome and Overview 12:00 to 12:15pm Keynote Speaker from DMH 12:15 to 12:30pm Testimonials 12:30 to 12:40 Former Fellows Supervisor How to get involved 12:40 to 12:50pm Sign up to become involved Closing 12:50 to 1:00pm Raffle Evaluation






Target Group:


# Invited

# Expected

Charge to Account#:






Check School of Public Affairs for availability Select date, time, & location Reserve date with SPA Determine “rain location”, if necessary Notes:

EVENT SCHEDULING REQUESTS (Facility Coordinator) Contact venue to secure facility for event When securing the venue, don’t forget to make the following requests: Audio/visual

(tape, CD player, VCR, DVD, LCD, etc.)

Tables/chairs Linens/table draping Lectern/podium/stage Projector/screen Microphone Flip chart/markers/white board/erasers

Determine set up for conference facilities: # of Chairs, # of Tables for Registration Arrange for sound check/practice with AV equipment Notes:






Invite guest speakers/entertainers Confirm guest speakers/entertainers Follow up explaining event including date, time, location, length of presentation, map & PARKING PASS Create contact list of all speakers and presenters: Cell phone number e-mail address Address Title Paperwork for PAID speakers Provide drinking water at podium Notes:

RESOURCE/AGENCY FAIR Create list of Agency’s to invite Contact agency Compile email distribution list Make sign for each resource agency to place on table Create RSVP form for front desk computer

Day of event check in agency Notes:






Select invitations or draft letter and send to Supervisor for approval Select guest list (target audience) Compile email distribution list Prepare address labels for envelopes if sending out invites/brochures Mail invitations (3-6 weeks in advance) Create RSVP form for front desk computer Notes:

FOOD/BEVERAGE/DECORATIONS Choose caterer/select menu Get quote Faxed If off campus caterer used or food donated-complete Food Permit Order special needs (i.e. glassware, serving pieces, coffee pot, etc.) Order Flowers, balloons, candles, & other decorations Notes:




Compile all information to be passed out day of event Programs/agendas printed Print directional signs for day of event Create and print out the RSVP list to check people in day of the event Make folders/notebooks for participants Obtain name tags, pens and other supplies needed Have tickets printed if giving away prizes Notes:



PSA Announcements (2-3 WEEKS PRIOR) Post flyers on Campus bulletin boards (2-3 WEEKS PRIOR) Fill out Inter-campus flyer distribution list & POST (2 WEEKS PRIOR)

Send “Campus Bulletin” & attach flyer


Notify LA Times, Register, public affairs & DATELINE


Notify Alumni Association to get article written for free publicity (3 WEEKS PRIOR) Networking/Business Presentations (3-4 WEEKS PRIOR)






Sign people up for volunteering day of event. Handle volunteer/intern assignments for the day (determine where volunteers are Needed for the day.) Host volunteer training (1 week before event) Determine what volunteers should wear day of the event Create a list of all volunteers names, time scheduled to help and assignment locations. Need volunteers in Parking lot to great speakers and monitor parking spots


Donations Food and General Create list of corporations or individuals to solicit for donations Company Contact person Telephone number Address Requirements (do they need a Federal Tax ID #) Write letter (send copy to advisor for approval and place on letterhead) Follow up with agency from which requesting funds Determine which group will be responsible for funds Notes:





Handle volunteer/intern assignments for the day Greet guests Make arrangements with Parking & Transportation Make arrangements with Parking & Transportation to place conference directional Notes:


PEERS Marketing Toolkit  

Marketing proposal for PEERS program. Student Project