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A Merry Christmas and Happy Nefu Year to Everyone Issue No. 125 December 2015/January 2016


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Connecting and Supporting the Community

Residents unhappy about proposed lonsdale Post Office move Councillors and residents have raised concerns about a proposal to move the Post Office on Lonsdale Road to the Local Convenience Store at the bottom of Humberstone Lane.

Many of the customers who are elderly, are concerned that if the proposed move goes ahead they will have further to walk and then have to cross the busy Humberstone Lane. Thurmaston Parish Council have expressed concerns about the parking problems that exist


Office moves. The very well used cash machine will also go if the move goes ahead. In a similar consultation regarding the Post Office at Groby, Post Office Limited decided not to move the office to another location following public pressure from the community. If you have views on the proposed move

up to _ askin groul; ore Lleta

Join a warm and friendly group near you today...

Sonia's Slimming World

then it is important to respond to the

group meet in the Lounge

consultation (see page 23 for details). If the move is approved the change will take place In February/March 2016.

at Thurmaston Working

already at this very busy junction and slip road. Parish Councillors discussed the proposed move at their November meeting and were all in

Men's Club

(car park entrance) Tuesdays 9. 30am, 3. 30pm, 5. 30pm & 7. 30pm Tel: Sonia07850 435887

agreement that the Council should forward their objections to Post Office Limited.

Post Office Limited are inviting residents to

tSlfmiriim <?SW

comment on the proposals and you can make


your views known (contact details on page 23). County Councillor, Kate Knaggs has produced petition sheets for residents to sign if they wish (see her report on page 23 for details). If this move goes ahead the current Postmaster and his staff will lose their Jobs. The move will also threaten the vitality of their

UNDERTHREAT: Checklands Post

convenience store which may be lost if the Post

Office on Lonsdaie Road

know you're amazing


women and men welcome

0844 897 8000

Thurmaston Garden

& Floristry Centre

FW'Nte^ W°NcJerLaNd ^







^R Ml


Tel: 269 3333 www. tarselmotors. co. uk



BODYWORKS paint scratches bumper scuffs minor dents

alloy wheels reverse parking sensor fitting

M: 07906 080684




T: 0116 2128323

600 Melton Road, Thurmaston

www. mobilecarbodywork5. co,uk Over 10 years experience

www .th u rma ston garde n cen tre. corn

Tel: 0116 269 2541





Beduction in house burglaries



book online at:


L-B="TUNING IN SERVICEAVAILABLE Telephone: 0116 260 2270 www. mpsrepairs. webs. com

window forced open and occupants at home. Suspects disturbed. 2. Parkdale Road, between 01/10/2015 and 03/10/2015; rear window forced open w?,'S6f»W»SarfWm;.


I.UiWsMi*'>Jlllllili.-l;l'iT;**ltM. IBIEEn window damaged and occupants at home. Suspects disturbed. reduction of reported house burglaries. PMil31EaATATdiIIIB1RlB!fliirAVAail£Bfca>Mdil

who are reporting suspicious person(s) and/or vehicle(s) to Police, as well as Ongoing patrols are being conducted by Thurmaston Beat Officers, during the day,

evening and night and rather than giving too much away in this article, please take note of a particular police leaflet that comes through your door and take the following Burglary Crime Prevention advice on board :-

lights on / lights on timers in the rooms

DOMESTIC Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Fridges, Cookers Spares & Repairs |A11 Leading Makes Serviced 'safe!

Gas & Electric

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DAVID PRESTON Mobile: 07252 623885


www. one-4-all. co. uk david. weiidyprestoiil00@vlrgininedia.

(downstairs lounge and/or upstairs bedroom) to the front of the house. A bit of a hint - it starts getting dark from about

4:30pm! External 'motion sensored' lights to the front and/or rear of property.



about 25% of house burglaries in

House alarm. (Between January 2014 and August 2015, about 60% of house burglaries in Thurmaston had no house alarms).

. 17:00hre,

Lonsdale Road. ~-

" Wednesday25th Nov 16:30hrs to h7:30hrs, Checkland Road JMonday 14th Dec - 16:00hrs to I17:00hrs, Humberstone Lane shops . "Tuesday 19th Jan 2016 - 16:00hrs .

to 17:00hrs, Thorpefleld Drive

. Wednesday27th January 17:00hrs to 18:30hrs, Colby Drive

Residents snap up security devices Over 50 residents went along to the recent crime prevention event at Thurmaston Community Centre on Silverdale Drive.

Community Support Officers and Police and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers

were on hand to give advice on personal and household security. Watch out for the next event which should be

February/March 2016. If you have any concerns please contact your local officers; Beat Officer: P. C. 2995 lan Mundy, Police Community Support Officers: 6)64 Harkerat Sanghera and 6552 Mo Musa. message call 01)62222222

SECURITY ADVICE: Ishver Prajapat of Thurmaston gets advice from Diane Tiilotson, Police Volunteer from NPA,

Charnwood NeighbourhoodPolicing Area.

Kinds of ^(ueniborough Food Service Delivering quality and value frozen ready meals

direct to your door, Family Run and Local

Pre-school playgroup 2 to 4 yeart Funded sesiioni for (C 2, 3 & ii year oldi | Ofsted Inspected Qualified caring staff

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EXTENDED DAY CARE at the Memorial Hall

Fora brochure,pleasecall0116 260 0741/0771 450 3754

722 Melton Road, Thurmaston Village

or 0116 267 2522

team about Police related matters.

:. Monday 16th Nov-16:00hrs to,

then enter their number.

Thurmaston were via insecure door /

'Learningthrough play"

Telephone: 0116 269 6406

An opportunity to talk to your beat]

To leave a

Close and lock doors and windows.

(Between January 2014 and August 2015, window).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Do not leave your property in darkness; Make your property look occupied - Leave


Remember to check your vehicle is locked

between 23:30hrs and 23:55hrs; rear



insecure motor vehicles, where electronic items and cash have been stolen.

from Thurmaston Beat Team.

taking measures to make properties


There have been numerous reports in

Thurmaston and Syston of theft from

burglaries in Thurmaston. 1. Thorndale Road, on 26/09/2015

^Wfcy/, AftrtfflWA?^B'<aW!tiWW^fe^\teP

Est. 1994

then enter their number.

Emergencies dial 999, all other calls 101.

and secure.

There has been an improvement with the 132 Churchill Road, Thurmaston, Leicester. LE48DE

To leave a message call 0116222 2222

Between 20th September and 7th November there have been three house

knid. l. U. l. fi lUdAl. r.BIilsfJillMlIH

www. churchillgarage. co. uk

Beat Officer P. C. 2995 lan Mundy, Po//ce Community Support Officers: 6)64 Harkeral Ssnghera S, 6552 Mo Musa

email: kindsofqueniborough@hotmail. co. uk j website: www. kindsofqueniborough. co. uk

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2 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

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Sunday 29tb

Tmgoingtoswitch 3»ourChristmas


Thurmaston Pharmacy



"Melton Ll^oad

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lights switch

medication brands and boxes each

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Collection and Delivery^

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work or any other local address* I WE WILL-BEAT ANY PRIVATE

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OFFALLTOILETRIES when you present this

Christmas Stalls ii)

advert in-store

the 'Memorial 'Hall

721 Melton Road, Thurmaston Village

ana the 018 School

01 162692884

Leicester LE4 8ED

FREE ADVICE LINE 0800 587 5243

t^ejresbmeots Street Xativity 'Procession at 3pm

Open Monday- Friday 9. 00am - 6pm

^Bnng your: camera-anB


'Visit Santa in bis (jrotto


Christmas Tree 'Festival

in St. Michael's Church




'FairgrounQ 'Kjfles


. Melton Road will be closed for light's Un 3 Melton Road will be closed to traffic from 12noon to 6. 00pm for Lights Up on 29th November between Parkers Garage and Garden Street. This is an official road closure and traffic will not be allowed to leave or

enter this area during the closure. Traffic and buses will be diverted along the A607 bypass during the afternoon.









tV^isex K^ir S^lcw



Merry Christmas

and a HapPY New Year to all our



Reliable and Professional Service over 25 years experience No job too small . All work guaranteed

Call Darren Tel: 0116 260 4105

Mobile: 07766 685901 To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com



M Svistm 79 College Road, Syston

Tel: 0116 260 9582 ^ Late night appointments available

3S, p'

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 3

Sendyour letters to:


Thurmaston Times,


814 Metton Rd., Thurmaston,

Leicesteit£4 8BE

This development shouldn't be allowed I read with interest your lead story in the last issue of the Times regarding the Bellway development on land

behind the Inglenook Caravan Park. Please don't be under any illusions, that land, and other fields surrounding

it, will eventually be built on. Around fifteen years ago, when Thurmaston

Town FC were looking for a plot of land to develop their own ground, we looked at that land and was informed that to

Thurmaston Parish Council, This

development shouldn't be allowed to

A607 and Manor Road). 2. Traffic is too fast on Westdown Drive, Southdown Drive and Manor Road. All

three roads serve as walking and jogging

houses would increase the traffic

routes - especially for school children to

alarmingly, and the area is already

Sandfield Primary, Church Hill Primary

congested. (Ever tried driving anywhere

and Roundhill Academy. As on-street

near Asda between 1 and 4pm on a Sunday?) The facilities within Thurmaston are stretched already and the pollution would increase dramatically. I've said all along that I don't want the

parking has also increased in the past 5 to 10 years, this is obviously a concern as there are more cars swerving across the road to avoid parked vehicles,

4, 500 houses, but if it's going to happen

time before there is an accident.

then it must be done in a co-ordinated

piecemeal, with sops offered to Kevin Sadler

Could you deliver the


Please could the above be looked into

as, in my opinion, it is only a matter of A concerned motorist

Commended for his commitment

Thurmaston Times?

t just met our local PCSO Harkerat

A Volunteer distributor is

Sangherawho tells

required 6 times a year for


Telephone: 0116 260 7716

If you can help please contact Mick or Lynn at the

Mobile: 07770 785400

Thurmaston Times

Email: dave@dave-hutchings. com www. dave-hutchings. com

0116269 5327




me he has elected to

work the pm shift each day to reduce

the crime in our village. I feel this officer should be commended for his commitment to our community. This is not a very nice shift to work, especially on cold, wet winter nights. I have also spoken to Cllr. Brenda Seaton

who is in agreement with myself. M. Durrance

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Craig 07990 898977 32 Highway Road, Thurmaston, Leicester. LE4 8FQ

directions (from outbound A607, inbound

reasons highlighted. Another 224

Thurmaston as part of the deal.

Ato job too small . Freequotations Friendly reliable service . Fully insured

with a 'Give Way', however, this is not

happen, and pretty much for the

place alongside the development, not


connects onto Manor Road is controlled

for traffic from three distinctly different

However, for once I fully agree with

fashion, with roads and facilities put in


two clear road traffic accidents waiting to happen; 1. The Humberstone Lane slip road that

designated land for building.


101 Netherhall Rd, LeicesterLE51DR

Birstall to drop off and collect my child from nursery. On my journey, there are

per acre as it is a brownfield site,

buy it would cost £1/2m (half a million)


I live on Westdown Drive in

Thurmaston and regularly commute to

properly observed by motorists. A 'Stop' would be significantly more effective as people exiting this slip road have to watch


Book Online: uk

Un accident waiting to hannen?

1R HT1I Rise, Thurmoston. 01162601555 uiiuLu. abouthQirQndbeQutv. co. uk

4 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

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Help us make it to 100 Santas'

Then in the evening in the Conny Club we'll have our traditional Christmas party night. Its a Christmas theme fancy dress (especially jumpers), and we have some

It's back, the 4th Santa Saturday. Once

fantastic memorabilia to auction, including signed photos of Stephen Bunting, Michael

again this year we shall be taking to our bikes, collecting presents, and cycling

van Gerwin, Jimmy Greaves, Tiger

to the Leicester Royal Infirmary to pass

Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Elton John, Phi!

them on to the sick children who will be spending the festive period in hospital. It's dead easy to get involved. If you haven't got your own, Santa suits can be bought for ÂŁ5. 00, (please give us a week's

Daniels (in a still from Quadrophenia),

notice), call or text 07787 557753. Spend the same amount on presents (anything

LongService award presented to Pat& Bob

Michael Caine (not a lot of people know that), and the legendary Tommy Cooper. Entry is free and we hope to see you there.

David I Hopes

except soft toys, and please don't wrap them), then turn up at the Conny Club on Saturday 19th December with your bike.

The LRI is only 5 miles, we'll sort out a lift

Rev'd Tim Day (Chair, Old School Management Committee) presents

back, and remember, for some of these

Certificates of Appreciation to Cltr Bob Davies and Mrs Pat Davies with thanks for

children, it could be their last Christmas. Last year we had a record 54 Santas (adults and children) on their bikes, (pictured) how we'd love 100.

Calling patients of Thurmaston Health Centre

over 25 years of service to the Thurmaston Old School Church and

Community Centre. The group organise regular small events

such as coffee mornings and are about to host a fund raising Christmas Winter

Santa Procession Saturday 5th December. Santa Claus

Warmer on Friday 11th December from 10am to 1 pm, we will be selling cakes, hot totties and holding a raffle. Proceeds of

will be on a sleigh, riding around the village with collecting buckets to help

Thurmaston Health Centre are hosting a patients group which meet every six

sales will be donated to the Air Ambulance

Senior citizens and to buy presents for


the children's ward at LRI.


The next patients group meeting will be held on Monday 7th December at 6pm. To

The procession will start at 4. 00pm at The Conny Club and will make its way around Thurmaston. The group hope you'll come out, give him a wave and donate what you can. David I Hopes

Anyone who is a patient can join the discussions which are aimed at providing the best service for the area as well as supporting the practice to overcome any

join the group, contact Kim Creese at Thurmaston Health Centre on 0116 260

8844 Hope to meet you soon!


fund a Christmas dinner for local

Committed to

Nurturing & Inspiring your Children uk

CL Us'


CHARNWOOD NURSERY & PRE-SCHOOL* . Care, play & education for ages 0-4 years

. Before School, After School & Holiday care

. FREE pre-school places for 3 & 4 year olds


. Professional, qualified, friendly staff

. Creative Activities / Sports / Dance

. FREE nappies

. Leicestershire integrated quality award

. Freshly prepared meals

4-11 years

5 STAR CLUB LOCATIONS Charnwood Nursery & Pre-School 22 - 24 Lonsdale Road,

. Pre-school 'network of excellence'


- Leicestershire integrated quality award

Leicester LE4 8JF T: 0116 319 8344

The Merton Primary School Cherry Drive,

Syston, Leicester, LE7 2PT T: 0779 3583111

. '5 stars' for food, hygiene & safety

' View our Ofsted report at www.ofsted. gov. uk

Bishop Ellis Catholic Primary School Barkby Thorpe Lane, Thurmaston,

Leicester LE4 8GP T: 0791 8083002

22 - 24 Lonsdale Road Thurmaston INDNA

Tel: 0116 269 6162

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 5


Graham anempts another Atlantic rowing record Thurmaston's ocean rawer Graham

Walters is planning his next ocean row with the aim of becoming the oldest rawer in the oldest boat to cross the Atlantic.

Graham (68) is planning to set off in December following the start of the 2015

WATER TIGHT: The boaton the local Waterski lake to check it's watertight.

ocean rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean, the world's toughest row. Leaving La Gomera in the Canary Islands, the race finishes in Antigua some

team and his last in 2008 when he rowed

4, 800 km (2, 600 nautical miles) and three

boat across the Atlantic.

months later. This will be Graham's fifth row, his first in 1997 as part of a two man

the 'Puffin' and took his place in the Guinness Book of World Records for

becoming the person to row the smallest For this forthcoming challenge, Graham is busy preparing 'Khaggavisana' a 20ft hand built boat in which Sidney Genders

became the only person to row from England to America in 1969. Graham saw the boat in Exeter Maritime

Museum and wanted to prove it was good enough to row the Atlantic once more. Over the last few months Graham has

been preparing the boat, adding modern navigation and communication equipment and a water maker which converts sea

water to drinking water. The boat has also undergone tests to

check it is watertight and will self-right if


(01f6) 2602517


ieouty, Skin & Body Core Centre

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SH/P SHAPE: Graham makes alterations to 'Khaggavisana' including adding a

sliding rowing seat.

flrfideol Christmas Gift Qvciiloble From'ÂŁ5 con be used for Q range

Readers can follow Graham's progress on www. atlanticpuffin. co. uk

ReadaboutGraham's first rowand his record breaking

Atlantic crossing in

the Puffin These two books give a fascinating insight into the man behind the oars. Follow Graham's adventures on sea and

land including his life threatening exploits

ÂŁ12. 99

as a builder and his adventures around

the world including a day trip to Gaza, a



Buy both books for E20

near sinking, being forced beneath the sea by giant waves and arrested at sea by Spanish Marine Police. Both books include many colour photographs to chronicle his journeys and make a great read for both sailors and

(Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-5pm or Fri 9am-

tandlubbers alike.

tps@thurmaston. com

Both books are available from Thurmaston

Print Shop, 814 Melton Road, LE4 8BE 1pm) or to reserve your book please call 0116 269 5327 or email:

Confused by income tax?

at Syston Rugby Club, Barkby Road, Queniborough, Leicestershire LE7 3FE

Struggling with your accounts? ... if so then you need expert

Tel: 0116 260 4346 24 hour answerphone

advice from a company who can

hannah-marie beauty

handle all your financial needs.. .




GThurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

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there will be a variety of stalls selling all the traditional Christmas fare, a choir will

perform a variety of Christmas songs from the traditional to On Saturday 12th December

the car park of the

the modem, and hot and cold food will be available.

And it gets better! There will

Thurmaston Conservative Thurmaston's very own

be a skating rink with skates provided kindly sponsored by Costcutter Carpets of Syston,

Winter Wonderland.

and of course. Santa will be

Club will be turned into

David I Hopes will be

there, waiting in his Grotto for

organising the event, it will be

the children ofThurmaston.

free to enter and will be on

Proceeds from the event are for the Leicester Royal Infirmary. So please come along and support our efforts, nothing like this has been tried in Thurmaston before.

from 12 noon to 6pm. The whole day will have a Victorian theme so feel free to come in

fancy dress. A castle front will be erected

at the entrance, leading to a red carpet. Walk along and the snow will fall. Once inside

B^® S

Sponsored by Costcutter Carpets of Syston ,.:,V'F.'



"'Q ;*'".

David's I Hope

Watermead 2016

Views t>/ Cu. uilnf Pn

Calendar for sale


The calendar which features

>©% Saturday

views ofWatermead Country Park throughout the year is priced at

12th Decembar

£5. 00 and is available from

Thurmaston Print Shop and wil!

At Thurmaston Conservative Club

also be available at the Old School

on Sunday 29th November at the Christmas Lights Up. To reserve your calendar please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

12. 00pm - l?. 00pm

FREE ENTRY Raising money for LRIon behalfof David's I Hope

Tangent House







Nursery School Put of School Clufc NDNA

0116 2640333

0116 274 3090

www.tangenthousenursery. co. uk

www. hamil+onnursery. co. uk

Tangent House Day Nursery, 640 Melton Rd, Thurmaston Village, Leicester. LE4 8BB

25 Hilltop Rd, Hamilton. Leics. LE5 1TT

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

Hamilton Hilltop Nursery School

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 7

NoTrick, the Ton Housewasa real Treatfor Halloween

COMPETITION . COMPETITION Findthe Christmas Pud and you could win a

With over 300 black bin liners, countless skeletons, spiders and other fiendish decorations, the Top

£25 Asda voucher

House was again a scary place to

Here's a chance to win £25 in the New Year.


Just tell us which page this Christmas pudding is hidden

Jo and her team of helpers had spent

on and a £25 gift card, kindly donated by ASDA, will be

a week preparing the village pub for

given to whoever is pulled out of Santa's hat first when our competition closes on Friday 8th January 2016. You can either email or post your answer to

Halloween and has entered into the

brewery's competition for the best decorated pub.

tps@thurmaston. com orThurmaston Times, 814 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8BE. Please don't

Syston roundabout update

forget to include your name and address and the page number.

(Information courtesy ofSyston Town News). Councillor Ken Pacey of Syston Town Council reported that he had met with the Director of Highwayswho said that after the

The competition is open to any age but only one entry per household please. The closing date is Friday 8th

January and the winner will be announced in the

latest modifications, if the independent audit found it to be no

Feb/March issue.

worse, then any further changes would need to be funded by Syston Town Council.

Congratulations to Julie Ross of Thurmaston who found the conker on page 19 in the last issue. 1


pcwtfiw %w^

ASDACommunity News I've been in my new role as Community Life Champion for four months now and I'm really

' Manage,Beauty& HolisticT^tments -SB1-^-k., k.

getting into the swing of things. I've been getting involved with the local community around Thurmaston, 1 volunteer at the

Siiva Curlers games group on a

Monday and I have also been spending time with the special needs children and their siblings



group and the Thrummy Drummer Dementia Group and I'm really enjoying it. The 'Chosen by You' winner this month is the Hearing Dogs for the deaf which is a fantastic cause. Don't forget you can nominate any good cause, it doesn't have to be a registered charity just someone you think needs some extra help.

Finally I would like to say a huge

?amp&r1 lolistic Back Massage, Mini Facial & Shsllac Mini Manicure


Party Ang&I

'Thank You' to all our customers

(and Princesses!) in the months of September and October who raised a fantastic £750 for the Tickled Pink Breast Cancer

charity. It wouldn't have been

possible without all of your donations.

Vouchers .


Shellao File & Polish, a Spray Tan and an Eyelash Treatment*j (*Eyelash Tmtiog, Party Cluster Lashas "or IndivJdual Eyelash Extansioii)

from 1

7a Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.

Tel: 0116 260 2000

'BHnore great offers see our website

TermsandmnditionsapplyES.OEPleasequoteFTAd 8 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016


Merry Christmas from Asda. Melissa Young

Community_thurmaston@asda. co. uk

0116 264 5300 ext. 222

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

Marycelebrates 30 years at HadrianHouse


Mary 'Cookie' Blake began her love affair with Hadrian House on 21st October 1985 when she started work as a cleaner for 12 hours a week. She

FREE CASH MACHINE (now dispensing £5 notes) Lottery . Greetings Cards Photocopying & Fax Service

worked 31 hours that first week and the

week began on a Thursday! Since then Mary has put her life and soul into her 'second home' which cares for

elderly residents and has spent most of those years as cook. Mary said, "It's the people I look forward

Opening times: Mon - Fri 9. 00am - 5. 30pm Saturday9. 00am-12. 30pm

to seeing and working with, both the residents and staff have become my family, " She went on to say, "I would like

Mary receives a bouquet from Care Team

to thank my husband, Danny for his

group of volunteers started to spruce up

patience and understanding. He knows better than anyone the huge part the

in the summer.

home plays in my life."

someone like Mary who her colleagues

Leader, Maisie.

Tel: 0116 269 3167

Hadrian House are fortunate to have

Mary gives so much of her own time to

describe as 'kind', 'crazy', 'cookoo',

the home, be it with residents, Grafting, decorating or tidying the garden, it's clear

'outgoing', 'loud' and 'bossy'.

it's not just a job to her, it's her life. Mary

best thing about Mary is her cooking,

was thrilled when the kind people at

Raynsway Properties offered to tidy up the rear garden, part of which she and a

especially her cakes and chunky vegetable soup. We hope Mary will be with us for the next 30 years."

Core Strategy clears

recently completed his examination of the

Care Team Leader, Maisie said, "The

3y Professional

An independent Planning Inspector

final hurdle

Core Strategy, concluding that it was

Charnwood Borough Councillors have

some amendments were made.

and Affordable Clothing Alterations and Repairs

sound and could be adopted provided

agreed to adopt the Charnwood Core Strategy which is the Council's vision

The strategy outlines where new homes

of where new housing, employment land and infrastructure should go. It marks the end of an 11-yearjourney

will be built, identifies employment land, proposes health centres, parks, schools and other amenities while enabling the Council to protect the borough from

and follows extensive consultations and an examination by an independent Planning Inspector. Councillor Eric Vardy, Cabinet Member

unwanted development. It identifies the main areas of proposed development:

. 4, 500 homes and 13 ha of employment

for Planning, said: "This is a significant

to the north of Hamilton/east of

moment for us as a council and I am


delighted that the Core Strategy has finally been adopted. This document not only says where significant new developments should go, it also says to developers where they should not go.

"I know some elements of the strategy are not universally supported, but I hope

. 3, 000 homes and 16 ha of employment to the west of Loughborough. . around 1, 500 homes and 15 ha of

Tel: 0116 319 0908 or 07884 443058



Join our

T1-»^* '^ i+-fA^

Stage Classes

andtrain ino11


'%, X*M* Dclnce& \^'*t^. *^^ _°^c^,


employment on land to the north of the A46 at Birstall.

The Core Strategy also sets out how the

"I am confident the Core Strategy will help control future growth and preserve the character and beauty of the borough as a whole."

Ncf l'B°0

SHASHI TAILOR 146 Checketts Road, Leicester, LE4 5EQ


Council aims to help boost economic recovery in the area with plans for the regeneration of the Watermead corridor within the Thurmaston and Syston area, support for further development of the Loughborough Science and Enterprise Park and a regeneration plan for Shepshed.

people will accept that we have taken every step to consider all views before reaching a conclusion.

Only £75

i" the comfort of your own home Includes a minimum of 10 edited shots

and 25 Christmas cards of your favourite image with envelopes shoot please contact Tom on

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

lAyj.-u.i i »f«iiij jBRT. ri ffld



Musical Theatre, Singing . Beginnersor Experienced

^ ^J

Follow us on Facebook

F: tmwphotographyuk


m KWSSu M l'Ju:l »T< I

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Private Tuition available


when booking

UA F.T<FJuftCTIU klti (+11

Dancers welcome

For more information or to book a

Quote TT125


Please call for more detail; Sample card, other designs available



(www.thestarletsperformingarts. co. uk

December 2015/January 2016Thurmaston Times 9

SmartTyresLtd.| TJmCS PBSI

Contact Times Past, Thurmaston Times, SI4 Melton Rd, Thurmasfon,

LeicesterLE4 8BE Email: tps@thurmaston. com

Tel: 0116 269 5327

New & Used Tyres

for Cars, HGV's and Vans

Mobife Fitting Service Available within the Leicester area . . . .

Brakes & Servicing Wheel Alignment Fleet Management Women Friendly City & Guilds and Manufacturers Trained Staff

Tel: 07799 655637 email: smart_tyres@hotmail. co. uk www. smarttyresltd. co. uk Unit 2a Bridge Park Road Thurmaston Leicester LE4 8ED

We know our readers like a challenge so here's a good photo to get your teeth into. Cynthia Black gave us this picture of Tess and Arthur Thorpe's Dance Class taken at the Memorial Hal! sometime in the 1970s. If you can help with any of the names or the date please contact the TT on the numbers above.

Heritage Books- idealChristmas gifts Thurmaston Heritage Group's books

Thurmaston and the

Great War 1914-1918

'Memories ofThurmaston', volumes 1 and 2 would make an ideal Christmas


^TREESi Freshly Cut from Our Own Plantation Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce and Nordmann Firs Enjoy visiting a working farm for your home grown Christmas Tree As with all our produce our Trees offer good value for money Open from the last weekend of November

, Super"



i^i lSk ^ ^\UTQ^


Written by Heritage Group member Mark Gamble, this illustrated

gift. The books feature information and

photographsof many local buildings, either still standing or long forgotten.

book contains the details of over 320

Before and after or aerial shots of local streets and pictures of events, schoolchildren and sports team alongside

people with Thurmaston connections, individuals who served in the

the memories of local residents.

British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force, and

Volume 1

some who sen/ed in the Imperial forces of the British Empire. Available at £12. 99

/s priced

at £9. 99 and volume 2 is

All the books are available from Thurmaston Print Shop, 814 Melton Road, Thurmaston LE4 8BE (Tues,

£11. 99 or buy both for

Wed & Thurs 9am-5pm orFri 9am-1pm) or to reserve your book please cat! 0116 269 5327 or email:


We carry out repairs

to all UPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Boiler/Gas Fire

New Handles, Locks & Hinges Fined

Service £45


Replacement Panels *


Please quote TT when replying

Cat Flaps Fined






aiS~lf('AS?&^AS: Call now for a free quote


'(Charnwood Ltd)

Service, Repairs, Installations of all Gas Appliances

Broken/Misted Glass Unit Replacements

iNouiitiEB orrai ITTI» uk


10 Thurmaston Times December 2015/Januar^2016


07860 735066 . 0116 236 7923

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A Hat trick in the 80th! Thurmaston Scout & Guide Band

(Thurmaston Marching Brass) has retained the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association National Supreme Champions award, for the third year running, and in their 80th Anniversary year too! No band within the Traditional Youth

the Birmingham International Tattoo as

environment please contact Richard

well as our local Remembrance Parade. In addition, in commemoration of the

Warrington (Bandmaster) 07831 105648

80th Anniversary, a reunion band has

assembled and also performed, re-igniting the days when the band was a Bugle and Drum style. As many of you reading this know the band is an activity within the Thurmaston Scout & Guide Group and all members

Marching Bands Association (TYMBA)

are active members of their respective

has ever achieved this accolade. In addition the band has won the National

sections who make lasting friendships whilst learning new life skills. If you would like to know more about the

Class League for the third year in succession and Meera Patel (Piccolo) was awarded the TYMBA Musician of The

or email: richardwarrington@gmx. com To end their anniversary year the band is staging an 80th Birthday Concert at Roundhill Academy

on Saturday 12th December. If you would like to come

along to enjoy the music of past and present bands please

band, or have a child interested in

contact Vicky Garratt 07764 477734. (See page 39 for full

learning music in a safe and friendly


Year award. All in all, not a bad day's work when you're 80!

Working towards the band's success takes a lot of hard work by all involved, from parents to ironers, drivers to shoe

and hat cleaners, thanks must go to everyone, as well as the band members

themselves who actually perform. The TYMBA National Finals was held on

Sunday 25th October in Stoke and the band performed against three other top class bands, one of which is a Scout Band

based in Alderley. The band's success is

a fitting testament to its 80th Anniversary year. Throughout 2015 the band has

performed at many events including representatives of a drum corps at Windsor Castle, Sound Off at

LoughboroughTown Hall alongside other Leicestershire Scout & Guide Bands, The Leicestershire & Rutland Festival of Remembrance at the De Montfort Hall and


> ^ *

Mulberry Bush Nursery




Unit E, Troon Business Cen+fe, Humberstone Lane, Thurmasfon, Leicesfer. LE4 9HA

. Full Day Care sessions are available

^between 7. 45am and Gpm^|^ . Friendly, experienced, qualified and professional staff . Happy; friendly, homely and safe environment Well equipped outdoor area

Mulberry Bush Pre-School Autumn Term 2015


NOW RECRUITING Full and Parf Time Staff across the group minimum Level 3 in early years

(term time only) Funded care befween (he hours of9am-4pm (Packed lunches are required) For more information

Call: 0116 222 3377 Email: mulber'rybush@bushbabiesnurseries. co. uk uk To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 11




The annual X-Factory show, organised by Chris and Graham Love, took to the stage at Thurmaston Working Mens Club on 12th November and what a show!

Come and discuss

With so much talent on the stage it was a difficult job for the audience to pick a

informally opportunities on how to get into teaching

winner, but in true X-Factorstyle there has

for further information please contact Davina Spence

to be one winner and this year it was nine year olds Lottie and Keira who took to the stage as Tiny Fighters'. On the evening over ÂŁ1300 was raised

on 0116 269 3896

and it was obvious that all the talented

The X-Factory winners and all the

youngsters enjoyed the experience.

or visit the school website for further details www.roundhill. leics. sch. uk

Pictured above are Lottie and Keira

singing their song with all the contestants and right Lottie and Keira with Pudsey, the

contestants were invited by Radio Leicester to perform on the stage in Jubilee Square to join in with Children in Need celebrations on Friday 13th

judges and organisers.


St.Mcfiael![ All Aiyels Cfiurcfi


TJlurfijastofi Thurmaslon Lights iip Sunday 29th November

Christmas Tree festival The theme this year is Christmas Carols; 'A

Message of Hope', (please contact the vicar if you wish

to include a tree). During the afternoon come along and

judge which you think is the 'Best Christmas Tree' and

join in the fun. Refreshments & Mulled wine will be available.

living Nalivity Procession

children in costume make the

journey of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem

singing as they go and knocking on doors trying to find somewhere to stay.

This is a fun event and if your child would like to take part please bring them to the

Memorial Hall (in costume if possible) at 2. 45pm. The songs we sing are 'How far is ittoBethlehem', Little Donkey' and 'Away in a Manger'. The procession takes about 30 minutes.

Children are welcome to

dress up and take part in the Living Nativity Procession as

What happened

apply to

to the

particularly if you are in

lawnmowerand the Barbecue? Wow! How did that happen, seems like the barbecue has only just been put away and the grass cut for one last time, but the Christmas season is upon us once

again. Hopefully the village will be anticipating 'Light's Up' and the Church Christmas tree festival to mark the start for real.

In a sun/ey from a couple of

years ago, 83% agreed that Christmas is about spending

For further details contact

time with family and friends,

Sheifa on 01162207378.

62% agreed that Christmas is a

To discuss any church services including Weddings, Chnstenings and Funerals please contact Rev'd Tim Day on

0116 348 6896or email

St'Michael's Cburcb Tburmaston 'Warml)i invites you to the Varisb Christmas Services' Sunday 20th December. Candlelit Nine Lessons and Carols 6. 00pm Christmas Eve 24th December

Christingle Service 6. 00pm 'Midnight' Holy Communion 11.30pm Christmas Day 25th December Benefice Christmas Family 10. 00am Celebration at St Hilda's, East Goscote 12 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

time when we should be

generous to people less fortunate than ourselves. 41%

agreed that Christmas is a about celebrating that God loves humanity. 24% disagreed with this. 40% said Christmas

is a good excuse for taking time off and doesn't really have any meaning today but 34% disagreed with this. So the results tell us that there is a

real mix to peoples approach to Christmas and its meaning. Whichever of the statistics



the 40% that think it has no

special spiritual meaning, then I invite


you to think afresh about what it could mean to you this year. As a Christian t think the verse

from John's Gospel tel!s us most clearly why we celebrate Jesus' birth over 2000 years

ago. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish

but may have eternal life. " It is the time of the year we have chosen to celebrate that God met us through his Son and He invites us to get to know him and to understand that hope is

just a short step of faith away. You would be most welcome to

come to any of the Christmas services to celebrate once

again Jesus' birth or to begin an exciting new journey of faith.

Wishing you a very Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year Tim Day, Vicar of Thurmaston Parish Church

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Single £7. 99 Double £8. 99 King Size £9. 99






ISK,, 'ys£ a''*SS"

i^S- ^"i^

\ \^


BIG RANGE OF WOOLS Chunky, Double Knit, Aran, Baby Wool, Tinsel Plus Patterns, Needles, Crochet Hooks, Cottons, Buttons, Knitting & Sewing Accessories




PARTY ESSENTIALS Platters & Dishes, Plastic

Cutlery, Paper/Plastic Plates Plastic Cups/Polystyrene Cups Table Cloths, Serviettes

Foil Platters, Banquet Rolls

^ PET SUPPLIES Large Dog Beds from£6.99

600ml At. 99



from ^34. 99



£12. 99

' fca

from* 14. 99




RADIATORS from £9. 9?

5 litres 13. 99 <*-



20kgWildBirdFood£10.99 15kg Dog Nuggets £10. 99

Rabbit Muc 15kg £10. 99 Hay, Straw & Animal Shavings


from £1. 49

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9. 30am - 6. 00pm & Sun 10. 00am - 3. 00pm



Tel: 0116 260 0552.


Follow us on Facebook To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email:






December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 13

Young and old pay their respects on Remembrance Day At the stroke of 11 am on Sunday 8th November residents gathered at the War Memorial on Melton Road and were

united in a silent tribute to Britain's war dead.

The parade, led by the Scout and Guide Band. had marched from the Scout & Guide HQ on Unicorn Street to the War Memorial for the service of Remembrance.

Andy Dent was the Parade Marshal this year taking over from Matthew Downie. Andy's father Keith, had been the Parade Marshal for many years and again the event was well attended by villagers. In the Scout & Guide band's 80th year

former band members joined the parade, (pictured above right) from The Royal British Legion and marched back to the Scout & Guide H. Q.

Wreaths were laid by veterans, representatives from councils, local organisations and the armed forces. A wreath was also laid by Deputy Lieutenant Ramanbhai Barber MBE on behalf of

the Queen, pictured with his wife Khushmanben.


LiveEntertainment SATURDAY 21st NOVEMBER

We are now taking ^ bookings for our





'iiLunchlime and Evening ^


NewYear s Eve - Rockska

'Festive Fdyrel

Zeds Dead













MamaDont Allow

^ i




- -


2 tourses £9.50 3 courses £11. 50



2 courses £16.95 3 courses £19.95


Available from y



215 Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston, Leics LE4 9JR

Telephone: 0116 269 3549 14 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

. Tuesday 1st becember to . Wednesday 23rd becembei*



Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

Schoolchildren observe silence at War Memorial

Bestattended service at Belgrave Cemetery The Friends of

Belgrave Cemetery would like to thank their members and

Schoolchildren gathered at the War Memorial for the service of

the public who, despite the

Remembrance on Wednesday 11th November.

weather, came to the Remembrance

This year saw more youngsters from local schools who observed the two

Sunday Service at Belgrave Cemetery and made it the best attended ever. The Photograph shows the Reverend Pam Haynes with Dorothy Marshall.

minute silence, they then had the opportunity to talk to veterans in St.

Michael's Church (right) where Eastfield pupils also sang a medley of war songs. Inset: children from Sandfield School.

Newcommemorative seating at Cemetery

Two new metal benches were unveiled by Thurmaston Parish Council on 11th Novemberto commemorate both World

Wars. They are sited in the new cemetery extension close to the car park.

CLAYMILL MOTORS LTD 3 months warranty as standard with up to 24 months (extra cost)



SALESOF QUALITYUSEDCARS *£50 voucher for fuel* To cash in this voucher when

All cars sold with FULL

purchasing one of our vehicles,

inspection & valet

follow us on our social media.

Instagram: Claymillmotors Twitter: Claymillmotors Facebook: Claymillmotorsltd

NEWSTOCKArriving WEEKLY 'GUARANTEED'finance subject to status


All our cars are HPI checked

Part Exchange cars to clear from £350 upwards

Monday Wedne


9am. s-30p,D 9am.

'. 30pm ^a30pm lay 9am.





'. 30pm .


^ oin^^

30pm 30pm


Telephone: 0116 319 4376 The Old Bakery, 17 Claymill Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4_9JJ

www. claymillmotors. co. uk To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com


December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 15

Emotional reunion

After the service, a lady noticed my Polar Bear badge and said that she remembered

In search of Hursts

After the unbelievable welcome we

when, as an eight year old girl, the soldiers who liberated her village wore a Polar Bear. When she named the village, I told her that we were the soldiers. With a look

On Wednesday 9th September, along

received in Holland in May to celebrate

the 70th Anniversary of their liberation, another visit was planned to take my son, Steve and his wife, Jenny back to the houses and farms in the villages

of astonishment and tears of joy in her eyes, she hugged me and thanked me and

where we had fought in WWII.

announced to all that I was one of the

The visit coincided with the Annual Memorial Sen/ice at Arnhem for the Airborne Forces who had fought there in September 1944. 1 was able to place a

soldiers who had liberated her in April

cross on the grave of Dennis Townsend

1945. Instantly we were surrounded by photographers and the school children and parents wanting to talk to us and get autographs.

with my cousin Sue Morrell (nee Hurst), I laid a wreath at the Menin Gate as part of the Remembrance Last Post

Ceremony that takes place every evening at 8pm. The wreath was laid in memory of my Grandmother's cousin, Frank Arthur Willis

Hurst, who was killed in Ypres Salient

exactly 100 years before, and whose body has never been found. Now Frank was a Thurmaston lad, he

where the local schoolchildren had laid a

was born in the village on 9th September 1894 (he was killed on his 21st birthday), and his parents are buried in Thurmaston Cemetery.

simple spray of flowers with a beautiful orange rose. Dennis, who is on Thurmaston's War Memorial was a

schoolboy neighbourof mine.

His father was one Arthur Hurst, and his

youngest brother, Alfred, was my GreatGrandfather. Alf was the youngest of nine, and all this got me wondering if anyone reading this is descended from the Hurst family. They were all born in Thurmaston

through the 1860's and 70's. Sadly, it would mean you are related to That spontaneous welcome was the highlight of our visit and 1 now realise the significanceof our achievement in bringing

would be related to Frank, and may like to

pay your own respects to him.

for granted, Ken West

To take part in that ceremony at the Menin Gate was one of the most moving

experiences of my life, and should you be

11th Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers,

Thurmaston soldier, Dennis Townsend.

anonymous, but it would also mean you

about their liberation and freedom we take

48th Inf. Div.

Ken pays his respects at the grave of

me, all be it distantly, so I could understand if you wish to remain

We wish Ken all the best as he celebrates his 93rd birthday in November.

related in any way and would like information on how to pay your respects please feel free to get in touch.

Kevin Sadler, 07787 557753

CoiVllWtv) QeN.tre - OHyS -t iS? "Thurmaston Showstoppers present their Traditional Family Pantomime




°^^I^ &^^\>^^a^

^iday 29^h, Saturday 3^,

January 2016

atThurm^ton immunity Centre Silverdale Drive"

Tickets£5. 00AvailablefromChris& GrahamLoveon0116 3192117

Tickets £4. 50 each

Tues-Thurs9-5, Fri9-1.Tef0116269 5327


'orThurmaston. PrintShop 814Melton Road,Thurmaston LE48BE




available from

814Melton Rd0116269 5327

L -£=-_

email: thurmastoncomcen@yahoo. co.uh . www.thunnastoncomtcn. 16 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January2016

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Punov buyers -

against rabies and in addition dogs must


be treated for tapeworm. To help prevent the further illegal



importation of pets, Trading Standards has issued a set of guidelines to follow:

ProtectingConsumers SafeguardingBusinesses

Following an

Buy your animal from a reputable supplier - advice on buying a dog or cat is available from a range of animal

increasing number of reports from vets

to Trading Standards about illegally imported dogs, Trading Standards are recommending that potential pet owners research the origin of pets before they purchase them. The UK has been rabies-free since 1922

as a result of strict import restrictions and quarantine rules; however the increasing illegal

organisations, such as the Dog Advisory Council, Kennel Club, the Dogs Trust and

the RSPCA Check the animal's history by speaking to a previous owner - if you are

Here's a picture of my son Rowan

catching up on his local news as part of his weekly read for school. Vicky Ban

buying a puppy or kitten, you should ask to see it with its mother and the rest of the


smuggling of pets from

View the animal and its documentation before

countries where rabies is

you buy - if it was born


still prevalent is threatening to re-introduce rabies, along with other

Hunting for treasure at children's group

outside the UK it must

have either a pet passport or a veterinary certificate. The pet passport needs to confirm

infectious diseases to the , )?

UK. Councillor Osman states ... .

Special Needs children's group and Happy Smiles children's group meet every Thursday at Elizabeth Park 9. 3011. 30am.

that it was vaccinated

"People see a puppy

The group formed in April this year and

against rabies at the

which looks happy. The first time they take

it to a vet, the vet discovers that the puppy hasn't been properly vaccinated. The

discovery leaves the owners upset when they find that their puppy isn't allowed to go home and instead is put into quarantine at some considerable cost. He adds, "It is now a lucrative business

is becoming well established, the children play together and parents are able to talk

correct age (normally at three months). For dogs, the passport should also show that it has .been treated for tapewomn. * if you have any doubts about an

whilst having a tea or coffee. We had a Halloween treasure hunt last week where all the children hunted for

animal, speak to your vet before agreeing to buy it.

bags of sweets they loved it, they all did

so well every child received a small trophy plus all the sweets they had found. We will be having more treasure hunts as this has proved so popular, Santa will

Councillor Osman,

Trading Standards Officer

which is increasing across the East

yToiduenise]n the~Prices slant


Any cats or dogs brought into the UK from abroad must be micro-chipped, have

If you would like to come along everyone

[call 01162695327 forlyean

a valid pet passport and be vaccinated


also be visiting in December.

Mhurmaston Times

is made to feel welcome. Call Sandra on

07983 216372 for more details.

I e Newyea," aL"ÂťeHarrnw ^j 45|IIVE MUSIC AT THE HARROW INN


21st Novembei (overlist 28th November

Sunday 27th Book now for (arvery New Year's Eve Its the biggest party video disio til late remember last year!


Bob Marley tribute



5th December Nick Murphy from Kingston ^

town UB40 TRIBUTE Sunday 20th December







and Meat Raffle

ChristmasEve Video Party Disco 'til midnight Christmas Day


^f^'y. '. i' . . DRINk . IflEEt

open 11am til 2.30pm ^ Boxing Day open middaytill 1pm


it's Karaoketime!

4 OurB16XmasSpirit ^ .

It was MEGA

January9th ^

^ THE(HEEZEback on tour January16th



baik from Kingston Town


MELTON ROAD . THURMASTON . Telephone: 0116 260 2240 To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 17

Almost £2000 raised for Macmillan at Thurmaston coffee mornings The annual Macmillan World's

Biggest Coffee Morning held in September is proving popular with Thurmaston residents. We've heard of six events held around our village which between them have

raised £1962.61 for the charity who provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support for cancer sufferers, as well as campaigning for better cancer care and helping to make sure no one

Community Centre

Mayes family

Can I say a very big thank you to

On Saturday 10th October

everyone who came and supported me on the above coffee morning. so many many thanks again for supporting

this very worthy cause. Can I also say a big thank you to those who helped me on the day, you all know

who you are without me naming names to say I am very grateful for your help and support is an understatement I just

with cakes

and donations. We had plenty of visitors

Little Green Deli

who had a lovely time with all the children

We raised £568.66. A big thank you to

playing in the garden, We raised a total of £175. 40. The first prize in the raffle, a basket of fruit was won by Chloe Cooke, (pictured).

'Living it Up' for the free hire of the marquee.

Hair Company

Elizabeth Park

Staff at Hair Company on Humberstone

Our Macmillan Coffee Morning, which

coffee morning in September.

members of Thmmmy Drummer.

came and supported us

couldn't do it without you. Margaret Garratt

faces cancer alone.

was again well attended raised £406, just over last year's figure. This year was organised by Julie, centre staff and

we held a coffee afternoon in aid of MacMillan Nurses, we would like to thank ail who

I banked a total of £470 for the charity,

Lane, Thurmaston

Top House Customers at the Top House supported the Macmiltan coffee morning in

held a Macmillan

September and helped to raise £218. 50. Well done to everyone who helped to

Thank you to everyone

re/se a fantastic amount

who came

and donated, a total of £124. 05 was raised.


Thank you.

fo'GGEst ^s

Sharon and


Laura fight


over the last cake!

A table of delights at Elizabeth Park

N@W for Your


Birmingham's I:ra"kfurt. ................... EIO'50

Is"" 22"d s's^»ft ::,:,, -"::::::::::::::s ISat 28th B^'St'Edmunds^asMarket^^^^^ Ill ^ SterXmasMarket.




1^ ^ S5^dis^-'rr=:S Sat Sun


l2th UverpoolAlbertDocks^ ^'th Mystery Christma-. Shopp^ ^^^,,.,,,,..... £25.00

For bookings call Bryan Garratt . Send chequelPO Tickets returned by post Abbey Travel R. M. C. Yard, Humberstone Lane, Leicester. LE4 9fU

Telephone: 0116 246 1755 after hours 231 2612 www. abbeytravel. org. uk . Email: bryan. garratt@btconnect. com 18 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016



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Advertising in the

THURMASTON DIRECTORY A four line entry starts from £45 Box adverts £85 or £100

for 1 year (6 issues) Call: 0116 269 5327 or email tps@)thurmaston. com ACCOUNTANTS Holyland & Co.

Confused by income tax? Struggling with your accounts? Contact us for expert advice. Tel: 0116 246 0254

AERIALS Also see 'Television'

Image Aerials, Syston Local, friendly sen/ice, competitive rates, repairs, alterations & TV tuning. Free quotes.

Tel: 0116 260 3481 Mob: 07970 202125

APPLIANCE REPAIRS A/so see ' Domestic Appliance Repairs'

1st Appliance Repairs (Same day service) Repairsto all makes and models of washing machine, fridge freezers. GAP Discounts available. Tel: 0116 260 2455 or 0752 701 3025

ART & CRAFT GROUP Art & Craft for Pleasure

Paint, draw or craft in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at Thurmaston Community Centre.

Weds 9. 30-1.00 Tel: Sue Lewis0116 221 6061

BABY & CHILDREN Bright Sparks Mum/Carer Baby & Toddler Group. Held on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month 9. 30-11. 30am at

the Old School, Melton Road. Tea & chat, play, crafts & Songs. £2 - first session free. Tel: Sheila 0116 220 7378 Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school

Committed to nurturing & inspiring your children 15 hours FREE pre-school care per week for 3 & 4

year olds. 22-24 Lonsdale Road, Thurmaston. Tel: 0116 269 6162 Happy Smiles Parent & Toddler Group Meet at Elizabeth Park ever/ Thursday 9. 30am11, 30am. For children and special needs children

0-5 years and their carers/family. Come along for play, singing, socialisingand information. Tel: 07983 216372.

CAR BODY REPAIRS Mobile Car Bodyworks Scratches, bumper scuffs, minor dents/ alloy wheel repair, reverse parking sensor fitting Tel: 07906 080684or 0116 2128323


Tel: 0116 269 2823

Supplier of car parts & accessoriesto the retail LE4 8BD

Tel: 0116 uk


CHEMISTS Thurmaston Pharmacy Prescription collection/deliver^, Medicines advice, Toiletries, mobility aids. Mon-Fri 9. 00am - 6. 00pm

721 Melton Road Tel: 0116 269 2884


22-24 Lonsdale Road, Thurmaston.

Tel: 0116 269 6162

HAMILTON HILLTOP<^_ NURSERYSCHOOL pualitv childcare in purpose

for 2, 3 & 4 year olds. 25 Hilltop Rd, Hamilton. Tel: 0116 274 3090


Quality chitdcare in purpose built facilities.

Tel: 0116 260 8500

Pre-school: flexible free funded sessions for

2, 3 & 4 year olds. 640 Melton Rd, Thurmaston. Tel: 0116 264 0333




Citizens Advice Bureau

Oven Valeting Service. Contact David Preston Tel: 0116 235 5335 or 0775 262 3885

DOUBLE GLAZING A!so see 'Conserva tones'

ASTON WINDOWS OF LEICESTERLTD Manufacturers and installers of

Telephone advice Non & Thurs 9. 30am-2. 30pm, Tues & Wed 9. 30am-12. 30pm Help and support for families with children aged 5 and under Fridays: 9. 30am to 12. 30pm at Thurmaston Children's Centre,

premier quality windows and consen/atories. FENSA registered 45 Highmeres Rd, Leic. LE4 9LZ Tel: 0116 276 8181

Eastfield Primary School, Eastfield Road.

www. aston-windows. co. uk £stabiishwi 1995

Tel: 01509 221 221 www. charnwoodcab. org. uk

ChristopherJohn Windows Family run company supplying & fitting upvc

The Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Specialists

including facials, manicures and inch loss wraps Tel: 0116 260 2000 www.pamperroom. co. uk 7a Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.

windows, doors, conser^atories, fasdas & soffits.

14 years experience, fully insured & guaranteed. Tel: 0116 220 8144 Double Glazing Repairs We carry out repairs to all UPVC windows, doors & conservatories. Call us now for a free quote. Tel: 07722 925384

BLINDS& CURTAINS Tel: Kevin 07971 803708


kwalsh58@googlemail. com

Find us on Facebookat Facebook. com/JandKCIeaningServices

Need Help with your Cleaning and Gardening?

Sevenoaks Building &Joinery Ltd Alterations, extensions, new build. Kitchens,

available. Please Contact Julie on



Tel: 0116 260 4890 Mob: 07764 762583 JAB Electrics, Approved Electrician 48 Hill Rise, Humberstone

Lane, Leicester

Tel: 0116 269 3567

Reliable, Trustworthy Lady, Cleaner/Gardener 0116 2698330 or 07759984547 email: rise-n-shine@virginmedia. com

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com


Industrial, commercial & domestic electrician Over 20 years experience. Free quotes. Call Dean


M. P. Allan Hard Landscapes,slabbing, fencing, patios, drain work, driveways, lawns laid, repointing, brickwork Tel: 07971 669483

bathrooms, plumbing & heating. Tel: 07734 uk

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS Also see 'Appliance Repairs' All leading makes serviced/ Gas & Electric plus

Offering massage, beauty & holistic treatments

ASso see 'Roofing'

& Windows

Great prices all year round. Free no obligation quotation and design service. Tel: 0116 260 7200

Cyclops Cycles Hew Cycles, Spares & Repairs, 0% Finance Available. 1120 Melton Rd, Syston



Custom Conservatories

Show site at 1212 Melton Road, Syston


Also see 'Health & Beauty' The Pamper Room

Curtains & Blinds Made to measure and fitted

spyware, speed up your PC. No call out fees. Technical support to your door service. Tel: 0116 212 9748 or Mob: 07961 729055 Also see 'Double Glazing'

07871 464040


COMPUTER SUPPORT Paul's Computer Services Repairs, upgrades, PC rebuilds, wireless internet and network setup. Remove all viruses and


15iTim:5HTi¥i^~ Pre-school; flexible free funded sessions

on Tuesdays at Queniborough Dance Co., 109

professional service. Over 20 years experience.


Come along to our informal meetings. Tel 0116 221 6061 for next date.

Committed to nurturing & inspiring your children 15 hours FREE pre-school care per week for 3 & 4 year olds. Out of school care.

nails, corns, callus etc. To book a home visit call

Tel: Darren 0116 260 4105 or 07766 685901

Bryan Garratt 0116 246 1755


Qualifiedto treat people with diabetes. Thicktoe

Your local bathroom & tiling specialist. Reliable &

Abbey Travel Day trips, short breaks, private parties, contracts, British & European coach travel. Competitive rates

Charnwood Nursery and Pre-School

children who have been on a Neonatal Unit. Meet

Souter Bathrooms Ltd.

COACH TRAVEL Also see 'Taxis'

Also see 'Pre-SchooSs'

A parent, baby/toddlergroup for parents with

Also see 'Plumbing & Heating'

Entertainmentthroughout the week 805 Melton Rd, Thurmaston.

Thurmaston Action Group Do you want to help make a difference in



Thurmaston Progressive WMC

Tel: 0116 269 2497

Costcutter Carpets For all your Flooring Needs 1185-1187 Melton Road, Syston Tel: 0116 264 0745

Tip Top Toes Jayne Edwards, Registered foot health practitioner

Broad Street, Syston LE7 1GJ 10am -12noon. Tel: Lindsay on 07847 264 382

CLUBS Thurmaston Conservative Club Members & affiliated members welcome 768 Melton Road, Thurmaston

Parkers The Parts People and trade! 714 Melton Rd, Thurmaston,

www.thurmaston. com

Letts Electrical Services Local, friendly, professional semce Hill Rise, Thurmaston,


Tel: 0116 259 7137 or 07866 516286

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 19


FISH & CHIPS The Godfather (**«** 5 Star Food Hygiene) Award winning fish & chips, pies, kebabs etc.

Telephone orders welcome. 730 Melton Road, Thurmaston. Tel: 0116 269 2652

FITTED FURNITURE Swift Fitted Furniture Ltd

Manufacturers of fitted bedrooms and home

offices. Call us to arrange a no obligation estimate Contact Paul on 0116 246 0686

costs from £45 for 1 year (6 issues) Call: 0116 269 5327 email: tps@thurmaston. com HALL HIRE


THURMASTON j^mscmpx.


Monumental Sculptures/ Cleaning & Restoration, brochure on request. 3 BrookbridgeCourt, Syston. Tel: 0116 260 1851

ASDAThurmaston Meeting room available. Ideal for AGM , local group meetings or first aid training sessions. Capacity 10.


Fuliy fitted kitchens and bedrooms. Excellent prices, quality and value for money. 1248 Melton Road, Syston 0116 260 0150

LIBRARY Thurmaston Library Opening Hours: Monday 10.00 -12,00 noon & 3.00pm - 5.00pm, Tuesday 2.00pm - 5. 00pm, Wed CLOSED,Thursday 2. 00pm - 7. 00pm, Friday 3.00pm - 5.00pm, Saturday 10.00am - 1. 00pm Church Hill Road, Tel 0116 305 3513

MOBILE DISCO Hyper Sounds Music for all Occasions, Children's Party Specialists. For a competitive price call Tom on 07737 460322 E: tom@hypersounds. co. uk www. hypersounds. co. uk

M. D. Lowe and Sons

e-mail community uk or Tel: 0116 264 5300 Ext 222 Elizabeth Park Sports & Comm. Centre

Independent Funeral Directors.

For your Business or Special Occasion. Licensed

857 Melton Road, Thurmaston 0116 269 6575 www. mdlowe. co. uk

bar, ample parking. Checkland Road, Thurmaston Tel: 0116 260 2519 The Old School Church & Community Centre Melton Road, Thurmaston (opposite St. Michael's) Hire for Parties, Meetings & Special Occasionsfor

- birthdays, weddingsand anniversaries. Call 07788726604 E:

up to 60 people.

www. johnatmusic4u. weebly. com

www. demontfortmemorials.

co. uk

GARAGE SERVICES & MOT Also see 'MOT Stations'

Churchill Garage Services Servicing, Accident Repairs, MOT'S & Repairs 132 Churchill Rd, Thurmaston,

Leics LE4 8DU

www. churchillgarage. co. uk

Tel: 0116 260 4422 Mob: 07710 008307 Parker Motor Services

Car Servicing & Repairs, Tyres & Exhausts, Air-Con Servicing. MOT'S While You Wait. 714 Melton Rd, Thurmaston,

Leicester. LE4 8BD

Book online at Tel: 0116 264 4522 Smart Tyres Ltd. New & used tyres for cars, HGVs & vans

Unit 2a Bridge Park Road, Thurmaston Tel: 07799 655637 www. smarttyresltd. co. u k

Contact Maureen Tebbutt on 0116 2611419

Thurmaston Community Centre Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston.

Hire for all your special occasions, parties, meetings, conferences and social groups. email: uk Tel: 0116 269 5090 Mob: 07914 891508 Thurmaston Memorial Hall

Hardy Perennials, Shrubs, Bedding and Veg Plants

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Free Range Eggs. Queniborough Road, Barkby 0116 269 5505

Thurmaston Garden and Floristry Centre For all your garden requirements 600 Melton Road, Thurmaston.

Tel: 0116 269 2541

GARDENING SERVICES Also see 'Tree Services' PGM Services Garden Maintenance

Grass & Hedge Cutting, Pruning, Driveway Cleaning, Digging& Weeding. ReliableService. Discount prices for Senior Citizens.


HAIRDRESSERS About Hair Ladies& Gents Hairstyling Appointments not always necessary, late night appointments available, GHD & Redken products.

Tel: 0116 260 1555 la Hill Rise, Thurmaston


Open Tuesday - Saturday!

3 Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston

I Tel: 0116 269 2266 Males Men's Hair Salon Appointments and walk in service. Open 6 days a

week. Join our loyalty card scheme for discounts. 7 Humberstone La, Thurmaston T: 269 5706 Roger's Gentlemens' Hair Stylist 717 Melton Road, Thurmaston,

Tel. 0116 2692875 Tracy's at Syston

Approved SchwarzkopfSalon. Late Night Appointments Available. 79 College Road, Syston

Tel: 0116 260 9582

www. thurmaston. com

makes & models. Est. 27 years uk Tel: 0116 260 44 22 Mob: 07710 008307

OPTICIANS IndependentEyecare for Your Family. 575 Melton Rd, Thurmaston

HEALTH AND BEAUTC Also see 'Beauty Treatments' Slimming World A club for Men & Women.

Church View Nursery

MOT STATIONS Also see 'Garage Sen/ices' Churchill Garage Services MOT Station Local collection & delivery. Servicing & repairs. All

Suitable for special occasions or social activities

Tel: 0116 260 2519

Tuesdays 9. 30am, 3. 30pm 5. 30pm & 7. 30pm. Thurmaston WMC. Sonia 07850 435887


music for all occasions

Optique Opticians Ltd

For Servicing & MOT'S Class 4 & 7 & Repairs 173 Church Hill Road, Thurmaston.


Melton Rd, Thurmaston (opposite Barclays Bank) Large hall for up to 135 people with kitchen.

Tarsel Motors Ltd.

Tel: 0116 269 3333 www.tarselmotors. co. uk

Music 4U

HEALTH & FITNESS W3rT7Va^AA'!eftIl^(^?iTriLl^rili'^f'^-jyEf^fffl'^

month at St. Peter & St. Paul Church Hail, Lower

Church Street, Syston, 7. 30-9.30pm. Contact Bryan Summerfield 0116 264 0865 Syston & District Volunteer Centre 0116 260 7888 CtASH Drop-in Sessionsfor people with Arthritis and other Musculoskeltel conditions - Held every Monday 10.00am - 12.00pm at Peepul Centre,

Tel: 0116 269 8616 www.optiqueopticians. com

PARISH COUNCIL Officeat Elizabeth Park Sports & Community Centre, Checkland Road, Thurmaston.

Parish Clerk: Tracey Kunne, 0116 269 6347


C&T DECORATORS Free Estimates

Tel: 0116 264 0160 07973 828892 Email: chrismiller89ll@btinternet.


Orchardson Avenue, Leicester, LE4 6DP Sessions are free - Please contact Karen

07963221570/2006dashkm8gmail. com Syston Parkinson's Disease Group Meet at Syston Communit/ Centre on the second

Tuesday of ever/ month from 2. 00pm - 4.00pm and visitors are welcome. For more information

please contact Jean Capewell 0116 220 1269

N. Johnson Painter & Decorator

20 years experience in the trade. Free estimates. Interior & exterior.

Tel: 0116 269 2110 or 07941 027991



Gentle exercise classes every Fridayat Thurmaston Community Centre, Silverdale Drive from 12noon to 1. 00pm.

Call 0116 269 6577 or 07954 425930 Thrummy Drummer Dementia Group Meetingsevery 2nd Thursday of the month for liiT*H*1i?;ai3iii7aiMiiTdtIffi»;TiTiiiiTgia T5Mlilfi5/<l5(J6tI 5. bfl?3BSWh'5rKf irturrtiAit6h,

10.30am-12.30pm. Informal get-together with support and entertainment.

HISTORY GROUPS Barkby Local History Group

We meet irregularly for trips out or talks by invited speakers. For more information contact Sandra

Moore 0116 236 3739. sandramoore@sky,com Birstall & District Local History Society Second Thursday of the month 7.30pm at Birsfcall Village Hall, Birstall Road.

TMW Photography Specialisingin 'at home' baby and new born shoots. Weddingsand special occasion photography. Photos supplied on disc. Tel: 07737 460322 F: tmwphotographyuk

PLANS AND DRAWINGS R.W. DraughtingServices Limited Detailed drawings prepared to your requirements. A complete planning service. Tel: Richard Warrington 0116 235 3812

PLASTERING & TILING GS Plastering Services

Re-skimming, boarding, ceilings and walls, rendering, floor screeding. Free quotations. Tel: 07738 663685 or 0116 260 0779


Syston Local History Group

Also see 'Bathrooms'

Meet on the third Monday in the month at 7. 30pm at Syston MethodistChurch Centre, High Street Thurmaston Heritage Group For details of events or membershipwhich includes a quarterly newsletter contact

Curnock Home Maintenance

Jennifer Harris on 0116 260 1776.

20 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

Repairs, New Installations, Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Tel: 0116 260 7188 Mobile: 07815 733157 Category continued..

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

PLUMBING & HEATING CONT. Gas Servwell (Charnwood) Ltd Service, repairs, installations of all gas appliances. Replacement boiler specialist. Gas Safe registered. Tel: 0116 236 7923 Mob: 07860 735066 S & A Plumbing and Heating Servicing, Central Heating, Boiler Exchange Free Quotation, No Call Out Charge

Tel/Fax: 0116 291 9116

Ricnara Vincent Reliable, local Plumbing & Heating Engineer All types of Plumbing, Heating and Leadwork undertaken

Telephone Richard on 0116 267 1826 or 0751S 486 072



Scout Groups: Tel Carl 0116 212 7361


Beavers: 6 - 8 years, (2 packs):

Practice and coaching sessions at Elizabeth Park

Wed 6. 00 - 7. 15pm & Friday 6. 00 - 7. 00pm

on Wednesdays 5. 30pm - 8. 30pm. Free bowling instruction available. Flat shoes only - bowls supplied. Bar & Car Park. Tel: 0116 220 7121 for information.

Cubs: 8 - lOYa years (2 packs):

Tues 6. 30 - 8. 00pm &Thurs 7. 15 - 8.45pm Scouts: lOVz -14 year Fri 7. 30 - 9. 30pm

Explorers: 14 - 18 year Tues 8. 00 - 10,00pm Guide Groups: Tel Susan on 0116 235 3812 Rainbows: 5 - 7 years, Friday 6. 00 - 7. 00pm

Wreake Runners

Brownies: 7 - 10 years: Tues 6. 00 - 7. 30pm

www. wreakerunners.

contact 07851 244953.

Checklands Post Office

Free cash machine, lottery, greetings cards 26 Lonsdale Road, Thurmaston


Tel: 0116 269 3167

Guides: 10 - 14 years, (2 packs):

Thurs 8. 00 - 9. 30pm & Fri 7. 30 - 9. 00pm

Also see 'Child Care'

Charnwood Nursery and Pre-School Committed to nurturing & inspiring your children

15 hours FREE pre-school care per week for 3 & 4 year olds. 22-24 Lonsdale Road, Thurmaston.

Tel: 0116 2696162

HAMILTON HILLTOP, NURSERYSCHOOL Quality childcare in purpose built facilities. Pre-school: flexible free funded sessions

for 2, 3 & 4 year olds. 25 Hilltop Rd, Hamilton. Tel: 0116 274 3090

Coached session: Adults & Juniors Sat 10.30am. co. uk or email:

www. wreakerunners.

Rangers: 14 - 25 years, Tues 8. 00 - 10. 00pm

HQ, Unlcorn St, Thurmaston Tel: 260 7992

co. uk

TAXI'S Also see 'Coach Travel'

The band is an activity within the Scout and Guide

Appollo Cars

movement and any member of the movement has the opportunity to Join the band. Visit www. tmbrass. org

Thurmaston. Contracts, Airports, GAP tokens Tel: 0116 260 7070

Your local, reliable taxi service based in




Adults: Tues & Thurs 6. 50pm or phone Matthew 07708 021436

Thurmaston Marching Brass


Bowls Club

Alan's Skip Hire

Also see 'Aerials'

For a reliable service at competitive prices. Midi, maxi & jumbo skips for waste/houseclearance. Tel: 07709 754742

MPSTV and Video Repair Service


Barkby Thorpe Lane, Thurmaston

Tel: 0116 260 2270 TREE SERVICES

Acoustic Club First Saturday of the month at The Old School,

Also see 'Gardening Services'

Melton Road 8. 00pm. Open mike night.

Trees pruned or felled, hedgestrimmed or reduced, competitive rates. Call for a free quote, Tel: Alan 0116 269 2039

FREE admission. All welcome.

Tel: Alan 0116 269 4690 Coffee Mornings The Old School, Melton Road 10. 00am-11. 30am First Saturday of the month. For other dates see noticeboards.

All welcome.

Unicorn Tree Care

VETERINARY CLINICS Greg's Veterinary Clinic Comprehensive treatments for small animals 6^3 Melton Road, Thurmaston

Co-operative Women'sGroup Meetingsalternate Mondays at Thurmaston


Tel: 0116 260 9565


Mulberry Bush Nursery

Communit/ Centre. Contact Barbara Mitchell 0116 269 3871 or email pat. stuttard@sky. com.


Unit E, Troon Business Centre, Humberstone La, Leics. LE4 9HA. Day care sessions 7. 45am-6. 00pm

Friends Together Tuesdays 1.00pm -3.00pm Thurmaston Community Centre, Silverdale Drive

14 years experience. 3 bed house from £5. 00, Free quotes.

Tel: 0116 222 3377 www. bushbabiesnurseries.

For anyone over 50 or if you are on your own and co. uk

TANGENT HOUSE DAY NURSERY Quality childcare in purpose built facilities. Pre-school: flexible free funded sessions for

2, 3 & 4 year olds. 640 Melton Rd, Thurmaston. Tel: 0116 264 0333

feeling lonely. Tea, coffee & cakes and a game of bingo with lots of fun and laughter. LavenderClub Social Group Wednesdays 1. 00pm - 4. 00pm. Over 50's Club

held at Thurmaston Community Centre, Silverdale Drive. Regular coach trips. Tel: 07709 936 934 Jagruti Group Tuesdays 10. 00am - 12 noon at

Elizabeth Park Sports & Community Centre, Contact: Mr Shantllal Valand 0116 269 2866 Roundhill Flower & Garden Club

Meet at the Divine Infant of Prague Church Hall,

Window Cleaner

Tel/text 07773 874144

WOMEN'S INSTITUTE Barkby & Beeby WI Third Tuesday of the month at Barkby Village Hall, Beeby Road, Barkby at 7. 30pm. Visitors welcome. For more information Tel: Charnwood

0116 260 9274


Last Thursday of the month at Beedles Lake Golf

Club, Broome Lane, East Goscote LE7 3WQ AT 7. 30pm. Tradition with a twist. A varied and exciting programme of activities, events and

speakers for women aged 18 and over.

Thurmaston Village Pre-School Free sessionsfor 3-4 year olds.

Broad St, Syston on the fast Wednesdayof the

Visitors welcome £4. 00. Tel: 07849 888752

month at 7. 30pm. Flower Demonstrations.

The Memorial Hall, Melton Road, Thurmaston

Visitors welcome £5. 00

Tel: 0116 269 6406 or 0116 267 2522

Senior Citizens Playgroup

New Barkby WI First Wednesdayof the month at Syston Community Centre, School Street, Syston at 7. 30pm. Visitors welcome. Tel: 0116 269 3723

PUBLIC HOUSES Harrow Inn Lunchtime meals, live entertainment.

Eat . Drink . Meet

Melton Rd, Thurmaston Tel 0116 260 2240 Malt Shovel, Main Street, Barkby Lunchtime and evening meal specials. Sunday lunch. Live music Tel: 0116 269 2558

The Willow Steak nights, midweek carvery, live entertainment Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston

Tel: 0116 269 3549



every Tuesday, 2. 00pm - 4. 00pm. The Old School, Melton Rd. For over 50s or retired, varied activities

Refreshments served with lots of laughter. Thurmaston TwinningAssociation Thurmaston

is twinned with Offranville, in the

northern province of Normandy. If you would like to get more details about joining the Association

please telephone ChairpersonJohn Lewin on 0116 260 8759, 07712 131922

0116 269 5327

Thursday Cafe St. Michael's Church, Thurmaston

10. 30am -

12noon. Tea, coffee, biscuits, toasted tea cakes R(^U*li'ir*1tiIiCTft'IiiFiRM^BB1iTWfe'BT*TifiBiai Jstjgfa-s9ag^sss£i. ^ws}s9fsss»

SPORTS CLUBS i:}T?3Fi r ;<ii iii\ I'|T<M m n

Delivery, Collection, Single Items, Van Load


Tel: 07946 481524


iiiiii'ifcfd*bMii:iiH 'iisflHBiii

IIAIMi*U I:'? liU.-kkA' M< MI


Meet at Jubilee Playing FieSds (rear of Asda) on Non, Wed & Fri between 6 & 8pm and Thurs 6. 308pm for ladies only. £2 per session, first session

Your local company for Slating & tiling, re-roofs, new roofs and repair. Tel Paul: 07818 005278 or 0116 269 3496 / Craig 07990 898977

COPY DATES FOR THE THURMASTON TIMES FEB/MARCH Final Copy Date Friday 8th January out week ending 30th January

"a-woodsI^sKy. com www. birstallrc. org. uk' Thurmaston Amateur Boxing Club

Also see 'Builders'

P & S Roofing

Times call...

sales@iredleaderassociates. com


To advertise in the Thurmaston

free. All ages welcome. F: thurmastonamateurboxingclub

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

Category continued.

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 21





iysilVyjflsCTEli>'MliiWU»!saWiTA1iT»^g^]|| 1^

My Chairman's report this month commences with the Remembrance

Service, again, what a fantastic attendance by residents of Thurmaston! I understand over 30 wreaths were laid

this year, from various groups throughout the Parish. In commemoration of World War I and World War II, the Parish Council have

purchased two new commemorative benches that will be located in the new

cemetery extension in the next few weeks. The cemetery extension is progressing,

the parking bays, landscaping of Cemetery Drive, the first phase of the paving works and the new Peace Garden area is complete. There will be no further progress until the new financial year due to lack of funding, however, the Council has applied for a grant from Leicestershire County Council Stepping Stones Fund for trees and shrubs for the next stage. Silverdale Park

Silverdale Park is now almost complete with the new entrance and Multi Use Games Area, pictured below.

BIHR Idl'iT»IEA;W*I^AadiiIsEia3)^aiiGa^Ea Lane. There has been quite a lot of local concern in relation to this application,

hopefully, both the developers and planners have noted the concerns raised by the Parish Council and local residents. I am currently not aware of when this

application will be discussed by the Planning Committee.

The Generous Raj (the old Generous Briton) on Garden Street was granted a license to sell alcohol and again, several local residents raised a number of concerns, and as a result, the times of

Bob Davies

Paul Harley

our Borough, direction of growth and location of future developments has now

lan H ayes

been adopted by the Borough Council. The Borough Council must relate to this document when considering future

Janet Knaggs Kate Knaggs

County Councillors

Christmas and New Year.


Please accept our apologies for any


inconveniences during the period of

closure, but I am sure you will appreciate Friday 4th December at Elizabeth Park 1.45pm - 3. 30pm and 5. 00pm - 7, 30pm Walk in or make an appointment

0300 123 23 23

of much conversation;

www. blood. co. uk

There is an application in for a new extraction chimney to unit 32 Dukes

Charity J^

Close, hopefully, approval of this application it will resolve issues raised by

Christmas Party Come and meet Santa

BUMS&TUMS Wednesday 6thJanuarv

6.30pm-7.30pm at Elizabeth Park

Call 0116260 2519for details

Desmond A. Maguire 01162697430 Fakir Osman LJB 07919 263268 Brenda Seaton . 077900 83595

Cyril Wooding 1 0116 292 6745

I would like to wish you all a very Happy


01162104757 01162104757 07983 216 372 0116 269 5785 01162694938 0116 269 3303 07870 765225 0116 260 7034 0116 260 7034

Council will not require an increase,

Finally, on behalf of the Parish Council,

local residents in the area.

David Knaggs

07850 669967

issue, at present it's looking like the Parish

able to confirm this in the next issue.

Planning Applications Planning Applications are the current topic

0116 269 5821

0116 260 1441 Dave Atterbury Bryn Bryn Bedder Bedder MBE ] 0116 269 2159

year now sets out the future growth within

increasing their part of the bill. I wil! be

site was safe for children to use.

Vice Chairman

Brian Coupe

planning applications. Parish Precept I did mention the Parish Budget in the last

0116 269 6575

Dave Hill

been in the background for well over a

resulting in a slight rate increase. This does not stop other authorities

we could not open until we thought the

Mark Lowe Chairman

The Core Strategy document that has

Borough Council, may be cut again,

project has been slightly delayed however,

Parish Councillors

Core Strategy

Support Grant we receive from the

the Park is open again and the new entrance will be completed shortly.


Matt Brookes Janet Brown Steve Brown Sandra Coombe

opening have been reduced. I understand Planning permission is still required before the premises can open to the public

however, it is likely that the Council Tax

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the

Contact numbers for your i Councillors I

Entertainment . Raffle English & Asian Buffet Friday llth December, 7. 00pm to midnight at Elizabeth Park Admission by ticket only £8 (includes buffet) Under 5s FREE Tickets availablefrom Ann 07702 703882 Leicestershire Kidney Patient's Association

Represent residents at Leicestershire County Council. Enquiries or complaints regarding Leicestershire County Council sen/ices can be made to your County Councillor who is

Kate Knaggs 07951 317127. email: kate. knaggs@hotmail. co. uk

Borough Councillors Represent residents at Charnwood Borough Council and may also sen/ej on committees such as planning. Borough Councillors can take residents' complaints or queries regarding Borough Council services to the Borough Council at Loughborough Your Borough Councillors are: Matt Brookes -r- 07850 669967 ctlr. matthew. brookes @charnwood. gov. uk

Mark Lowe 0116 269 6575 Brenda Seaton . 077900 83595 0116 212 7686

Christmas & New

Year Opening Hours Elizabeth Park will be open normal hours except: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year Eve and New Years Day when it will be closed

Thurmaston Parish Council, Parish Office at Elizabeth Park Sports & Community Centre, Checkland Road, Thurmaston, Leics LE4 8FN . Tel: 0116 269 6347 22 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers


riii;aWiiSHtitafirifWiBAuiAM»'na;u' siifer^| 11«Tatf>'HB!TidFrfA?^'iMFrfaiI'i'iTAVA>iiIIiBiiS81 I'i'A1iKlliTA1iilHHIKf^^liWII'U111fcTiH IflFAHddffiB&'MII'dliTdiMfiilll'abTAIiaftUI


Proposals to relocate your local Post Office As I understand, the proposal to relocate

Save the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

the Checkland Post Office on Lonsdale

have published a consultation document seeking your views as residents of the County of Leicestershire. Sadly public services 'savings' are now affecting the Emergency Services, first the libraries

Road is now open. A small window of

opportunity for you to have your say is available at www. postofficeviews. co. uk

you will need to follow on screen

My feelings are that regular customers to the Checkland branch would feel that they could not access the proposed new site, across the Humberstone Lane. The nearest other post office is either in the

now ambulances. The proposals suggest huge cuts to a vital sen/ice and the implications of reducing this service are frightening. These proposals are supporting a strategy to make 'savings' whilst attempting to ensure that the resources are still capable of functioning safely and providing the same service. I suspect that reducing the service and making these savings, could massively impact the Fire Services ability to attend house fires and road traffic accidents and basically save

city, on the corner of The Roundway and


Humberstone Lane or in neighbouring Syston, which is two buses away. This could constitute a mornings 'outing' for some people. The service provided is valued and a sen/ice used and needed by a lot of

Read the Fire Service proposals in the document Towards 2020: Integrated Risk Management Plan or simply Just


I have also put petitions in several

hotspots in the village, they will be available to sign at The Working Men's Club, Silverdale Community Centre, Elizabeth Park Sports Centre, Bindis Supermarket on Lonsdale Road, the

Library and the Top House.

Continued from front page. Post Office Limited are inviting residents to comment on the

proposals and you can make your views known by using the branch code number 312217 and visiting www. postofficeviews. co. uk or email comments@postoffice. co. uk,

telephone 03457 22 33 44, text 0345 22 33 55 or you can write to 'FREEPOST

Your Comments' (please note this is the full address). Written comments take two working days to arrive (MonFri) so please send in sufficient time to arrive by the closing date of 9th December 2015. If you have views on the proposed

move then it is important to respond to the consultation.

If the move is approved the change will take place in February/March 2016

contribute to the consultation online at

residents in the local area. The children's

www. leicestershire-fire. gov. uk until December 4th 2015. We need to support our services - if they disappear they wilt

nursery, the local businesses, workers

never come back!

and the residents of 'The Dales' use the

Tel 07951 317127 Email:

present post office regularly as a convenience store and post office. I think



The Working Men's Club, Sitverdale Community Centre, Elizabeth Park

Sports Centre, Bindis Supermarket on Lonsdale Road, the Library and the Top House on Melton Road.

;^7<;?5 S&e^iieMti%XK(', l&WtMKiStOlt. Jiew^tvi ££4 ^5%


WINTER DISCOUNTS Elizabeth Park is offering discounted prices for all evening party bookings and weddings in January, February and March 2016. If you have a special occasion coming up and would like a beautiful venue, then this could be an ideal time to book with us!

Limited dates are available so please get in touch and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

For more information, please give us a call.

To advertise please cat! 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmasfon. com

co. 'ww.elizabethparkcentre^rates

for more pictures^


'^''. '.s

»J ^y-^t






Call Rob, Car] orjulie

anytime to discuss your requirements

Tel: 0116 260 2519 December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 23


Avoidthe top seven scams

In 'erun up to

STANDARDS ProtectingConsumers

' safeguarding Businesses

Christmas Trading Standards Officer, Councillor Fakir Osman advises on the

Top seven emerging threats identified by the National Trading Standards for 2016. 1. Energy saving scams With the Government announcing it is to cease funding the Green Deal (providing

loans for energy-saving home improvements), National Trading Standards Is predicting that scams like solar energy or other home efficiency scams will take their place. Increasing numbers of cases involving energy-related scams are now being dealt with - many focused around nuisance calls. 2. Criminals selling on social media There has been a huge increase in the variety of goods being sold by unscrupulous sellers on social media, as

6. Investment scams

mileage is adjusted downwards to add value) being sold in this way. 3. Telephone preference scams

Changes to pensions that came into effect in April 2015 mean that people can access their pension money when they reach the age of 55. Criminals have been quick to

Both regionally and nationally, the Scams Team has seen a growing number of companies selling 'call blocking' devices

seize the opportunity to take advantage of

that are ineffective and lead to unexpected charges. Known as telephone preference scams, the scammers cold call people

these changes and new scams are already being reported. One such scam is a 'pension liberation scam', which claims to

claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Sen/ice (TPS) and then charge

be able to release money from your pension fund before you turn 55, enabling

them for registration or for useless call blocking devices. 4. New opportunities for loan sharks

you to invest it elsewhere. In reality though, taking your money out early could incur tax of up to 55%, plus charges to the company that does It, plus potentially all of

The biggest emerging threat identified by the National Trading Standards Illegal

your investment. Another type of scam is a

Money Lending Team stems from the

free pension review, where criminals

combined effect of the introduction of the

contact you and offer to transfer your

Universal Credit single benefit and the cap

pension fund into a high risk investment. 7. Secondary ticket sales

on pay day loans. Loan sharks are expected to take advantage of those on a

Whilst unauthorised sellers selling counterfeit or duplicate tickets for concerts,

low income who may struggle to obtain credit via other means, seeking to exploit them as they get to grips with the changes to their finances.

don't require too many details. This makes

5. Subscription traps The use of subscription traps is on the rise, thanks mostly to the increase in social media advertising and email offers.

it difficult to check a seller's credentials on

Consumers or businesses are enticed to

these sites, and people's generally relaxed attitude when using them means they may be less cautious about what they're buying. The most concerning trend is the increasing variety of just what can be bought through Facebook, Gumtree and other sites - for example there's been a

sign up to a free trial of a product or to pay

it's so easy to set up multiple accounts that

a small fee to access an offer. But the offer is - intentionally or not on the part of the company - misleading and so without

realising it, the victim is then trapped into making costly monthly payments without their informed consent, which can be

difficult to stop.

spate of 'clocked cars' (where a car's

festivals and sports events is nothing new, National Trading Standards views this as a growing problem that's been particularly highlighted in the Rugby World Cup this year. With the explosion in secondary

ticket selling platforms such as StubHub and SeatWave and more people than ever informally selling tickets on social media platforms such as Twitter, it has never been easier for fraudsters to pose as

official dealers or genuine fans with a couple of spare tickets to sell. If you wish to report a scam or think you may have become a victim and require some further advice, please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on: 03454 04 05 06.

Gypsum Close Trade Waste Centre off Lewisher Road, Leicester LE4 9AB

with your business or

Opening times: Monday to Friday Sam - 5pm

trade waste ?


LeicesterCity Council's trade waste recycling centre is an easy to use,

costeffecHvewayto disposeofand recycleyourtradewaste. The facilityisopen to all businessesfrom Leicesterand furtherafield. .

No confracts


No large bins


No collection fees

/.^ . ^

w\' ;-~sy

. Just a flexible service - there when you need it A greatsolution forbusinessesandtraderswhoproduce small

wood & timber


scrap metal

amounts of waste/ or have no space for a bin. Competitive rates mixed


paper & card


). I J "wosie


hardcore & rubble

'Higher rates apply to: general waitg, "Twm & conditions apply



24Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers



have requested that this matter should be


Highways Forum on the 16th January.

discussed at the next County Council The problem, as I see it, has arisen because of inadequate parking provision being sought by the County Council when

Careful what you wish for!

Following my request for McDonalds to soften up the fencing after they heartlessly

ripped out beautiful shrubbery and two

Sheila and Ron Warrington are pictured with their Thurmaston Times at Eden

Camp in Malton, North Yorkshire. Sheila and Ron had a fantastic day out at the camp which was once a POW camp and is now a WW2 themed museum.

To all'our readers and radvertisers and

THANK YOU to our wonderful ''distributors who deliver the

iThurmaston.Times to your door : whatever the weather! .

Happy New.Year!

the estate was first seeking planning permission as well as Metropolitan's policy of not allowing commercial vans onto the

cherry blossom trees they have responded by planting ... JeylandJi trees! I have nothing against leylandii trees in

estate. This policy has driven owners to park on Sandiacre Drive, they have no

the right setting but they soon outgrow their surroundings if they are not regularly

Now that the gap has been closed on the Newark Road bypass the traffic flow has

trimmed. Therefore whilst I must thank

increased and this, combined with

McDonalds for their seeming atonement of

irresponsible parking and the lack of

their brutal disregard to the environment and habitat, I am a little disappointed that more thought was not employed. But

central road markings on the bend of Checkland Road, it is pure luck that there

something is better than nothing, right? A Residents Meeting I was supposed to meet with representatives from Metropolitan on

organising a petition for residents to sign so I can present it to the Highways Forum in January, Hadrian House and Raynsway

Friday 6th November at Elizabeth Park at 6. 30pm but they cancelled last minute.

was transformed from an overgrown


has been no serious accidents. I am

Last week the land behind Hadrian House

The meeting was to prepare for a residents meeting being held on the 19th November 6. 30pm at Elizabeth Park. I was hoping to convey to them the torrent of complaints I have heard regarding the

jungle into a garden. The three day transformation was carried out courtesy of Raynsway Properties. When I went to

parking, waste removal, ASB, repairs, play area as well as a poor response for repairs often leaving residents feeling

I spoke to in the 'Garden' room said that the back rooms were so much lighter and

ignored and marginalised.

part of the community. If you have a problem, please contact

The meeting was primarily for residents

view the work I couldn't believe the difference it had made. The residents that

being able to see the park made them feel

of the Watermead Development, however there is growing frustration from people

me by text on 07790 083595, email

who live on Sandiacre Drive and

or facebook brenda clfr seaton.

cllr. brenda. seaton@charnwood. gov. uk

Checkland Road regarding the parking. I

The Malt Shovel




Christmas Menu Served Lunchtime & Evening

2 Courses £12. 95,


3 Courses £16. 95

Available Dec 1st- Christmas Eve

A Food all day 'til 8pm,

THE MALT SHOVEL MENU MondayNightSteakNight 2 Rump Steaks from £12. 95

TuesdaySausage& Mash


Male Singer

[Paul Jones




Sat 5th December


Choice of 3 different Sausages £6. 95 Tuesdayto Thursday



for £7. 95 off the Specials Board


Friday Night Fish& Chip Night £7. 95



Served 9. 30-12

Jbms 17th December 8. 30pm

iBooking Essential

2 meals for £12 or 2 Courses

Lunchtime Specials £4. 50

Saturday Night Special Menu_ 2-course £13. 95, 3 course £16. 95

Sunday Lunch served 12pm-6pm '1 course £7. 95 2 courses £10. 95 P/us - Chef's Specfaf Board

entry £1 per person BIG XMAS PRIZES All welcome

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email:

£7. 95 N

^ Tel: 0116 589 2558] December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 25

Celebrating the 70th anniversary ofVI Daya fewweeks late!

for Victory', the Wl in wartime, local

wartime weddings and all sorts of local memorabilia. There were also lots of activities for children to do including plane identification, coded messages and games for them to try out!

collected will be published next year in a history of life in Syston during World War Two. Several visitors who were brought up in Syston added their memoirs to this collection, including one man who remembered exactly what he did and

This year, being the 70th anniversary

where he was on the night that Coventry

of the end of the war. Friends of St

was bombed.

Peter & St Paul's Church, Syston decided to celebrate with a big

Friends also had a display of photos of Syston men and women who gave their

lives in the service of their country during

exhibition depicting many aspects of life on the Home Front as a tribute to

World War Two.

all those who endured so many hardships throughout the long years of

Mary Gamble's husband Ernest did get home safely, but not until 1946. His war

the war.

service did not end on VJ Day! At the end of 1945 he and his regiment were sent to Sumatra to root out pockets of Japanese resistance. For this work they were paid

But they felt they couldn't celebrate

around VE Day as one of their members, 93 year old Mary Gamble, has very strong feelings about VE Day not being the end of the war. Mary's husband, Lance Corporal Ernest Gamble, was serving in the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in Burma on VE Day. Mary couldn't celebrate then as she didn't know if Ernest would ever get home safely or not.

A typical 1940s sitting room recreated for visitors by Janet Burgin. Refreshments were served in the hall all

day. Entrance was free, but visitors were invited to make donations towards the

Friends' building project to improve

At the time she lived at her Father's house on Humberstone Lane in

facilities in the church, this collection and the raffle raised £803 towards Friends'

Thurmaston. "They had a street party in

building project. Some of the stall holders dressed up to add to the fun! The ladies in the magnificent reconstructed wartime draper's shop were in 1940's outfits and on the large screen behind the altar,

the road outside Dad's house, but I

couldn't join in. I went in the house and

cried. " remembers Mary all these years later.

And so Friends of the church decided to hold their celebration after VJ Day, out of respect for Mary and other people who were in a similar situation; and, they decided to wait until the end of

September as by then most folk had returned from their holidays. The exhibition was held on September 26th and 27th in St Peter and St Paul's Church, Syston. There was a great variety of displays which proved to be of interest to people of all ages. There were

displays of old toys and games, a 1940's living room, make do and mend, food rationing, a wartime draper's shop, 'Dig

by the Dutch government as Sumatra was a Dutch colony at that time, and they were paid in Dutch Guilders.

visitors could view an illustrated timeline

of the war and some rare colour footage of a local wedding held in Birstall in 1940. On a more serious note, one display featured photos and brief memoirs of Syston during the war and information about local groups involved in wartime work such as Civil Defence, the Land

Army and the Auxiliary Fire Service. Visitors were invited to add information to

this display during the event, and an appeal for memories and photos of Syston during wartime was made, with the intention that some of the information

Annie Taylorin the drapers shop So if you'd like to learn more about life during World War Two, or have family connections to Syston and area, do look out for our book, which will be published

next Summer and launched at the Syston History Society's exhibition next September. The book will celebrate people's courage, fortitude and endurance; both those at home, and

those who fought for their country abroad,

for freedom and againsttyranny.

Twinning visit to France

Annlv tor a

captured in pictures


Thurmaston families visited Offranville in


France for their annual visit in October.

Grant If you are a local charity, community group, social enterprise, town/parish council and you are working with vulnerable or disadvantaged people then contact our Leicestershire

County Council's Grant Officers to

discuss your project idea on 0116 305 7269. Visit for information about Your Shire Community grants of up to £2, 500 and

www.leics. gov. uk/shiregrants for Shire Community Solutions grants of up to Above left: Saturday lunch at the local hostelry for


some light refreshments! Top right: Francis Fromentin (France) and George

Braybrook playing petanque. Above: Gathering prior to the Dinner Dance on Saturday night.

Left; Saturday night tucking into some fine French food (and wine). 26 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

To advertise in your

FUllCOLOUR Thurmaston Times


Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers


1185-1187 MELTON ROAD

SYSTON, LEICESTER LE7 2JT » <®>^ TEL: 0116 264 0745







Established '^35 years

|iiiiniii»ipff !i) VWW WBWPWJ |:j]!((f(||. WW




liilltHI "WINIi

"ww wm



GREAT DEALSONBEDS,ROLLENDSANDREMNANTS Now offering Shop at Home Service | Fitting by our own Fully Qualified Filters We are an independent - Friendly - Family Run Business



was £399 now £225

Sizes available: 4ft 6in and 5ft


Quality chunky oak veneered finished posts

New Range of Bedroom Furniture Call in store to discuss

your needs and see our full range Ranges available include Avola, Visualise, Mode and Elemental

FREE CUSTOMER PARKINGAT REAR OFSTORE To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email:

evSSUettaeS£, °oi

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 27

It's not just about

the art! Thurmaston Art and Craft for Pleasure

Jayne Edwards Registered Foot Health Practitioner www.tip-top-toes. co. uk Qualified to treat people with diabetes . Athlete's Foot . Cracked Heels

. Fungal Infection . Ingrowing Toe Nails

. Corns

. Thick Toe Nails

. Callus/Hard Skin

Contact Jayne and book a home visit today

ss^^; 07871 464040

Carpentry Joinery and

General Building Work

Mark Thraves 122 Colby Drive Thurmaston Leicester

Group held their annual exhibition in October at the Old School.

The display attracted many visitors over the two days who came to see the variety

Wednesdayfrom 9. 30am to 1 . 00pm at Thurmaston Community Centre on Silverdale Drive. You don't have to be

good at art, just go along with some basic kit such as pencil or coloured pencils and paper and see how you get on. If you would like more details please contact Sue Lewis on 07724 075570.

of work painted and drawn by group members. Paintings varied from portraits to landscapes in all mediums

including acrylics and watercolours.

New member, Sandra Usher

(pictured with 'Spanish Lady') joined the group earlier this year and was

displaying her

paintings for the first time. Sandra joined the group after losing her husband and she wanted to get out and about and meet new people, Sandra said, "My husband had given me a box of paints and I decided it was time to use them, so I

joined the group. I couldn't believe how friendly the other members are, they have helped and encouraged me and I'm so glad I joined. It has helped me to make new friends."

New members, of all abilities, are always welcome at the group who meet every

local artists produce tea towel for charitv

annual exhibition

at the Old

I from your local

independent&family run funeral service Established over 3 generations

at just ÂŁ6 the tea towels are

already selling

chairman Tony Willmott who joined the group following a stroke last year. Tony

well and would make an ideal

has had to learn how to paint using his

and unusual Christmas Gift. The tea towels

'wrong' hand after a stroke weakened his Sue Lewis (pictured) came up with the idea of members also using their 'wrong' hands to paint cockerels and hens and produce a tea towel to sell to raise funds for a stroke charity.

Traditional values

School in October. Priced

Centre, wanted to support the centre's

left side.

Let our family take care ofyour family

was at the group's recent

Group have designed a tea towel with the aim of raising money for a stroke Wednesday at Thurmaston Community


The first outing for the tea towel

Thurmaston's Art & Craft for Pleasure

charity. Members of the group, who meet every


A selection of art on display


Trees Prunedor Felled Conservation and Tree jff'pfmiWfmWffff/mftpfffrfim. .

Hedges trimmed and reduced



Fax; 0116 269 S575 email: mark(??


28Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016


ti i



will be available from Sue at

Thurmaston's Lights Up on Sunday 29th November in the Old School or telephone her on 07724 075570.

Males MEN'S HAIR SALON Walk-in and

Appointments Open 6 days a week

join our Loyalty Card Scheme PAY FOR 10 HAIRCUTS GET 11th FREE

Tel: 0116 269 5706 7 Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston LE4 8HJ

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers



Getthe perfect


bottle of wine for

to none, with over 300 different brands

your Christmas table

Cigars Metro Wines also stock a wide range of Havana and New World Cigars.

Metro Wines has a range of spirits second gracing their shelves.

Do you know your Chardonnay from your Merlot? Have you ever

Tasting events

Vikram has been hosting some very popular tasting events including whisky, rum and cigars and plans more for the new year including wine tasting. Contact

scratched your head whilst trying to decide which wine to choose? If so

there is help for you at Metro Wines in Syston. Owner Vikram Mander and his team of knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right wine to complement your mea! or advise you on the most suitable choice whatever your requirements. Metro Wines, established for over 30

years stocks one of the largest collections of wines and spirits in Leicestershire but they have much more

than wine alone they also have a huge range of spirits, beers, ales and ciders to suit all tastes and budgets. They travel afar to source unique and rare beverages from around the world as well as stocking all popular mainstream drinks at unbeatabie prices. Great range of local brews

Craft beers are growing in popularity and Metro Wines offer a wide range including bottled beers from two new

local suppliers, Charnwood Brewery and Q from Queniborough. With a unique taste, assurance of quality and a

Vikram for details of future events.

and his team will help you choose the right

Christmas gifts With Christmasjust around the comer they have a great selection of gift hampers

drink to suit your palate.

and wine and beer boxes in store for that

You will find in stock over 250 different beers, ales and ciders from ati four comers of the world.

special gift with something to suit all tastes

A must for Whisky connoisseurs

any celebration and enjoy prices that are

Metro Wines also caters

for whisky lovers.

always reasonable. Sale or return service

Vikram told the T. T., "Whisky isn't only made

corporate event Metro Wines offer a sale

range that is growing all the time, Vikram

and budgets. Place your order now for Christmas or for

If you're planning a wedding, party or or return service and also provide a glass

in Scotland, we source it worldwide and we can

find you that rare or

hire service, ask in store for more details. Expert advice

unusual whisky". New in stock are some very special whiskies including limited edition Balvenie Tun 1509 at £350 a bottle, Japanese Yamazaki 18 year old Single Malt at £250 a bottle and Glenesk, a 34 year old whisky

So whether you are looking for a single bottle of wine to enjoy with your Christmas meal or are planning a special occasion then call into Metro Wines in Syston who will be pleased to help you. Telephone: 0116 260 0868

at £500 a bottle. These are a few

www. metro-wines. co. uk

examples of the huge range available.


I ^°y^/A ^e^f^


Em. iaes

$' '^^



X" .














TEL: 01 16 260 0868 To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com




December 2015/January 2016Thurmaston Times 29

Harvest at Roots


The Harvest Festival at Roots Farm

shop in Barkby Thorpe was packed with visitors who came along an a

For Reliable Service

glorious sunny September day to visit

at Competive Prices 4 & 6 yard Midi 8 yard Maxi 10 & 12 yard Jumbo Skips for House

the stalls and attractions, all raising

money for the farm's chosen charity, the Alzheimers Society. There was also live music, a butchery demonstration and a visit from the Frozen

Clearance Discount for brick, concrete & Hardcore

Princess Elsa. Visitors could look at the farm's animals

6th December when Santa will be arriving

including Alpacas, Ruben, Ronnie and Reggie and enjoy a pony ride. The scarecrow competition attracted a lot of

both days.

a 11.00am and staying until 3. 00pm on

interest with entries from local children,

Mill Waste Delivered

Top; some of the

residents and groups which were judged on the day by Mick and Lynn from the TT. It was a lovely day and a great way to remind everyone of this very important

Tel: 07709 754742



competition entries and left a butchery demonstration.

time in the farming calendar. Roots will be having a special visitor on

the weekend of Saturday 5th & Sunday


nhuge thankyou from Mindcharity shop Svston!

Unisex Hair Salon OPEN:'

Over the last 6 months

Wed 10-7.

. Local volunteers have given 3, 015 hours of their time to Mind shop, Syston

Thurs& Fri 9^6S^GhlDf _ Sat 9-3, *

Fel: 0116 269 2266



FIRST VACCINATION with free of charge Flea and Worming and a Vet Check from October - December

For puppies £26. 99

For kittens £34. 99 (includes leukemia) T&Cs apply, only for clinically healthy kittens and puppies coming in for their first vaccination, from 8 to 12 weeks of age

Could you help IOROS by sending us your unwanted stamps? Did you know LOROScollect unwanted stamps and use the money towards patient care?

In the last 10 years, our 'stamp man', Graham Hunt (pictured), has raised tens of thousands of pounds and in 2014 he raised just over £7, 000. As well as used postage stamps taken from

envelopes, Graham receives full or

part stamp collections

from collectors who want their money to go to a worthy cause.

Graham also converts old

Opening Hours

with this voucher :

Weekdays: Sam to 12noon and 4pm to 7pm Ofleimllil nec2015»lan2016 ' Late night opening: Thursday 5pm to 8. 30pm Saturdays: 9am to 12noon

TaCs annl»pleaseastfor details

[643 Melton Road'ThurmastdnyL eicester: LE4,8EB|

el:' OJ16*260:9565|F»ax:<0116(269l6599]^ fb. com/gregsveterinaryclinic .

and still raise money for Mind. We are now on twitter so please feel free

no one has to face mental health problem




or damaged can still be donated, just label as Rag when donating and we can recycle

. 10. 626 customers have bought 17, 278


£10Off i

recycled instead. Remember even clothes/bedding soiled

. 2, 057 donors have dropped off 4, 648 bags of stock.

Dr Gergely Toth, DrMedVet GPCert (FelP) MRCVS

r -

diverted from landfill and either sold or

to follow us @mindshopsyston and keep up to date with latest promotions and news Your support is fantastic. Thanks to your generosity we can continue to make sure


. 15,914 kilos of materials have been

Customer Car Parking to_front and rear]

30 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

postcards, cigarette cards and old

money/foreign currency into cash for LOROS through various sources.

Stamps, old coins and collectabie cards etc can be passed to Graham Hunt via any of the LOROSshops or for large amounts contact him on 01455 822774.

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

Barkbv&Barkby Thorpe say'Thank you A double presentation evening was held in Barkby Village Hall to thank retiring Parish Councillor Pam Green

and Chair of Barkby and Barkby Thorpe Action Group (BABTAG). Chairman of Barkby Parish Council, Hugh Asher welcomed MP for Charnwood

the Rt. Hon Edward Argar MP who started the evening by saying how Barkby and Barkby Thorpe show what is so special about Chamwood with people giving their time, energy and love to the villages. He then presented Pam with a gift in recognition of her long service on Barkby Parish Council, many years serving as

objections had achieved so much for the villages although the plans had now been passed.

In thanking everyone for the recognition, Owen replied by thanking the rest of the BABTAG committee who had worked so hard and had achieved a reduction in the

house numbers by 500, negotiated a greater degree of separation between the new bui!d and their villages and had delayed the project considerably.

Isy-INaalrtsi ^ww&ce^^w



Cars and Light Commercials MOT Testing Station Air Conditioning Re-gas and Repairs from ÂŁ40 inc. VAT


Chairperson. Pam was delighted with the honour and


thanked everyone for the lovely surprise


and kind words.

Ball Joints

Mr. Argar continued by offering a deep and profound thanks to Owen Bentley for the immense task he had taken on eight years ago on behalf of the villages when Chamwood Borough Council first launched the idea of building 5000 homes at the edge of the villages. His reasoned

Timing Belts L-r: Owen Bentley, Chair of BABTAG, Pam

Green, retiring Chair of Barkby Parish Council; Rt. Hon Edward Argar MP; Hugh Asher, Chairof Barkby Parish Council, Daniel Grimley, Borough Councillor. and look after your purchase and how to

A gardenfor all seasons

get the best from your investment. The garden also shows what is

When you buy a plant for your garden do you really know what it will look like

when it's fully grown, do you know how to look after it or when to prune it? If not, Church View Nursery have come up with a unique idea. At their nursery on Queniborough Road in Barkby

uina. SlW161

achievable in a 'normal' sized garden and is planted to create interest throughout the year, so pop along and have a look and buy your top quality, locally grown plants

Tyre Fitting and Repairs" Reverse Parking Sensors Fitted Towbars Supplied & Fitted Diesel Particulate Filters

Exhausts itWCltNUHN Wheel Refurbishment w Clutches & Brakes Audio Fitted and Repaired IWorkshop Open'

to make your garden look a picture.

Mon-Fri 8. 30am-6. 00pm

Call us on 0116 264 4522 To BOOKONLINEor for QUOTATIONSvisit:

they have established a garden so their customers can see what their plants will look


www.parkersthurmaston. co. uk

like when fully grown. Bob and his team will show

you how and where to plant

OPEN TO TRADE AND PUBLIC . Parts for all Cars

. Poly Suspension Bushes . Oil and Lubricants . Batteries & Bulbs . Audio TO PLANT NOW: Spring flowering bulbs and to give you a bit of colour now buy Winter Pansies, Primulas and Cyclamen.

. Wiper Blades

. Tools & Car Cleaning . Paint and Filters

. Dog Guards . Car Boot liners . Roof Bars S Cycle Carriers


NURSERY Opening Hours Mon, Tue, Thurs. Fri. Sat

9. 30am - 5. 00pm Wednesday & Sunday 9. 30am - 1. 00pm



. Cycle Spares . Camping & Towing Equipment . Calor Gas, Coal & Paraffin 714-718 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester

Queniborough Road, Barkbv, leicester. IE7 3Q)

Open Mon-Fri 8. 00am-6. 00pm Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm

Telephone: 0116 269 5505 CfollowusonFacebooK

Iwww. parkersthurmaston. co. uk I

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: fps@thurmaston. com

Tel: 0116 264 4504 December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 31

V E Kirk & Son Raynswayclear Farm Fresh Poultry garden at Hadrian 'Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without one!'

House Raynsway Properties have been working closely with Councillor Brenda Seaton looking at local areas within Thurmaston to lend a helping hand. Their latest community project was at Hadrian House, on Garden Street, where the lads have been working hard clearing

Free Range or Traditionally Reared Bronze and White Turkeys

Cockerels . Turkey Crowns All sizes available

Available to order NOW!

the garden to help Mary and the team. With a freshly wood chipped area and bushes and shrubbery cut back, and clearance of existing waste and cuttings, the garden has a new lease of life. Amey from Raynsway commented, "We are delighted to help Mary and the team with their garden, they do fantastic work at Hadrian House and are happy to support

them. Hopefully this will ease their workload for outside!" Amey added, "A special Thank you' to Mary and the staff for keeping the workers well fed whilst they worked at the home.

V E Kirk & Sons, Dairy Farm,

Barkby, LE7 3QA Tel: 0116 2692694 / 07983 977929 Email: vekirkandsons@gmail. com

Treat yourself and your family to something special!


Come along and enjoy this years Christmas Event on Central Park

Saturday 5th December - 11. 30am to 5. 30pm | OnStage This YearWill Be: ^

Uke us on

B Facebook kirksturkeysandcockerels

1.00pm - 1.20pm St Peter & St Paul's Hand Bells ^ 1. 25pm - 1.45pm Syston Band tS 1.45pm - 2. 05pm llea - Soloist 2. 15pm - 2. 45pm The Left Hand Band 3.00pm - 3.45pm Fab 2 4. 00pm Best shop Window Competition Winners^ Presented by Deputy Mayor of Charnwood 4. 05pm - 4. 35pm Kimika


Street Entertainers Include: Children's characters:

Pitch Roof Specialist Repairs, Re-Roofs, Fascias & Guttering Tel: 01162606310 Mob: 07765 245983

Princesses Elsa and Anna, plus Olaffrom Frozen and An Elf Stilt Walker! Plus Santa's Grotto, Open 12. 30 - 1. 30pm, 1. 45 - 3. 15pm and after the

garytaylor64@gmail. com

Join in the countdown to a marvellous Firework display.

54 Festival Ave, Thurmaston, Leics, LE4 8JA

parade. Mini Fun Fair and a wide range of Craft, Gift and Food Stalls! The Santa Parade will start at 3.45pm from the Community Centre on School Street and proceed up St Peter's Street, along Melton Road to the Sundial Entrance, where Santa will leave his sleigh and

proceed to the Stage. N.B. All timings are approximate may be subjectto change.






Free Quotations


Friendly Reliable


Service Guaranteed


Over 20 years experience


No Job too Big or Too Small

Ca// Dean Frape on

01162604890 07764 762583

Rogers Gentlemens Hair Stylist

Small, family run business





15 years cxpenence

free no obligation

7 Walker Road Leicester

Suppliers & Filters of UPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Fascias & Soffits

Telephone: (0116) 269 2875

32 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

All workfully insured and guaranteed

Tel: Christopher 0116 220 8144 Mob: 07909 517619

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

between eating and heating. By joining in Wear a Funky Scarf Day people will really be making a difference to other local people, as well as having lots of fun we hope! Companies and schools can also


choose to run extra activities, such as

raffles or scarf tug of war competitions to raise additional funds."

Charity Link, which supports people in poverty, hardship or crisis throughout Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, is encouraging local individuals, schools, businesses and clubs to

register for its free fundraising pack ahead of 'Wear a Funky Scarf Day' on Friday 29th January 2016.

Launched in January 2015, 'Wear a Funky Scarf Day' encourages people to show their support for local individuals and families in desperate need by donning their favourite or most funky scarf and donating an amount of their choice for the pleasure.





To register for a free fundraising pack, which includes stickers for those joining in


on the day, email rachel. markham@ charity-link. orgorcall01162222218. For further details on Wear a Funky Scarf Day, which is part of Charity Link's


activities for Poverty Action Week (25th 31 st January 2016), visit www. charitylink. org/poverty-action-week

O.A. P. 'S, CHILDREN MON, WED, THUR 9. 00AM " S.30PM FRI 9AM - 6PM SAT 8. 30AM - 2. 30PM




Last year Charity Link supported over 8, 000 individuals and families in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The charity helps by providing essential items


to those in need, such as beds for children

sleeping on the floor and cookers for elderly people who have not eaten a hot

Susan McEniff, Director of Charity Link,

meal in weeks. It supports people of all


says: "It is a reality that many of the people that we help cannot afford to keep

ages and backgrounds, including people


with chronic health conditions, disabled

warm over winter or have to choose

Fully Insured

people and the victims of domestic violence.

. Bathrooms . Kitchens .

Mood Boosting Coffee Morning Successat Syston Library

. New Installations . Repairs . . Plumbing . Carpentry . . Free Estimates .

On Saturday 10th October volunteers, Kathy Ledger and Jackie Clarke, alongside library staff invited customers to join them for a coffee morning to celebrate World Mental

Tel: 01 16 260 7188 Mob:078 IS 733157

Health Day. Tea, coffee and cakes were served and an impressive £90 was

raised for charity Macmillan Cancer Support. During October, Syston Library has been promoting their book collections that aim to support mental wellbeing in the community. There has been a selection of

Mood-Boosting Books (uplifting titles, including novels, poetry and nonfictlon) as

Customers- Jacques Bree, Gareth Roberts, Amber Roberts, Debbie Roberts

well as 'Books on Prescription' available

for loan. 'Books on Prescription' have been recommended by experts, tried and tested and include titles on Dementia

Care, Overcoming Anxiety and many other topics to help you manage your wellbeing.

Libraries are FREE to join and FREE to

use. All the county's libraries have a good range of health resources and information,

For more details visit Syston Library or go to www. leics. gov. uk/healthandwellbeing

DON'T FORGET LIGHTS UP 29th November 2.30nm

Personalised for Business or Family Telephone or call in for free colour brochure

THURMASTON PRINT SHOP 814 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester. Tel: 0116 269 5327 email: tps@thurmaston. com

Open Tue, Wed & Thurs 9-5pm, Fri 9-1


Waste Disposal, Skip Hire Scrap Iron & Metal Merchants Scrap Metal . Waste & Recycling . Commercial & General . Non-ferrous Metals Ferrous Metals . Hazardous Waste . Skip Hire 2-40 cubic yards at Competitive Rates Demolition . Top Soil . Hardcore . Weighbridge Facilities . End of Life Vehicles Facilities Barkby Road, Leicester LE4 9LG Tel: 0116 2667497/0116 2668684 Fax: 0116 2764446 uk | Webwww.t-watts. co. uk To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

" The Chaltered Institution


OsB t-"ri2-r*S © smcontmctor^Sp December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 33

Sport & leisure in Thurmaston Contact Thurmaston Times. 814 Melton Rd., Thurmaston, i. eicester I. H 8BE Email: tps@thurm3ston. com Tel: 0116 269 5327

Gffi2a3EB fRICES'STARTING IFROMÂŁ3241 .,10%DEPOSITSECURES I inBIKEUNTILREQUIRED! Jhis includes bikesfor Christinas) Cyclescheme 'Tax Free Bikes' Member


Onthe pitch with MagniesLightning

llarionos, Daniel Taylor (2), Ethan Crawford (2) and Karan Gill (3). The boys

Sunday 27th September 2015 Greentowers Dragons v Thurmaston

Man of the match Harjot Singh. Saturday 10th October 2015 Thurmaston Magpies Lightning U-12s v

Magpies Lightning U-12s. The Lightning team fell to their first defeat

Hard Landscapes Slabbing

13 Driveways


13 Lawns Laid


Magpies played Mountsorrel Lions, a team three divisions higher, in a friendly and drew an exciting match 1-1 thanks to

and Magpies had a 10-15 minute spell

testing crosses and llarionos showing a lot of promise at centre forward. Mountsorrel

where they took the game to the opposition. In trying to chase an equaliser

they were caught out and the opposition ran out deserved winners. Man of the

match was James Cranmer who made a number of fine saves in goal. Team' Cranmer, Crawford, Potter, Singh, Newcombe, Smith, Betteridge, Hopewelt, and Curson. Subs, Taylor and Garner.

Sunday 4th October 2015 - Thurmaston Magpies Lightning U-12s v Houghton Rangers.

scored from near the halfway line with a

given man of the match. It wasn't until the second half that the match was settled

with two goals by Curson who used his pace to pounce on an error by the opposition after smart combination play between Newcombe and Smith and then

double the lead after a good run. He was



FRIENDLIES: Saturday 12th September 2015 -

All your pet's glooming needs catered for. Flexible gioomini hours. Free doggy day care for up to 12hrs when being groomed.

grab a draw.

Man of the match Harry Betteridge. Saturday 17th October 2015 - AFC Andrews v Thunmaston Magpies Lightning U-12S. Magpies travelled to AFC Andrews who are a dvision higher and drew 3-3 in a

friendly. There were a number of fine performances and Curson grabbed a first

; the second half as we experimented with : personnel and systems. ! Man of the match Kyle Curson.

i Sunday 18th October 2015-Glenfield : Tigers v Thurmaston Magpies : Lightning.

I Magpies travelled to Glenfield and ran out I comfortable 7-2 winners in a friendly. I Goals from Curson (2), Tailby, Owen

! link play with Thanki, and a rapid counter : attack which saw a wonderful individual :: goal from Tailby. : Man of the match Harsh Thanki.

Thurmaston Magpies Lightning U-12s v Croft Development Squad.


In a friendly match Lightning ran out 9-2 winners with goals by Harsh Thankj, Larn/


FOR ALL TYPES OF FUNCTIONS Weddings | Anniversaries | Birthdays | Christenings | Corporate Events


. Large Patio With Tables


. LateLicence- ExtensiveRangeOf Beers& Wines

and Dellveiy can be arranged.

ICALL KATE ON 0770 452 6149

equalised with just two minutes to go to

unlucky not to complete a hat-trick being ; Smith, Garner, Thanki and Newcombe's thwarted by a foul from the keeper. I deflected effort. The highlights being a Team' Cranmer, Crawford, Singh, Tayior, I brilliant team goal from Gamer after good


07971 669483

caused Mountsorrel numerous problems

with Newcombe providing a series of

half hat-trick as Magpies went in 3-1 up, The highlight being a wonderful counter previous week's loss and got back to attack at high pace breaking from the winning ways. The boys won the match opposition's corner kick to score after good 2-0 thanks to two goals by Kyle Curson. In ; work from Newcombe and Tailby, with defence Ethan Crawford put in a I Curson finishing the move off. The tremendous performance and almost ; opposition came back to draw the match in

Taiiby. Subs, Potter, Hopewell and


a goal by Spencer Hopewell. Magpies

The Lightning team bounced back from the

Gamer, Smith, Bettehdge, Newcombe and

Drain work

Mountsorrel Lions.

of the season losing 3-0 away to the league favourites Greentowers who have won every match so far. Whilst the scoreline of 3-0 looks resounding the match was close being 0-0 at half-time. In the second half the opposition scored early

free-kick early on, he was deservedly

M.P. AUan

did well to come back from 1-0 down and win so well.

. Fully Equipped Kitchen- Catering Available BARKBY RD, QUENIBOROUGH

For more For more Information Information or or to to have have an an Informal li look around,, pluplaar untut contact Aliun Alison orTiacy!

Barkby Dog Grooming, Barkby Lane, BarRby, LE7 2BB


T. 0116 260 1223 E. uk W. systonrfc. co. uk

34 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

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ElizabethParkSnort Chaplains

become a familiar face in the crowd,

At the beginning of this year, St Michael's Church was challenged to choose a project to help build relationships with other communities

asking about Christenings, Weddings or


similar to the Street Pastors in town

centres, to be approachablefor anyone


enquiring about the Christian faith, or Funerals or any Church services or other Church activities and of course to cheer on

the Leicester Marathon runners

Thurmaston Magpies.

within Thurmaston Parish. We already

This project will run initially for twelve months. We hope to encourage more

have good links with the British Legion, Scouts and Guides, Mum's and Toddler Groups and our Schools, but the challenge was to try something new. Through our connections with parents

Thank you to Tom Fall who sent us these pictures of

of our Church building and become Sports

as they came through Thurmaston on 25th October.


Pictured above is blind runner Haseeb Ahmad.

volunteers to come out of the comfort zone

We are easily identifiable by our blue Hi

and families' one of the most common

Vis vests with the church name across the

reasons why families do not come to Church on a Sunday is because children

back, so do say hello if you spot us on a Sunday morning.

are playing football. On the basis of 'If you can't beat them, join them', we decided to

For more details contact Rev Tim Day on 0116 348 6896 or email

approach Elizabeth Park Managementto see if they would allow just two people to come on a Sunday morning to stand

alongside spectators watching the juniors playing football. Fortunately they agreed, so since last June, Sheila Langley and Stephen and

Snorts project receives £107,000

Suzanne Gamble have taken it in turns to

The Council's Sports and Active Recreation Team have been awarded

attend two Sundays a month. We have been very warmly received and have already built up relationships with regular

over £100, 000 by Sport England to carry out a project to improve sporting opportunities in Charnwood which will target people aged 14 - 25.

spectators. Of course Elizabeth Park is home to more than football, and we also hope to be

The project will fund a range of informal

around in the week, making ourselves

sports projects in 10 of the more deprived

known to other groups that use the

wards in Charnwood, led by a Neighbourhood Sports Activator. For more information please visit

facilities such as playgroups and dance groups.

SPORTCHAPLAINS:Pictured with Rev

The idea is not to 'Bible bash' but to simply be there as a Christian presence to

Tim Day are 1-r Stephen Gamble, Sheila Langiey and Suzanne Gamble.

www. charnwood. gov. uk/sportandleisure or call 01509 634673.

EN£EBTli£gEiT Availability for,

in the day


^New years Day S9n:^ky

Snooker, skittles


21 Dave Royal-Male Vocalist

and Darts Teams!


28 Rockin' Sid - Rock 'n' Roll in aid of LOROS

Call now to find out more!


December Fri






www. thurmastonconny. com Or find us on facebook:

Thurmaston Conny Club 768 Melton Road, Thurmaston, LE4 8BD

OPENING TIMES Mon-Fri: 4pm-midnight Saturday: llam-midnight Sunday: 12pm-10. 30pm

12noon - 6. 00pm Winter Wonderland Ice Rink, Christmas Market, Santa's Grotto

For more information

call 0116269 2823

Superstar Karaoke Jason Comfort - Male Vocalist


Ice Rink Sponsored by Costcutter Carpets of Syston 12 (Evening) Dad's Armony - 60s, 70s and more 18 Superstar Karaolce

Fri \<- L Sat 19 Christmas Disco- FundraiserbyDavid'sI Hope -^ Thur 24 Big 'Dave' Bopper - 50s/60s Vocalist Man 28 Darts Tournament + Evening Karaoke - Open all day Thur 31 Sound Dogs Band + Disco + Buffet + Drinks -.Ticket only

January Sat


Tom Goacher - Local Guitar Vocalist

Fri Sat

8 9

Superstar Karaoke Rip the Sky - 60s, 70s Covers Band


16 Coverlist - Great Rock 'n' Soul Band

Fri Sat

22 Superstar Karaoke 23 Brandy Connection - Midland's Rock 'n' Pop Group


30 Rock Ska- Tribute Band 60s, 70s & 80s

To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or emails tps@thurmaston. com

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 35

S A Plumbing & Heating 30 Years Experience

Boiler Replacement & Servicing Power Flushing & Landlord Certs Full Central Heating & Upgrades Full Bathroom Fitting & Tiling Shaun Mobile




^s 'WORCESTER Bosch Group

Accredited Installer

Fully Insured

Come and join Syston Model Railway Society Syston Model Railway Society is a small group of railway modellers who meet once a week to build and run model railways. We have, at our club, modellers who have varied talents which enable us to learn from each other.

If you have an interest in model railways why not come and join us. We meet every

Monday evening (except Bank holidays) at The Old School, Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester from 7:30pm.


Free Quotation - No Call Out Charge

Once a year, the Society organises an

Do you OMm a mucky mutt and want a posh pooch? Then give me a call!

Jean Griffith: 0116 269 7846 07791 659719 www.griffsgrooming. co. uk I*.

8 Lea Close,

Thurmaston LE4 8DW

and N and variants of these scales. Some of these exhibits will travel from as far as Exeter and Stoke on Trent to exhibit at our event. In addition, there are a number of

specialist traders who should be able to supply you with most things that you may need to build a model railway. There are also hot and cold refreshments available.

There is something for all of the family.

Next year's event is on February 20th and 21st at Sileby Community Centre, High St., Sileby, LE127RXfrom 10-4:30 on Saturday and 10 - 4pm on Sunday. Admission will by Adults £4, Concessions £3:50 and accompanied children under 14 FREE! For more details, email

exhibition at the Community Centre, Sileby. uk or ring

The event features approximately 1 3


The story ol the French Can-Can

He showed slides and film clips of different performances from the 1880s to the present day and has written a book on

Mr David Price spoke on the story of the French Can-Can at the October meeting of New Barkby Wl.

Qvif^s Qfwominq.

working model railways in gauges 0, 00

Originating in the nineteenth century comic opera 'Orpheus in the Underworld' by Jacques Offenbach, the dance developed from a galop, a boisterous dance and became famous for the high

the subject. New Barkby Wl meet on the first

Wednesdayof the month at 7. 30pm at Syston Town Council Community Centre, School Street, Syston LE7 1HN 9th December - Christmas Party

To advertise in your


kicking, jump splits and displaying of the petticoats and frilly underwearworn by the dancers.

The speaker, Mr Price was taken to see the show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris as a young boy and has kept his interest in the history and art of the subject.

Thurmaston Times

call 0116269 5327

Roundhill Flower & Garden Club

Bradley, a representative of Air Ambulance. This was followed by a 'bring and share' supper,

The demonstrator for August

after which two of our own members, Andrea and

was Roma Berridge, from

Maureen, created their

Bingham in Nottinghamshire,

interpretation of an air

who created floral designs in accordance with the title,

ambulance out of flowers and foliage.

'Hop, Skip and Jump', this

As the event had a han/est theme there was also a

being a reflection on her childhood in the 1960's. Individual designs

scarecrow competition which

was won by Lyn Garlick with

incorporated memories such as

her patriotic scarecrow sitting

the large wicker basket in which family photographs were kept; sunny days playing

on a farm gate (Pictured).

outside; trees she climbed with



£40 OFF ANY ORDERS OVER £65 Voucher must be submitted

at time of order

and applies to complete spectacles only Photocopies not acceptable. Voucher expires 16. 01.2016

01162698616 www. optiqueopticians. co. uk


THURMASTON, LEICESTER. LE4 8EA (next to Manor Medical Centre)

36 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016

her brothers; paper chains used for Christmas decorations; Roma's own early days working in a florist's shop, and an old, ornate chair once

owned by her grandmother. The arrangements were in both traditional and modern ^styles, and included a wide range of vibrant colours, For September, our meeting

was very different. Every few years Roundhill Flower and Garden Club hold a fundraising event for charity, and this time the recipient was Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance.

The focal point of the evening was a talk illustrated with photographs given by Tony

For meeting details see 'Social Groups' in the Thurmaston directory. December, no demonstration.

January 27th Joanne Poulter'Over the Rainbow'

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

Friday Nights in the Bar NOVEMBER


27 CHRIS ROBIN - Male Vocalist


..ri 4


Fri 11 NEIL WARNER - Male Vocalist 'ri 18 DAVE GRANT - Male Vocalist JANUARY 2016 ..ri 8 JON ALEX - Top Class ..ri 15 KAREN KRISTIAN - Female Vocalist i'ri 22 MR ROBBIE DIXON - Male Vocalist Fri 29 DEAN STANSBY - Fantastic Talent

Saturday Nights In the


panto for a" the Family

Colin Powell Concert Room




Fri 28 THE CROWD - From Doncaster, Great Band DECEMBER Sat 5 THE GYPSIES - Many peopte'sFayountes Sat 12 TWISTED SISTER - Band Sat 19 PANTO - ALADDIN

at 1. 00pm. All tickets £2. 00 Sat 19 TONES OF SOUL - Another Club Favourite

Sat 26 KIMIKA- Comedy/ Guitar/ Vocal Duo JANUARY 2016 Sat 2 THREE PHAZE - Band Sat 9 MOJO HAND - Band Sat 16 STRANGE DAYS-Band Sat 23 THE FABULOUS ROADHOUSE SHOW Sat 30 SWEET SOUL - Band


Sunday Nights in the Bar

Tuesdays 1st & 8th December Plus Cash Flyer

Thui-scjgy 24th Pecember Chfistm^s Eve we hgve the Brillwt....



NOVEMBER Sun 22 MARTYN RUSSELL - Male VocaUst Sun 29 JOSIE - Female Vocalist DECEMBER

Sun 6 ELENI DEMTRIOU - Female Vocalist Sun 13 COLIN JAMES - Male Vocalist with a scattering of Christmas songs Sun 20 JOHN STACEY - Male Vocalist Sun 27 THE DAZZLER - Male Vocalist JANUARY 2016 Sun 3 PAUL MICHAELS - Male Vocalist Sun 10 CRAIG DEEGAN - Male Vocalist Sun 17 MIKE LEIGH - Male Vocalist Sun 24 DENISE JOHNSON - Female Vocalist Sun 31 TONY MARX - Male Vocalist



Female Vocalist

READYSTEADY/G(T three sets from these top Musicians

plus JAY'SDISCO Adults£5.00 Children£1.00 (limited to 50)

Play Bingo in the Concert Room every Sunday lunch & evening also Tue, Fri & Sat evenings Saf evenings - 'Play your Cards Righf winner guaranteed £20 plus chance to win the Big Cash Jackpot All Members and Affiliated Members & Guests Welcome.

Anyone wishing to become a member should come to the club any evening for more information. To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 37



DECEMBER continued

WEDDING FAYRE Sunday 22nd November 11.00am - 4.00pm Elizabeth Park, Checkland Road, Thurmaston THURMASTON LIGHTS-UP Sunday 29th November from 2. 30pm (See page 3)


SYSTON CHRISTMAS FESTIVE EVENT Saturday 5th December 11. 30am - 5. 30pm Central Park, Syston Craft stalls and refreshments.

To book a stall call 0116 260 7150 or email ursula@systontc. (See page 32)

CHARITY CHRISTMASQUIZ Tuesday 8th December 7 for 7. 30pm Syston & District Social Club, High St, Syston Teams of 4 @ £12 per team (or £3 per person) come along and enjoy an evening of fun, raffle prizes, mince pies. Winners will receive a Christmas hamper. Proceedsto Leicester Children's Holiday Centre (Mablethorpe) M!l:>M; ifcfctW I; h d :*W;1;1SI dil Friday llth December 10. 00am - 1. 00pm Thurmaston Health Centre. Refreshments and

PROPERTY. INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT GROUP, Registered Office: 1 Westmorelahd Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8PH

[Telephone: Leicester 0116 269 3443J Fax: 0116 269 3346 E-mail: enquiries@csbgroup. co. uk

REGULAR MEETINGS Friends Together Tuesdays 1.00pm - 3. 00pm Thurmaston Community Centre, Silverdale Drive For anyone over 50 or if you are on your own and feeling lonely. Tea, coffee & cakes and a game of bingo with lots of fun and laughter. Senior Citizens Playgroup every Tuesday 2. 00pm - 4. 00pm The Old School, Melton Road. For anyone over 50 or retired, varied activities available. Refreshments served with lots of laughter. Parish Council Meeting The second Tuesday of the month (not Dec) at the Memorial Hall, Melton Road at 7. 15pm. Thursday Cafe St. Michael's Church, Thurmaston 10.30am 12noon. Tea, coffee, biscuits, toasted tea cakes etc. Come along to meet up and have a chat Ever/one most welcome. Special Needs Children's Group and Happy Smiles Children's Group Meet at Elizabeth Park every Thursday 9. 30am11. 30am. For children 0-5 years and their carers/family. Come along and watch the children play together and relax with a cup of tea and biscuits and talk to other adults

Tel: Sandra on 07983 216372. Thrummy Drummer Dementia Group Meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month for those affected by Dementia and their families/carers. Elizabeth Park, Thurmaston, 10. 30am-12. 30pm. Informal get-together with support and entertainment. Coffee Mornings The Old School, Melton Road 10.00am-11.30am First Saturday of the month, For other dates see noticeboards. All welcome,

Thurmaston Action Group Do you want to help make a difference in Thurmaston? Come along to our informal meetings. Tel 0116 221 6061 for next date.

raffle for Air Ambulance. (See page 5) JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Friday llth & Saturday 12th December 7. 30pm Sunday 13th December 2. 30pm Thurmaston Communit/ Centre, Silverdale Dr Thurmaston showstoppers' pantomime. [See page 16 and 39) ^MfnwuwrtTOgswATC. UJJMUJj'AU ffS.LLLI,,LLI,^^^!EWs^^"^g%^^ Thurmaston Conservative Club car park. Ice rink, Christmas Market, refreshments, Santa

(See page 7) CHRISTMAS CONCERT Saturday 12th December 7. 30pm Roundhill Academy. A concert to end the year of celebration of Thurmaston Scout & Guide

Band's 80th anniversary. (See page 39) WREAKE VALLEY ROTARY CAROL SERVICE Sunday 13th December 3. 00pm Syston Methodist Church. The traditional service will be taken by the Reverend Steve Hoggar and the soloist will be Tabatha Pegg of Queniborough. The service will be followed by tea or coffee and mince pies. All are welcome. If you would like to attend please telephone 07979 645605. Transport can be arranged. LOOK OUT FOR SANTAI Tuesday 15th December Wreake Valley Rotary Club's Santa Sleigh will be visiting Thunnaston (weather permitting). See him on Dovedale Road and the Silverdale Drive

area of the village. Santa collects money for a range of local charities. Please come out and say hello to him. Visit www. wreakevalleyrotary. org. uk for more info SANTA SATURDAY Saturday 19th December Cycle as Santa to the LRI with donated presents for the children. Evening Christmas Party at the Conny Club. (See page 5) CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION Sunday 20th December 10. 00am - 1. 00pm Belgrave Cemetery (off Redhill roundabout). Celebrate the festive season with mince pies, coffee and a raffle. Your support is vital to the Friends of Belgrave Cemetery in order for us to organise future events, newsletters and the continued preservation of the cemetery. Visit our website

www.friendsofbelgravecemetery. org. uk for more information.

FREE OF CHARGE* call 0116 269 5327

www. thurmaston. com

for details of more forthcoming

or email tps@thurmaston. com *charities, fundraisers and non-profit organisations

38 Thurmaston Times December 2015/January 2016


6. 00pm



Christmas Eve 24th December

Christingie Sen/ice 6. 00pm 'Midnight' Holy Communion

11.30pm Christmas Day 25th December

Benefice Christmas Family Celebration at St Hilda's, East Goscote

10. 00am

JANUARY 2016 ALADDIN Friday 29th & Saturday 30th January 7. 00pm Sunday 31st January 2. 00pm Thurmaston Community Centre, Silverdale Dr. (See page 16) FUNKY SCARF DAY Friday 29th January Show your support to Charity Link (see page 33)

FEBRUARY 2016 MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION Sat 20th & Sun 21st February {See page 36)

SYSTON PARKINSON DISEASE GROUP December8th - Christmas Party Bring and share food January 12th - Meal out For meeting details see Thurmaston Directory under 'Health & Fitness'

Royal British Legion Womens' Section TUESDAYS Dec 1 st Ptay Your Cards Right Fri 11th Christmas Bingo/Raffle 15th Christmas Party All are welcome to join in any of our meetings on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 8.00pm at The Royal British Legion Club, Melton Road, Thurmaston.

A warm welcome

awaits you. Tel Eileen on 0116269 5885 for further details on any of the above events.

The Thurmaston Times Edited by: Michael and Lynn Westwood 814 Melton Rd, Thumnaston,

Leicester. LE4 8BE T: 0116 269 5327 E: tps@thurmaston. com www.thurmaston. com The Thurmaston Times is copyright and no parf whatsoever may be reproduced without the permission of the publishers. The views expressed are the views of individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. Inclusion of an advertisement in the Thurmaston

Tfmes does not constitute any endorsement of a product or service by the publisher.



To advertise your event here

Sunday 20th December Candlelit Nine Lessons and Carols


sponsored by;.,

St Michael's Church Thurmaston warmly invites wu to the Parish Christmas Services

events in and around Thurmaston

Final Copy Date Friday 8th January out week ending 30th January Visit www.thurmas1on. com for 2016 dates

Please mention the Thurmaston Times when replying to advertisers

'lack andthe Beanstalk BoxOffice is now OPEN! J'hurmaston Showstoppers' Pantomime for 2015 is ready for the stage. The show opens on Friday 11th

Scout & Guide Band's 80th Anniversary Concert in December To end the year of their 80th anniversary, Thurmaston Scout &

Guide Band are holding a concert in


December at 7. 30pm at Thurmaston


Community Centre Theatre and continues its run on Saturday, 7. 30pm with a matinee on Sunday at 2. 30pm.

The venue is Roundhill Academy and the concert will take place on Saturday 12th

I Tickets are available from Thurmaston

Print Shop 0116 269 5327 and from the Community Centre (Thursdays only) or by telephone from Jack's Box Office on

01163192117 priced at just £5 each. * Jack and the Beanstalk is a family pantomime and is suitable for all ages, the show is a laugh a minute, fully costumed production with songs galore to send the audience home with a smile, just a great warm-up for Christmas.



December at 7. 30pm. There will be performances from the current band members and a reunion

band. If there is anyone who used to be part of the band and would like to get involved with the reunion band please get in touch with Vicky Garratt on 07764 477734. The concert is free but please contact Vicky for a ticket as there are a limited number of seats. There will also be


a raffle during the evening and people are welcome to make a donation if they wish.

*. If you haven't been to a Showstoppers Panto before, don't delay, the demand for tickets is usually quite brisk and you

>iSB.iSi&£iStetete,S6Ka. il SAA. i;S^

are sure to get a warm welcome at least

from Jack, his mother Kitty, Simple Simon and all of the cast.

Tickets: £13 & £15 A Musical based on the novel

NationalTrust leicester nssociation The National Trust Leicester

Association has an evening meeting on Tuesday 8th December at Braunstone

West Social Centre, St Mary's Avenue, Braunstone West, LE3 3FT.

KIPPSby HG Wells Book by Bcverlcy Cro'is Music and Lyrics by David Hcrtcki:r n uidi JOSKF WEINBERGEtt LTD


LOOKING BACK: Thurmaston Scout

Band, led by Drum Major, Skip Taylor, marches down the village leading the



Remembrance Day Parade in 1960.

Doors open 7. 00pm, talk at 7. 30pm. David Bell will present an illustrated talk entitled "Down the Garden Path Leicestershire Privies". Admission is NTLA members £2. 50 and visitors £4. 00

including refreshments.

The Association will also hold an evening and an afternoon meeting in January, see our website for details www. Ieicesternt. btck. co. uk

Takea Break from Christmas Shopping for Carols and Cake!

at 11. 00am on the morning to add an extra Christmas sparkle

Following on from their

carols, a festive cake sale and hot drinks? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and

successful Mood Boosting Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan, System Library staff and volunteers have decided to hold a Christmas

Coffee Morning to support local charity Rainbows Children's Hospice. Special guests, St Peter's and St Paul's Primary School Choir, will also be performing

to proceedings. So, why not take a break from

your Christmas shopping and head down to Syston Library on Friday 4th December between 10-12 midday for

non-alcoholic mulled punch will be available. For more information contact

Syston Library, Upper Church Street. LE7 1 HR or call on

0116 305 3500 during library opening hours or email: uk

F ITTEDl ^f UR N ITUR E LTD. Manufacturers

of Fitted Bedrooms

and Home Offices

Approved Electrician

One call to Swift Fitted Furniture and well arrange a no obligation estimate to make the most of your bedroom or home office space. Friendly service and professional fitting - for less than you'd think.

Rewires, Extra Sockets & Lights etc.

Call Paul

Tel: 0116 269 3567 FreeEstimates

Tel: 01162460686

J.A. Q. Eiectyic^

Hill Rise, Humberstone Lane, Leicester LE4 9TB To advertise please call 0116 269 5327 or email: tps@thurmaston. com

to find out more today December 2015/January 2016 Thurmaston Times 39

Custom Conservatories & Windows-^Are you looking for a

RICHARD WARRINGTON Detailed drawings prepared for all types of domestic extensions and garages.

company you !1 can trust? Suppliers and installers of High Quality, Energy Rated UPVC Products Windows, Conservatories, Orangeries, Composite Doors & Bi-Fold Doors. , FENSA "°°5 No Sales Gimmicks - Just Great All Year Round Prices, Free No Obligation ^^, |=L_'J( Quotation & Design Service, 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee. uaTi l=a.E 1212 Melton Road, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2HB Tel: 0116 260 7200 www.customconservatories. com ( info@customconservatories. com



Specialising in Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands


Syston to Syston.................... £4. 00


Asda to Thurmaston .............. £4. 00

Exclusive Range Available

Asda to Syston........................ £4. 50 Asda to East Goscote............. £6. 00

Huge range of Gold and






perfect for your



Gifts t



General Hospital

£9. 00 £10. 00

Glenfield Hospital £10. 00 £11.00 Fares shown are one way only


Merry ^.ymteftwfi^r

HOSPITAL TAXIS £10. 00 £11. 00

Wishingall our customers a very



Royal Infirmary




A Fantastic Yearly Subscription, offering great savings and exclusive deals

Thurmaston to Thurmaston... £4. 00


Authority Approval.

Tanning - Fitness . Beauty



Also submitted for Local

C6c61 M e m ber s




ldl;14>IMSW;l»IIA'A'»ll^;f k'.'M rt ilil; I >11AU d 11d :Vtd d JJI .M







£45PERYEARVl; ASK NOW FOR DETAILS AND START SAVINO STRAIGHT AWAY (t's & c's apply please ask for details) Coco'Beach, 703 Melton Road/

Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8ED '_Fi"d_"s_°"

tWWW. COCO-BEACH. CO ^. F ^|B?members® mail. corn

LFI KITCHENS & BEDROOMS The Specialist Fitted Kitchen & Bedroom Company Established over 20 years in Syston Local Family run business

Make-overs including made-to-measure doors, worktops etc., supplied or fitted Modem, Contemporary or Traditional Design Trade and D.I.Y. Welcome

. Certified Gas & Electrics Free Estimates and Design Competitive Prices

1248Melton Road, Syston. LE?2MB Call us on: 0116 260 0150 or email Declan: dec. reill@googlemail. com

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Dec 2015/Jan 2016 issue of Thurmaston's only FREE community newspaper

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